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Price range? I'd say you need, in a reasonable by SF standards sense of the word, 2-3 more shoes, both for variety's sake and for their longevity. You probably want a nice brown oxford captoe. I'm also partial to brown suede, but I can also see the argument for black plain captoe oxfords. So just examples:Meermin ($175):Carmina ($450)Crockett & Jones (~550)
I have a pair of AE's that officially hit the decade mark. Or may have last year. Purchased my Grandma Clags either at the start of my sophomore or junior year of undergrad. Still gets regular wear. I'll post some pictures if you think it's in the spirit of this thread. Actually just used reno on them a few days ago.
So not very ^_^
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Blue/navy trousers should have much more texture to avoid looking like they belong with a suit. But maybe someone more experienced with blue trousers could chime in; you could count the number of times I've worn them on a blind butcher's hand.
Good idea, EFV --- Great Grandfather enters the ring - high rise trousers - 2 inch cuffs - barely a break - tie penis - wide lapels - facial hair - hat (on the ground) - meta absence of pocket square - crotch chain?
This.And not just because I wear cargo shorts, flip flops, and socks with individual toes in all my outfits
Anton was kind enough to offer me a some squares in exchange for my thoughts. The majority of my thoughts, though, concerned the branding: I've harped on the need to play up the artist aspect of the squares, as that personal element is what sets these squares apart from say, Kent Wang, who also utilizes art.   I pretty much agree with Caustic's assessment: the size is great, and I prefer a different style of stitching for the rolled edges, but this isn't something that's...
Bothered me as well.
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