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Sam Hober Kent Wang
Caustic Man   Gerry Nelson   Spandexter   bienluienapris   upr crust, mr knightly, cleav   Diplomatic Ties   Spandexter   Comfortably Dumb     Clarinet Player   Prince of Paisley   Mr Six   Gerry Nelson   Cox   DonC   Dennis Walter   Sander   Pliny   SYCSYC   An Acute Style   Comfortably Dumb   Murlsquirrel   Sander --- People Choice: The Fearsome Threesome (59) Clag's Jury Prize:...
Please get chukkas or penny loafers to replace those sandals! If it's too hot for a jacket and tie (and I'll not be able to park and get into air conditioning by 830 a.m.), I'll generally teach in an OCBD, oxford dress shirt, or a polo, jeans, and either suede chukkas or penny loafers. Maybe sneakers once or twice. But I'm 30. So I can see that as either being more or less acceptable as a result of my age. --- Tweedy, we've already broken 95 once or twice. Regularly gets...
He meant penis. Sometimes a cigar is a penis.  
Why did I think it was a good idea to live above a bar?
Nice work re the pattern matching on the patch chest pocket.
Sorry for forgetting y'all (emptym, seajen, and 'gazzo) There is also @AMProf and @WhereNext and @TheoProf
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