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I think these were a buck fifty each at e-mart
I have one. I am a deft hand at knots, and I of all my neckties, my Tadino is the only one that does not knot well. I once tried over and over again (which I've never had to do for any other tie) to get it to dimple before giving up on it and switching to another tie. A few months later, I gave it another whirl. Managed to get it to dimple after a few tries. Within an our of wearing, the dimple collapsed into a mess. (the dimple here looks better than it is. The right...
Love the second option, possibly like the third, not a fan of the first (tie is too bright). I wonder how the second would look with a white/off white shirt or simply a less blue shirt (striped?)
Good block stripe color combinations (I think): Burgundy/navy Mid-gray/forest green Navy/sky blue Dark blue/moss green Probably something brighter? But I'm no good with bright ties. I don't believe in them. Religious reasons.
It's an RTW Suit Supply Washington. If I could change anything, it'd definitely by the 3r2. I'm not a fan of 3r2 on peak lapelled jackets. I'd also get rid of the ticket pocket. The pockets aren't jetted, but I do have the flaps tucked in. I dislike flapped pockets. For one thing, I think they aren't as neat as jetted (significantly so) or patch (moderately so). I also use my pockets, which means that inevitably, one of my flaps end up tucked in (from stuffing my hand in...
SFF: Howard Yount Spier & Mackay Kent Wang
Luxire or Spier & Mackay are probably in that price range for custom.
Check out the discussion here: http://www.styleforum.net/t/228536/pocket-squares-a-discussion-thread-questions-opinions-suggestions And/or peruse this thread to determine what you like and dislike in square/tie combinations http://www.styleforum.net/t/381083/waywrn-composite-25-thumb-minimum
@LA Guy Feels like this might be better in the CM subforum?
They made adjustments based on pictures of me in a Model 2 Contemporary. No pants here as I already owned pants in that fabric, RTW. Next commission will include pants.
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