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I bought the same boots there and I found them to fit a little narrower than a usual D width Barrie boot which worked well for me....I'm in between C and D barrie.... I also tried on 2 pairs of 10.5 C PTB and one pair was definitely wider than the other. They are are hand made shoes, and some variance is to be expected in my experience.
Sounds similar to my feet. I'd bet you are a 10.5 C Barrie and possibly 11C plaza......and yes, try modified last!
not snuff but suede............https://www.jcrew.com/mens_category/shoes/AldenForJCrew/PRDOVR~A9564/A9564.jsp
Too bad they don't offer C or non-stock widths on pre orders............
Very nice Mike! Love the antique edge!
I'm a 10.5C modified last and 10.5 is a touch too short in Grant. I would go up 1/2 size, same width
I've had great service with Alden SF.........and no shipping charges.
Thinning the herd.....Color 8, Brass hardware. Worn 3-4 times. Grant last. Grant does not work for me as well as Barrie does. These were about $840 with the $92 "broker's fees" added by UPS. Alden shoe trees, box, and unused Boot bags included. Price includes shipping. These are getting hard to find...........Alden will no longer be doing brass eyelets with shell cordovan. Paypal and Con. U.S. only please.
I've had nothing but great experience there......and they got me into my correct size....finally.
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