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    I think it was $329 for a google offer deal. 
    I know what u mean by the pants being too full, I wanted slim fit pants but there were no options that I've seen to make that request. Maybe I should had requested it when I did the remake in  an email because there were no special options sections that I seen to make this request. I get what you about the jacket having no shape, I took a chance at one of the coupons deals to get a suit from them and I have to say it hasn't been the best experience but its ok for the...
    lol I thought it would be better for you guys to see if the buttons were lined up or not. What is wrong with the pants? Are they a little too long? I think so too, I might get 1/4 - 1/2 inch taken off. Also what do you mean by no shape?    On a side note does anyone know if I should cut off that string on the armhole flap?     Thanks,
    Just got my remake a couple of days ago and this time they did a better job. The fit is decent. They seem to have followed most of my remake instruction well. But I still want to get some opinion from you guys just to make sure everything seems good. The only thing that bothers my a little is the hips of the jacket, I know I wanted a fitted jacket but the vents seems to stick out a little, what do you guys think? Thanks in advance.             Also do I cut the...
      I live in NYC and they do have an location they set up here for measurement. I've done some research too. Not much reviews but most were positive ones. Would had liked to here more from individual reviewers not from magazines though. Black lapel looks interesting. Definitely will consider it if indochino does not work out. Thanks.
    Thanks for all the help. I just emailed them this morning. They better remake or I want a refund lol. Have you tried Proper Suits? They actually send tailors to measure you but I haven't found much reviews on this forum. 
    Ok thanks for re-explaining it, I wasn't too sure what you meant at first lol. Also when you say that the jacket sleeve should hit the wrist on the side closest to the hand, did you mean right over to the other end of the wrist bone, the end closest to hand ( when I say wrist bone I meant the one that pops out on the left side of the wrist, hope this is a clear enough explanation) 
    Thanks for the advice. I am a little confuse in when you say  "It does look like the jacket sleeves are too short, there should only be about 1/4" to 1/2" tops of shirt showing. "   Did you mean its too long ? Because later u say that it should be 1/4" shorter or did you mean that its too short compared to where the shirt is? Yea the shirt is too long it passes where my hand starts and yes I only wanted a 1/4" of the shirt to show . I think the jacket sleeve might...
    I know they way over inflated my measurements , especially in my pants cause I mean really do I need an extra 3 inches
      I was thinking off 3/4" off the shoulder, what do you think? Since I measure it to be 17 and they gave me 18. Also I want a slimmer jacket so I was thinking of decreasing the chest from their 42 to 39 or 39.5. Stomach from 38 to 37 since I gave them 36 ( this was with room to spare, I used their 1 finger extra method) Do you think the sleeve length is good? The shirt they sent me was 1/2" too long so I was going to decrease the shirt sleeve by 1/4 or 1/2" and jacket...
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