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Moving on.
Those are actually designs for my new line of cufflinks.   Also Fake Texan = Bush. Actually Yankee blue blood thought it was fun to play dress up and do a shitty job managing baseball teams.   Flip flop = John Kerry, whose answers to similar questions tended to vary drastically.
Which is not the same as Republicans = racist. People posting in CE, who happen to be largely Republican, display casual racism. That would perhaps be a better way to say it.
CE = Mostly Republican. CE = lots of casual racism.   This does not suggest Republican = casual racism.   What it does suggest is that this subset of Republicans, who post often in forums, often display casual racism. The operative element in italics. The internet is filled with casual racism.   --------   On a related note, I've voted both ways, and I associate myself with neither. I have probably an even split in friends between those who vote Democrat and those...
Ask @Kent Wang. He sells everything. Including caviar spoons and napkins. And I know he carries brown MoP.
Only if you think that Noodles is representative of the American People.   ------   I have no issue with ticket pockets on other people. I have issue with them on my stuff. And they won't stop me from buying a jacket if I like the jacket enough.
You didn't get brown MoP? That, I think, would have been perfect.
Do what @Roycru does and ask random people on the street.
There is more at play than fit. You could have a perfectly fitting Steed, a perfectly fitting Formosa, a perfectly fitting Huntsman, and a perfectly fitting Isaia. And they won't all look equally good on you. I'd rather have a cut/style that flatters me and fits me decently than something which fits perfectly but doesn't flatter my build/proportions/whathaveyou.
Hopefully because it isn't very good advice (at this point).Formosa looks better on Noodles than most anything else he's tried. But that's the issue: he hasn't tried much. And while Formosa fits and flatters Murl 10/10, it's maybe 7-8/10 for Noodles.He should continue getting Formosas. Even if/when he finds something which suits him better, he should continue getting them.But he's had Formosa tunnel vision for a while. There are other things out there.And if he tries a 6-7...
New Posts  All Forums: