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I think E and F are 100% wool.---I'll do all the Paypal stuff when they are ready to be shipped.
SFF: Kent Wang Exquisite Trimmings Luxire Howard Yount x 2
Yeah, it's definitely best suited for people starting out and/or non-hobbyists. --- Here are the ties available. All are either wool, wool/silk, or wool/cupra, with one being linen-silk and one being silk. Standard width and length. A B C D E F G H --- This is the order of the people who posted/message: @2942 F @flvinny521 A @justridiculous E @usctrojans31 C @Procrastination @chejinsun B @Claghorn G
Yup. I think there are now three ties left. I'll post the ones available this afternoon and folks can claim em in the order they posted here or messaged me.
AE Factory 2nds:   At 299, scotch grain Dundee with rubber sole:   You could also go with Meermin.   Or you could Topy one of your existing pairs.
Tan or light brown flannel pants will look good with that. Bluchers or loafers for shoes. Light blue OCBD for the shirt.
Since we aren't dropping it, a couple of interesting things   a) the higher the value of gifts received from pharma reps, the more vociferously doctors claim that they have no effect on their prescribing (data clearly show that pharma gifts do affect prescribing, largely due to increased awareness, familiarity, and ease of recall) b) Some people are influenced the other way and give harsher reviews to things given for free as a reaction to anticipated scrutiny.
Eh, psych research suggests he's quite right (which isn't to say there aren't exceptions). Regardless, with the removal of the condition, it seems like there is no reason to continue with this line of discussion?
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