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Broadening it beyond ties. And people will be encouraged to purchase and review.   (but I did forget about that )
I recently ordered a tie from the Spanish brand Tadino. I'll be starting a thread dedicated to finding "new" brands from all corners of the internet. And by "new" I mean that most of us haven't really had any experience with it.   Anyway, the tie should come in sometime next week. As for brown neats:   Vanda:   ET:   Shibumi   (and my favorite of this lot)     Hober:       NMWA   A less than inspiring lot, I'll admit. I'd happily wear the...
Let me just say that WvG is responsible for the most well made trousers I own.
Most people like Lincoln in Texas. That's because history sort of ignores his exploits after he discovered time travel.
Where is that from?   Both are nice, but if you have less than 15 brown ties, I'd go with the brown. Otherwise, green.   Or get both.
So was Lincoln.
Exquisite Trimmings is clearing out grenadine at less than 45 bucks each after VAT is removed. Picked up two.
Yes. (Sorry for the lack of elaboration)
Get burgundy. A bit more suit friendly than brown (which is plenty suit friendly)
They'd look better without the bit, but they are better than any I've ever seen. If course, they aren't Ferragamo or Gucci. My distaste for shoes from those brands probably has to do with growing up amongst a bunch of mirreys
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