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Mine too. The college dean (who is also in my department) and two tenured professors. The rest of the college has none. Plus someone in my cohort. And we just interviewed three folks for an entrepreneurship position, one was Mormon (though we hired a Nicaraguan Catholic from Cornell, lest anyone cry favoritism). I think BYU encourages a lot of its MBA's to pursue PhD's
It was an enjoyable late night read. I think that Vox focused the discussion on FNB's hyperbole and FNB went along, which is too bad, because I think there was fertile ground vis-a-vis class in the United States. Chiefly:   - How the class system is perpetuated (if it exists) in different geographical locations in the United States. - The way in which a class system fits (or fails to) into the way in which Americans see themselves.   And though not touched on in the...
I know two professors who smile a lot. Both are Mormon.
Keep the chair.
I think the Australian (?) woman who uses BnTailor was there and looked pretty well put together. Not Ms. EFV level, but quite good.
Interesting. So what is the process behind rough shot silks? Mine have pretty pronounced slubs, but the silk does also feel...denser, I guess...than some of my raw silk ties.
This is also very possible
So raw silk (moth is allowed to emerge, right?) is not necessarily shantung or tussah?
Dormeuil w/s/l blend
Probably in the 6-700USD range. It's RTW from 2012; retailed at around 1200 pounds. It's been worn less than ten times and hasn't been altered (except going from brass to horn buttons). My wife asked me my thought process when I wear it. I explained that it's pretty much: I own a nice double breasted jacket and therefore I should wear it. Generally she's against me selling my stuff, but agrees that if I'm essentially forcing myself to wear it, it should go.
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