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Ten years ago, I'd see dudes in thrifted dresses and beards walking around Austin all the time. Nobody really took notice. Austin is a silly place.
I have a few loud jackets, UC! Also, I belief Iso manages to make a living as a professional gambler. He probably has more freedom in what he wears than any of us.
I've been told he has a number of swatches sitting on his desk at home. I've been told he's been meaning to get around to them.
I think they fit better. I was somewhat tongue-in-cheek in treading carefully with "better" being a loaded word (as it would imply the older stuff is "worse")
Excellent. I'd give myself runner up for the CJP behind TweedyP's checked jacket fit.
You are speaking of the OddTrouserSuit as opposed to the BlazerSuit. Pants that are a part of a suit but can be worn otherwise (from suits which are not fine worsted)
Those seem like a decent pick up a $55 each. When you tie them, can you post a picture here? I'm curious about how well Battisti knot.
Iso,   I recall you've moved towards slightly, well, I want to say "better" fitting, but let's just say "less tight" jackets. Have you considered seeing if you can let out some of your older ones a bit? That's usually a possibility.   Anyway, I see no good reason (if you are happy with the jacket) not to get pants made to make it a suit. It wouldn't be a blazer suit, mind you, but the fabric is excellent for a F/W suit.   ----   McFox,   That's far enough away...
New Posts  All Forums: