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Light blue shirt, the black sweater, and gray pants would probably look alright. I'd avoid wearing ties with darker shirts. I'd also avoid sweater and pants in the same color
First square needs to be http://www.kentwang.com/pocket-squares/linen-white.html#   And if I had to choose 9 additional squares that are both versatile and easy to...
Kent Wang, Monsieur Fox, Hober, and Vanda are all under 50.
It is a rather weird trend.I did actually wear that shirt today, but with shorts and Adidas.
So this look seems to be inexplicably popular this year at Pitti. Probably not wearing a Brooks Brothers polo (as far as brands go, the anti-Pitti)
A+ MC threak45% snark tangentially clothing related40% talking over each other about clothing10% information about clothing5% requests to get back on topicNeeds Foo.
I have to admit. If I had to only have a single shoe, that's a very good choice for me.
I know a founder of an alternative investment firm (if that's what a boutique firm focusing on specific types of investments is?) on WS wears a lot of NSM and odd jackets. But he's the bossman and probably has instilled a company culture to reflect the relaxed structure of his jackets (actually, I think he has)
That strikes me as more Caribbean colonial, CM Also, I am glad that this thread has followed the unusual naming convention of SF, wherein the OP names the thread after someone else. Whnay, Noodles, and now MWS
Maybe the tie was a gift from a boss? Wearing it could increase bonus potential. Like not sleeping with the boss's son
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