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Bump.   Next week I'll be posting a semi-final list of orders. A few days afterward, I'll finalize it and send it along to Frui so that he can set our ties aside.
I think the issue is that he doesn't want to wear the Formosas so that they stay in pristine condition forever.
For your mom. Hence the appellation.
Because you can't see the three I made invisible and the one Braddock inside Braddock's pocket. And because you can't count.
3.25-3.5 No doubt in my mind (and still south of thirty). Thinner than 3.25 is really pushing it.
Epaulet is significantly more expensive. Anyway. Definitely starting a thread for this as soon as I get the OK from KW. Because I think most people will agree that we need an alternative to Howard Yount (even if you, specifically, don't). Panta and Epaulet are at a different price point and S&M are of a different quality.
 This is his argument against RTW. But for folks who don't need MTM trousers, that 80 bucks isn't worth it.
@SeamasterLux, what will the next challenge be? If you win. I ask because last time, the winner didn't announce it. And I went all dictator on everyone. Look at how many Braddocks I put there. Seven. Seven Braddocks. Why? Because I could. Just think what I might do next time.   So it is your duty to announce next week's challenge as early as possible.
8 is best. But I like it when my shoes don't look like elf shoes. @in stitches
You have an actual 30 inch waist (not size, but measurement?) You really are a T! Also, I'll check with Kent and see if it's ok that I start a thread for this or if he wants to use his own thread. I think a dedicated thread might be better (especially if we want to help the direction of any new trousers).   Edit: Oh, I see. I believe these might be wider (that was one of the changes he's made from the existing selection of RTW jackets/trousers)
New Posts  All Forums: