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Navy blazer, or something just lightert han navy. Patch pockets is a plus...you don't want anybody confusing your one blazer with an orphaned suit jacket. If you are looking for something a little more rustic, the patch pockets will help. I'd want something a little more useful on warmer days than tweed. Look at something like hopsack. Suit Supply has a number of good examples of blue with texture. Blue, different blue, white with fine blue stripes. Light gray and mid...
Probably in, but I won't be wearing this cashmere blend jacket from last week.  
I don't want to spoil it, but Oldboy might be worse. I mean, it isn't. Because one is a porn. But it isn't just the sex itself that makes Oldboy inappropriate for watching with parents.
If you aren't planning on wearing a lot of gray suits, I'd say brown over navy. I wear navy blazers at least twice a week, and if we include blue, probably four times a week. As a result, I rarely find myself reaching for ties in the blue range. The occasional gray suit, though, always gets paired with a blue tie. So yeah, if you wear a lot of gray, a navy tie is a priority. If not, you'll get more out of brown and burgundy.
  SF Family: Panta (tie) Kent Wang (square) Unipair (shoes)
Not knowing what I was getting into, I saw Oldbpy in theaters with my mom. Afterwards, she said "Claghorn, that was an excellent movie. And we will never talk about it again." There are few worse movies to see with one's mother.
Stress leads to constipation. Constipation leads to more time on Styleforum.
@Despos, Since you're in thread, could you elaborate on this at some point (in thread or elsewhere). Or have you done so already somewhere? B&T asked me to run any fabrics I wanted to bring in myself by them before I actually purchase anything for this reason. My made-to-measure place never bothered, and though they have had my pattern "dead on" for several jackets now, I've had a two come out rather poorly in terms of fit (both cashmere blends).
Regardless of the winner (kgfan), y'all (kgfan) should let my mom choose the next challenge. Just sayin' (kgfan)   It'd be cool.
Four pattern bingo.       SF Family: Hober (tie) Wang (square)
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