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maybe not worth the $295 price at retail, but I like the look of this Johnston and Murphy http://www.johnstonmurphy.com/product.aspx?c=1332&pid=82159
those chippewa boots are pretty nice, remind me of the wolverine 1000 miles
These are in pretty good condition, a couple washes etc, no major rips or anything. They were professionally hemmed to an inseam of 30" $60 shipped in the CONUS PM for quickest response [/quote]
I got New Standards in 29 x 30 PM if interested
Fall and Spring is very nice in ATL, although this spring seemed to have alot of storms/tornadoes. Winters are cold, but probably not as cold compared to Virginia. This past winter was a weird one as we got a big snow storm that eventually turned into 6 inches of just ice that pretty much shut down the metro area for 4 days.Summer is hot.I've lived here for 4 years, I like alot of things about it except that there's no beach. Although you're 5 hours or less from Savannah,...
Hmmm I wonder if I fit those Aldens
I figured as much. If you can't do it, you can't do it. I just figured the lower bar position would be better for your back, I think I got injured by leaning forward on the push up from the squat, I wish to avoid that at all cost in the future.
Quote: Originally Posted by TrH A low bar squat requires quite good shoulder flexibility so that you can get the bar where it needs to be. In any case, your hands should not bear almost any weight at all. I read that... it feels very awkward to me. My wrists were hurting quite a bit, so I'm certain I'm doing it wrong. It just doesn't seem to rest comfortably anywhere but on my traps. I just don't see how I can do it. I'm pretty flexible and...
my biggest cheat would have to be Pizza and beer. There's a terrific pizza place here in Atlanta, I go almost every weekend.
Just to revisit this and follow up. I went to physical therapy a couple of times, it was slightly helpful, but mostly a waste of time. Thankfully I didn't pay anything to do it, but my insurance was charged about $1k for about 8 or 9 sessions I did. They'd put a hot pack on me and basically have me do a bunch of stretches I could do at home. So now it's almost been 3 months since I got injured, and I still have some lower back discomfort. My Sports Medicine Doctor...
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