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The suits I'll happily wear because I feel they clearly signal hobbyist (the dark navy windowpane might be pushing it, but it has three patch pockets and the cut is very casual...something I think people do subconsciously pick up on):        
Look, the square has two things going for it which trumps all else.   1) It's cream 2) It's Egyptian   Though in all honestly, I like squares that occasionally dominate an outfit simply by dint of them being bolder or brighter than anything else there. Now I'm not talking about full on silk Nagasaki exploding out of the pocket...just a little bit of dominance. Like. The kind you pay for when vacationing in Germany. On that note, it's something that Timotune does very...
They are 148-150 cm (148 as a min, 150 as a max. There is some variability.) and 8.5-9 cm So I know Claghorn: @Murlsquirl (gets some cashmere) @heldentenor  @PCK1@NewYawker  And @Coxsackie, I assume you are getting the most "F U" tie they have to offer?
SF Family: Kent Wang (square) Howard Yount (tie, pants)
I'm going to go ahead and say what I assume everyone is thinking. The way in which Shen sometimes edits out his eyes is....uh....not conducive to a positive mental reaction.   But yes, he is a superb dresser.
Alright, I think I'm going to proceed forward with this. S/S 14 is all sold out, but post anything from FW or S/S 15 (the linen and cotton one mostly...pretty much anything that's not 75 dollars/82,000 won) that y'all want. Just link from the website (you can scroll down for length/width and other specs). I'm getting one of these http://m.fruistore.com/product/detail.html?product_no=148&cate_no=7&display_group=1 and perhaps one of these if Mrs. Claghorn is feeling...
@TweedyProf I think I just sold that tie to @calypso
Changjin got back to me. S/S 14 is all out. I'm going to pick up something from F/W (the wine wool or the flecked brown). But a bit of the thrill is gone. Talking with him about S/S 15. I'll keep y'all posted with what develops.
Yup. All 8.5-9cm with some variation within that range for each tie.
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