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1. Something I definitely considered. 2. I don't think he or the bride are into clothing at all. Like at all at all. And money be an issue for some of the groomsmen. Otherwise, I might try and push for something a little dressier. 3. Like you, my preferred option. I don't know about vests and jeans. But if its the spring, I think a linen vest might be the way to go (as opposed to wool). Basically anything to lower the formality. Knit ties, linen vests...anything else?
So I'm to be a groomsman at a wedding (my first American wedding, at almost 31), and the groom has hinted at leaning on me for advice on what to wear. However, it seems like they already sort of something in mind for the groomsmen...and that amounts to jeans, a tie, and a vest. As much as I'd like to try and steer him in a different direction, their might be financial constraints for one of the groomsmen, so I may try to keep my advice to him focused solely on the...
Rais for going with a Dalton movie.
Yup, I meant my Sozzi is wool. Actually cashmere, I think.
Conrad Wu and HY me the nicest knots. KW probably too, but I don't wear those too often. Sozzi is wool, so that's an apples to oranges comparison. Henry Carter are the knits I struggle most with.
It'll be close to 90 tomorrow, so linen for me. But had there been a cool front, from For Your Eyes Only
I think I'll wear that tie tomorrow. From ET, right?
It really just depends the degree with which you want the character to draw on the source material. Moore is the least like the literary Bond (though overall better than Lazenby, of course).
That's like saying Ringo is your favorite Beatle.
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