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Post a new thread. You worry about the poll later (*Edit Thread*---> *Add Poll*). Now just start a new thread with the specifics of the challenge: theme, rules, and examples. BnTailor
Despite living abroad and traveling quite a bit, I was never big on keepsakes from my travels. I did pick up some North Korean money while living in Seoul though:     I also always bring back (and my mother-in-law ships to me) large quantities of these Starbucks Double-Shots, which taste much better than the American equivalent:  
Hugs, not drugs, kids
@gusw You mentioned outfits occasionally looking too contrived regarding their use of color. Or maybe too thought out. Anyway. Is this an example of an outfit that comes across as too thought out (not necessarily in terms of what you were addressing though)? (I like this)
Will any of the F/W fabrics be available for MTM?
I was speaking more to the clothes and less to the subforum, but it is funny how strongly SF has shaped the vocabulary with which I discuss clothing.
On a different note, but a good GNAT non-sequitur: I made a lot of poor purchases when I first joined SF, ties included. But oddly enough, two of my most worn ties are my first purchases from an SF affiliate: a couple Howard Yount pointed end knits, one navy and one tobacco brown. Both are easily in my five most worn. --- Butchy, if you want to stave off the inevitable, start creating odd challenges for yourself. Wear the same tie with three different outfits in a week....
Zegna "Cool Effects" fabric, Howard Yount suit. As cheesy as they name sounds, it works amazingly well. Lightweight, breathes well, and I guess sort of reflects sunlight? But it was very overcast and highs in the mid70s. A freak occurrence
I'm sure grad students have always been horrible. Always will be horrible.
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