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I don't mind wearing linen with worsted pants. Though I agree, there may be a tad bit of incongruity, but that's better than the obvious choice (chinos, which don't look good. Ever. Sorry chino folks. You know how I stand. I'll take the most humble pair of wool trousers over the nicest chinos you can throw at me). Really, linen pants are the best bet to go with linen jackets (or shatnez pants for the win!), but I dislike all the wrinkles that come with the pants. On a...
I think it was L2B then. He had ordered the other version, not a boot, but received the boot. Ended up keeping them.
Rookie.    [[SPOILER]]
That that is a suitably awful look for a suitably awful person.
Get RTW before MTM. There are exceptions, but generally jumping right to MTM or bespoke ends poorly for all involved. From what I understand, you can get SS in Australia without paying customs, and they offer free returns. I'd experiment there. As far as what you'll like in a few years: the simpler the better. Solid navy. Solid gray. Simple, small scale patterns would probably fit the bill as well. Some that you probably won't regret purchasing down the...
Texture is a bigger issue than color for me there.
A couple of things. * Your tie is shiny. That, by itself, is not a good thing. Though folks will argue (probably correctly) that satin ties/ties with sheen can be worn at night.* This is worsened by you wearing a jacket which is super, super country (tweed). You'd want a matte, or even better, textured, tie to go with that.* I'm not sure what's going on with your shirt collar and your jacket collar there. One of those two is off. * I'd lose the spoon. But to each his own....
Kulata, you ever answer his question? 
Well, those are for whom I would have voted. Alas, there was no stitchy entry.
Sander, EFV, myself, Elio, Butchy, Cleav, Crusty, and Roycru. Went with the outfits I felt best fit my own perceptions of the posters.
New Posts  All Forums: