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Sorry to bother you guys with another one of these 'recommend me threads'. Going to the UK with my wife for two weeks, staying in South Hampton the majority of the time for work. Me and my wife are both 27, so looking to have a good time, but not necessarily just getting drunk at pubs/bars and hitting the clubs. This is my fist time going to Europe, I'm going for work but have a 4-day weekend (good Friday) where we get to travel and be tourists. We've already got hotels...
Can you give some more advice on London?I'm going to Southampton at the end of the month for two weeks for work. While I'm there I get a 4 day weekend since it's good friday/ bank holiday on monday. I'm taking my wife with me and neither of us have ever been to Europe. So we weren't sure if we should just stay in the UK or go down to Paris since we'll likely not get the opportunity to go back any time soon.
probably a bad recommendation for this occasion but to add to the 'cheap scotch' line of thought I get this for $20 at the liquor store around the corner... and tell some friends to get it who aren't scotch drinkers. I think it's the best bargain scotch in the area.
After finding this thread and learning about these boots they seemed to fit all the criteria I wanted for some boots I could wear with jeans and dress up a little while still being relatively inexpensive. Here's my pair of Mr. B in cognac, they also have a new burgundy color that looks really nice, it's not on the website yet though.
wow these look really nice... I may have to give them a try. IF I can find em
just to keep following up on this, I pretty much laid off squatting heavy for the past couple of months... for the past months I've hardly done any squatting at all because I had been traveling on work and a vacation. I've done various physical activities some giving me great discomfort on my back after playing things like soccer. While on vacation I was playing some volley ball and hurt my lower back again, I think it was jumping up for a block or something. I got back...
I also want a pair of wingtip boots, however I have an even smaller budget. I was thinking of getting these Florsheim Hawleys with Goodyear welted soles for $180 (coupons come up for Florsheim so you can get em even cheaper)
this guy wears this Wallace and Barnes so well
speaking of Florsheims these goodyear welted ones look alright
I think these Chippewas are a great deal and will look nice broken in. From what I've heard they're descent quality as well. $198 @ J.crew
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