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Some grenadine sulka's that could probably be flipped. Or could sell three and get the fourth for free.   http://www.ebay.com/itm/Mens-SULKA-France-Vintage-Solid-100-Silk-Grenadine-Knit-Neck-Tie-Ties-LOT-4-/221469507729?pt=US_Mens_Ties&hash=item33909c8091
I've gotten some random fabric from fabricorneruk and been pretty happy with it. They've got a solid selection of tweeds.
@Amar ezzahi   A few days ago I saw you posted something about getting to 20 thumbs for the first time. I think I glossed over your fit the last time I added to the composite thread. Link to fit?
I remember when Butchy taught me about oxford cloth.
What? You mean that, as I continuously select these for the near future, I'm not ever allowed to like my own fit the most? That would be dishonest. How could anybody trust me if I wasn't willing to consider my own fits.    
You know the South doesn't really have cowboys, right? That's West.
  Forecasted to rain today, but so far, nada.   SF Family: Hober
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