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Quote: Originally Posted by fuji I've read starting strength, I don't need all that beginning fitness advice. An hour at the gym is nothing and isolation movements do have a purpose, my arms don't really get all the fatigued from doing deads and over head press, which is why I do 1 set of isolations exercises for my arms. This is 1 half of the split, that and warm up sets could easily take 2 hours. 5X5 power cleans 5x5 dumb bell over head press 5x5...
it would not take 4 hours to do full body... check out strong lifts or starting strength, you can get quite fit in about an hour of going to the gym doing compund lifts that focus on major muscle groups. This along with a good diet can easily be all you need to do to get started on losing some body fat and building some muscle. Seriously, doing bicep curls doesn't mean you're fit, it just means you're spending 15 minutes working on training a few muscles when you could...
Organic Peanut butter is GREAT and cheap chipotle salsa - that's really good, and all natural flax covered organic chips - these go great with the salsa!
just bought a bottle of Tomatin 12 year for $20 at my local liqour store.... I gotta say, this is my bargain scotch from now on. Auchentochan select used to be my budget one... it's still $20 at the same liqour store so I may still get it to compare to this one. But for now TOMATIN!!! Not baaaaaad.
that suit sounds like it would fit me... hmmmm
So I went to J.Crew yesterday and took a look at the Belstaff roadmaster again, to compare to my Barbour International. I gotta say, I like the Belstaff more. But, it sells for $595... Things I like about the belstaff: -better fit, it's slimmer in the sleeves around the biceps (for some reason the barbour is huge there, like size Large huge) -the waxing on the cotton actually gives it a beautiful sheen, which almost gives it the appearance of leather, (barbour has no...
Quote: Originally Posted by aeglus fuck it, this is definitely one of the best leather jackets and it's one of a kind forever That is super nice. Pretty much perfect as far as a bomber goes. The fit is spot on.
I think the 36 would be fine. It doesn't fit me tight at all.
I thought the Belstaff I handled at J.Crew was pretty nice, it better be for the $500+ price tag. The fit was also pretty good, the sleeves were a bit slimmer than the Barbour International I got, the body I would say is the same. The Belstaff had a wax 'sheen' to it, while the Barbour doesn't.
Quote: Originally Posted by wannabeagiant Can you post the actual chest/shoulder/sleeve/length measurements? I'm probably dropping it off at my tailor's today and I don't have a measuring tape so I likely won't have a chance to measure before it gets 'slimmed'. Although I won't be touching the chest, or length of anything, I may get the waist suppressed a little bit and the sleeves (towards the bicep/arm hole) will definitely be taken in quite...
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