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Agree on the stripes; I said as much on my IG.Blue shirts with blue jackets, on the other hand, are staple. As for too much blue, my favorite outfit from the past couple of weeks: [[SPOILER]]
Cashmere scarf from Jos. A Bank courtesy of Grandma Claghorn for Christmas. Also got a couple of books from her.
If it makes you feel better, students are worse people for having taken our classes. People going through a business program are less trusting, less trustworthy, and less prosocial than they are upon entering. That probably isn't true for history.
@SeaJen Our faculty might get spoiled. 1-1 first year and 2-1 until they get tenure (or the boot). Though a friend of mine just took a job where she has to teach a 3-3 but one prep. Non flagship state school, and she is only required to publish 6 articles, at least second author, in journals with no higher than a 40% acceptance rate (which is pretty much any 3 level and probably quite a few 2's). Still gets six figures in a low cost of living state. It's a good field to...
Yes, but are they different preps?
I almost got the green from BnT before I went with a brown (Dormeuil, not Drapers).
I'd argue it extends well beyond that and primarily concerns self-identification and shared norms and values.Although I grew up somewhere fairly cloistered, lived in a different country, and am now somewhere else fairly cloistered.I am confident that social class has nothing to do with red and blue voters. Both because there is tremendous variation in values (particularly once we get beyond the obvious political ones) within parties and because, in my experience, most...
Mine too. The college dean (who is also in my department) and two tenured professors. The rest of the college has none. Plus someone in my cohort. And we just interviewed three folks for an entrepreneurship position, one was Mormon (though we hired a Nicaraguan Catholic from Cornell, lest anyone cry favoritism). I think BYU encourages a lot of its MBA's to pursue PhD's
It was an enjoyable late night read. I think that Vox focused the discussion on FNB's hyperbole and FNB went along, which is too bad, because I think there was fertile ground vis-a-vis class in the United States. Chiefly:   - How the class system is perpetuated (if it exists) in different geographical locations in the United States. - The way in which a class system fits (or fails to) into the way in which Americans see themselves.   And though not touched on in the...
New Posts  All Forums: