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If you are really looking to go through suits, Suit Supply is the best option, provided they fit you. You should have no qualms with them lasting 2-3 years at 400-600USD each.   You might also look into MTM, which will allow you to buy multiple pairs of trousers for each jacket (something a lot of folks do).
a) You might want to edit out your company name. Up to you.   b) Despos knows tailoring better than most (and were you stateside, anyone here would recommend you go to him for your first bespoke suit).   c) A lot of good stuff in Naples   d) I think N.H. Sartoria is another good option (though I know this only second hand) for under 2500 euros or so.   I'd try and find several pictures from each and try to understand what you like and dislike about the style.
One step at a time. We finally got him to take the suit out of its plastic and actually wear it outside. Now, we'll have to slowly convince him that it isn't necessary to keep his pockets sewn shot.   Also, Noodles, selfie pro-tip: Just stand naturally, as you do in real life. It is possible to do a good robo-pose, but it takes practice (it also helps to spend a good amount of time at a tailors in front of a mirror...basically the way the tailor instructs you to stand is...
No white square?
Do you have a full shot of the pants with the jacket? Looks like a tough combo
All 8.5-9cm. There is a little variation in them.
Structured Soft
I believe they are all 8-9cm. And it looks like we'll be having to get them all shipped individually since Frui missed the deadline for Noodles to be able to pick up, so you can probably tag along on the US order. ---- Favorable for the GBP, so I added that olive-ish neat to the list of recs (Olive neats used to be everywhere; now they are harder to find. Or just sold out in a lot of places.) Ac2, have you seen this as far as brown neats? There is a lot of red in it, but...
Noodles used to have awkwardly fat wrists, but he lost weight.
One vote to give. 'gazzo's color combination is too sublime to give it to anyone else
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