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Because I suspect many, especially non-Americans--don't own any.It could be broadened to a summer fit challenge (with winter entries for Aussies)
I'm thinking linen as well. But am open to other ideas
Also have had good dealings with him
Next challenge will be announced in 24 hours. Will happily field suggestions before then.
CM: I have two green jackets that get wear Murl: Fresco AL: I think I have more. Dunno but his are nicer ^_^
I have extra fabric kept on the inside. I also like more break than most here.
As long as I don't buy anymore blue jackets. I bought a blue jacket last week. She wasn't thrilled. Next jacket I'll get is green. If @kent wang gets back to me.
SF Family: Vanda Kent Wang
I think the cig ads flavor to the picture.
Cleav's name is the most British name ever. It's perfect, as Cleav is possibly more British than the Queen herself. I imagine Cleav having emergency surgery in a field somewhere without anesthesia singing "God Save the Queen" through clenched teeth to stave off the pain. I have a happily active imagination.
New Posts  All Forums: