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It looks like he's wearing double monks (maybe just single, but the buckle seems a bit too forward on the shoe).
Worth should also be viewed in terms of opportunity cost.
I prefer darker tweeds. Easier to work with. Works there though. 2nd Reeves' query
My next day off isn't until Feb 16. Expect a similar post on the 17th.
You should let Jackson Pollock ejaculate over all your pants.     (I'd not wear them, but they are nifty pants)
Claymore, I think we are going to need a full shot of what looks to be an epic beard...
That's a flattering angle on you DC. I suggest sticking with it for your primary picture.
I have some wool-silk blends with untipped handrolled edges, but in general, I can't imagine a 100% wool tie working that well.   Some pant/jacket/Hober action  
They would have let us had we bought an overpriced bottle of blue from them.
a) I like the idea that if Rudals wins a FC, we get to pick a name for him to change to.   b) How long will you be in SoKo in May? If it is as long as last time (a little over a month?), you should come with me to B&Tailor.
New Posts  All Forums: