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That's my dummy (Fred). I carry him around for the occasional WAYWRN pic
I think this could fill that niche http://www.nomanwalksalone.com/index.php/accessories/pocket-squares/white-and-beige-puppytooth-linen-pocket-square.html
Unfortunately, my office is not this nice, but our college's PhD lounge is very pleasant (shared with accounting, finance, and marketing) and has a decent view. At some point earlier in this thread, graduate lounges were described as the interior design equivalent of a moldy gym sock (with a similar olfactory component). Not all lounges are like this. Though my (shared) office is pretty much a gym sock.
My outfit today is totally without blue but for the florets on my tie. And 3 of my last 5 jackets haven't been blue.
If I were to get a checked Havana, it would definitely be this:     This isn't bad either
Had you gone with a knit, it would not have been necessary to do so.   Knit4Life
I have this tie coming in from ET:     I'm looking forward to it; I don't think it's exactly a neat (did we ever arrive on a "conclusion" of whether dotted ties were neats?); it feels a bit more casual than the typical neat. Anyway, as much as I've never been bothered in wearing neats with odd jackets (though not particularly country odd jackets), I suspect that this might work better than, say,   .
Cleav: Agreed. Gray suits are excellent. You wear them well. But I can't help but struggle to recall you often wearing navy suits! ArchL: I had a light gray suit. Gave it away.
The only way I'd own a gray suit is if I have some slightly CBD use for it. So flap flap flap
Always a flap tucker. If I ever own a gray suit, I'll let the flaps flap. --- @Sam Hober Bring back the plum!!
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