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Then maybe something like the green pindot from Kent Wang, seven fold:
Unfortunately, that budget + a potentially hard body type to fit is going to make any potential MTM tailor a very, very risky proposition. Sorry :-(
My wife won't let me wear Yohji
Not to mention, for better or for worse, the tailor-customer relationship is a bit more complex than that of a normal retailer and his customer. If it is a superficial mistake of little consequence, it might be better for the relationship to simply let it slide. I'm sure the tailor probably would appreciate it.
Price range on the tie? Navy or green pindot or a solid burgundy grenadine are good bets.
A few years back, Mama Claghorn purchased a Yohji Yamamoto sweater (she's a big fan) as a Christmas present to me. My wife has forbidden me from wearing it, but perhaps this is a good opportunity? Otherwise, I have my super loud BnT linen jacket to fall back on. --- Oh, CM spectrum. @DiplomaticTies, ruling on a pure CMer wearing a hardcore SW&D item he has no business owning?
Whelp, if you were in Seoul, Unipair does awesome inlayed plates. But in general, yes places still do them.
Sorry I didn't see this. I actually think I never turned on notifications for tags. My wife has hearing issues and often times people think she's ignoring them. Same thing here. Only. You know. My bad.For something that world for both:You're right the rust wouldn't work (I think). The multi-stripe tie is too busy for a very busy jacket. The burnt orange looks like a safe bet, as does the brown. The beige I'd pass on. Not convinced it would work in that context and I know...
I should have shopped mine so that the lower left portion of the picture completely disappeared into shadow.
@blekit Harris seems better suited to winter fabrics than S/S. Just an observation. The longer length suits you ---
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