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My jury prize would have gone to Tira with my burgundy tie pic coming in second.
Wearing double breasted now. Yesterday was SB.
It's very hard to make a double breasted jacket look good in a picture sitting down (but in all other things, I prefer the chair to the door frame) SF Family: Wu Vanda Yount
Pebble grain is a must for Seoul given it's weather. I think @unipair guy has mentioned that they are his most worn shoe for winters. Great for rain as well.
If done right, it doesn't look awful (though not in the context of this forum) With regards to the tie, there is only one answer, Iso, and that is:
The shoulders are alright, but the waist is too tight (look at the buttoning point and the small of your back, the back is a mess, and the chest is too small (lapels bowing out). You've got a good frame for suits...you might look at RTW options before trying online mtm.
Welcome! Always happy to have more ties available.
Stitchy, correct call on the CJP last week.
SF Family: Sam Hober (tie) @Lady Canuker (square) Pretend like someone has "should have been a suit." This describes a third of my outfits anyway
Yup, it does. Which is why I'm not submitting to any journals ^_^. I'd say the vast majority wouldn't have thought anything was different. A smaller number wouldn't have felt anything was different.   But I didn't indicate what it was that would be different, so their brains searched for what was most salient, something which is capable of brining subconscious impressions into the conscious. Though at the same time, it also could cause them to search for something to...
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