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forgot to mention these are the 10th anniversary models, I beleive it's 13.5oz denim.
I agree braidkid... perfect fit for you
someone delete this bull shit... just go to a sunglass store and try on sunglasses. pick what you like and buy it.
I agree Leonard, the top block is perfect, it's comfortable yet still looks good.
Quote: Originally Posted by A Harris Um, that heel is standard on packers, logging boots, firefighter's boots, cowboy boots etc. There is nothing feminine about it. It's not Cuban either, and on the semi-dress it's not that big. Still it is a different look (Western) than the GT's so I can see people factoring it in. I agree. I think it looks fine. And it's main purpose is to ease comfort while walking is it not?
look at the whites boot. I like the white's boot more than most boots. I wish the toe was a little slimmer, but it looks good. I want to purchase a pair for this fall/winter
/\\ those are nice! Where can I get?
no need to be tall! I'm 5'7
thanks! Forgot to say, I'm 5'7 (mad stacks yo) and weigh 160lbs (steroids) and these really are very comfortable
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