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Joy is happening.
SF Family: Hober Yount WvG Meermin
Sander and Braddock do. I recently got an SS jacket that fits wonderfully, so count me in that camp. Well, it'll take a few years to get everything right with L&L. It'll take months with KW.
re: "growing out" of a tailor I think this really depends on what one's priorities are in terms of dressing. If it is living the tumblr dream of having L&L or Rubinacci or something as your tailor, then yeah, money allowing, you'll probably want to eventually get there. If it is achieving some look (and I mean this in a broad sense, as I doubt many of us...I hope...have a dream of achieving a certain jacket cut), then this might not be necessary. I don't think I'll ever...
On JFrat paying in advance: Well, the interest he's losing isn't much. Probably balanced by the benefit of getting it all out of the way at once (to some preferences). Or this sense of commitment giving him a greater sense of direction (though I don't think this is something he needs) But I guess there is the risk. Though given such a large order and the very public forum, Luxire would be silly to muck this up it drag it out. On JFrat going with Liverano and Liverano...
Just to complicate things (in a good way), they're photographing S/S 15 for us and we'll have access to that before they're made available on their website.
Is this Noodles' size?
Sweet, I figured I'd at least have to buy you dinner.
It's labeled as purple, but looks more like burgundy. Silk. Also, I don't know if tight handrolling is an indicator of craftsmanship, but their newer ties, especially in silk, are ridiculous.
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