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Your tie. Hangs right. But maybe I'm the weird one.
I'd like suede loafers to be a little more rounded. Chiseled like that make me think of footwear on the more formal end of the spectrum. I only have on pair of loafers, cordovan penny loafers from AE. But if I had two...or if I could do that purchase over again:
Shit. Mine happened by happy accident. That means I'm probably DQ'ed. But. Braddock and Timotune are my two favorite posters in terms of outfits, with Timotune winning out as he generally dresses more simply, but Braddock getting more frequent pins(to the Pinterest board I keep for inspiration...and I pin a lot of my own fits) because he wears more odd jacket combos while Timo favors suits. And I think that Braddock outfit might actually be a suit. However, I can't tell...
First is great. Don't know about the second. That sole might make it too casual.
I'm aware that newc is right. But the world is a more fun place if he's wrong. That being said, threads like this make such binge buying sprees less dangerous than they once were. @Kulata on the SM pants?
 I'm not sure I like the shirt with the jacket there. Had it been something like an oxford cloth, I'd've been sold. You are probably my favorite poster in terms of consistently liking what you wear. It's really rare that I don't think you execute perfectly--I generally even like the few of your outfits that don't garner much praise. (You and @timotune pretty much dress in such a way that strongly appeals to my sartorial preferences) And of course, the suit is amazing. And...
Given their prices during the sale, now would be the time. I only wish they had something in gray my size (other than the nailhead). Shit. Man. Maybe I should have gotten the nailhead as well. Not sure what kind of odd trousers they'd make though.
Also, no idea about their quality, but I just picked up some camel flannel trousers from Spier and Mackay for 55 dollars including shipping (they list prices in Canadian dollars, so it ended up being cheaper than expected). For that price, I figured it was worth the experiment.
  SF Family: Hober NMWA Yount
Probably sound advice. But this thread allows you to accumulate quickly without making mistakes. Without. Making. Mistakes. And I am totally unbiased in saying this. Totally. Unbiased.
New Posts  All Forums: