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I have 2 shades shirts both small and I think they fit great. I wish they were a little shorter but it's not a big deal. By the way, I got mine at Dresscodes ATL they rock!
Tagged 28... actual waist measures 30 inseam is 33 these have been lightly worn about 14 times ... a little bit of wear on the rear pocket from the wallet. Nothing too serious though. They've been soaked once. sorry for the crappy pictures $45 shipped OBO
Quote: Originally Posted by kiya Upper thight measurement is the same, lower thigh is slimmer on the SEXFH05 I'm going to have to measure my 5100's thigh measurements and choose my size based on that mostly. As my thighs aren't as slim as my waist would suggest. A fit a little more fitted than this would be nice. (taken from the 3001 thread at SUFU)
Quote: Originally Posted by kiya No, don't size down. I gave you a suggestion on what size to get, but that suggestion was for you, not for others.. Never size down on Flat Head's denim, it doesn't stretch much... And also, never measure your waist, measure a pair of jeans you already own which fit snug around your waist and compare THAT measurement to the size chart. Ok right on. I think the 29's would fit nice. Is the thigh width on the...
Quote: Originally Posted by kiya I think the size 34 would be a good bet especially considering it's unsanforized denim and it WILL shrink once soaked. The rise is the same as the 3001. Hey Kiya we were talking about this through PM but I guess questions here will benefit everybody... So you recommend a size down from true waist size? I just measured my true waist at being around 30, but I'd like to be able to slouch a little bit. I...
picked up this Chino vest and some argyle socks all for $40 shipped!
Nice deal... those Nudies Slim Jims are nice!
paypal for shades shirt sent!
have any pics of the Shades roll up shirt? Interested.
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