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I've tried and it didn't look great. Just ends up being really busy. The jacket is almost dark enough that I can wear a light blue shirt, and with that I might try a navy knit. I have some linen trousers that have yet to be worn, gray.
From a few weekends ago. Never got around to posting it. And since we're doing loud jackets today (and because I recalled that this was never uploaded), I guess today is a twofer.     SF Family: Yount x 2
The more I own that jacket, the more I regret paying what I paid for it. They had a jacket made up in the fabric on one of their dummies and I'd admire it every time I walked up the stairs to the second floor. When they told me that they have barely a jackets' worth of the fabric left and that it was on sale (one of the more expensive H&S linens), I sort of jumped on it. And my god, the fabric is just amazing in every aspect....except wearability.   Would I do it...
The loudest jacket I own. I've learned I have to be very, very safe with it for it to work. It doesn't help that it's a light blue.
Basically it's whatever outfit I like the most. Which is usually what most strongly appeals to my sensibilities. I think this is only the second time I myself have won (actually, I think I won a CJP once when Elio was awarding it).   But yeah, if you were to go back through all the CJP's, you'd probably notice certain trends. Very few suits. Very few patterned jackets. Lot's of brown shoes and blue jackets. Lot's of brown or burgundy ties.
Did someone say loud jacket day? SF Family: Henry Carter NMWA
As far as the group discount, I'll be having to have Mrs. Claghorn handle that rather than continuing to go through Changjin at B&T.   As far as shipping, I am thinking the easiest and cheapest way is going to be have them ship to a central hub in the US (me), Europe (I think Cleav volunteered) and Oceania and then the hub disperses them through his region. Though depending on who orders what from where, it might not be necessary to ship like that (it will be for sure...
^ This post has, how do you say, perspective.
As long as you can say that not fitting in is also of no concern.
I'd say the most CJPish dressers on SF are: you, me, @MrChris, @timotune, and @CousinDonuts   But it's really hard to trump a brown tie, blue jacket, brown-gray pants combination with lots of texture when it comes to the CJP. I think his fit finishes second...I had a hard time realizing that his was better CJP material than the brown jacket fit because I really like the picture itself (of the brown jacket)   Bonus Points to anyone who gets this reference:  
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