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The world would be a better dressed place if more MW SA's were on SF.
Don't even pretend it didn't have some already.For S/S: why no knits?
That last grenadine with the block stripe is wonderful. Any possibility you'll do 3.25 width instead of 3 in the future?
I wish I dressed half as well as mine.
SF Family Kent Wang
Let's hope not. But that probably won't impact the market in liberal arts universities. (But really, I hope they do figure this out. So many MBA programs are a racket)
Hi Sly, I know you already have a lady for this evening, but for the evenings when you don't, does that jacket have any special features to aid in posting up? I'm thinking that a loop on the back would help if you wanted to peg a wall for an endurance post.
As long as people are pursuing MBA's. There is still a very large shortage of PhD's in management. I'm sure they exist, but I've never come across an adjunct professor in a management department. And mgt professors don't make as much as accounting and finance professors.
Does she want to work in industry or academia? Industry, industrial psych is probably a good idea. Academia, she's better off going the OB route.
Not yet. Just a PhD student/lecturer. But in management, not psych. I know where the money (and the positions) are at.
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