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Unlikely: it's one of my favorites. Not worn much. But love it nonetheless.
So thats not the suit you'll be getting, just a trial suit?
Shit. Sorry mang :-(
Not a fan of loafers with suits, but a few above posted looks worked for me.   As far as the airport, I used to wear chelseas if I was traveling in business attire for this reason. Without a shoe horn, generally took me at least a minute to put on my shoes otherwise. Or maybe I put my shoes on slowly.   Everyone else just stepped on their heels enough, taking their shoes on and off, that it didn't seem a problem for them. Nobody even bothered with their laces.
Poll isup
When you start looking for new shirts, you should look into getting those with higher collar bands. Or go the Luxire route. You have a long neck/head for your body--a higher collar will probably mitigate this. I have a giant head and it definitely influences my choice of collars, so I'm speaking from experience. Excellent backdrop. At some point, if you stick around SF, you'll want to start making new purchases. You're right about the skinny lapels, but that's just an SF...
Very old.
Probably a practice Fok'll want to discourage. Stickies will go a ways toward that.
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