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I'll see about adding something. @The Noodles already has his entry, I think, though he didn't post it here yet. I think @Murlsquirl could have put together a winner, and I know Stitchy is busy, but he's definitely put together a few fits that would qualify. My entry, hastily shot in fading light, not worn for more than five minutes.
It's at the peak of summer (at least in the northern hemisphere). WAYWRN has slowed down noticeably as well.
I emailed @Sam Hober about the general idea of group MTO's for neckties (and other small things). I'm also happy @davesmith also stumbled across this thread. I'm very much hoping it goes somewhere, but I'd say the logistics of this need to be worked out, or at least reasonably planned, for a GMTO did get serious headway   As the owner of a silver/gray knit, I'm not interested in this particular MTO; I am, however, wanting the perfect rust neat.
@clee1982   I don't know about narrower, but 358 is a bit more generous overall than the 337. Maybe a quarter to an eighth size difference (I've read, no personal experience)
I've never had an uncomfortable shirt. Maybe my skin isn't as sensitive or refined as y'all's :-) Actually, that's not true. My one RTW shirt is uncomfortable.  
Washington shirts, same place as Noodles. In Seoul. I own a single RTW shirt. I hate it. But we have different styles, so mine will probably get worn more often.
What sort of fabric? That's at least as important as the pattern.
I'm happy with how Hober rolls.
I rarely iron my shirts. Very, very rarely. Generally I'll air dry for 20 minutes or so then hang dry them. If they end up very wrinkled, I might quickly iron them. But otherwise, I'll just wear them. I don't normally take off my jacket. Probably less than 10 times in the last year. I dislike ironing. I like polishing shoes, however.   Will probably get swatches though. It's just silly not to.
Pretty easy to fit, but I dislike RTW where I can easily avoid it. Looking for another brownish shirt.
New Posts  All Forums: