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That was a good challenge. And I remember having a good day when I wore that fit.       I wouldn't mind another green tie challenge. I actually really like the challenges focused on a single piece of clothing. I think they prove to be the most educational.
  Still warm enough for linen here.   SF Family: Howard Yount (tie) Kent Wang (square)
That is a very, very weird question. Or at least the phrasing.   How often something is worn on WAYWRN doesn't really have bearing on what I want to wear. Admittedly, my tastes conform fairly nicely with the mean.   I just like green more. It works with what I like at least as well as brown. What I like being a blue jacket, blue shirt or blue striped shirt, gray pants and brown shoes. I rarely wear blue as I don't often wear suits (and I don't have many odd jackets...
I'd say it's a combo you should put on the backburner for a long time. Dark pants/lighter top isn't necessarily a bad look. It's just, in my mind, a very difficult look. And there may be people who will come in and say "no, no, it's easy." But look around for examples, and you're not going to be able to find any neophytes, or even somewhat accomplished dressers, pull it off consistently. Advanced dressers? Yes, probably. So lay it aside until you are very sure you know the...
It kills me that I don't have enough green ties. I have the most brown, followed by blue, followed by red, followed by green. If I could snap my fingers, it would be green, brown, red, blue.
Stitchy, is you thinking all the things you dun not buy in your life?
She seriously still thinks that that suit makes you look like an old man? I know it's because she's young and wants you to dress as young as she is (so perhaps when she says "you look like an old man" she means to say "you look like you were born in 1981") but still....Jesus...that's so much better on you than what you had been wearing.
It's not me. It's the picture.
Can't do a tweed challenge. I already won that.  [[SPOILER]]  So FM wins the Halloween Challenge. Elio the Degree of Difficulty Challenge. And I win the Tweed Challenge. Next.Prostitutes.
New Posts  All Forums: