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Yeah. He was really helpful to WM, though, I think (sorry if I'm confusing you with someone else, WM). Gianni the tie dude who sold a bunch of people modern "vintage inspired" silks and said they were vintage and upon leaving SF failed to deliver ties to a number of people who had already paid (generally months previously, before the scandal broke). Edit Way to ninja edit Noodles so I sound like a crazy person responding to a question no one asked.
Come to think of it, I get more comments on knits than anything else besides maybe fit. Overwhelmingly positive...generally "interesting...I've never seen a tie like that...can I feel it?"
Not to the extent that Naples is romanticized though. If I recall, your trip worked out very well for you (though I don't know how you managed to spend time with gianni cerruti without kicking him in the shin for dressing like a clown and stealing the money of a number of SF members...might have been before your time). But it isn't representative of a lot of people's first bespoke experience. --- Vietnam has better coffee than Naples.
You should check out the blue check Tie Your Tie on sale at ET for like 75% off
I'm ambivalent about the name but a big proponent of the concept. But I like my suits to be casual to begin with, so the concept is well suited to me.
I think they are out of Gordon as well as the vintage jacquard fabric gray
Some wintery knits (not all silk, not all in wintery fits, and not all me)  [[SPOILER]]
I actually wouldn't change a thing about that outfit. I love how austere (aesthetically) it is while at the same time being playful. White spread collar, but it's oxford. Dark navy windowpane, but it's in a casual cut and has three (tulip shaped) patch pockets (as well as being fresco). Silver tie, but it's knit.   But more to the point, anything but a gray tie would have failed to capture the aesthetic that I wanted to capture.   And I love solid silk knits. Probably...
Does he like Neapolitan tailoring? Does he know what house styles he likes? Does he know what house styles will best suit his body? Can he be sure that nothing will go wrong? Will he have enough time and money is something does? Bespoke is amazing. But it's also idiosyncratic, particularly that of Naples. There is a good reason to start later rather than now. You make fewer mistakes. You have a safety net when you do make mistakes. You appreciate the process itself more....
@WeakMonday   Going bespoke at this point is not a good idea. Particularly on such short notice. I'm far from being a novice, and I'd be very hard pressed to put together a successful sartorial adventure--doing all the necessary research and planning--to Naples, or really anywhere in Italy. So I can't imagine trying to do so without previous bespoke experience, a level of comfort with fabrics, and a solid idea of what I like and don't like.   I realize that this is a...
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