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It needs to be seven-fold, handrolled and unlined, made bespoke in Napoli and delivered late to the annoyance of all involved parties. Only then will you have maximized #menswear.
LP is by and large excellent and offers a very expansive range of fabrics. Could you elaborate on your requirements (e.g. your travels take you to hot climates)
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I suppose if you kept it on a USB thumb drive
How many of you guys have a repository of "inspiration" fits?   I ask because I am thinking of starting a series of "exemplar" threads, as in "Exemplar: Double breasted odd jacket" and then post a maximum of five exemplars of this and asking others to do the same.   ---   @DonCologne I like the beard.
3.5m should be more than enough. I think minnis fresco travels well and can be purchased directly from Huddersfield. Avoid black. Navy and gray.
I have a fairly shallow S/S wardrobe with regards to suits and jackets, but if you'll allow me to deviate from your prescriptions while staying true to the spirit, I'll be happy to play
Caveat emptor: Helden was a history professor in that jacket. That might be contagious.
You'd probably be wells served putting up the measurements of the tie, particularly since it is custom
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