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Huh. One of mine is the most repinned. My theory as to why: a rather voyeuristic angle straight up the dimple. #menswear pinners are so naughty.
I like the base color, but I am not a fan of that particular shade of green. I also think that large scale neats are a little more difficult to wear than their small scale brethren. There are probably better options out there.   On a different note, those Aztec cotton squares NMWA is carrying are gorgeous.
Well, your combinations and the items you purchase have improved so immensely, and I'd sort of assumed you knew about the fit issue.
I'd be interested in the results actually. Especially if you aren't wearing it anyway
See how there isn't a smooth drop from the shoulder down the arm?   I'll say this: I cannot wait until you get your first perfectly fitting suit. I bet you freak out and go all Noodlely on us.   Edit: Adding this for emphasis. Seriously. You'll flip out. It's going to be amazing to watch.
Rudals, your shoulders kill me every time :(
Whelp, in which case, I'm sold.   Edit: But wife was not.
Hober has it listed as Macclesfield. Regardless, a bit too much sheen for my taste, but lovely nonetheless.
More spring. Linen jacket, linen, cotton, silk tie.     SF Family: Howard Yount (tie, trousers)
Smaller than mine. But I wore a less spread collar today. Generally like them less. 80% of my shirts have a spread collar with a raised collar band.     Edit: looking at it with my head cropped, I still like the wider spread more. Spent a bit thinking about why. I think I like the way in which the wider collar leads into the line of my shoulder. As I said, I like clean lines.
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