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At least you aren't crazy enough to go back and find the others I skipped (this is a test). And you're right. That's the whole point of the Jury Prize. But Incontro takes it nonetheless
I like it, but a) I'd have a hard time wearing it (too much beige/white) b) I have a lot of ties. That definitely wouldnt be in my first fifty.
Oh. Just because it's fun. Does there need to be another reason?   Also, my guess is that you're teaming up with IS for a Formosa Team
Nah. It's better this way.
    I actually edited it because of your post above. But I think it worked out best this way.
Moving away from the vitriol and back to the pith, I am all for sedateness. I love sedateness. I have 9 solid or near solid (puppytooth, herringbone, etc) blue blazers. But I'll occasionally break from my usual sedate fits just for shits and giggles. If I had to choose to wear one thing for the rest of my life, it would be a navy blazer, a solid brown tie, a blue striped shirt, and gray pants. I could be happy with that 5 days a week.   I am a huge advocate of sedate....
Uch. I feel awful. My favorite fit of that batch is one of my own (the brown neat, striped shirt fit). I take that back. I like Incontro's fit more.   It's also not a batch that really speaks to me (shows that EFV and I have very different tastes sometimes). It includes a fit that of mine that I wouldn't have included (the green jacket, four pattern bingo). Though Stitchy thinks this is silly; I'm not sure if he has a point or not.    Claghorn's Jury Prize:...
First I've ever seen of a 3/2 paddock cut.
Betel, just full on pelvic thrust next time.
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