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Kira, I think you misunderstood the homework assignment ^^ Ten ties you'd like to own. This meant for each tie, you'd still own the other nine. I'm sure that you wouldn't want 10 navy ties. The variety helps us understand your tastes (consistent preferences across different ties); it also makes for a more edifying exercise.
So Kira, why do you like those ties?
Just want to chime in to say it sounds like you've made an excellent choice. I'm not a big fan of the saddleback, but used one for a while as it's just so damned roomy.
By stoner, given the ownership, I'm assuming we're talking about their adherence to Sharia and support the stoning of people. ---- There is no question, in my mind, that manners have atrophied. But at the same time, some of what was considered proper behavior is either arbitrary (which doesn't make it wrong or bad, but at the same time, it isn't morally superior) or no longer relevent. I'll take my hat off--a baseball cap from my university--when I'm in most...
Getting better, Helden I use clip on suspenders when I wear them. Mostly because I don't want to bother with putting buttons on all my pants. It isn't like anyone sees them (I never take my jacket off when wearing suspenders)
Let me know if you'll part with the brown.
Some mo'          
White shirts. No Suits. I like. But I don't wear often as all my white shirts have pretty big spread collars. But I still like.                
As I predicted.   Game over.   This is going to be more of a mismatch than the 2014 NBA Finals (I was originally going to go with one of the Bulls' championships, but then I remembered that the Spurs beat the Heat worse than any other team beat another in the history of the finals).
Kira, pretend like you have all the money in the world. Find ten ties on eBay and post them here. With pictures, so we don't have to click through. Then we can look at what you chose to figure out what your tastes are when money isn't an issue. We can determine what features you like in a tie and we can point out what makes these ties worth buying. After doing that, don't bother with any tie that doesn't possess those qualities, regardless of how cheap it is. If that...
New Posts  All Forums: