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Yeah. But that's for "moving on" or "I don't really think much of what you are currently saying"   Another large scale check with a tie:  
Get black oxfords. Nice ones. Go somewhere and get a high shine on them. Pumps are a waste of money. Unless you're Crusty.
@Caustic Man just got some Herring and was pleased with them. I have several Meermin shoes and those are alright. Not the most comfortable but more comfortable than most. Probably won't purchase again. Carmina hurt my feet, but I'm willing to try a different last. AE's are still the most comfortable shoes I own.
We aren't comparing the two. We are comparing the choice to purchase one with the choice to purchase another. Choice one: purchase 220 AE seconds Choice two: purchases 360 (with shipping) Carminas The shoes themselves aren't fit for comparison. 3V, where in Tejas were you?
Only his initial posts. Then they devolved to polemic
There is a difference between hate and doesn't wear. I don't wear OCBD with ties. I wear OCBD's. I'm wearing one right now.Ticket pockets are unnecessary. But they wouldn't ever stop me from buying a jacket.Flaps are annoying, but they wouldn't stop me from buying a jacket. If I were wearing a suit, I don't think I'd tuck them.Monks look like the living fossil of the menswear shoe world. But if people like 'em, more power to them.The suit thing. Yeah. That's a big...
Precisely! I love this look.
Heigh ho, heigh ho ---- I'm including tan in shades of brown. ---- The only idiosyncrasy I consider an idiosyncrasy is my avoidance of gray suits. Everything else is a mild variation of preference that doesn't impact my dressing or purchasing habits much. I dislike flap pockets on anything but suits (feels messy and distracting, and since I often use my pockets, they get annoying in general). And you all have to admit, monks are like the most archaic looking thing folks...
I've had two pairs and sold both, though in both cases nothing to do with design. I just don't particularly like them. Sometimes they make me think of dwarves. Other times, old timey Quakers. Like the Quaker Oats guy. As far as what I would put before buying a pair for the sake of variety (and they would probably get worn if the outfit jives with them). 2 pairs of brown calf captoe oxfords, different shades of brown. 2 brown shortwings, varying levels of brogueing 2...
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