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Only issue with dots is that they are similar in scale to patterns associated with neckties (one of the reasons squares with large scale images are easy to use). That being said, the first pricey square I bought was a polka dot square from Drakes. I've since sold it, but I recall a few outfits in which it worked. Responding to a similar query, with good specific recommendations. If you are just starting with squares, white is the best bet. Moving on from there, you probably want your first squares to be those that are the hardest to mess up.
Look at Suitsupply, particularly Napoli or Lazio. Don't get the black suit. Those are only useful for funerals and you can easily get by with charcoal in that circumstance. A navy and a charcoal suit from Suitsupply will get your bases covered for less than a grand. SS isn't amazing, but it is decent (everything is half or fully canvassed), probably one of the better value propositions out there, and has amazing logistics, so shipping and returns are free and fast (to...
First is Kent Wang mtmSecond is BnTailor bespoke
SFF: KW Vanda SM
My grandfather was a horrible human, for reasons you read and then some. His brother was really nice though. Digging through old stuff you find...stuff.
I appreciate y'all humoring a recent tendency of mine in posting old CM pictures of family. Been digging through old stuff. A cool white tie picture of my great uncle as a White House aide for Eisenhauer. A couple years after that was taken, he was posted as an attaché in Moscow and eventually was imprisoned and then named persona non grata for espionage. So spies were well dressed back in the day.
Yeah, with a cardigan like that, it is workable, but if this is a direction your are looking to take a chunk of your wardrobe, and you want to integrate (knit) ties, I'd look into odd jackets in casual fabrics.
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