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I didn't see the floral pattern on the jacket. Gray trousers and a tie wouldn't work. Stitchy is right. You'd need to max the GQ factor. Which I'll think will look awful. But there will be reasonable people out there in the world who'll like they way you look, provided everything else is well executed and it fits your personality.
I think there will be between 5 and 8 recorded. One already is. Probably going to stick to navy and blue jackets, brown/green/burgundy ties, and solid or pencil striped shirts (assuming that that will resolve to solid and not get all weird and distorted). So pretty much what I always wear.   This is stupid, I know, but I worry about wearing the same piece of clothing in two different videos. Everything is getting recorded twice, too, to make it complicated (two different...
My lectures are being recorded to integrate into a hybrid class. In one of the classrooms (actually an auditorium as there are 200+ students) there will be a projection screen directly behind where I walk, though I think it's about head height. In the other classroom, the projection screen is above a chalkboard and a few feet above head height. So I don't think I need to worry about background much (will not wear any green jackets in that room). Probably won't wear brown...
If you can return it, return it. If can't, and it requires alterations to fit you perfectly, drop it off at Goodwill.   But if you can't return it, and it fits you perfectly, you might as well get some use out of it. I can see it working in a more fashion forward context with a monochrome-ish look. Gray pants, black shoes. White shirt and some muted tie (gray, maybe blue). It won't be "classic," but removing tradition for the equation, it probably won't look awful...
@Cleav and others   Dressing for TV and /being recorded, what should be avoided?   I know graph checks. Anything else?
This looks like a good deal: http://www.barneyswarehouse.com/drake%27s-dot-textured-neck-tie-00505034112090.html?index=40&cgid=mens-ties
I generally like a lot of Regis' fits. But that isn't one of them. Still, glad he entered, and I'd say a turtleneck with a suit is well within the realms of CM and should be allowed, as it's in the spirit of the challenge, though not in the rules, so ultimately, AAS's call.
I twill in winter. When people ask about it, I tell them I'm twintering. The answer is so convincing, there's never a follow up question.
If you're Nordic it's Viking Face Rage
1 over 1a. 1a looks a little yellow. 3 may be a little too dark (for my tastes...though it is certainly not bad). The weave of 6 looks bizarre. The rest are good with 4 and 10 bring excellent. 7 as well had it been lighter. ---- I think the original jacket SB posted is cool. But I dig funky looks even if I don't wear them.
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