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JIMB, you might try over at the Noodles' Good Natured Advice Thread. It's a place for long term projects and questions, whereas this is more about fit critiques (ideally designed to be edifying for anyone to read).   +1 on Stitchy's comment on attitude. Also, the jacket in the second picture does fit a little better
That jacket is super short. If you're stuck with it, wearing it open may mitigate the effect slightly. I also think casual, unstructured jackets look better with a lot more length than what is currently trendy. And if you do decide to pursue that trend, you'll need to go all out. Which means different, probably slim fitting, pants. I'm not sure you have the (rail thin, bordering on unhealthy) body to pull off the jacket and the subsequent parts it necessitates. I'd say...
I hope so. Let me know if they will--I might order a few at some point. Don't know, don't care. I wear it.
I clearly believe that corduroy works with the right wool.   SF Family: NMWA (square) Yount (pants, shoes)
I wear a chalk stripe charcoal overcoat a lot. Because I feel awesome when I wear it. Also wear my camel hair often, maybe a little more than the charcoal. I have a black--worn once in four years.
If you want to wear combat boots, get real combat boots. If you want to wear nice black shoes, get nice black shoes. Those you should return,
Shit, what was deleted about the spoilered images. I thought they were both examples where the shoes were too light for the rest of the fit, though in Stitchy's case much less so. In general, I'm not sure that a fit looks good when shoes are the lightest element. Could be wrong. The red thing was about my fit.
Linen with patch pockets, partially lined.
 The splash of red on the square doesn't jive well with the maroon of the tie. Anyone else get that feeling?Two cases where I feel the shoes are a too light for everything else, though Stitchy's is probably arguable. In general, I don't like it when shoes are huge lightest element in a fit.  [[SPOILER]]
Y'all know anything about Monsieur Fox? Has some lovely wool-silk blends, particularly:  
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