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Because there are people who really won't need a suit except for funerals. And you don't need to wear a nice suit for that. In fact, these days, you don't really need a suit at all for those. And as much as we can bemoan the collapse of standards.... ...there are people for whom even 400 dollars is a tremendous amount of money. And maintaining those standards shouldn't be a priority for them. ----- I will say this. Every man should own one dress shirt and one pair of...
Yeah. I'm not even sure what he could be checking. Everything there seems like a finished piece.
@Claghorn passes everyone in all the things. 
You just like the pelvic thrust.
I disagree with this.
Not necessarily true. Or perhaps true with an important caveat. You first bespoke piece should be a staple. If you can find a staple fabric that's unavailable RTW, then more power to you. But staple needs to be a priority. It's silly to spend thousands of dollars on something that fits you better than everything you've ever worn but can only be worn occasionally.
You're just jealous that you didn't think to do it earlier. And I'm only half joking with that
I think we need to make a distinction between jeans and....gulp....dress denim. I've seen a few people on here get something along those lines from Luxire (@Monkeyface or @EFV). The third, fifth, and sixth pictures of Park(s) display them to their intended effect, I think. The cut and details are those of dressier trousers, the denim isn't too rough, and if it weren't for our association of denim with workwear or casual wear, we probably would just lump those in with other...
I would be hard pressed to be more @Claghorn today     SF Family: Henry Carter Kent Wang Unipair
I don't, and never will, own a bow tie. Now bring on the Suit 'n' Boots!
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