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Square and tie Kent Wang --- New briefcase arrives tomorrow. Excitement
@justridiculous is building his wardrobe on a budget (in grad school)
No, not Meermin over Carmina. Was being a silly
I was at GAP yesterday looking for chinos for Mrs.C's classroom observation (over the next year, we'll be building her "teacher" wardrobe). Anyway, someone thought I worked there. :-( For the record, I was wearing:
Are we talking Ambrosi?
"Classic Menswear" is just a name. Not all classic menswear falls under it. I supposed "Tailored Menswear" would be more accurate. And then you have the odd beast which is the Classic Menswear Casual thread, which isn't really "Classic Menswear" (the arbitrary category that seems to be defined by neckties, dress shirts, and lapelled jackets) but is stuck over here because many who wear "Classic Menswear" also enjoy that type of thing.   With NMWA, the line between what...
He's has shown most of his face, having a small bar across his eyes (I think you sometimes did this, sb), and we know he's Asian, so we sort of filled in the black bar I am sure.
You'll return it anyway. Might as well find out how the pants fit for possible future reference
Just be happy I buttoned it (I sometimes don't)
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