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Seems like a safe bet. I don't know much about shoes, but I'd say youre fine. Mostly replying to bump your query.
@NickPollica   Suit.   Polo shirt.   Game over.
Yeah, I wish that Luther's had much wider lapels. I love the fabric though.   I have a camelhair and a charcoal flannel which pretty much covers all occasions for me. The camelhair is approaching the decade mark, has seen some pretty rough wear, and probably is only good for another season or two. But then again, not really sure when's the next time I'm living anywhere cold enough to really need an overcoat.
I'll take the coat of this detective.  
Excellent guess
Regarding charcoal pants. Also because all my clothes are on a boat crossing the Pacific
I have never found Will Boehlke to be particularly well dressed. But I suppose we're just from very different generations.
You can put a topy over the Younts fairly easily.   I use Allen Edmond's Haight chelseas, which have Dainite soles, as one of my go to foul weather shoes. The others are all older beaters with topys on them.   If you're going to be dealing with rain, I'd say that pebble grain is the way to go.       http://www.herringshoes.co.uk/product-info.php?&brandid=6&shoeid=2999   What I used for my snow shoes (if it was really coming...
I do not understand that shit. Suit hangers being that expensive. I have faux wooden (plastic, but it looks like wood) suit hangers with 3 inch shoulders that I got for 3.50 a pop.
I don't mind wearing linen with worsted pants. Though I agree, there may be a tad bit of incongruity, but that's better than the obvious choice (chinos, which don't look good. Ever. Sorry chino folks. You know how I stand. I'll take the most humble pair of wool trousers over the nicest chinos you can throw at me). Really, linen pants are the best bet to go with linen jackets (or shatnez pants for the win!), but I dislike all the wrinkles that come with the pants. On a...
New Posts  All Forums: