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Did you go TTS? I argued with them about it for awhile, finally gave in, went TTS as they suggested, and they are my best fitting, most comfortable Aldens.
I'm a C width and can tell you that there is a big difference from the same last in a D width. If the Trubalance are CXL they will stretch a fair amount. For me I am a definite C in both lasts and find they fit similar after break in. Personally I prefer the extra toe room in the Truebalance. Hope that helps
You could possibly be a 10. Do you know your arch measurement?
I tried on a pair in Paris......They were pushing $1k there with the exchange so I passed.........I was quite happy to get these today for $325. They are extremely comfortable.........FWIW I am a TTS 10.5C and thats what fit me best in the Modified last................
Yes Anatomica is fantastic. Expensive but you won't find modified last shell many other places. One thing......be prepared for them to tell you not to size down ( contrary to conventional wisdom here). After spending 2 hours there I bought 2 pair, walked out of the shop in one and walked 3 miles back to my hotel. They felt more comfortable than my Nike frees and still do . I measure 10.5 C but my arch is an 11. They insisted I was a 10.5 C and........they were spot on....
You are most likely a C width...Alden Madison carries stock models in C Width................even though they "lost" my "confirmed" Whiskey LWB order.....in 10C no less.
Apparently, when I gave them my CC number they didn't run it through or something. ..............They were very nice about it explaining there's no more whiskey, and they would offer me a discount in the future. Maybe I wasn't supposed to have those shoes anyway..........
So...,,,,,after waiting for about 2 years and paying in full when I got confirmation in November, I was informed this morning that my whiskey LWB order "never made it into the system" and I'm out of luck . Bummer
Did everyone who got the whiskey LWB from Alden NYC get a call or email letting them know they were on the way?
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