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Guys guys guys. Can we talk about what's really important?   @Jake Beds, what is your tie situation?
Agreed. That's a nice looking knot as well.
I feel that slogan would sell cashmere knits like gangbusters
Yeah. He was really helpful to WM, though, I think (sorry if I'm confusing you with someone else, WM). Gianni the tie dude who sold a bunch of people modern "vintage inspired" silks and said they were vintage and upon leaving SF failed to deliver ties to a number of people who had already paid (generally months previously, before the scandal broke). Edit Way to ninja edit Noodles so I sound like a crazy person responding to a question no one asked.
Come to think of it, I get more comments on knits than anything else besides maybe fit. Overwhelmingly positive...generally "interesting...I've never seen a tie like that...can I feel it?"
Not to the extent that Naples is romanticized though. If I recall, your trip worked out very well for you (though I don't know how you managed to spend time with gianni cerruti without kicking him in the shin for dressing like a clown and stealing the money of a number of SF members...might have been before your time). But it isn't representative of a lot of people's first bespoke experience. --- Vietnam has better coffee than Naples.
You should check out the blue check Tie Your Tie on sale at ET for like 75% off
I'm ambivalent about the name but a big proponent of the concept. But I like my suits to be casual to begin with, so the concept is well suited to me.
I think they are out of Gordon as well as the vintage jacquard fabric gray
Some wintery knits (not all silk, not all in wintery fits, and not all me)  [[SPOILER]]
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