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But writing isn't in an important/real field
I like
I had the jacket made with a single hip pocket. I am now anti-pocket.
SF Family: Sam Hober Kent Wang x 2 --- @Sander It's a SuSu Washington, so you'll need to ask them. You're closer to their HQ, so kick down their doors and rattle some cages.
I'd bet on it against the field, though not by much
Mr.Moo is the guy running the tumblr.
I'll cut you, hombre. But Butchy has a great flow chart about getting told on a whiteboard in his cubicle. And then you told him. Hence the reference. I wanted to find one of several pictures he's posted of that flow chart and the google of "sugarbutch got told" came up with that website. ----- "Men's Clothing" was a terrible name.
Did someone just get told?   Also.   www.sugarbutch.net
Very happy with mine, despite photographing like charcoal.    
New Posts  All Forums: