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I hate ticket pockets.
I don't think it's a group buy. sprout is able to proxy for people and is working to get more information about sizing and availability. And I'm helping him, because, well, I don't know. I guess I'm confused about why the AV's carrying Ring mark their jackets and suits up so much. Maybe they are made to a higher standard or something (Armoury has their own models, for example). Or maybe Ring jacket is ripping them off. Or import taxes. Who knows? Well, they do. I'm sure...
I love the combination. I'm not sold on the fit of that jacket for you. The shoulders seem like they might be a little on the large side, maybe?
Would it look better notched? Yes. Though I like that the black tie, which needs to be tightened, and the peak lapel (plus the white linen square) are sort of formal elements. The outfit is completely devoid of warm tones.
Apropos a conversation yesterday: SFF: Carter (tie) Wang (pants)
I am generally not a fan of four or five pattern bingo. 2-3 seem optimum, and I'd rather a 0 pattern fit than a one pattern fit. Mostly. Depends on where the pattern is, I think. Hmm
You're kidding right. That would put those two particular jackets below my belly button! Though I do have some jackets that could use a lower stance.
Yup. An all solid fit, no suits allowed.
What about the hems did you want to see?
I think this is the most recent full shot: Awkwardly looking over a railing:
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