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The tie itself doesn't look like it's a well constructed tie. It's a skinny tie but incapable of making a proportionally skinny knot due to fabric or lining, both which could be contributing to your issue. If it can be dimpled and cinched, it'll be better, but maybe keep an eye out for a better navy tie if it is something you'll need even somewhat regularly. An old Brooks Brothers should be serviceable and easily found on eBay for less than 15 dollars, though it might be...
Winner is the guy who tackles that.
It's always fun (and perhaps cringe-inducing in some of our cases) to look back at old outfits. Though your picture is from a while ago, a couple of uncontroversial but potentially enlightening comments for those who still lurk this thread in hopes of learning something (if I recall, there was some discussion this thread no longer offering constructive criticism):* Even if you had dimpled the tie, that knot is too big for the width of the blade. A skinny tie should be...
I prefer petty in the sense of: mean or ungenerous in small or trifling things.   In this context, iGents and such, petty bourgeois is much more fun.
Can this briefly derail to the meaning of "petty bourgeois"? It's a fun turn of phrase.
Apropos of the red tie brown jacket conversation FWIW (not much), I wish Newcomer had worn a different in that outfit. I'd like the rhubarb tie in a different context, but the rest of that outfit is wonderfully earthy, and a vivid tie isn't doing it for me there. ---
Spier & Mackay is a good option at that price point, and you'll be supporting a small business instead of a large multinational. Quality is probably better than CK as well. You might think about getting a few very pale blue shirts just for variety's sake. They're as easy to wear as white.
When it comes to pants, cotton--with the exception of moleskin--are neither fish nor fowl. Wool or linen.Though I can stomach the ultra trad cotton slacks, blue blazer, OCBD, and repp. That's all well and proper.
I'm very happy with these from Kent Wang     Also, why is this not in the SW&D subforum?
I know its trad and all, but I wish Moss would move away from cotton pants into proper woolen trousers. Often like his outfits, anyway (despite the pants).
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