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interesting... I like flat head so I am shooting for these.
Hmmm will it be skulls coming next? how soon?
Quote: Originally Posted by unklesteve Just finished soaking mine, they're hanging up to dry. These really are beautiful jeans. Just sayin'. eager to see some fit pics
they are very dark, I have only soaked them once but that did take out some of the dye. You wear them hard and they will fade nicely.
sucks for anybody who doesn't live in cali
last price drop $30 shipped
Quote: Originally Posted by sidney Two inches below my navel, measure the circumference of my waist and I get 28 inches. That's what I go by. As do I... I get almost 30. Won't these stretch back about 1" after wearing a couple of times though? For instance tagged 30 stretch to 31"?
Sid you a measured 28? I feel like the most retarded person... I measure a size 30 but I fit into the FH5100 in size 28 (which seems to have stretched to a 30). Kiya you told me to get a 29, but I'm thinking 30-31. I'm sure this thread will be littered with sizing questions, sorry bout that.
Quote: Originally Posted by Uncontrol It is not the leg, it's the waist I am worried about. I'm very thin. Of course, I could be just all off about how the measurements work. understandable. I am hoping for a bit more breathing room than my flat head 5100 28's have.
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