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I've yet to come across anyone in real life that knows what grenadine is, much less SF, so I don't know how much it screams "SF brigade" in a language anyone outside the forum understands. Grenadines are simply wonderful ties. Great visual interest for a solid tie. Business appropriate, as opposed to some other solid ties that have textural interest (raw silk) or slight variegation (some wool ties). This was true before SF came about and true before places like J. Crew...
Which ones?
Color/texture should trump abstract seasonal associations. I think it looks fine.
Confirmed. I'm going to post again on the Ragged Trouser Philanthropist thread, and if there are no more takers, I'll open it up to second picks, with the first going to chejinsun, who is just starting his business wardrobe.
Humidity might be a factor there too.
Stand in the sun with a black shirt. Stand in the sun with a white shirt. No myth. Most of my knits are Howard Yount from 3-4 years ago. 3in I think. I know Knottery has 3.5 that @Murlsquirl likes.
I have it bad in the (long) summer, with weeks regularly above 40, but I'm able to park in a covered garage less than 50 meters to my office and it never is too humid, so it probably is not quite so miserable a situation that you have.---I think slightly looser fits work better in those climates. I have a linen jacket with a decent amount of structure and cut very close, torso and arms, to my body, and it can be a little bit unpleasant, even wearing it unbuttoned. I...
Slightly post peak menswear.
That being said, a few pairs of gray wool trousers, a dark blue odd jacket, a navy suit and a mid-gray suit, some grenadine ties and white and light blue shirts (with collars long enough to rest under your jacket lapels) will take you a long way towards being well dressed and provide you a safe foundation from which to develop your style. I don't know how much help we'll be with t-shirts though.
New Posts  All Forums: