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Yeah. I'll step back into the saddle for Fall. Thanks everyone for picking up the slack!   Hoodog would have been my second place choice. The second Timo would have been my first. I say would have been because the compiler's word is final. So Claghorn's Jury Prize goes to hoodog.
I believe they occasionally involve the picnicker asking people to whip him.
Nothing wrong with hacking pockets. But I think that, when starting out, you shouldn't deviate from what is standard without good reason, or at least, a decent reason. Deviation for the sake of deviation (e.g. getting something slightly unusual in an mtm/bespoke suit just because you can) isn't a great idea, especially when you're first familiarizing yourself with your clothes. That being said, hacking pockets are a pretty small deviation. I still suggest tradition flap...
I know "picnic attack." Wasn't their something about knitting as well? Single breasted peak lapels are alright. Narrow peak lapels, I take a bit of issue with. Noodles, if you recall the suit that started one of your earlier picnic attacks, most people took issue with the narrowness rather than the number of breasteses. With a few exceptions a month, when I need(ed) to wear a suit, I also dress as a statement (I could get by with polos or OCBDs and jeans). Granted, my...
From last month. All my clothes are in freight across the Pacific. I'm living this last month in shorts and polos. Got no qualms with a DQ.
Ask her about the "Woman's Generation" forum. She's probably a member.
Nope. Cotton Dockers (obvious) / Friedrich
I wear mine maybe 8 times a year. When they are ready to be replaced (which won't be for a long time, I suspect), I may just get navy instead.
I feel like your time lurking was well spent. Excellent first post.
Keep it simple. Build your wardrobe around simple. Simple is versatile. And after you know every inch of simple, slowly build from there.
New Posts  All Forums: