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I love my Apolis hoodie and t-shirt fabric is so soft, got both of mine from Mrs. Savage over at Dresscodes
this is the best look you got out of all these pictures... get some wax/pomade/hair clay with a strong hold and spike it up and keept it messy, you're 18 so do it messed up.
I've always liked boat shoes but never got myself a pair, I'm going on a couple summer/boat vacations, and I think I may pick up those quoddy's... I like how they look
I imagine you could warm soak the top block if you want it to shrink more, and then cold soak the rods.
Quote: Originally Posted by reprehensible If I'm understanding the fit advice, if I'm around a 36 measured waist, the 36-tagged indigos will be unpleasantly tight. Yes? I sized true to waist on the indigos
I had issues with the shipping address as well... I called selfedge and they told me to do it via paypal. I did it through paypal and I think it worked.
I have grey hairs at 23... rock em dude!
gimme a 30!!!!!!!!
They look sweet, but not for that price.
It makes me feel bad ... I wish my jeans were $80, I would be 3 pairs
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