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Alright. How is not caring very much (by SF standards. By any other standards, I care about them a crazy amount. Reading about them, researching before making purchases, keeping them in shoe trees, owning 8-9 different types of shoe polishes/creams, etc etc etc) about shoes an idiosyncracy? It's not like I'm walking around in Aldo's.   I have these (Belgrave) in brown and I'm pretty happy with them. Only hurt one of my feet slightly.   I've also heard very good things...
Mrs. Claghorn didn't even want to be there. In Seoul, we just went to a courthouse with my parents. Then we ate at the best pizza place (fancy, but still delicious) in Seoul. In the US, her family flew over here and a bunch of mine came to San Antonio for a celebratory lunch. We rented out a Mexican restaurant and everyone gorged themselves. Mrs. Claghorn found the whole ordeal to be stressful and exhausting. Hi. Have we met? But I agree with what you're saying for the...
The chair returnsAlso, in which of these is the jacket most clearly moss green? [[SPOILER]]
Probably closer to 3 to 1. But same neighborhood. Easy way to find out. Give me a few minutes.   So most of my non-blue jackets are F/W, so this is skewed slightly, but of my last 33 outfits posted on SF, 23 of them have involved either a blue jacket or a blue suit.
  If he likes shoes, and he intended to wear them regularly, then by all means he should use the wedding as an excuse for something like EG/JL etc. But the wedding should only be an excuse to splurge. I don't think a wedding justifies spending that much money for something to be used for just that occasion. A very, very small part of that. The 5-600 dollar difference could go towards something else which would have a far more significant effect on the magic of that...
@GuP   The most uncontroversial choice would be these:     http://www.carminashoemaker.com/mens-oxford-shoes/toe-cap-punched-80201   Where I in your shoes, however, I'd get these: http://www.carminashoemaker.com/mens-oxford-shoes/wingtip-lace-up-black-922   as I would get more wear out of them than I would the black captoes. But if you wear suits at least a few times a month, then get the captoes. What would really be nice is a pair of black austerity...
Yeah. But that's for "moving on" or "I don't really think much of what you are currently saying"   Another large scale check with a tie:  
Get black oxfords. Nice ones. Go somewhere and get a high shine on them. Pumps are a waste of money. Unless you're Crusty.
@Caustic Man just got some Herring and was pleased with them. I have several Meermin shoes and those are alright. Not the most comfortable but more comfortable than most. Probably won't purchase again. Carmina hurt my feet, but I'm willing to try a different last. AE's are still the most comfortable shoes I own.
We aren't comparing the two. We are comparing the choice to purchase one with the choice to purchase another. Choice one: purchase 220 AE seconds Choice two: purchases 360 (with shipping) Carminas The shoes themselves aren't fit for comparison. 3V, where in Tejas were you?
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