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Unlined on Modified last. Shoe Mart cosmetic seconds There is a small blemish on the right might brush out....very lightly worn. Price includes shipping. U.S. Buyers and Paypal only please.
From San Fransisco Alden Shop, on Barrie Last. Worn 2-3 times. VERY close to brand new condition. Price includes Box, bags, and shipping. US Buyers and Paypal only please.
I got them from mdubs who sold them at a very fair price so, just passing it on. These are the "widest" 10.5C Modified last I have which is why I'm selling them......just a bit too roomy.
Size 10.5 C Barrie Last. Worn 3-4 times. Price includes shipping. US Buyers and PayPal only please
10.5 C, Modified Last, unlined, single waterlock sole, Shoe Mart seconds. The only blemish I found is a very small mark on the left toe. Worn 4-5 times. I have not applied any polish and they were always in shoe trees. Price includes shipping. U.S. buyers and Paypal only please
thanks cool arrow. It's more like it is just a bit lumpy......and only the right pressure from the sides or top of the shoe. I'll call Shoe Mart tomorrow...........I really want to keep these boots........
Just received my Shoe Mart seconds...................Color 8 hand sewn boot............The only odd thing I notice is the footbed of the right shoe seems a little raised in the toe area.....kind of like a ridge almost where my toes meet my foot. I'm guessing the cork would compress and conform to my foot shape after a few wears, but would appreciate any advice from someone who knows more than me. I've never encountered this before, and I definitely don't want to wear them...
Keep in mind that the captoe boot at the SF store is on Barrie ......I have a pair and love them
FWIW.....The guys at Alden SF described the Grant as a Barrie with a more narrow toe box. After trying a Grant boot on, I see exactly what they mean and, understand why some guys have a hard time finding the right size. It does not work for me, but obviously some people love it. Personally I would not size down, and if you have a low instep it might not be the best fit for you. Good luck!
I bought the same boots there and I found them to fit a little narrower than a usual D width Barrie boot which worked well for me....I'm in between C and D barrie.... I also tried on 2 pairs of 10.5 C PTB and one pair was definitely wider than the other. They are are hand made shoes, and some variance is to be expected in my experience.
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