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If the Golden Ratio does not dictate your lapel width, you cannot consider yourself well dressed.
Thanks?It's within my normal range (at least for notch), on the narrow side perhaps. I think that's either 3.25 or 3.5. Most of my lapels are 3.5-3.8. I only have one notch above 4. So I'm not sure there is much of a departure. Outside of my one with 4.25in lapels, I think this is the widest notch lapelled jacket I own.
  Spier & Mackay Panta Kent Wang Meermin
Agreed about the advantage SS has over SM in terms of variety and cut. But SM offers a more accessible MTM program (which actually can involve cutting an individual pattern), which sort of negates that advantage. Currently waiting on an MTM jacket from them. In the meantime
I prefer to think you went out of your way to help a guy out.
When people email shoe companies on behalf of strangers on the internet, :-)
Maybe your experience with SuitSupply fare is better than mine. I have two jackets and two suits. One of the jackets and one of the suits is noticeably poorer quality (especially with regards to the pants). One of the jackets seems to be equivalent. One of the suit jackets is better (but the stitching on the pants is again, shoddy). As I said, I only have one SM suit. Maybe I happened to get a good one, made on a Tuesday (or Wednesday...I can't remember on which day...
Stiff, but I suspect I can ask for something lightly fused and softer next time (@spiermackay?) At or above Suit Supply, though I only have one S&M suit at the moment.
I think they are AE "Chesters"
People who care about style within the general public but who don't care so much as to qualify as hobbyists or clothing nerds. And yeah, in the general public at large thanks to Kingsmen, there is probably greater awareness of the Row.
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