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Off topic GNAT: Had a scare today. Some problem with a toner cartridge. I was about to open up the printer to figure out what the problem was, but the desire to hurry and drink my coffee made me call for an office assistant. When he opened up the printer, it lightly exploded on him. Then the wall. Then the floor. That could have been me. --- Since Halloween must be approaching (given the decorations being sold), what other scary sartorial stories do y'all...
@shawnbc I bought the brown linen suit RTW (the fit was alright, but I generally wear it open...not that anyone in real life would notice). I then commissioned a camel flannel jacket and they did a stupendous job based just on pictures of the brown suit. Fit pictures are floating around this thread somewhere. They also sent me some swatches, after which I commissioned the gray flannel PoW. They unfortunately couldn't send fresco swatches, but I was familiar enough with...
Just a note on customer service: I'm waiting for my second MTM commission, a flannel PoW suit. With the 20% credit offer, I figured I'd pay for my third right now (wool/mohair fresco) and just delay its production until getting the PoW suit and seeing what, if any, adjustments needed to be made. I had no problem with this: the first MTM jacket from them had been so close to spot on that I was confident I'd want the third after seeing the second. I messaged Rick my...
Ten years old: My instep is a bit too high, but they are super comfortable. They are frequently worn. Has topys. Never been resoled, but when the time comes, I probably will, despite the fact that they are just AE's
I believe that is Vox that uses AE seconds as shoe trees.
It is one of the best pieces of SF mythos. Above even the green Hermes wallet, IMO.
SFF: R. Culturi
Another benefit to having a small button put on the inner pocket: if you put your hand in your pockets regularly, you won't catch your thumb on the inner pocket. I have a few jackets with those pockets and I have this issue, especially on one with wine glass/tulip shaped pockets (which I regret)
It doesn't seem to throw off the balance much, but maybe I don't notice. I keep keys and occasionally pens in my hip patch pockets all the time, so maybe I'm used to it. I even will fold a paper I'm reading in half in half, lengthwise, and slip that into a hip pocket if I have other crap to carry. If you have pockets but don't use them, I don't know what to say. Don't get pockets next time?
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