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Tira had a nasty run in with Dorian Gray once.
Two things, unrelated to each other.   a) I really want to start Tai Chi. My dad's been doing it for a year now and it's worked wonders for him in terms of mobility, flexibility, and general energy level. I figure if I start early, it'll keep me from encountering some of the problems he's been encountering the past twenty years or so.   b) It's been often said around here that dressing well won't get you laid. At least, I think it's been said around here.   I've...
Simple word association game! Crotch pirate. (Damn it, this isn't the GNAT)
I see you've repressed reading about how far a certain member's short and curlies extend down his thigh.
Still gunning for Noodles to get Pubis Boratus   @LA Guy
Who says I was wearing pants?    Damn it. Howard Yount says I'm wearing pants. Stupid SF Family thing ruining a joke. Cream.
  The rare not-a-selfie. and my wife insisted I crop my head out.   SF Family: Panta (tie) Wang (square) Yount (pants)
The Fucking Finally Award   (No hate RTC. I've not been as exasperated by your fits as some. Though I've been mighty pleased by your progress of late)   Also, Cleav's 3 for 3 in the CJP   Noodles also should have received a FFA at some point. Stitchy probably would have received one around two years ago. Not sure though.
My thoughts are: I am asking my wife for those for my birthday.
I recently gave a few jackets to my father (they are too tight around the waist for him, but he never buttons jackets anyway). Anyway, there was nothing wrong with these jackets really, and I liked the fabric, but for some reason I was never happy with the way the jackets looked on me, even if they were well received on WAYWRN. Sometimes, no amount of mental coaxing can cause a person to like something on himself that he doesn't feel comfortable in. I'm not saying this...
New Posts  All Forums: