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Some NWOT Drakes S/S squares <$25   http://www.ebay.com/sch/Handkerchiefs/167902/m.html?_nkw=&_armrs=1&_ipg=&_from=&_ssn=budgetsavers
Simply one of my favorite outfits to ever be posted in this thread.And since I'm here.YHNTKWHW x 2MM
Just to fuck with Noodles!
Congratulations @Isolation I think I speak for most of is when I say I part of me is somewhat envious.
Not formal enough for all but the most casual wedding. Unless most people at the wedding will not be wearing ties, those probably aren't the shoes you want to wear.   They'd probably work best with chinos and an oxford cloth shirt of some sort.
Assuming you have a few years of school left, I'd definitely get the Tony Chestnut as it, at least at a glance, appears to be the roomiest and also has a shoulder strap for when you've got to carry a textbook.   It's also the nicest looking one.
Tough to say. I wish they had the Washington buttoning point on the Hudson.
Also, it looks like the measurements for the slim and contemporary are switched, with the slim being bigger than contemporary (for Model 2).   It also looks like the button stance is slightly lower on the suit than the jacket  
Yup, everything is pretty normal sized across the board for me.   I also agree with Mimo, though again, it depends on the fabric. The flannel (navy suit) and the wool-cashmere blend (tobacco jacket) will probably last a while. The other two I am less sure about (particularly the linen-wool blue peak lapel jacket). Maybe another 2-3 seasons with regular wear. Dunno. It's worth noting that both are spring pieces...I suspect their winter stuff is of sturdier fare.
@sebastian mcfox I have two jackets (a Washington and a Hudson) and two suits (a Washington and a Lazio). I'm very happy with them, though I wish the buttoning point of the Hudson were lower. Have to be careful with fabric when dealing with Suit Supply. A lot of what they use is pretty cruddy, though generally you can spot the good from the bad in the close pictures. Best if you go in person, but they have free returns and excellent logistical support
New Posts  All Forums: