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I don't recall how well the Hudson fit you, but this would make a good blazersuit whose jacket will work with those trousers: This Lazio might work (I'm trying to remember which cuts worked best for your body type)  There wasn't really any jackets that look rough and dark enough to go with those pants on the SuSu website. and I pretty much only know that SuSu and (some) Formosa fit you well. If Havana worked for you, this would have been great:
A little variety is always good.
An outside iPhone picture. Rushed morning SF Family: Kent Wang
What the shit kind of question is that? And in answer to your second, I say yes. If you are wearing pants, wear loafers. Jeans? Something like Adidas sambas or a chukka. But it's casual, so it doesn't really matter
I don't recall often seeing "that looks like an orphan" used in a context where it wasn't an accurate and meaningful criticism. I also think that, for whatever reason, gray odd jackets are more likely to be perceived as part of a suit and this incur the perception of orphan status. If it does invite this perception, it is probably a very poor odd jacket. But this is very much not saying that all, of even most, gray odd jackets look like orphans. At least not with brands at...
Oh yeah. That one was fantastic. Back when clapeyron and I were riffing off each other's avatars.
Get sexier knees then.
Fuck all y'all. Outerwear weather doesn't start for another three months here. Y'all all asshats. (But I'm very much looking forward to the entries)
I miss my Orwell avatars, but I don't think I'm done with this one yet. When I am, I'll probably go back to Orwell. I miss gdl's stormtrooper avatar. Probably my favorite. Trying to think of any others that really stand out in my mind. --- Murl, that's fantastic. Pants look great But change your avatar. --- Seajen, also very nice. Those pants the mini-herringbone from S&M? Rise seems a little inadequate though.
Not cool enough to comfortably wear a jacket.
New Posts  All Forums: