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I'm travelling at the moment and don't really have time/energy to do this properly. Anyone mind if I create the challenge thread on Monday?
Thinking of "Subtle Four Pattern" Challenge?
Light blue:
Just give Spoo a few of your inches, Derk. He'll forgive you if you vigorously apologize.
Sort of thread appropriate: a bunch of new Sozzi knits. http://www.styleforum.net/t/527056/brand-new-sozzi-zigzag-knit-tie/0_20
This evening, I think.
Does this include shipping the US?
I say you forget black. If you already have one black shoes and you are shopping for versatility and ease of wear, get both brown. I like scotch grain/pebble grain a lot. It also holds up well over time.
I think it depends on both the knit and the three piece, though probably true more often than not. But I think a black knit goes with most of the more formal/conservative three pieces Cravatte_Noire (I recall that being a double breasted vest, but I might be mistaken) Alternatively, many knits probably work with more casual three pieces. I imagine any number of knits would work with this: Braddock
Keeping it very simple and conservative: White shirt, black tie or navy tie, black shoes Light blue shirt, navy tie or burgundy tie, brown shoes. Grenadine is good for ensuring solid ties have visual interest via texture.
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