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Giving you heads up guys- I'm selling my mint (worn a few times) FW12-13 orange Everest Parka sz 48. Msg me if interested. Price is $2k + fees and it is like new.
I know. The reason is I'm in a hurry, could probably easily sell it for 1200 GBP deeper into the season.
950 GBP + Paypal fee + shipping (or 950 GBP + shipping via Papyal "friends and family" payment method). I accept payment in other currencies of course.
Need money fast- would any of you want a brand new, sz50 Nigel Cabourn Coastal command shearling jacket (brown/orange hood version)? I'd be asking 950 GBP + shipping via Paypal gift or 4% more via invoice.
They offer a really good infrastructure for creating the very best sheepskin jackets/coats, but they don't offer anything nice- just a retro-based style but without the 'edge' you'd expect (like Riri zuppers, double-ribbed cuffs, ncie colors, etc). But when they are guided by someone, say NC, they create great stuff. Btw I'm thinking of sending them my Costal Command shearling jacket and ask them to fit it to my figure (i'd need to crop it and make it much more narrow at...
Sooooo, noone has an idea?
Haven't been here for a while... To address the question posted regarding sheepskin / leather items created for Nigel Cabourn- Aero Leather has done both sleeping bag coat and shearling coastal command jacket. The big question / quiz. When did NC release this piece? Any stock photos of it?            
What are your opinions guys on camo Everest? And vs the orange one? My take is that it looks nice but the camo with that cut give it somewhat a 'hunting' style.. I'm not sure if I dig it. Still prefer orange one (although I'd like to own both haha)   On the sidenote- indigo Mallory is exceptional.
Hey guys, heads up- I'm selling a NC X Eddie Bauer Geddes jacket size 48 olive color version (brand new) and NC X Eddie Bauer Skyliner jacket, size 52 (although fits small, similar to Geddes size 48) in olive, also an orange Aircraft jacket beeswax version. All brand new, all unworn, PM me if you are interested (I'll sell them pretty cheap).
UPDATE- I've added fit photos.   For grabs is a brand new Moncler X Pharrell Bulletproof vest, shiny version, size 0 / XS (but refer to measurements). Limited to sale at one store- Collette. This is probably the most sought-after Moncler item ever.   Measurements: Please note that the measurements depend on how you fasten the velcros- they are both at shoulders and at one side of the vest, so both measurements can be adjusted -armpit-to-armpit: max 48 cm /  min 45 cm...
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