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Quote: Originally Posted by TrH A low bar squat requires quite good shoulder flexibility so that you can get the bar where it needs to be. In any case, your hands should not bear almost any weight at all. I read that... it feels very awkward to me. My wrists were hurting quite a bit, so I'm certain I'm doing it wrong. It just doesn't seem to rest comfortably anywhere but on my traps. I just don't see how I can do it. I'm pretty flexible and...
my biggest cheat would have to be Pizza and beer. There's a terrific pizza place here in Atlanta, I go almost every weekend.
Just to revisit this and follow up. I went to physical therapy a couple of times, it was slightly helpful, but mostly a waste of time. Thankfully I didn't pay anything to do it, but my insurance was charged about $1k for about 8 or 9 sessions I did. They'd put a hot pack on me and basically have me do a bunch of stretches I could do at home. So now it's almost been 3 months since I got injured, and I still have some lower back discomfort. My Sports Medicine Doctor...
Yeah, I didn't go to Edmonton, totally happy with that decision. /thread
Quote: Originally Posted by Reynard369 Where's the busiest section of Daytona? City and beach? Thanks! Ocean Walk and the Boardwalk Best actual beach to visit is south Daytona aka Ponce Inlet take A1A south till it ends. There's a lighthouse there you can go up as well. I wouldn't say this is where you'll find the most chicks and stuff on a regular weekend, but it's very nice beach with a jetty and some surf if there's a swell.
So what's a good rum to start off with that's not too pricey? Best rum I've tried so far (which I'm sure will be laughed at) is the Bacardi Reserve Limited. I'm from Puerto Rico as well, so I've tried most of the rums from Puerto Rico, although they're probably no-where near the caliber of some of the ones mentioned here.
Quote: Originally Posted by iammatt Not to be a hater, but why do you guys want your food to be so spicy hot? I like almost everything I eat to be spicy... don't know why. It's just good! Favorite sauce I've had is Steven's hot sauce, only one retailer in the U.S. sells it I think. It's got alot of flavor that's used in Sofrito in puerto rican food. Other than that, I really like Yucateo Red or Green
I agree with all of the above, that's the kind of experience I usually go for. Manati has a great surfer beach (one of my favorites) called 'Los Tubos'. I haven't been to San German, I'll add that to my list of things to do. I heard of a place called vaca brava, that I heard was interesting. Never been... they said it was like an old western town or something like that. Sounds strange.
Old Fashions are nice (I also made a Bacon Bourbon old fashion very delish) I also like Sidecars Cuba Libres are hard to screw up
There are a ton of really good bakeries where you can get sandwiches and pastries. I've been to two that are amazing. Castillo in Bayamon (close to Plaza del Sol), it's a bakery with lots of spaniard goods, dry cured serrano hams and other good stuff. My favorite Medianoche and fantastic quesitos. La Esmeralda - in Guaynabo, don't know exactly where it is, but it's really good. There is a Tapas place in San Juan I thought was pretty good (one of the best servers I've...
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