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You're a nut :-)Cheers!
I wouldn't taper. The width is is good for your body shape. --- SFF: KW HY
@doomx   Don't shorten those. They are a good length
Much better, wider.
Shirt is green on white.---Agreed about the oddity of the tie texture and scale of the checks. I went into it with eyes open and like the look, but agree that it has, well, an odd effect.---I rather like this, though I think it is more the reverse. Taking city like combinations and suburbanizing them (to use your lingo; I just think of it as taking city concepts and casualizing it).---In general, I only like blue on blue in suits (which this is).
@Braddock The manbun preparation for your move to Japan? Also, how long will you be living there? I know a few Japanese stores carry Shibumi, right?
Thanks for taking the time, David
Bowball, I think it is too vivid a blue. Did you see anything you liked from the second set of swatches that was posted Fllick, blue first, then brown. Though I guess it depends on what you already have
Yup please do
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