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@Henry Carter has been Noodle Thread Certified for a while now. Speaking of, HC, why haven't you posted your Noodle Thread Qualification Certificate on your website yet?   Edit: Since we are counting HC ties, I have 8. I really feel like he's under represented in my collection given how much I like him and his wares. 9 from Howard Yount. 6 from Panta. 13 from Hober. HC should be above Yount imo. I'll need to do something about that shortly.   (Other SF Family members,...
I'm going to try a jeans, jacket, tie fit tomorrow. I'm hoping for something less than total failure, but the odds are stacked against me. I have two jackets that might work, one a mid blue linen wool, the other a brown tweed herringbone. It's too warm for tweed, which leaves me with the mid blue. The only non "dad wash" jeans I own are pretty dark...much darker than the jacket. If I were to wear boots, the only ones which would work are pebble grain, which are F/W and not...
That composite thread is useful as all hell. 
Need this thread's help:   Could y'all point me in the direction of interviews with tailor's that y'all enjoyed reading and let me know why you liked them (or what would have been better)?
Change out the square and pants and you might have something. The shirt and jacket work for that tie. If you had light to medium blue wool trousers, I think it would be an excellent look for a difficult tie.
That's so elegant. How much fun do you have putting together the dummy outfits and taking pictures? Seems like it would be a lot, though I don't know if it would get tiresome after a while.
Your mom clashes in my head You need a plain suit. [/wayrnrealtalk] Agreed on both counts, though I'm not sure too plain would be the way to go. Something flannel or with a good amount of texture would work. I think double breasted or a three piece would be best, something which hides a lot of the tie. I've seen it mentioned a few times, but with really large scale patterns, you don't want too much of the tie showing so as to avoid overwhelming the fit as a whole. I have a...
I agree with GC on both counts. A beautiful tone and wonderful texture. Not a staple though, but for someone who has a million blue jackets, this is one I'd happily add to my collection. It would be an excellent third blue jacket, after a standard navy blazer and a navy double breasted. At that price though, jungalo, I might consider mtm?
Some ideas; all of these were worn either with chestnut bluchers or light brown suede double monks:
Sorry for the blurred action shot. This guy blue himself so hard his pocket square turned red. His suit and shirt were identical shades of blue, with his shirt collar spread over his lapels. Shoes were darker blue.
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