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Difou contacted me on Instagram after seeing a recent post wearing a Difou tie. He'd also read this thread.   Anyway, he sent me ten ties for me to take pictures of for use on his Instagram account. I asked if it would be okay if, after taking pictures, I gave away eight here. He agreed. So. Yeah. I'll be giving away eight ties to anyone who wants one. The only condition is that you gotta Paypal me $6 to cover the padded envelope and shipping. If you want to post your...
The issue with that is that it will then the time frame for the next challenge will be shortened.
In college, I once crashed a Mardi Gras parade shirtless in a vinyl Bill Clinton mask. Walked in it for an amount of time I can't recall. I think over the course of several days, a number of my friends wore the mask, and by the time we departed New Orleans, it was so disgusting we left it behind. However, had it not been disgusting and had I not left it behind, I think it would have been wonderful to have been doing years of WAYWRN posts in a vinyl Bill Clinton...
This one? Wore it in the last green tie challenge actually. Other examples of green and blue:
In my case, my measurements were input incorrectly (they put my dropped shoulder as my left rather than my right, resulting in a significant difference in shoulders). This became apparent upon receiving the suit. He made good without hesitation and sent me another jacket.
Another vote for blue and green. Someone once commented on my Instagram that "Blue and green should not be seen without something in between." I figured I'd take a look at the source of the comment, and the individual was very poorly dressed. Which is not to say that his comment didn't have merit. He just wasn't going to be making any appeals on personal credibility on that front.
Unless you grow, harvest and roast your own, you're full of crap and so is your coffee.
Only the maker is Keurig. The pods are organic eco-friendly made by some company based out of San Francisco
Sitting down, drinking sweet sweet Keurig-made coffee. Not actually sweet though. I drink my coffee straight. The rare iPhone WIWT SFF: Necktie: Panta Pocketsquare: R. Culturi Shirt: Spier & Mckay Pants: Yount
New Posts  All Forums: