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McFox. Head and shoulders above everyone else.
Yeah knit ties, especially pointed ones, get a lot of attention. Same with grossa grenadines.
Mid-gray suit, black shoes, and black knit tie. White shirt. An unimpeachable look If you go blue suit, green striped Vanda with brown shoes. White linen square for both. I think the latter might be best, though part of me favors the former.
I try to inject a lot of discussion in my classes. Early on in the semester, it can be a little tough, so I always have a printed out headshot of some celebrity taped to a chair in the front row. I'll call on it if it becomes clear nobody is going to say anything, pretend to listen to it, and respond (summarizing what it "said"). Works pretty well and I rarely need to call on the face after the first month or so (though students still get a kick out of which celebrity will...
Whenever someone posts 2+ fits, I just pick the one I like the most and post it. Sometimes I'll post multiple. But if one doesn't strike my fancy, I absolutely leave it out. Because they were cheating to begin with and should be grateful for whatever they get.
S&M mtm shirt. Some sort of spread collar
My dad is a very good guy. I will let him know you feel the same way. I eat very little fiber, so this accounts for much of my social media.
Siri: Black mock turtleneck, dad jeans, and New Balance's
Getting dressed and taking a picture is all under 10 minutes for me. I generally sort of have an idea of what I am going to wear. Sunday nights I'll often have the squares and ties picked out (with the squares quickly tucked into the jacket pocket and the tie draped over the shoulder). So in the morning: 3-4 minutes getting dressed. When I go into the closet, I also bring out the tripod which I keep at the needed height.Place the camera on the tripod and position it (15...
Panta Spier & Mackay Post-Imperial Howard Yount Meermin
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