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Any black friday type specials or promotions going on? Need some denim
Just wanted to throw this sweet denim up for sale. They've been worn a bit but not much other than the office and around town for wear... still got a whole life ahead of them to get the real fades this denim is capable of. The waist is a tag size 31. These were initially soaked so all the shrinkage should be out of the way, they still have that indigo smell to them, I"d probably wash em with some denim friendly detergent to get that out of the way if it bothers you. They...
Might be looking to buy a new pair of denims soon. Looking at Tellason Gustave 16.5 vs Rogue Territory SK 14.5 oz I'm not hugely obsessing over denim weight or anything like that. I really just want a spot on fit that's pretty comfortable with quality construction that won't fall apart quickly. The Rogues interest me as they seem to have a roomier top block with a higher rise, often denim seems to have too low of a rise for me and ends up being uncomfortable in the...
I know I'm kinda bringing up an old thread, better than starting a new one. Anybody have some final advice for me on sizing, I ordered a pair of size UK7 Grenson G1 Moorgate Oxfords, I"m typically a size 8 in most dress shoes. Site said to order true to size, but I've read differently in other places, to size down 1/2 or even 1 full size.
please do, I still got them!
Not sure if anybody is looking for some JB406's I got some for sale. http://www.styleforum.net/t/373360/japan-blue-jb0406-tag-size-29/0_100
PRICE DROP $200 plus shipping
If anybody is looking for a Sterlingwear Authentic, I put mine up for sale. Alternatively, I'll be looking for a slightly more tailored peacoat, not necessarily has to be authentic to the last bit, a little more stylized would be ok. As an interesting note, Jcrew's Peacoat with thinsulate has been one of the best fitting on me, I thought. http://www.styleforum.net/t/373362/sterlingwear-authentic-peacoat-36r/0_100
So I got this Sterlingwear Authentic for sale in size 36R. It's in very good condition as I haven't had too many opportunities to wear it. It's this same coat: http://www.sterlingwear.com/cart/index.php?p=product&id=10&parent=1 $215 plus shipping in in the CONUS PM for quickest response
I got for sale an unworn pair of Japan Blue JB0406 tag size 29, all that was done to them was a hot soak, unfortunately, they don't fit me comfy enough and I need to size up to a 30. So $140 SHIPPED CONUS (firm on price) UPDATED 5/8/2014 PM me for quickest response Measurements: Waist: 15.5" Front rise: 10.2" Back rise: 13.3" Upper thigh: 11" Knee: 7.75" Leg opening: 7" Inseam: 33" (hemmed by Jay at Blue...
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