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Sorry for the late reply... I dropped it off at my tailor lady and told her what I wanted, I had to take it to her again, but she nailed it.She didn't dart it, she took it apart, re-did the arms smaller all the way from the shoulder/arm pit I assume. She also took the back of the jacket and took it in at the waist.BTW I think mine is a 38... possibly 36? And I can fit into most 36S jackets. I have a somewhat athletic build with broad shoulders/lats, but a small waist...
don't be afraid to PM me offers!
Thanks, I'll keep the patch on for now.
here's my international... I had it tailored some as the original fit wasn't very flattering.
Hi, I have some brand new APC's I bought at the APC store in New York, I haven't worn them and would rather use the money. It's passed the 30 day return policy so I can't return them anyways. $175 SHIPPED
Oh I'll definitely do it myself... just wanted to make sure that using the barbour wax is the way to go to get that waxy almost leathery sheen as so
I dropped of my Barbour international to get tailored and slimmed down... hoping for a much better fit, I don't need a ton of room to layer. Also, does anybody know about options on re-proofing? I had a friend that bough some wax bar, to wax his own cotton jacket, the method consisted of rubbing it on dry and then going over the jacket with a blower. I've seen how the Barbour wax is supposed to be applied, but what I'm really looking for is that waxy sheen that Belstaff...
I dropped off my International at the tailor having the sleeves slimmed as well as the body just a tad... Got a question about re-waxing, I've noticed that Belstaff's International has much more of a sheen than most Barbour's I've seen... I want that sheen, what wax should I use? I have a friend that used some kind of wax on a cotton jacket of his that you rub on first and then blow dry the jacket. Whereas Barbour's wax seems like you heat it up first then brush it on. I...
Javier Bardem looks cool! Pretty great fit on that cafe racer.
damnit, I just bought some PS in size 30 that I haven't even worn yet, but I rather like that Petite New Standard cut... those hemmed would probably look good, nice slim taper
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