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Come play, y'all   http://www.styleforum.net/t/477159/is-your-wardrobe-more-expensive-than-your-car/0_20
Does the current value of your wardrobe, by what you paid for it, exceed that of the value of your car, by what you paid for it? If you have multiple cars, consider the car you use most.   Maybe you have a stable full of Suit Supply suits, a few grand worth of shoes, a sizable tie collection, and drive a mid-level Civic.   Maybe you drive a Mercedes but have also dropped serious green on bespoke suits, ties, shoes, etc.   Maybe you thrifted a Ford Pinto to afford yet...
Today SF Family: Yount Exquisite Trimmings
Yesterday SF Family: Panta Wang Unipair
Is "bazar" a jacket model or line? And if it's a jacket model, does anyone have a pictures of it on demonstrating the cut?   (I hate to pop into threads just to ask a question, yet here I am :-/)
I bet Kirby could get a job low balling in Amserdam's red light district.
I....might have let him fight with a pro-athlete. I guess you are a better man than I.   ----   He was roundly ignored on WAYWRN (posted twice). People there can recognize a case where any engagement is pointless and probably detrimental to all involved.
Arguing with someone else's clients is sort of unacceptable though... ...looked through his IG. Has a shockingly alright mc casual-hipster game. But no idea how to work more traditional CM. Curious what his styleguide epub would say.
He's posted on WAYWRN a few times, so is a (very recent) member here. Doubt he'd stumble across this thread, but...dunno...up to you if you want to remove it. I am curious about your interaction with the (misguided) young man.
Thumbed despite the juxtaposed hat. The last pic is fab. Ed did a good job; tough to get a DB to look reasonably comfortable sitting down.
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