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Turtleneck + chair = vote
 Yes. I have a suit it Zegna Cool Effect. And yes, it works. If it isn't windy, it's cooler than fresco.
Wednesday or Thursday. Peculiar lighting. Clearly looking forward to fall (the suit is an oddity, unlined "cool effect" Zegna fabric--which works--in clearly F/W colors) SFF: HY NMWA Meermin
I realize the neither, and especially the second, isn't particularly mensweary. But she's one of my favorite IG accounts. Generally simple t-shirts or soft dress shirts.
@Cao Cao is there now and can probably report the most up to date pricing.
Yes. Plus Noodles had dibs on my wardrobe after he kills me. And while Foxtooth only pretends to be crazy.... Though that SuSu you messaged me a back some months back was a bit small for me. Really just hope you and Noodles take each other out so I don't have to worry about cleaning out my trous de loup.
Indeed, he is truly....humble.
@edmorel How about a contest: who wears their massdrop Panta best? Winner gets a humbler.
I would struggle to not visibly wince at that last comment of hers.
I don't think I have yet. Certainly done drive through though.
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