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I think it's a fina...chocolate something...whatever the lighter of the two chocolates is. It's significantly lighter than a knit, but ties a nice double four in hand and a nice half windsor (pictured)
I wish my brown pants were just smidgen lighter, but I think @SeaJen and I had the same thing in mind when we got dressed. I also can't help but feel that brown pants lend themselves to the dark-on-bottom, light-on-top (doblot, to spare Stitchy) look more than gray pants, though we certainly see more gray pants than brown (overall, not just with regards to doblot). Seajen's tie also brings it all together more than mine does. My initial impulse, when I decided to put...
  SF Family: Hober (tie) Exquisite Trimmings (square) Wolf vs Goat (trousers)
That's more like a guncheck with houndstooth. There are at least two pictures of a houndstooth SC in the 20+ thread. Mine, which is navy and black and basically resolves to navy. Gave it to my dad, actually, so I no longer own it. Agreed with the proposition that houndstooth makes for a better suit than odd jacket.
re: ss's suit and shoes I was thinking about the saturation of those shoes...super vivid. In my head, it shouldn't work, but looking at the picture, I like it a lot.
SS, the chalkstripe suit and shoe combo shouldn't speak to me, but it does. Thought everyone should know my mom threw down a fit pic in SW&D and got 65 likes. Welcome back DonC and ebonyman
A while back, I was curious what an unlined 3 fold grenadine would be like, and David was kind enoug to indulge me. It's an interesting tie to tie. Bizarrely light, but it produces an interesting knot.
What I wore today will be my entry, I suppose.  I'm assuming it has to be within the week, or I'd reuse this: [[SPOILER]]  And really, how did you not include my toilet shot for inspiration?  [[SPOILER]]
A batch, all good fits, with a few small things that could be improved upon:   I think Cleav and I are wearing the same tie. Pretty close to it, at least. Alright, so, I thought this was just an awesome look of mine. Maybe it just felt really good (that suit, especially the jacket, is amazing to wear), but it did not get the response I expected. I thought about it for a while, and I think the tie is really a bit busy for everything else. Though the windowpane is faint...
Basically, this thread has become a hybrid of Ask a Quick Question (Advanced), MC General Chat, and Should I Buy This?   Ain't no problem with it. The other day I almost came in here to ask for y'all to hunt me down a nice green tie for around $75 (and I refuse to pay more than 100 for a tie. Never have. Never will. Except maybe for a Vanda. Because damn it, those are probably worth it).
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