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Alright. So what sort of ties/colors are you looking for and what are you imagining yourself wearing them with?
B&Tailor, brown wool-silk-linen from Dormeuil
@Isolation is about to have a picnic attack and nobody is soothing him? Iso, it'll be OK. You've a long life ahead of you, and an expensive mistake is one not repeated.   ----   Alright. I am submitting five ties for Noodles. I would be pleased if he chose one.   A brown neat, either from Vanda or Henry Carter (and Noodles, you should get the Henry Carter, though both are excellent people to buy...
  SF Family: Vanda (square) Yount (pants)
I know certain brands get thumbs. B&Tailor, for example, ensures a few extra thumbs due to its visibility. SWD does seem to be more brand oriented, but I think that's because brands are less interchangeable in SWD than in CM.
I wish I could wear Yohji and not feel like a fraud.
I would like Mrs. C to own some Meermin. But all she wants are Toms and knee boots.
Meant "inadvisable"...which isn't word according to autocorrect (hence "I advisable")
Iso, maybe someone has said this already, but it takes at least two commissions for a good tailor to really get a feel for a clients body. This is one of the reasons it's I advisable to get more than one commission at once. It might be worth going back to Chan. It took me 3-4 jackets for my MTM tailor to figure out what so needed, and those ran around $600 or so, CMT. B&Tailor, which is a bit above that magic $1500, got it close to right the first time. My fourth jacket...
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