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I really like his shoulders
SuSu or BnT
From http://www.nytimes.com/2012/05/06/books/review/turings-cathedral-by-george-dyson.html?nl=books&emc=booksupdateema4_20120504&_r=0 of John von Neumann    
@Braddock More beard please.
I rarely wear the same tie twice in the same month. This has been worn twice in two weeks. It's an amazing tie.
British English adds a "u". Or perhaps it would be better to say that American English drops it.
I blame Rob. Though dimples are my thang. The knot itself, as long as it is vaguely triangular, is rarely something which bothers me -_-
Only people with beards can post on WAYWRN for the next 24 hours
Examining my grandfather's cane flute. He had a large collection of flutes, mostly gifts. He also has the distinguishing honor of having been banned for life from the city of College Station. Founder of the Marching Owl Band. Photo and concept by wife. Regular chest shot. Photo and concept by Claghorn. SFF Exquisite Trimmings (square) YHNT HY
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