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I like the high contrast. Socks and shoes tie it all together in my eye. Pants look as they've been pulled up a bit much. --- SFF: CW KW SM MM
Something odd for me (suit, no brown) and slightly odd in general (that type of striped shirt). SFF: HC
A rare lifestyle picture. Mother and Father Claghorn taken by my wife. I just happen to be in the background (thinking about work, probably)
Glad jeans aren't a priority. JC and BR work fine for me. ---- I think the dark shirt is a bit too dark to go with jacket and tie. Though dark denimish shirts seem to be sort of trending (and can look good. @EFV comes to mind). ---- I have one double breasted. Solid navy F/W. I wouldn't mind owning a nice solid brown DB, though there are a few other pieces I'd probably want first. I doubt I'd go beyond two DB's. I'm just not (psychologically) comfortable in them.
Go to Scotland. And Lake District. Both are amazing. If I didn't love London so much, next time I go to UK (in 3 years :-( ), that's probably where I'd spend all my time.
Resorting to? I was suggesting them as incentive. Who doesn't love a nice high dose of ketamine to take the edgheansd a zjxjf459sja snuahsnuuuuurrrrrrrrrkle
Wool, silk, linen, and cashmere. Because Suit Supply confuses the quantity of fabrics with the quality of fabric.
A number of nice outfits the last page or so. Someone please tranq Manolo so he stays. SFF: HC KW KW
Welcome Olof!!
I don't own any gunclubs, but I have a light colored brown houndstooth suit that I struggle with squares for the same reason. I think I will (have only worn it once), going forward, stick to either white or something mostly solid.
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