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Rust Suit Supply. Hudson, which fits me superbly. But the high buttoning point will prevent another purchase.
I might be speaking to the trend of shorter jackets, where a too short jacket is less obvious with a suit than it is with an odd jacket.I suppose if the jacket were an appropriate length, there would be no need to obfuscate the jacket length
If anything, suit jackets can be a bit shorter than odd jackets. That being said, that jacket looks like it is a great length for you; I'd stick with it for both odd jackets and suits.
You're so nutty.
Price won't stay the same; you'll pay the difference. But the RTW are from the same pattern used for MTM, so you can use the RTW as a "trial" of sorts.
Jeans, shorts, and shirts. Cotton is so...wool is great because it doesn't wrinkle, linen is great because it is supposed to wrinkle, but cotton looks like something not supposed to wrinkle but which does. I am anti-cotton. (Though y'all should totally enjoy it!)
Wool or linen.
Just as some examples of how movement/posture causes pulling. [[SPOILER]] None of the examples show much pulling due to selection
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