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Apparently, when I gave them my CC number they didn't run it through or something. ..............They were very nice about it explaining there's no more whiskey, and they would offer me a discount in the future. Maybe I wasn't supposed to have those shoes anyway..........
So...,,,,,after waiting for about 2 years and paying in full when I got confirmation in November, I was informed this morning that my whiskey LWB order "never made it into the system" and I'm out of luck . Bummer
Did everyone who got the whiskey LWB from Alden NYC get a call or email letting them know they were on the way?
Lightly worn. These run 1/2 size big for me so they fit like a TTS 10.5 on me. $95 shipped USPS priority mail U.S. buyers and paypal only please
Lightly worn. Some minor dark areas that might come out with a suede eraser. A little edge dressing would be nice too but I'll let you decide the color. $195 shipped USPS priority mail Con. U.S. and paypal only please
Waiting on my Whiskey LWB to show up.............I didn't get an email or call........hopefully they are in route....
Unfortunately these are one size too big for me. 2 warm soaks and worn one day. $100 off Blue in Green's shipped price......... Measurements after wearing one day: W: 16.5 L: 34.25 (chain stitched at Blue In Green) H: 8 T 12.25 FR: 10.5 BR: 15 $265 shipped USPS Priority mail. U.S. buyers and paypal only please
Yes.......pretty sure they were full strap ..........seemed odd to out there in the muck in shell loafers. They looked nice though.....You know you've got it bad when you notice that during a playoff game
Or you could be a strange case like me...... I measure 10.5 C or D on the brannock. I wear 10 C in Barrie......yet I wear a 12 in Nike free, 11 or 11.5 in Adidas. I'm always amazed at people who wear tts in athletic shoes.
I would go with the 7.5 C based on your brannock sizing and my experience with the same issue. Don't kid yourself and get shoes that are too short........
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