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I'm using "facemeat" regularly from here on out.
I've met Noodles in person and I can promise you that his preferred method of ambulation is pelvic thrusting himself forward.
What we need are red lines.
I think that depends on when in the process you crop. If you crop in post, then yeah, it throws off the balance. If you crop your head out of the frame as you take the picture, the composition is generally fine. In general, it interferes with my appreciation of what people are wearing. This is especially true of the pictures of people where is is like 70% head, 30% torso. It feels almost like it is about their face and not about what they are wearing.
I think it's that this is the lightest of his Formosas and thus the silhouette is emphasized more. He wore a Formosa the other day that didn't have the same effect at all. Mrs. Noodles has commented that all his Formosas fit like that and it's just the lightness of this that makes it stand out (so she agrees with me, in other words, about the color. It actually frustrates Noodles how often his wife and I agree on things ).   But in the end: It is still an excellent suit...
Napoli Su Misura. Traveling tailor, does pretty fine work for a good price, as far as I can tell. @UrbanComposition probably reps them best.
I did suggest to @GuP that he consider your Vass's.   The "Someone Should Buy This" thread is a good one. Helps push back the tide, as it were.
Deliberately unspoilered. I think four or five of them follow me on Instagram
My first "good" tie was Thomas Pink. A gift from a GF in college. It was made in England, I believe by Drakes, and was quite nice. There made in France ties were ok. At some point, they switched to Morocco and really went downhill (materials and probably construction) I had 20ish TP ties at one point.
I got a new Huntsman DB RTW on B&S for less than 500, two years ago or so. Old school B&S deal, right there. It didn't fit the member, he wasn't going to be returning to UK anytime soon to return it, so he put it up on B&S for pennies on the dollar (shillings on the pound?) It's a pretty impressive jacket.   I hear that back in the day, everyone sold at a loss without much concern. That's what I hear.
New Posts  All Forums: