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Northern lights. Brown in town. It's fall, y'all. SF Family: Hober (tie) Yount (pants, shoes) (Pants are brown. Don't know if that's clear)
Still too snug, but yes, best fitting so far. And as I said in the message, a quick (but unrelated to fit) improvement would be to get collars large enough, or spread enough, to rest under lapels. Like these bad boys: As far as underarmor...just roll it up. If you wear sleeveless, your arms will get cold. I just roll mine up to mid forearm. But there are a few pictures of me on here where you can spot it sticking out from my shirt cuffs.
It was suggested that I enter my mother. I don't know about the top, but the pants are from a place in Korea that sells a lot of that sort of loose flowy stuff that lends itself to layering.
Please say yes.
Can you take out the DB a little bit? Might be salvageable.
Visiting my mom for her birthday. She's a way cooler dresser than I am.
Jim, it's time for you to revamp your wardrobe. No ifs, ands or buts
Tried, but the suit is dark and the lighting terrible. At some point, the suit will be worn outdoors when pictures are being taken.
Maiden voyage of the tie Henry Carter generously put up as a prize for the Soporific Tie Friday Challenge a few months back.  
Any chance of you guys doing a run of linen trousers for the spring?   Also, the balance seems inconsistent on those jackets, assuming you're using the same dummy for all the pictures.
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