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I really like this but it's a bit expensive for me... any other alternatives that are similar? Dark, charcoal, tweed peacoat type etc.I'll be putting SterlingWear 36R this week for Sale this week
Is Crane's also the best place to pick up a medium duffel? I'd really like the blue one but olive would be ok.
That sounds like a Petite Standard size 30 or New Standard Petite prob size 30 as well.
couple of PM's but no money yet... Price lowered to $130 plus shipping
Anybody tried Lismore? I got it for $22 at my local... I usually get Tomatin as my 'cheap scotch'. I tried them back to back and I think I actually prefer the Lismore a bit more.
Is the CWU-45 not going to be made anymore? It's seriously the most beautiful leather jacket I've ever seen.
trade for BNWT PS size 30?
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