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If you don't already have a navy you're happy with, navy. And hudson over havana
They do. Done CMT with them a couple times
Are you going to be able to get a fitting?
And I get the impression that they are pretty happy with their current sartorial sphere. Too bad there isn't a Joe Ha for the US Also, @Coxsackie is stopping by today I believe.
It doesn't matter. And rather impolite to ask.
People who need threads about them: DWW (or was there already one?) SVG/Miran All I can think of without putting in more effort. But there are probably more.
Grenadines aren't cheap. Finding a decent silver/gray tie shouldn't be a problem though. Might not be grenadine. http://m.ebay.com/itm/231518708271?nav=SEARCH http://www.henrycarter.com.au/product/grey-pin-dot-macclesfield-bow-tie/ http://m.ebay.com/itm/331519583517?nav=SEARCH
Hey, that's me! Four-in-hand. Early Claghorn days; unmarried, living in an apartment above a bar in Seoul in one of the college areas, taking pictures in the bathroom. Apartment was a piece of shit. But the area had amazing nightlife.
At the moment, I can't see the shirt. But if it is a dark shade of lavender...and it's not solid...I also say go with a white shirt. It probably isn't a bad shirt per se...just not something meant for a jacket and tie. More like nice jeans, some chukkas and a nice restaurant downtown with whomever is lucky enough to be escorted by you that particular evening.   Don't think that just because you purchased the shirt you have to wear it right now. If you have a white shirt,...
New Posts  All Forums: