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Nope. And yeah, completely on/off. My interest in clothing is very narrow in terms of what I wear (though I always care about color). I do like other sorts of clothing (men's and women's) and follow a number of people on IG for this reason.
J Crew and Banana Republic. Often an 11 year old baseball cap that looks as if it has been through hell and back Boat shoes (with no show socks...otherwise, gross) or Adidas casual tennis shoes.
I like Huntsman's cut quite a lot. I actually have a DB from their RTW line.
Richard Anderson or Huntsman? I think there is a pretty size able price difference, right? Regardless, I look forward to it.
Generally, the objects are small in these, enough so that the rule would work.I don't think that red is a neat (and note that it breaks the space standard).Neats ties are like porn, in more ways than one.
Perhaps an arbitrary ratio between object and blank space? I still think Elio's qualifies. I mean, I think we're really just making something up in absence of anything hard and fast. Perhaps the space between an object and its repeat should be equal or greater than the diameter of that object?
It randomly uploaded a crosshatch tie and a dotted tie? Very odd.
^ Agreed.   Iso, I look forward to your relationship with Steed. If you don't mind (and I'm about to make a huge request of you), have them make something which they think suits you best. You have plenty of stuff in your super suppressed style, so I am sort of curious what you'll think of a more traditional cut (which nevertheless fits, and since you have a narrow waist and broad shoulders, should still be in a shape that appeals to you).   As far as where we wear our...
The orange? Henry Carter   I definitely wouldn't consider the tie on the left a neat. Patterned, yes, but not with repeated shapes (but rather repeated lines...we wouldn't call a striped tie a neat, right?).   Dotted ties, printed or woven, I don't know. If someone wanted to say they weren't neats, that's fine by me (especially as "dotted ties" is certainly a category). If someone wanted to say that printed dots were neats, I also probably wouldn't object. If someone...
I don't think soporificitude is a requirement. This is certainly a neat, but it is also certainly not soporific:     ---   As far as being printed. Well. That's definitely up for discussion. I don't like the idea of extending "neat" to woven patterns, but if someone argued for "printed neat" and "woven [jacquard] neat," I probably wouldn't be able to muster up much of a defense.
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