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I love Dork Elvis.   Also, I'll check out that book.
At some point, I'll half a half-Asian Claglet. My wife really wants him/her to marry someone with a good amount of African blood in them so that our grandchildren will be of European, Mexican, Korean, and African/African-American descent.
I'm just glad they at least won one. Both Dirk and Cuban deserved that. Cuban is a young guy. If he stays owner, I'd be very surprised if they don't win another within the next two decades.
Did you stop watching after the 2005 Championship? I loved it, because I love watching defense, but I get that people outside of SA and Detroit were probably pulling their hair. The Spurs' style of play has changed drastically since then. Their 2014 dismemberment of the Miami Heat was described by most sportswriters as the most beautiful basketball they've ever witnessed. A good read on...
Greatest.   Dynasty.   Of.   All.   Time.         (yeah, if only MJ didn't retire all those times. But he did).
My favorite pianist.  
If he asks me again after he's calmed down, I will. This is the guy that has asked forum members to whip him for misbehaving. The guy has a penchant for punishment.
Foo is posting again?
Pretty cool outfit from Glenn Gould. Sorry. I knew nowhere else to put it.  
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