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Degree of Difficulty challenge. Toughest fit you feel you've ever pulled off.
elio: The latter. An inside joke. +1 to the Eidos love. It didnt look good on gdl in a few pictures (where the buttoning point seemed too low for such dramatic quarters), but everywhere else I've seen the cut, it looked great. So I'm chalking it up to the pictures
Mine aren't that round, though my last piece, which will be picked up tomorrow, has quarters definitely rounder than my older stuff. Stuff I hate that Stitchy likes: * Overuse of gifs (more than one a page) * Deliberate mispellings that don't do anything to shorten a word or phrase * expressing emotion
Didn't the suit stem from the military? In which case, I'd expect a more developed musculature than your average fellow, though less so than your average laborer.
Shoulders. Tailor can take care of most else.
There is only one place where size matters.
No worries. But I wouldn't be me if I didn't comment.   On a related note, I definitely dig various folks giving out various prizes. This should continue.
To be perfectly clear, this isn't GNAT.  
Yeah. I'll step back into the saddle for Fall. Thanks everyone for picking up the slack!   Hoodog would have been my second place choice. The second Timo would have been my first. I say would have been because the compiler's word is final. So Claghorn's Jury Prize goes to hoodog.
I believe they occasionally involve the picnicker asking people to whip him.
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