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V and B are somewhat interchangeable in Korean. They both get represented by the character ㅂ
I'd be a distant second behind trevor for the CJP
I meant ask in there. The more details you can give, the better: - desired budget- max budget- job details (dress code, duties, and location)- how often you'll need to wear the suit- how many other wearable suits do you have- what other purchases you'll need to make- how many additional suits/jackets do you plan on purchasing in the 2-3 years
I'd head over to a thread called "Noodles Good Natured Advice Thread (Building a business wardrobe)"
I think it does have a sapphire crystal. Regardless, @mimo: excellent write up Vincero: mimo is a good choice for reviewer
even anal nits?  
I'm not a hardliner about the whole "tie and lapel should be matching widths," especially when you get into some of the wider lapels. But regardless of what the measurements are, this does look too skinny to me. And that's what matters (the way it looks, not that I'm the one seeing it). It also might be the way which the blade is curving, appearing almost concave there, making it appear narrower.   Edit:I also will occasionally do as Monkeyface suggested.
Travellers (I think) usually are made of a fabric which is a little more wrinkle resistant than usual.
Noodles, that combination will be superb. Edit: I said "will be." As in, the midnight Hober. Though outside the tie being too skinny (it is), that first combo you posted isn't bad.
Oxford cloth, as are 75% of my shirts. Love it, regardless of how odd it is to have it in spread collars.
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