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Thanks Colonel, for the encouragement and additional information.  Both are appreciated.   My best to you, as well.   --ShoeLady
LOL, that was fabulous! My hat's off to you.  :-)
Well.......not in those exact words! But seriously, enough is enough.  ;-P
Man of Lint:  I'm afraid my patience is at an end.  In nearly every post you've directed to or about my seal skin shoes, you stated that you find them to be ugly and without much worth.  To be clear:  I get it.  I do appreciate the fact that you consider them to be the very epitomy of unattractiveness and good taste.  If you felt that I was directing my most recent comment to you, personally, or if perhaps I accidently replied to your last post, please know that I would...
  Colonel77:  Many thanks for your informative reply.  I really appreciate the additional information.  I did already realize that they are worth more than $20 to the "right" people (those who collect exotic skin shoes) but I am very happy to have your confirmation.  I am just unsure of how to proceed with selling them.  My first choice would have been eBay, so that the bidders can determine fair market value...I can try to relist them on eBay as simply "exotic skin" in...
Many thanks for your help, Daxman.  I appreciate the time you took for such an informative reply.  :-)
Man of Lint:  I am sure you're right about the exotic skins not appealing to a majority of shoe buyers.  I am sure there is a market for these, though, if I can find a venue that will allow me to market them.  They are not stamped "factory reject" or anything else to that effect.  I noticed that the new Dack owner had posted on this thread previously and was hoping he'd take notice and post, but I am new here and am not sure whether everyone who's posted gets notified...
Additionally, as shown in photo #2, the printing on the insoles celebrates Dack's 150 years in business, from 1834-1984, so I have to assume that they were made in 1984 or thereafter.  I just don't know how long they used that label....probably not much longer after 1984, I would imagine, as surely they wouldn't want their recently made shoes to be considered "dated."   If anyone can approximate how much a pair of shoes like the ones here--in very good to excellent...
Man of Lint.......they possess none of the negative qualities that you imagine (stinky, brittle, etc), and of course beauty is in the eye of the beholder.   Thanks for your two cents.......to be sure, I feel very welcomed to the forum! :-P 
Can anyone tell me approximately how old the Baffin Seal oxfords are, whether the "F" width is average or super wide, and the approximate value?  Also, if anyone could recommend a website that would allow me to sell them I would appreciate it very much.  I listed them on eBay a couple of nights ago but eBay cancelled the auction because they have rules about selling items made from the hides of marine animals. 
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