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Organic Peanut butter is GREAT and cheap chipotle salsa - that's really good, and all natural flax covered organic chips - these go great with the salsa!
just bought a bottle of Tomatin 12 year for $20 at my local liqour store.... I gotta say, this is my bargain scotch from now on. Auchentochan select used to be my budget one... it's still $20 at the same liqour store so I may still get it to compare to this one. But for now TOMATIN!!! Not baaaaaad.
that suit sounds like it would fit me... hmmmm
So I went to J.Crew yesterday and took a look at the Belstaff roadmaster again, to compare to my Barbour International. I gotta say, I like the Belstaff more. But, it sells for $595... Things I like about the belstaff: -better fit, it's slimmer in the sleeves around the biceps (for some reason the barbour is huge there, like size Large huge) -the waxing on the cotton actually gives it a beautiful sheen, which almost gives it the appearance of leather, (barbour has no...
Quote: Originally Posted by aeglus fuck it, this is definitely one of the best leather jackets and it's one of a kind forever That is super nice. Pretty much perfect as far as a bomber goes. The fit is spot on.
I think the 36 would be fine. It doesn't fit me tight at all.
I thought the Belstaff I handled at J.Crew was pretty nice, it better be for the $500+ price tag. The fit was also pretty good, the sleeves were a bit slimmer than the Barbour International I got, the body I would say is the same. The Belstaff had a wax 'sheen' to it, while the Barbour doesn't.
Quote: Originally Posted by wannabeagiant Can you post the actual chest/shoulder/sleeve/length measurements? I'm probably dropping it off at my tailor's today and I don't have a measuring tape so I likely won't have a chance to measure before it gets 'slimmed'. Although I won't be touching the chest, or length of anything, I may get the waist suppressed a little bit and the sleeves (towards the bicep/arm hole) will definitely be taken in quite...
I just got my international in size 36... I'd say I'm a true size 37. Regardless, the arms are quite big, and I'm not a totally skinny dude, more athletic. But I'm probably going to have the arms tailored a bit as the jacket looks like it's two sizes too big on me. Other than that, it's a very handsome jacket.
I went to the Getty, I think it's worth visiting since it's free. Fantastic view as well, go on a clear day.
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