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Just to be clear, My Son are the Champa (name of the kingdom/people) ruins near Hoi An I was talking about.
Loved Vietnam. Spent a week in Danang just after the Hyatt was built there (also, that's a good place to stay in Danang). Went to Hue and Hoi An. There is an amazing Champa ruin near Hoi An. That was the highlight of the trip (though the old palace in Hue was also great)Some pictures I like (from Facebook, so low res): [[SPOILER]] The Champa ruins date to the 4th century. When we visited them, we were the only people there.
They definitely made me think SW&D. I think in part the shape as well as the way the sole turns up so dramatically at the toe.
How much does Jilan Swirijaya cost in Japan?
Leather soles are maybe more formal than rubber (certainly nicer), but the shape of those shoes is much too casual for a wedding.
Probably me you are talking about. Yeah, Kent made a mistake in entering some of my measurements and gave me a new jacket as a result. When I chose a cheaper fabric for the new jacket, he pushed me toward a more expensive one.   Still needing to dial my fit in after essentially 2 jackets (though technically 3 including the error jacket, though we werent able to use that to make any adjustments), and I wish it could have gone better, but fit has gotten better each time....
I did.
Suitsupply has 36L with free shipping and free returns. You might need to have the waist taken out in the pants as I think the default with a 36 is a 30
Another vote for loafers. As a young guy, you'll also wear them more.
Sam Hober Kent Wang
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