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SM shirt:
wear monk straps. Just not for me.
Brown and rust SFF: Henry Carter Kent Wang Spier & Mackay
Supposed to rain, but it didn't. Pebble grain
I also have this, as does @WillingToLearn; it is an excellent tie.---SS has some questionable styling choices, and their fabrics probably miss twice as often as they hit.
Man, if I was at an SS an an associate talked down at me, I don't know what I would do. I might call him out because it seems to be widespread enough that it could be part of their training ("negging" customers). I might roll my eyes and start with "listen, honey..."and be all condescending right back at him. I might politely disagree with him and tell him why he is wrong. It depends on my mood, his demeanor, and what I am wearing. --- Excellent summary, Mr.Six --- SuSu...
Explosions in the Sky, cheap Keurig Coffee, and an article on professions and organizations from the Annual Review of Sociology. The exciting lives of SF members.
Ditch the shoes for some black oxfords. If you are on a budget, Meermin are decent but require break in. Navy pindot.
I wear ties frequently but have a sizeable rotation; that's one of my most frequently worn ties (probably in my top ten).
SuitSupply Havana, though I think Lazio looked good on him as well. I think it also demonstrates that fit is the ultimate consideration when choosing a RTW brand.
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