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Noodles, that combination will be superb. Edit: I said "will be." As in, the midnight Hober. Though outside the tie being too skinny (it is), that first combo you posted isn't bad.
Oxford cloth, as are 75% of my shirts. Love it, regardless of how odd it is to have it in spread collars.
What issues (besides the collars...though this one is different from my normal one) do you normally have with my shirts?Sorry if you've mentioned this previously and I didn't catch it.
Loud in linen
A thought for future briefcases, though I bet there isn't a reason this has been done already.   I was walking holding mine today, and I realized that it was much more comfortable when one of the handles was under the other handle (as opposed to the two being next to each other, pressed together in my hand as I hold it). It would probably reduce wear on the handle sides as they wouldn't rub against each other. And like I said, it ended up being more comfortable to just...
said nobody ever.
Well, he's not paid to quote.               ....right?
Suit is spoken for once again. Being shipped Friday
He wants them to eliminate continents
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