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I'll do a better job when I get a new mouse. I'm on my macbook air at the moment.
Part II   http://www.howardyount.com/collections/ties/products/silk-knit-tie-pomegranate   http://www.howardyount.com/collections/ties/products/silk-knit-dot-tie-pointed-navy-and-white     J Press (decent ties when under 60 dollars, tie a good knot, I think they use good wool linings, but don't...
My favorite times in this thread are when folks ask for tie recommendations. I really enjoy hunting down good ties. But these queries come too infrequently, so...   I present to y'all the first monthly(-ish) installment of GNAT's Tie Sales Selection. GNAT ties at friendly prices from the makers we love.   Please message me with any additions.   Henry...
Outside of SF, what do you do to get the word out?
Good call. Elio would've been my pick.
Drakes cashmere
Wool neats are a good way to go. I'm not sure I'd consider Vox's fit there successful. Though there isn't any conflict between the tie and jacket.
I wear plenty of neats with blazers/odd jackets. It probably helps that they're generally brown and green as opposed to burgundy or blue. I don't own any blue neats and my burgundy neat only gets worn with suits. Might not be optimal. But certainly not wrong.
Number one is more balanced to to bottom
I thought I'd just be squeaking in there ^_^. I figured you'd be at dinner or something and would be opening the poll later in the evening while warming your feet in front of the fireplace, sipping bourbon and reading a Sherlock Holmes story. Perhaps a hound to your right.
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