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Nope, I think I'm a convert. Especially for knits. It felt right.
I've mentioned before my reluctance to wear OCBD's with ties, preferring OBSC's. I do own 3 which I wear regularly without neckties (with jeans or shorts, sleeves rolled up). Whenever I looked at pictures of outfits, I preferred non-BD to BD. Out of several hundred pinned images, less than a dozen involve spread collars. I understand their function in a wardrobe. But their use just didn't speak to me.I rewatched Breakfast at Tiffany's the other day. First of all, that shit...
Zegna Cooleffects fabric also works well. Not sure about humidity, but it's great for sunlight.
^ disagree. I think the monochrome look is optimal here. Especially as the jacket looks pretty orphan-y
I use garment bags (they kind you get from the tailer that fold into awesomeness). I can fit two jackets/suits into one. I've never had to pack more than two, but if I did, I'd probably just wear the third.
Yeah, but day 4378: [[SPOILER]]
Seems a bit tight, pravda. And I trust she's doing something about the pants. Also...women's shoes?
Until we see a full fit, it's all theoretical. And unfortunately, theoretically, it's not working. I've never seen a matching vest/jacket sold independently of a suit (though there might be some along the lines of strollers and such) and I've never seen a matching jacket/vest look good absent the trousers. But I've seen plenty of fits that worked despite of theory and plenty of fits that failed to work where theoretically they should.
  That's a pretty sweet beard, bro.     ----   Anyway, I read somewhere that the beard craze was dying off. It'll then just be people who like beards (murl) or hate shaving (me)
Yeah, but my wife isn't quite as happy. Though I do think she's getting used to the beard. We'll see
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