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oh man if only that jacket was in a small
are the crate ferinelli those jeans that had some issues in the beginning fo the run?
possibly interested in the APC
Quote: Originally Posted by click here http://www.revolveclothing.com/Displ...+Items&d=b&n=s On Sale at Revolve for $143.20 after using coupon INSTYLE20 Damn, missed that sale. I doubt I'd find a 7.5 anyways
Quote: Originally Posted by King Leer Those shirts are nice, but getting them elsewhere is cheaper IMO I would like to know as well..
how does one determine sizing? I don't have a huge face so I think the 52mm Generals may be my size, but not totally sure.
Quote: Originally Posted by sho'nuff i hate mornings but it is a love/hate relationship for me.. my mind loves mornings. i wish i can wake up everyday early for me to enjoy the serenity of morning and working out. my body hates waking up in early. I'm like this...I've done mornings before, not consistently, just days I will be doing something in the afternoon I won't be able to go to the gym. I like it and I hate it. I think it's...
just run on your off days 75% your body weight on squats shouldn't be that taxing on you I'm doing 1.5x my body weight and I'm about to start playing soccer with some friends, last time I played I noticed my lack of endurance conditioning, but no pain no gain, I'll have to start playing and running more often, should get me right up to condition.
I got a pair of APC size 29 that have been washed a couple of times so they're that dark but they weren't really worn very hard, also professionally tailored to a inseam of 30.5" PM if anybody's interested
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