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Sander, EFV, myself, Elio, Butchy, Cleav, Crusty, and Roycru. Went with the outfits I felt best fit my own perceptions of the posters.
Was Luca very hands on with the measurements?
Pot calling the kettle....I heard Luca hooked you up with a bespoke banana hammock.
You guys guess which tie I snagged?
Y'all's need to get up on in this. Some excellent ties to be had from a stand up guy.   http://www.styleforum.net/t/406995/closet-cleaning-tie-sale-tie-your-tie-rubinacci-passaggio-sozzi-classico-como/0_20
I often chortle scornfully at such people.   (People who don't consult shirtmakers. Not people who molest animals. For those people I call the ASPCA. Animal molestation is no laughing matter. We really shouldn't molest animals)   (unless our shirtmakers tell us to)   (naturally)
I definitely wouldn't buy the yellow tie again (pre-SF) and I'm not sure I'd buy the RLPL paisley against either. If it were just money vs that tie, I'd probably pick the tie (because it's a nice tie to own, if not to wear). But if it were that tie vs another, I'd probably pick the other)
I will bet you dollars to donuts that, for the price of lunch and drinks, you could get a couple of NY area SF members to take all those measurements for you.
Yah, NickP, your pictures were enough to settle any debate. Your presence was a few hours too late
Proportionality argument: bigger head, wider lapels. Broader shoulders, wider lapels. Longer torso, wider lapels. Ordered in terms of priority.
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