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I never really measure anything... I just kinda throw it in and taste it. But trust me... that milk ice cream will make it taste good. The pro's use syrups to flavor their fraps... Ice cream is a decent substitute. If you want something more chocolatey you may want to throw in some chocolate syrup. Or whatever you like...
I'm not right in atlanta, but I go to a Korean guy that cuts my hair great! He hardly speaks english and I can't tell you the name of the salon because it's written in Korean I think. But it's right off of Pleasant Hill Rd in a Korean business building next to the McDonalds. I guess this isn't right in Atlanta... you didn't specify where.
I'm drinking sprite zero
Quote: Originally Posted by hisroadside does anyone have a good frappuccino recipe? I crave frappuccino and don't have local access to starbucks or anything of the likes. thanks in advance. 1) make some coffee 2) get a blender 3) put some milk in that blender 4) put some coffee in that blender 5) put some ice cream in that blender (favorite flavor that would mix well with coffee like mint chocolate chip) 6) put some ice in that...
Quote: Originally Posted by LooseChange Surface to Air Paris x Justice I desperately want this. Too bad it's just way too espensive. I want that... except without the elastic cuff and waist
I need to get a leather jacket that's not too heavy... (I live in atlanta) I just want it to be very fit, I like the collar-less cafe racer motorcyle cut jackets that I've seen. But I'm wondering where I can get a nice one. Although I really like this jacket, except I would want the elastic cuffs. I would want it to be leather all the way through. But the front pockets and the fit is fantastic.
I think they fit fine....
that dog is so cute!
So I've been looking for some nice classic timeless shoes... I don't know a thing about this brand. I am in Atlanta so I could feasibly stop by this store and check them out. I need a black shoe... and I like this. $220 isn't too far off my budget.
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