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Have you ever been to a riot? Defecation occurs regularly. Anyway, it was more about the shirt.
Agreed on both counts, but it is several months old. And I don't want to try and clandestinely enter an old picture. UNLIKE SOME PEOPLE.
From a few months ago. I don't think I ever got around to posting on SF. Can't recall why. (Not my entry; the first is)
@LA Guy How would you describe the gap between SWD and CM on this forum? It seems the cleanest delineation is tailored clothing (and items associated with tailored clothing) derived from certain European traditions with everything else falling in SWD. But then SWD is disproportionately broad.
Not something I wear often. The shirt doesn't work well with my skin tone.   SF Family: Howard Yount Exquisite Trimmings Spier &McCay Meermin
Knit tie challenge given the weather? Except damn. The folks south of the Equator. Perhaps a seasonal tie challenge? Though I do have four wool/cashmere knits...those exist.
I'd also like to point out that people with the most upside tend to get the most criticism. mcobinad has a good eye for color, he has money, and he knows how to take decent pictures, so we all want to see him "succeed" as it would be spectacular. That being said, to respond to @LA Guy: I am in complete agreement--execution is far more important than direction. GNAT sort of organically moved in that direction: it started out just finding ties for Noodles, but quickly...
This is great, and you definitely deserve some votes. I don't know how I looked over this, but I certainly wish I hadn't. I expect others did as well. Regardless, please post more fits!
I'm moving again and taking this as an opportunity to clear out some ties that I don't wear and don't see myself wearing in the future. All prices include shipping. Marinella 153CM/9CM -- $75    [worn several times]    Panta 148CM/9CM seven-fold -- $65   [worn several times]    Panta 149CM/8CM seven-fold -- $60   [worn several times]    Rubinacci 147CM/9CM -- $45   [worn several times]     [[SPOILER]]  A Suitable Wardrobe 149CM/6.5CM -- $25   [worn once]    Unipair...
New Posts  All Forums: