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If you're Nordic it's Viking Face Rage
1 over 1a. 1a looks a little yellow. 3 may be a little too dark (for my tastes...though it is certainly not bad). The weave of 6 looks bizarre. The rest are good with 4 and 10 bring excellent. 7 as well had it been lighter. ---- I think the original jacket SB posted is cool. But I dig funky looks even if I don't wear them.
Order of shoes that I'd buy: 1. Mid brown suede captoe 2. Black oxford 3. Brown chelsea 4. Brown wingtip w/ brogueing
Summer weight: Light gray Tan 3 season Light gray Medium gray (little texture, almost smooth) Medium gray (more texture) Brown-gray Mocha/tobacco Winter Mid grey flannel Brown flannel Brown donegal
I'm afraid I'm gonna have recalibrate your face, buster!
The hat band is red. And the hat (unlike my tie) is clearly in the spirit of the challenge.
I figured, but I still wanted to post it because these threads always benefit from as many images as are available.
@sugarbutch that's an excellent low contrast look   @Tirailleur1 Fantastic. That's Kent Wang unstructured, right? I don't suppose I can appeal to you for a robopose just to see how it looks when buttoned (considering getting one at some point in the near future)
Feel free to DQ it; it was on the docket anyway. But an almost red tie:  
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