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Quote: Originally Posted by sidney Two inches below my navel, measure the circumference of my waist and I get 28 inches. That's what I go by. As do I... I get almost 30. Won't these stretch back about 1" after wearing a couple of times though? For instance tagged 30 stretch to 31"?
Sid you a measured 28? I feel like the most retarded person... I measure a size 30 but I fit into the FH5100 in size 28 (which seems to have stretched to a 30). Kiya you told me to get a 29, but I'm thinking 30-31. I'm sure this thread will be littered with sizing questions, sorry bout that.
Quote: Originally Posted by Uncontrol It is not the leg, it's the waist I am worried about. I'm very thin. Of course, I could be just all off about how the measurements work. understandable. I am hoping for a bit more breathing room than my flat head 5100 28's have.
Quote: Originally Posted by kiya Out of ones that have been released or including unreleased ones? both?
that roll up shirt is almost identical to one I got from j.crew in an 'irish linen'
Quote: Originally Posted by hustlenflo22 Wow. What discount do we have available? Being the most anticipated release... I think these will sell out quick.
they defenitely look more slim than the 3001, which is a good thing. I think I'm probably going to go with a 30 (if there's any left)
what size is sid wearing there?
$35 shipped in the US
an apple
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