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I've mentioned this before, and I'll mention it again, women in America seem to be really attracted to, or at least interested by, well dressed (by CM standards) men. Certainly more so than in Korea. I don't know if that makes it masculine. But that's gotta count for something.
A rare full, outside shot courtesy of my wife and an iPhone. A proper picture will follow shortly.
I know, I know, it's your (well earned) pet peeve. But I'm curious how you'd describe the "divide" (or let's say clusters along a spectrum). Still in Tejas?
Alright, so stepping away from "fashion" and "style" and all their associations, Tira, how would you describe the concepts that PCK1--and others--are referring to when they split "style" from "fashion"?   Because while I think the connotations those two words conjure, with "style" somehow elevated above "fashion", is silly, I do think the distinction itself has merit. Doesn't matter what we decide to call it, as long as there is something to refer to it by. You and I...
  Overall, I like mine better. And I don't think either of them has anything wrong with them. I just find mine a bit more refreshing. Which is an unusual way to describe what I wear (as normally I go for "sedate"). They are both excellent in their own ways. Which is remarkable considering how similar some of the dominate features are. Everything is too big. Also, this kind of query is more...
Don't wear a vest. You'd clearly be forcing it. And forced looks rarely look good.
Cycling around a a mean!!
Go back a page and you'll find what I'm wearing today. I'll take my Huntsman lapels. Not disagreeing that skinny lapels are in. Just that being in isn't the same as looking good and that you'd look better with something more substantial (7cm would be on the narrow side of conservative)
 Those are like the Calista Flockhart of lapels. In all seriousness, you aren't going to find much love for that here. Those lapels really are way too skinny. I get that skinny lapels are trendy, but unless you're in college and wanting to wear a fun jacket (and even then, you need to be rail thin for it to really work), those lapels just aren't going to cut it. I like the idea of a cream tie with a white shirt...sort of dandified. Give me real lapels, ditch the solid red...
I think it's a fina...chocolate something...whatever the lighter of the two chocolates is. It's significantly lighter than a knit, but ties a nice double four in hand and a nice half windsor (pictured)
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