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It's a pretty established style of pocket. I'd not be surprised if it predates simple patch
Yup. Let me know if you're going to Atlanta next year and we'll grab a drink.
Blame Tinactin, who has been working behind the scenes to promote this trend and expand their market.
The Friday Challenge poll is up. There is a grand total of FOUR PARTICIPANTS this round. So it'll be really, really difficult for you all to sort through all the entries; as a result, I don't blame anyone for shrugging off such an onerous burden and not voting.   http://www.styleforum.net/t/527443/friday-challenge-08-12-2016-the-subtly-odd/0_20#post_8534232
Poll is up
I just go to a dry cleaners where the pressing is done on site and talk to the person about lapels. If they seem to know what a 3r2 is, then I'll ask them not to press the lapel and drop off my jackets. Otherwise, they just get my pants. That's what I did in Seoul to find my dry cleaner, and that's what I did here in Texas.   Incidentally, the Challenge Poll is up http://www.styleforum.net/t/527443/friday-challenge-08-12-2016-the-subtly-odd/0_20#post_8534232
SFF: Exquisite Trimmings
You have my vote if you integrate a David Lynch reference into an outfit.
When do you need it by?   I'd avoid the eBayer; probably no real issue, but the potential is there for hassle where you don't have it so much with the other two.   I don't have any experience with eHaberdasher, but I hear good things. With regards to Spier & Mackay, in my experience, their construction is pretty much on par with Suit Supply while the fabrics they use are also generally on par with Suit Supply as well, maybe slightly inferior on average, though...
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