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I have a pretty well filled out Pinterest board of post 2012. And the Composite Thread is a pretty decent archive to draw from Fall 2013 forward. But 2010-2012, can't help with.
My favorite fits of my own are almost always 3 or 2 pattern, with an occasional all solid. Of my own, I like 4 and 1 pattern fits the least. 4 is too much, and it's only incidental when I wear it, and one pattern feels unbalanced somehow, though I guess it really depends on context (a suit, I think, lends itself more to the single pattern approach) or on the item (a patterned jacket with all solids, though I'd say you'd be better off without a square than wearing a solid...
You are not allowed to praise any era ever.
I think I'm in agreement with you on that jacket. I'm also on the fence. I love the fabric, but lovely fabric is not the sole qualification for a lovely jacket.It's the loudest jacket I'll ever own.I recently went back to B&T to drop of a length of solid brown, wool silk linen dormieul. They had a jacket length of this breathtaking H&S gun club they were trying to clear at a discount. It was divine, and I was tempted to put the solid brown on hold. But I remembered my loud...
I appreciate AJL's posts with the same frequency that I do some of my favorite posters' fits. Disclaimer: I haven't read his post yet. But I bet it's even-handed and filled with perspective.
It's, as I mentioned earlier, a shift from fit to item coordination (in whatever preference the wearer has). The latter is more accessible, and money is less of a gatekeeping mechanism, so you'll likely have a drop off in overall average quality (yet going back to older WAYWRN's, I'm not sure this is the case, though I possess the newer sensibility). Not because those with the money for bespoke have better taste, but since they are spending so much money and time, they may...
I'm also casting my vote for #3. The blue is too vivid against that muted background. You'll be forced to build around that rather than build with it. It won't be as tough as my most recent windowpane experience, but still something you should keep in mind.
My at the time girlfriend bought me a tie for our first Christmas together. Needless to say, I married her.
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I'll refrain from pointing out you just did. Plenty of people agree with your view here. They just feel you could be doing a better job championing it. I would love to see more sedate fits. I'm all for variety, and sedate is often missing from this thread. I see your experience with that nasty fungal infection has taught you nothing.
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