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Understood and respected on both parts. I enjoy these more as an observer or when I know that there is little to no chance of my winning.
You need more brown and green in your selection! This is probably my favorite of yours:     What is the construction on the grenadines?
I had actually initially asked about the lining; when I went over your site more thoroughly, I saw that you had addressed it and amended my initial post to a simple welcome.   What do I like in a tie....what an expansive question. I like brown in a tie, that's for damn sure. And texture. And weave (which can contribute to texture). I dislike the current trend in smashing all three together (slubby patterned grenadines). Just seems like too much.  A thorough answer to your...
Stitchy, it's nice to win. But it's also nice to play. I enjoy seeing a lot of fits all lined up, centered on some shared theme.
That's a great Amies pic! Wonderful shoulder extension giving proper balance to the hips, allowing for aggressive tapering at the waist. Elio, I think that's a good starting point, but there are other factors. Shape and length of ass, for example, may prohibit looking good where that ratio holds true.
Basically, anything where a grid is the dominant pattern is fine by me. Stitchy, I made this challenge after reading that you'd have two checked jackets in your first five odd jackets.   Ties, squares , shirts, socks, and thongs don't count.   Kidding.   Thongs always count.
More proof that Noodles wants to be a Korean woman in her early twenties.
On paper, an outfit significantly less formal than what it actually is (suit is a casual cut with a casual fabric and three tulip shaped patch pockets; the silver tie is knit; the white spread is oxford; and the black shoes are derbies)
This week guys. I think that's assumed now. Gmmcl, that's a damn fine last minute adjustment.
Glen plaid or windowpane works. Windowpane might be too restrictive for many wardrobes.
New Posts  All Forums: