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Park Jungyul --->father and cutter Park Changjin ---> younger son, English speaker, and cutter Park Changwoo (Chad) ---> too cool for school tumblr guy
Orange IRL. Orange on my monitor and phone.
SF Family: Henry Carter Kent Wang
Spot of orange on the square. Orange tie.
I combine olive and burgundy often.
Yount, on sale for 55, 3in, but not the traditional knit.   All of Wang's are 2.75:   I don't have any from the Knottery, but Murls does, and he seems to like them. 3.25     Sozzi from NMWA:       Hmm...they're a lot harder to find now than they were a few years ago. Yount used to carry dozens. And Conrad Wu carried a few when he first started. Both Wu and Shibumi have some really nice ones that are flat ended, as does NMWA of course.
Yes, yes...wear blue jackets all the time.
In addition to those at NMWA, Wang, Yount, and I think Wu carry pointed knits. I have pointed knits from all four places. I'm generally not a fan of flat end knits (though have a few from Carter). Silk knits are even more S/S than shantung and linen. Though all three are amazing (and I'll probably wear all three well through F/W if the color is right
The world would be a better dressed place if more MW SA's were on SF.
Don't even pretend it didn't have some already.For S/S: why no knits?
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