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http://www.howardyount.com/collections/ties/products/silk-knit-flat-weave-tie-navy On sale too
I have one from Yount that's pretty cool.
Wrong. OB4CL
Were they racist or Fooist?
Agreed with the first point for the most part. I've heard plenty of Asians complain about racism. However, Asian-Americans are much less likely to report workplace discrimination--despite experiencing tons of it--than African-Americans or Hispanic Americans. The EEOC commissioned a specific report on this phenomenon a couple years back. I didn't read the full thing, but if I had to guess as to the explanation, I'd say this was due to collectivism's emphasis on harmony and...
But longevity and consistency would need to fit in there.
Yes, but does Pieter Wispelwey protect his neck?
Dynasty is more than championships. It's a prolonged, continuous period of dominance (regular season and play-offs; not just Game 7's, where Russell was 10-0). And while dominance in the 80's and 90's might mean something compared to today, keep in mind that Russell's Celtics played in a 10 team league. Read the article; it makes a damn fine case that you'd struggle to refute.
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