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Stress leads to constipation. Constipation leads to more time on Styleforum.
@Despos, Since you're in thread, could you elaborate on this at some point (in thread or elsewhere). Or have you done so already somewhere? B&T asked me to run any fabrics I wanted to bring in myself by them before I actually purchase anything for this reason. My made-to-measure place never bothered, and though they have had my pattern "dead on" for several jackets now, I've had a two come out rather poorly in terms of fit (both cashmere blends).
Regardless of the winner (kgfan), y'all (kgfan) should let my mom choose the next challenge. Just sayin' (kgfan)   It'd be cool.
Four pattern bingo.       SF Family: Hober (tie) Wang (square)
The jacket is bespoke. I don't recall what book the fabric is from, just that it was something middle of the road. The square is Marinella.
I think my stance on cotton pants is known.
Just bizarre, this spam.
Good call on the CJP. I would have given it to myself.   And once again, I want to thank Elio and Cleav and anyone else I missed (I know DonC was helping out there a while back) for keeping this thread up and running and humming. Y'all have taken something I was doing alone and made it a group endeavor. Truly fantastic.
It's not a tie penis. The wide end of that tie has a tumor, and it thanks you to not draw attention to its deformity.
New Posts  All Forums: