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I don't often reach for the two Conrad Wu ties I own (not due to any deficiency on the part of the ties, but when you've a large rotation, it is rare than any tie is often reached for), but unplanned, I wore them consecutively, today and yesterday.   Today   Yesterday
 Just as an example of what Ac was suggesting.
@in stitches   Kramer shot please.
It's a staple for formal CBD. Most thorough wardrobes should have at least one of these. Best worn with a navy suit, white shirt, and black shoes. A silver grenadine fills the same function in my wardrobe as that probably does with yours.
I have a tie carrying case. It looks like a giant breast wallet. Both awesome and unnecessary.
Black. Cheap. I was fourth or fifth (or possibly third), so the insides had been cleaned out by the previous drinkers. After each of us had drained a shoeful, he put the shoe back on and wore it the rest of the night.
This is what he goes for though. I wish him the best in achieving that look because it's a very tough one to do decently. Several years ago, I was at a hwe-sik (forced drinking after work) and one of my drunken colleagues got up to take a dump. He ended up accidentally wiping his ass with the back of his jacket (it got between the toilet paper and his crack). We made him throw the jacket away. It probably could have been dry cleaned. But it smelled like shit and he wasn't...
I'm 5'10 and 160 pounds and I only need 1.8. I used to order 2.5 until I actually bothered to ask my tailor how much he needed. So 2.5 is probably more than enough. That being said, if the fabric is patterned, they'll need more fabric than they would if it is solid.   So.   Ask your tailor. You could be ordering too much.
Alright, so we know you like the GQ look. And for what it's worth, outside of the shoes, this is probably the closest you've gotten to capturing that. But there is a reason you often see models in the process of buttoning: the jacket is too tight to actually button. And this is fine, for what it is (fashion forward), but it's something that's really only going to look good in a single moment, assuming you don't walk around in the process of buttoning.   In this case, I...
It has patch pockets and a pretty relaxed cut. The fabric is wool/silk/linen
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