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Alright, so, separate thread time?
It is exactly what I had in mind.
Hey all, I figured I'd float this by y'all here, see if it's something worth pursuing. Frui makes the house ties for BnTailor. They are absolutely superb. Not quite on the level of Vanda, but very close. I'm probably going to pick one up (especially with this nice exchange rate we've got going on), and I figured I might want to try and get a group buy going. Might be able to argue for a one time discount. Or not. Regardless, they're a solid bargain. And they're very SF...
Is there any rush? If not, then go with Kent Wang. You'd need to get the charcoal trial suit first, and then you work from there. The nice thing is that once you get everything dialed in with Kent Wang, it's really easy to add suits, pants, and jackets as you go on. I've never noticed much difference between half and full canvassed (though there is a difference). Regardless, gray and navy over navy and navy. And medium gray is a good bet.
Fit isn't perfect. Tie seems shinny. Not enough contrast between pants and jacket. Odd pocket square choice for a patch pocket. I personally don't mind the jacket/pants, and I'm not crazy about everything fitting perfectly on other people (though it can drive me nuts with my own stuff).
Lack of saturation. (on mobile)
(I secretly wanted people to guess)
No. I'm being a shite ^_^
The green one.
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