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Knot looks fine to me, but I'm guessing you had to wrestle with it a bit?
So there was a brief discussion about why I dislike wearing suits. The long short of it is, I had to wear suits for a while due to circumstances which I disliked, so I get no pleasure from the wearing of a suit itself. Coupled with this, I spent six years in a society where people read a lot into how you appear and how you choose to present yourself. Dressing as I dress, I am clearly eccentric. But for a few reasons, I didn't want to be perceived as a) someone who didn't...
2060: amazing and will work for a blazersuit configuration (soft shoulders, two patch pockets). It'll make a nice casual suit. 2059: same as above, though you might get the chest pocket patched to really countrified the rig (it is brown, after all) Already said I liked that blue w/ red check. The brown is sort of uninspiring to me. Unless it makes your heart sing, I'd wait until you find a fabric that really speaks to you. (And maybe that does, in which case, go for it!)...
I'm just saying he should have BOTH given the image he wants to capture. As for Liverano & Liverano; I'd advocate a bit more practice before jumping into the deep end. For a variety of reasons, but amongst them the greater appreciation for what he'd be getting.
I'd say that a tie which isn't reserved enough to be super useful (not a bad thing...but you probably don't want too many of these) would have pronounced patterns AND pronounced texture, like the striped tie above. I prefer ties with muted patterns and pronounced texture, or vice versa. So like the reddish tie. Or muted and muted. Or plain and muted. Or muted patterns and plain texture (soporifics).They're just easier to use and easier to integrate into an outfit (as...
Top four are awesome. The middles are tough. Small scale patterns often don't work well on pocket squares because they come across like tie fabric. There are exceptions, though. The last set don't speak to me; mostly as I dislike PoW squares. Preference. Ties are lovely. But I wonder if you might benefit from going in a slightly more reserved direction. Just slightly. You'll find that interesting yet not overwhelmingly unusual ties will get more wear. Take a look the...
Just an FYI, the M Andrews shoes I was given for review are free to a good home. I dunno that any regulars might want them, but perhaps there's an occasional poster that'll want them.
I was given these to review last summer. Since they were free, I don't feel right selling them. You can see pictures here: http://www.styleforum.net/t/405505/an-interactive-photo-review-of-m-andrews-shoes/0_20 Shipping is 25 dollars within the US.
@unipair guy Don't you guys carry Paraboot?
It is, and that's a pretty accurate picture of its color.
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