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I am somewhat associated with solid blue jackets of many, many shades.   So speaking from experience.   Get navy.
Ahhh...gotcha...the items themselves don't have to have #menswear features per se, but the brands/makers can be associated with the idea. Yup. No problem.
As #menswear as I am, I don't know that I really own any #menswear items. 3r2 jackets? Pointed knitted tie?? Seems like #menswear lite. Hmmmm, but I'll see if I can figure something out. In.
If it's a longer tie or the pants are somewhat higher waisted, you have several options:a) tie a knot different from 4IHb) have the wider blade end below the belt-lineci) have the narrow blade end below the belt-line but tuck it into the shirtcii) have the narrow blade end below the belt-line and wave freeSince I like 4IH and have seen enough poorly dressed individuals go the b) route the it's really turned me off that option, I generally go c). Whether I go ci or cii sort...
SFF: Panta Spier and Mackay @Brovsko (Rculturi) Howard Yount Meermin
Did you check the measurements before taking it to the tailors?
We would think that such clear consensus on 40R meant 40R would be purchased. But then we remember Noodles.
I just think we should do a Spartacus type thing and proclaim mossrocks the winner. I am beginning to think democracy is overrated anyway.
My current favorite set: Four Tet (also one of my favorite musicians) boileroom SXSW  [[SPOILER]] ---mdancel, I'm having a hard time telling the difference between the two, but I guess the 38R looks a bit better. How do they look from the side and behind? NVM. Saw the spoilered images. 40R is the way to go. Pulls less on the front and the small of your back.
In addition to the two votes I cast, I would also like to write in mossrocks, who apparently looks like me. I actually came across a picture from 3-4 years ago where I had longer hair (and its visible) and a beard and we really do look like brothers.
New Posts  All Forums: