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I generally don't wear cuffs, but in my most recent (green) suit, I got 1.5 and I'm 5'10 barefoot
So I just got a letter from the IRS telling me I didn't file my claim. Several phone calls, a beer, and a stress headache later, I find out they sent the letter in error. I'd be mad at all the stress their mistake caused me if it weren't for the fact that it was all a mistake made me so relieved. They really covered their bases there.   ----   Spurs may be the least dynastic of the dynasties (60s Celts, 87-98 Bulls, Showtime Lakers), but accepting them as a dynasty,...
They know and don't care. DW's extremes can provide perspective, however. It's also a lot better than it was in the mock DonC days.In general, they aren't fans of this thread (nor are they most SF threads). Bunch of faux-experts here (certainly a few, but then, I doubt most people here consider themselves experts), herd mentality (yup), shilling (none that I've seen and I feel that I'd know if there was), promotion of financial inadvisable decisions (oh yes, though that's...
TTO is missed. Great unorthodox fits.
My vote went to Darkside and a few others.
I'd message Fok if you haven't already, Noods.
I suspect it's the poly. The tie is a cotton blend. Never seen a shiny cotton tie.
Absolutely. And if it were for something more than a 50$ tie, I'd probably bother. As is......meh. Seriously want to ask him what was up. Terrified he'll stop responding to me if I do, though
Yes. But I still buy from him. Probably spent 800$ since he stopped being an AV. He still responds to emails too.
http://www.howardyount.com/collections/ties/products/silk-knit-flat-weave-tie-navy On sale too
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