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It'll be close to 90 tomorrow, so linen for me. But had there been a cool front, from For Your Eyes Only
I think I'll wear that tie tomorrow. From ET, right?
It really just depends the degree with which you want the character to draw on the source material. Moore is the least like the literary Bond (though overall better than Lazenby, of course).
That's like saying Ringo is your favorite Beatle.
Fleming's are. Not read any of the others. Fleming's Bond is much more interesting than any of the movies' versions. Timothy Dalton and Craig in Casino Royale do a decent job capturing it. The literary Bond is somewhat cruel, fairly depressive, a chronic alcoholic, gambler and womanizer to the point that M and other characters worry about his mental state in several books; I think he gets ordered to see a psychologist or psychiatrist in two of the books, but it's been a...
You guys can draw from the movies. I'm going to the source material. I appear to have lost some along the way. Went on a Cold War spy fiction kick for a while. Lots of Fleming, Le Carre, and Greene.
@2942 @flvinny521 @justridiculous @usctrojans31 @Procrastination @chejinsun   I posted in the RTP thread, but if nobody claims the other 2, Chejinsun will get first pick from the two remaining and one of y'all can nab the other.
There are two free (minus shipping) ties available:   http://www.styleforum.net/t/485223/the-actively-discovering-new-brands-thread/240_20#post_8592654
No clue. It's from Spier & Mackay. Got it as part of their SF mtm special, getting rid of old fabrics. You might inquire to see if they have any of it left. If they do, the special price still holds. I can't remember quite what I paid for the jacket (had the pants already RTW), but it was a great deal.
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