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I still fondly remember one of Cox's first posts being a good natured suggestion that Butler get Botox. Out of bounds, but given that Cox is a well regarded plastic surgeon, was also well meaning
He did mention a quickie. Perhaps this explains Victor's lack of clothes?
I think I like two patterns more than three patterns, but here are a bunch of three patterns I'd consider successful to further illustrate Stitchy's pointsCropped to emphasize the individual elements and disrupt gestalt perception. [[SPOILER]]
Agree with Kulata about 1 and 5. One the fence about 3. 4 is the best of the bunch. Squares is very subjective.
There are many, many other things I am busy picking nits with. Though the problem with picking nits is that your are picking nits with someone. And that someone might be asked to review your paper. So it is best at this stage of the game to work on bringing ideas together without doing too much criticism, so that everyone just sort of nods their heads without needing to get defensive.   I have never been a nit picker. Mama Claghorn didn't raise me like that.
AAS: love that The pants I own which photograph best while standing (the "perfect break") are also those I dislike most when walking in terms of how much sock gets shown
For the most part, yes. Assuming I read it.
Yeah, they're Yohji x Thom Browne
Too humid and I was late. For shits and giggles:What I wear on weekends. As someone pointed out, I'm either off or on when it comes to clothing. Very little middle ground. I'll very occasionally wear chinos and sweaters, but I'm still south of thirty and in grad school. [[SPOILER]]
Y'all all need to lighten up. Stitchy knows what's up. Find me a single post of my 8000ish where I'm dismissive of another person or what they have to say. I have plenty of foibles as a poster, but being dismissive of someone else has never been one of them. (which is not to say I don't have dismissive thoughts. I just don't post them)
New Posts  All Forums: