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Get a Parsons intern named Cheyenne or some such to shine them for you.Now, don't we have our own Parsons alum around here? ^_^
Don Draper < Roger Sterling < Sterling Archer
If you win I am expecting a finders fee. Contest ends...uhhh....shit...next week? Dunno. My Korean barely figured out that much. Noodles will know.
B&Tailor is doing a contest: best picture of the outside of the shop gets 2k towards a bespoke suit. @DeSense @The Noodles
Yeah, I mean like...Asian menswear figures or Asian tumblrs and such. @kulata would be happy with this
I'm torn between Eastern Inspiration (be inspired by an Asian blog/tumblr) and Striped Tie challenge I'll name it tomorrow morning and would live to hear thoughts until then
I suspect I'll have a few more shortly, but I recall you mentioning that the branding will be moved into the interior (though it's still very discrete as is)? Also, the watch @justridiculous wore today looked great.
 The description to go along with that suit is pretty silly. I'm going to take umbrage. "The staple piece for Spring Summer 2015"   This is most certainly not a staple for S/S15. Which is fine. Why are you wanting to be a staple? You clearly don't want to be a staple. So why are you saying this is a staple? Maybe you don't know what the word means. "hand drafted Joshua Kane himself"  As opposed to? Anyway, I don't know who Joshua Kane is. "Staple tailored silhouette"...
@SpooPoker has that on lockdown.
Pulled from voxsartoria  
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