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SFF Yount, Wang, Hober, Meermin
What are the issues with pants? I have a suit from them, and the pants have held up fine after....two wears.
The cashmere might not be very good, made from the shorter hairs (or something)
  Archer's ringtone. http://archer.wikia.com/wiki/Mulatto_Butts   Apparently, Krieger's ringtone is "Teutonic Butts"
You are most welcome! I know the realization the sale was in pounds hurt, but I hope time has taken some sting out of the bill? The tie looks excellent (as do the others, I trust).
Yeah, my mulatto ex uses "pussy" exclusively. And I'm not getting into the terms Mr. and Mrs. Claghorn use currently.
@Kid Nickels No bullshit, and I didn't have a very conservative upbringing at all. And from what I gather, Iso is anything but conservative in such things, at least in a broad sense. Just goes to show how much variety there is out there. Oddly enough, I never had any problem using "pussy" in a pejorative sense, especially when one wasn't properly bringing it on the basketball court (probably a microaggression). Phallus is just plain fun to say at a bar, especially at...
I grew up in a city with a Spanish speaking majority. That indeed might have contributed. Archer says octaroon all the time.
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