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SFF: Kent Wang Spier & McCay Cao Cao (Cappelli tie) Those shoes are enjoying their tenth year of wear
Thanks for the info, but TRV41 is definitely what I'm thinking of. Kent knows what I look for in my blues and may recommend some fabrics.
My favorite blue jacket is beginning to show signs of wear. Not quite. Nothing tangible or visible. But it's beginning to look very comfortable. It's both a good thing and a bad thing. Anyway, this will be the last season it gets heavy wear (3-4 times a month). This means I'll be needing to replace it. While I have plenty of blue jackets, this is my only "standard" blue jacket. Nothing really idiosyncratic about it. So while I know I was intending on getting another brown...
As I mentioned elsewhere, wonderful textures WTL
Neither ConradWu nor Henry Carter have CT's. I wonder if a) such a competition can happen b) if @LA Guy would create a custom CT as a prize and c) if either HC or CW would even want to be called "Slub King" --- Murl, let me sleep on it; if @Cleav is down, I'll reach out to y'all both But some ideas for the season (8 matches) - The Uniform - CBD - Subverted formality - Brown in town - Monochrome - Photography - Trad - Business casual - Seasonal - Accessorize...
But you have enough of a slubby back catalog from the last 18 months or so. Yes, Murl, that is exactly what I am suggesting
Indeed. Each could solicit pictures over a period of 2-3 weeks. They create a roster of the best five and then go head to head. @conradwu @Henry Carter I also like the idea of other team based challenges. Maybe bi-monthly. Team @Murlsquirl and Team @Cleav those who want to play can submit themselves to a (not public) draft to create rosters. Some challenge, the teams submit their three best fits, then vote. Maybe make a season of it with 8 challenges Dec-Mar all...
Henry Carter and Conrad Wu need to have a slub off. 5 best fits of their slubbyiest ties. They can use any example, wearer, or tie from the past.
@timotune Please stick around!
I don't own any. What is disappointing about it?
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