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American in America. Though I lived in South Korea for several years, been back Stateside for a while. So who is the American Mark Cho or Alan See or Luca or Chad Park or Ethan or Takahiro Osaki? I don't know how well known the Shibumi guys are outside of this forum and the German forum, but I often see them on tumblrs and IG accounts from people around the world. I just can't think of an American equivalent, though I see the Beckett & Robb guys reblogged regularly Same...
SF is a small part of a very large #menswear world.I didn't figure out you were speaking about Vox until I read on (for some reason, I thought Cambridge, UK). Vox is less in the business than Crompton is.
Why are there European (continental) and Asian iGent i-cons but there are none really from the Anglophone countries? I guess Simon Crompton, but he isn't really in the business in the same way as the Armoury, Liverano, B&T type guys are. And the closest America has is Beckett & Rob. Are Americans too fat and British too stuffy to have the requisite steez? (and what of Oceania and Canada?)
Looked better in WAYWRN. I also think I might be against additional waist suppression. How does it feel?
^ it sort of looks like it could, but it also looks like there is already a bit of pulling at the button.   What is going on with the bunching at the left armpit?   Regardless, looks very good.
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Makes me happy to hear! I actually ended up making it twice, having forgotten about the first time I tried to do it. Ah, hell, I'll give it another go. Also, I like this line: how very, very, entirely silly we all are
Where else have you looked for alternatives (Loake, Meermin, Allen Edmonds, Carmina, Alfred Sargent, etc)?
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