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couple of PM's but no money yet... Price lowered to $130 plus shipping
Anybody tried Lismore? I got it for $22 at my local... I usually get Tomatin as my 'cheap scotch'. I tried them back to back and I think I actually prefer the Lismore a bit more.
Is the CWU-45 not going to be made anymore? It's seriously the most beautiful leather jacket I've ever seen.
trade for BNWT PS size 30?
Sorry for the late reply... I dropped it off at my tailor lady and told her what I wanted, I had to take it to her again, but she nailed it.She didn't dart it, she took it apart, re-did the arms smaller all the way from the shoulder/arm pit I assume. She also took the back of the jacket and took it in at the waist.BTW I think mine is a 38... possibly 36? And I can fit into most 36S jackets. I have a somewhat athletic build with broad shoulders/lats, but a small waist...
don't be afraid to PM me offers!
Thanks, I'll keep the patch on for now.
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