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I'm struggling to drop down from a 6 cups of coffee a day routine over the past week or so back to my normal three. #zombie
If so, you'd be the first to describe Post-Imperial as subtle.
New challenge: THE SUBTLY ODD   http://www.styleforum.net/t/527443/friday-challenge-08-12-2016-the-subtly-odd/0_20
Subtle oddity: very low contrast between a jacket and tie in browns.
On the contrary, I have my own airline. My full name is Claghorn J. Delta, III. Anyway, new challenge: THE SUBTLY ODD http://www.styleforum.net/t/527443/friday-challenge-09-12-2016-the-subtly-odd/0_20
[[SPOILER]] Contestants had to post an outfit which was subtly odd in some respect. Here are the entries: Claghorn - Very low contrast between tie and jacket in browns (done sometimes in blues, but very rarely in other colors) Bienluienapris- the texture interplay of the square and tie SYCSYC- the vibrant square against a sedate palette Mr. Knightly - Doubling up on paisley
I'll create it this evening. Delta Airlines :-(
Agreed. That's probably why there is such a great emphasis on fit and fabric here. But within the world of #menswear, suits like that are the equivalent of norm core in the broader world.
I really like the tie and the square together and look forward to seeing them worn in a different context.   I don't think that's the best way to wear a suit that comes across as dated and/or menswear normcore. And there is nothing inherently wrong with menswear normcore. But if you did want to wear that jacket, I'd go the whole nine yards for coherence's sake and wear something like a navy grenadine and a white linen square.
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