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Nominees vs winners
Called it.
  People's Choice: Claghorn (33)Claghorn's Jury Prize: Kulata / Cotton DockersBest Use of a Black Knit: Kulata / EliodA / Pliny
Did your wife choose his lapels?
Ah, alright. I'll withdraw if @tchoy doesn't mind. It'll look a little bizarre to have us there.   Though y'all should note that, unlike the rest of you, we aren't behaving like a bunch of 7 or 8 year old girls, coordinating our outfits the night before school.  
I don't think it was about matchy outfits. I thought it was being centered on some theme. In this came, same tailor, different hemispheres.  Quote:@Murlsquirl, can I request an amendment to the OP to avoid future confusion?
Theme: Same tailor, Different hemispheres    
I mean. Like. Make something. For me to wear.
Speaking of shit happening, I want to publicly declare a desire to see a collaboration between NickP (Eidos) and Tira (Post-Imperial) as the two sprezziest guys in SF. Is there anyone here who doesn't want to see what the result would be?
Can't tell much from small pictures taken from the side. I guess I can see the jacket's shoulders and lapel placement. Nothing really stands out about them (though at third inspection, the navy looks like it has some nice shoulders). A fit is good or bad regardless of what other people wear or post.
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