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It doesn't look it at first glance (at least to my eye), but the mario square is very versatile. Everything seems like a solid purchase there.
I think most folks here will probably wear OCBD's when going tieless, avoiding the issue. Generally the route I'll take as well. You know how winter breaks are. No students, no distractions, time to research and write   --- And, because everyone likes pictures, some tie brands I like with dimples that I like  [[SPOILER]]
SFF: Kent Wang Spier and Mackay R Culturi Meermin
Yeah, and since @kent wang seems to have no intention of bringing it back (*cough*), a W/S Great Wave is a keeper. Really versatile, and the wool content lends itself to careful arrangement since it keeps the square from moving much during wear. Wore it a few weeks ago and even Kent had to ask which of his squares it was:
SFF: Luxire Kent Wang Howard Yount
Brown works wonderfully with gray, provided there is not too sharp a contrast in darkness of one versus the other. Dark brown suede should look fine with anything as dark as charcoal probably.
Lots of practice and time, I think. I've mentioned this before, but photographing what you wear is immensely helpful. You don't need to post or show it to anyone, but looking at your outfit in a photograph often provides a much better sense of whether it works than standing in front of a mirror.No idea why, but if I were to hazard a guess, perhaps some part of our brain registers the subject of the photograph as being more of a separate entity than a reflection?
Gracias. I wasn't always a grad student though ;-)---Lapel pins are sort of viewed as a bit much around here. But pocket squares are not. *shrug*
Only issue with dots is that they are similar in scale to patterns associated with neckties (one of the reasons squares with large scale images are easy to use). That being said, the first pricey square I bought was a polka dot square from Drakes. I've since sold it, but I recall a few outfits in which it worked.
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