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Get RTW before MTM. There are exceptions, but generally jumping right to MTM or bespoke ends poorly for all involved. From what I understand, you can get SS in Australia without paying customs, and they offer free returns. I'd experiment there. As far as what you'll like in a few years: the simpler the better. Solid navy. Solid gray. Simple, small scale patterns would probably fit the bill as well. Some that you probably won't regret purchasing down the...
Texture is a bigger issue than color for me there.
A couple of things. * Your tie is shiny. That, by itself, is not a good thing. Though folks will argue (probably correctly) that satin ties/ties with sheen can be worn at night.* This is worsened by you wearing a jacket which is super, super country (tweed). You'd want a matte, or even better, textured, tie to go with that.* I'm not sure what's going on with your shirt collar and your jacket collar there. One of those two is off. * I'd lose the spoon. But to each his own....
Kulata, you ever answer his question? 
Well, those are for whom I would have voted. Alas, there was no stitchy entry.
Sander, EFV, myself, Elio, Butchy, Cleav, Crusty, and Roycru. Went with the outfits I felt best fit my own perceptions of the posters.
Was Luca very hands on with the measurements?
Pot calling the kettle....I heard Luca hooked you up with a bespoke banana hammock.
You guys guess which tie I snagged?
Y'all's need to get up on in this. Some excellent ties to be had from a stand up guy.   http://www.styleforum.net/t/406995/closet-cleaning-tie-sale-tie-your-tie-rubinacci-passaggio-sozzi-classico-como/0_20
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