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Just bizarre, this spam.
Good call on the CJP. I would have given it to myself.   And once again, I want to thank Elio and Cleav and anyone else I missed (I know DonC was helping out there a while back) for keeping this thread up and running and humming. Y'all have taken something I was doing alone and made it a group endeavor. Truly fantastic.
It's not a tie penis. The wide end of that tie has a tumor, and it thanks you to not draw attention to its deformity.
Having purchased from Canta before, I can say he is a gentleman when it comes to his business interactions and all products were delivered free of bodily fluids.
  SF Family: Howard Yount (suit, square) Unipair (shoes)
Cleav, the depth of that jacket is magnificent. Excellent pick up.
+1 to Suit Suppy. Best bang for your buck right there
Cleav, is that a suit? I can't quite tell
I've mentioned this before, and I'll mention it again, women in America seem to be really attracted to, or at least interested by, well dressed (by CM standards) men. Certainly more so than in Korea. I don't know if that makes it masculine. But that's gotta count for something.
A rare full, outside shot courtesy of my wife and an iPhone. A proper picture will follow shortly.
New Posts  All Forums: