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I appreciate y'all humoring a recent tendency of mine in posting old CM pictures of family. Been digging through old stuff. A cool white tie picture of my great uncle as a White House aide for Eisenhauer. A couple years after that was taken, he was posted as an attaché in Moscow and eventually was imprisoned and then named persona non grata for espionage. So spies were well dressed back in the day.
Yeah, with a cardigan like that, it is workable, but if this is a direction your are looking to take a chunk of your wardrobe, and you want to integrate (knit) ties, I'd look into odd jackets in casual fabrics.
I am enjoying Anden's pose.
You mentioned you are wearing an OCBD, which are often worn without a tie. With a normal collared dress shirt, I'd say....wear an OCBD. I'll say this: business casual is much more difficult than casual business (odd jackets, casual ties) because it is very easy to look normcore/Ken Bone-esque This might be a good thread to peruse:http://www.styleforum.net/t/253842/waywrn-classic-menswear-casual-style/22500_20 Glancing through the last couple pages of that thread,...
He'll look like a middle aged high school physics teacher in Nebraska. I do t know that that is the look he's going for.
Suede chukkas are perfect for business casual. In this case, because you are wearing them with dark pants, the darker the chukkas are the better. Otherwise, I wouldn't worry about it.   I would not wear a tie with a cardigan (or a tie without a jacket, just in case that thought crossed your mind). You are right that a knit tie is more casual, and if you are ever needing to wear a tie while still being somewhat business casual, a knit tie is the way to go. However, a tie...
Another vote for A. It's just a nicer color and a nicer looking fabric.   Out of curiosity, why are you leaning towards Napoli vs, say, Lazio?
Anything solid cream can do, a subtly patterned cream can do better (like the Vanda fan square)
I can't remember who, but some SF luminary made the argument that poorly chosen squares were responsible for bad outfits more than any other specific item of clothing. In general, I think that is why a number of people on here, myself included, abstained from wearing squares for quite a while: it's tough to get right, easy to get wrong, there is no practical utility (though I sometimes use mine to wipe the dust off my Surface), and they are really only for hobbyists at...
New Posts  All Forums: