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  Can you horse whip someone with a bull whip?
And it's not a recent trend necessarily, but I don't like 3+ buttons on a suit jacket.  Two buttons is enough for me.
I have to agree with the jeans w/running shoes being a bad look.  Not just a bad look... a REALLY bad look.  Nothing preppy or athletic about it.  Running shoes go with running gear, period.   I'm mixed on the tie with jeans look.  Looks ok on some guys for casual wear, I don't think I could pull it off though.   I don't like the skin-tight skinny jeans look on guys.  Jeans should be form-fitting but also comfortable.
  I wouldn't be caught dead in one of those shirts, but that's just me.
  Not normally a turtleneck guy, but that looks sharp!
  Nice!  Great picture too
  I think others have said it, but I really think it would improve your look to go a little shorter on your trousers Kai.  Also, it might slim you some (I'm built similarly to you by the way, sort of short/sort of stocky) if you tapered/narrowed the trousers a bit.   Overall great look though!
  What does "HB" suit stand for?   I think it looks very nice!
  I'm not at all a fan (generally) of bold strips, but your look is very regal, upr!  Nicely done
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