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  Not disagreeing with you. And I am also pro-white shirt. And I know you weren't saying "here is proof" and merely saying "here are examples." But the sanctity of the old school sometimes annoys me. I do think Cary Grant is one of the best dressed men I've ever seen. But I also don't think him doing something justifies it being done. But it was more of a general comment prompted by the deluge of images. Also, I didn't notice that you were responding to posters citing them...
I am not a fan of referencing AA and sartorial greats (e.g. Cary Grant) as justification for anything. Something looks good or it doesn't. Something is coherent or it isn't. Doesn't matter who's wearing it.
I could stand to wear more white, especially with my more citified blazers.
You guys all wear your silk scarves when you do yoga, right?     I really want to practice Tai Chi. It's helped my dad a lot with his neck problems.
What's surprising? People really like their Besiktas macini canli izle.
The weed law in the Bay Area was passed in like 2007 or 2008. I visited. --- Marriage stuff: my wife has all my passwords, phone included, and I hers. It wasn't like we agreed on it (though we did select each others phone passwords). Just sort of happened. That's fairly standard, right? One thing that annoys me is that she feels no compunction digging through my briefcase. Organizing it. Double yoo. Tee. Eff.
I may have been wrong in my choice and have no qualms changing it.
So I put some thought into this.   My initial reaction was the following picture: It was the picture that I felt most summed me up. But that isn't the result of just the clothes, though they certainly are a factor. I think most of my suit fits are out as far as being the most "me," unless they are very casual/country suits, of which I have several. So this works in that regard. I do love me some country suits. But I like the picture more than the fit, so I opted not...
After making several attempts over the last day or so, I can finally respond to bespokekiwi's vicious insinuation: I have never used the words "wow factor" nor have I ever used the word "pop" in such a context. BKiwi, you and I have a date, noon, in front of the SF Saloon. Bring a pistol.
Alright. Uh. So. Serious question. How has America changed since 2009. Y'all's needs to help me with reverse culture shock. I've spent about 2 weeks back in the US in the last 5 and a half years. So. Uh. I know everything revolves around smartphones now, like with apps telling people what's hip and shit. And I see a lot of weird haircuts on dudes with the sides all short and the top all Mad Men. And beards, I guess, are a thing? Do people still wear skinny jeans?   But...
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