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I agree Leonard, the top block is perfect, it's comfortable yet still looks good.
Quote: Originally Posted by A Harris Um, that heel is standard on packers, logging boots, firefighter's boots, cowboy boots etc. There is nothing feminine about it. It's not Cuban either, and on the semi-dress it's not that big. Still it is a different look (Western) than the GT's so I can see people factoring it in. I agree. I think it looks fine. And it's main purpose is to ease comfort while walking is it not?
look at the whites boot. I like the white's boot more than most boots. I wish the toe was a little slimmer, but it looks good. I want to purchase a pair for this fall/winter
/\\ those are nice! Where can I get?
no need to be tall! I'm 5'7
thanks! Forgot to say, I'm 5'7 (mad stacks yo) and weigh 160lbs (steroids) and these really are very comfortable
mine post soak size 30, true to waist
just got mine and did a pre-soak fitment... they fit great, I can probably hot soak these as I have plenty of room in the waist for sagging, so I will juts go ahead and get most of the shrinking out of the way. Will get fit pics later. Amazing denim.
I see it more like a smiley face! I like my purcells more than my regular all-stars
I LIKE the billfold
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