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I'm a 10.5C modified last and 10.5 is a touch too short in Grant. I would go up 1/2 size, same width
I've had great service with Alden SF.........and no shipping charges.
Thinning the herd.....Color 8, Brass hardware. Worn 3-4 times. Grant last. Grant does not work for me as well as Barrie does. These were about $840 with the $92 "broker's fees" added by UPS. Alden shoe trees, box, and unused Boot bags included. Price includes shipping. Paypal and Con. U.S. only please.
I've had nothing but great experience there......and they got me into my correct size....finally.
I did not get that email.........considering they "lost" my Whiskey lwb order a year ago, I'm a little concerned....surely they haven't done it twice.......especially when they were paid for about 8 months ago. Did anyone else not get an email about the ravello delay (that has an order in of course)?
I got hit with $91 Broker's fees on Parajumpers........and that was UPS by the way.
Special Makeup for By George Austin. Worn about 5 times. Crepe sole. The suede has somewhat of an oily feel to it making me think they are reverse chamois, but I'm not positive. They are lined and are much more substantial than the Leydon Chukka on the flex sole. Cedar shoe trees included. $260 Shipped Con. U.S. and PayPal only please
Yeah..........and the Ravello WT boot I paid for in June.........or was it May? 😉
10C? If you decide they don't work for you, please pm me. I called about 70 times and never got through.......kind of crazy
I'm interested in this as well .........I measure 10.5 but heel to arch 11. 10 Barrie is a little short and 10.5 Grant feels about right. It's definitely a narrower last than Barrie in my opinion.....which is a good thing for me
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