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  Two examples of where I think it works. The latter picture is actually what inspired me to get one at some point.
I know shantung is a summer fabric, but I don't think you should necessary restrict yourself from wearing it in Spring and Fall, particularly if it's an earthy color.   This CW would go well with that jacket. and I think this could be worn well into the fall (shibumi)
I wouldn't say "no one". An Acute Style practically lives in his. Also, is there a reason you guys don't dimple your ties? ^_^   (and the outfit on the right is pretty nice)
At what length do you usually have your jackets made? I ask because a common criticism here of too short jackets (i.e. failing to cover the ass of the wearer) is that they look like a woman's jacket.
Most excellent Cox. Please note that I am at the point in my tie wardrobe where it is appropriate to add a true orange.
I'd do it.
Yeah, I have a few rust. I want orange. Springtime orange. On mobile, it's too crowded on the subway to bring out my iPad, so I can't link, but the Carter is perfect.
I suspect the logic behind CBD, for some, is that anything extraneous to function and unnecessary for an item to look appropriate violates CBD.
I want more ties. Just got two knits from Howard Yount. Still lusting after the right orange tie. Carter has one I really like, but I'm leery about spending around and/or above 100 on ties with limited applications.
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