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Did your wife choose his lapels?
Ah, alright. I'll withdraw if @tchoy doesn't mind. It'll look a little bizarre to have us there.   Though y'all should note that, unlike the rest of you, we aren't behaving like a bunch of 7 or 8 year old girls, coordinating our outfits the night before school.  
I don't think it was about matchy outfits. I thought it was being centered on some theme. In this came, same tailor, different hemispheres.  Quote:@Murlsquirl, can I request an amendment to the OP to avoid future confusion?
Theme: Same tailor, Different hemispheres    
I mean. Like. Make something. For me to wear.
Speaking of shit happening, I want to publicly declare a desire to see a collaboration between NickP (Eidos) and Tira (Post-Imperial) as the two sprezziest guys in SF. Is there anyone here who doesn't want to see what the result would be?
Can't tell much from small pictures taken from the side. I guess I can see the jacket's shoulders and lapel placement. Nothing really stands out about them (though at third inspection, the navy looks like it has some nice shoulders). A fit is good or bad regardless of what other people wear or post.
Dull, as opposed to sedate. There really isn't anything much going for either of them. The first is on the bad side of dull; the choice of tie isn't doing anything for the yellow-gray of the suit. The second on the good side of dull, standard navy suit, blue shirt, blue neat. Compare these with Pingson's usual fare, and you'll see why dull =/= sedate. That being said, I appreciate spectre putting money where his mouth is. Quote:
Are you guys going to be phasing out Jalan Swirijaya with the addition of the Japanese brand (42nd Royal Highland)?
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