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^ what were the origins of that? (though I do think a TV fold is too formal for some outfits)
Meh, less spread than I like, but variety is important, and I certainly do like it.
Not seen is the only camp. Though there is that OCBD hippy camp (always smelling of reefer and incense), but they're alright. Visible (non-OCBD) collar points will actually ruin an outfit for me. --- Warm colors:
One of the things I've taken to doing is flipping plain white linen so the edges face up and are visible. Lowers the formality quite a bit and would have worked here. I'm a proponent of matchy-ness in general, when secondary or tertiary colors of one item are very, very close or identical to the primary of another and the primaries don't clash. I especially like combinations where the secondary/tertiary colors of both are the primaries of their opposite (a cream square...
I have no issue wearing wool-silk squares in S/S. Color is way more important. --- @El Argentino I like everything but the square there. Too yellow.
Hey, I lost the "Dress like Claghorn" contest in the summer, so it happens.
sprout has been drinking. Blue shirts look better on most people than white and are worn casually more easily. Cologne/toiletry kit wasn't a bad idea though. Also a navy tie.
So if I understand the premise of your website, you'll deliver the clothing items listed to anywhere win SF and you are looking for more items to include?From your website, it looks like you are targeting males mid twenties to early thirties, correct?What is your logistical set up? Are these items you buy in bulk from the stores?Are you only looking for stuff from H&M, GAP, BR, and J. Crew?---At first glance, you probably need a more traditional leather belt, tan chinos,...
Correct. Same jacket in all three pictures, brown silk-linen-wool from Dormeuil made up by BnT.
New Posts  All Forums: