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Marlow is MC. You can tell by how it is named. If it were primarily SWD, it would have a name like "Millennium Ghosthorse 2g" Seriously though, as much as it pains me to miss an opportunity to argue with Stitchy, the Marlow is more MC than SWD.
Happy with my brown wool-silk-linen. That fresco would fill the same role.
Never underestimate the ability for very smart people to be very stupid in specific areas. He's probably not hiring these people based on their clothing common sense. So he may have some very good accountant who thinks that a polo tucked into khakis with a blazer on top of it is perfectly acceptable. Plus, some examples of what the OP has in mind might be fun.
Sure. But remember, I don't like suits and I only wear casual, country suits. Navy blazersuitBlue blazersuitNavy windowpane suit (too dark to wear as separates)Light blue blazersuit (linen)Charcoal pinstriped suitLight gray suitTan tweed suitgray windowpane suit That houndstooth would get worn more than a mid gray flannel suit...actually any gray suit. And I have plenty of blues already (though no blue suit that would qualify in a CBD environment due to the patch pockets...
Looks more brown than burgundy. And I am allowed to buy a blue jacket if its from proceeds from selling any clothes I already own. It took a slippery slope to get here. First she said it would be ok if I traded for a blue jacket (mrjester and I almost came to a sweet deal, but alas, he's a little smaller in the chest than I am). From there, I convinced her to let me buy a blue jacket if I just use proceeds from sales, since that's sort of like trading (I ended up just...
I have one. Linen-cotton, beige/sand color. I struggle to wear it though. Pants is hard. I also have a well fitting 100% cotton beige suit. Never seem to wear it though. I plan on it in the spring. I just need to get invited to a wedding or some sort of WASP yacht party.Not really looking for summer; at least, not until I figure out where I'll be after summer 2015. Could be I'm still in Texas, in which case it'll be pointless to build up a summer wardrobe (at least in...
So a baby seal walks into a club
Maybe include some examples of what does and does not constitute acceptable to go along with that, as well as explanations as to why some outfits wouldn't qualify.
Not a big gun club guy. My next bespoke project will not be blue. Most likely brown wool of some sort. Maybe solid moss. But right now I am contemplating either a blue jacket from Suit Supply or a houndstooth suit (they call it burgundy, but it looks brown to me) from Suit Supply. Now that Havana has lowered its buttoning point a bit, they fit me very well.
I have a brown silk-wool-linen from B&T. A number of blue linen numbers, obviously. Going to use a combination of Suit Supply and B&T (one a year) going forward.I like that fabric Butchy. Something along those lines. Warm. But that might be of limited use in Texas. People are still walking around in shorts and tshirts.
New Posts  All Forums: