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Love that last look, but I don't think it would work with anything less than a linen suit. Linen allows him leeway with regards to convention. Linen is great. It is amazing. Linen. Linen linen. Linen.
Camelhair overcoat most of the time. I'll occasionally wear a thick wool chalk stripe charcoal overcoat. I suspect SF wouldn't like this coat much, but it's very warm ^_^ Camelhair is probably TheOneCoat
A have a black leather travel case from BB that comfortably stores 2-3 ties. Sees much less use these days. At home, I have felt lines tie hanged that store 14 ties each. My knits I roll up and keep in a basket. If you have the space, I believe laying them folded once in drawers is the way to go.
Yes on both counts. @Kent Wang should continuing pursuing this -_-
For what it's worth, he is referring to himself as his "friend"
I generally dislike tan shoes with navy suits, but I think that the tie ties everything together. Without the tie, I wouldn't have liked it. PCK1 may have a point about the brogueing though. On a darker shoe, I probably wouldn't have noticed.
I have it in 13". 17" might be a bit much. But I love my wool-silk:    (tie in the first and pants in the last are also Kent Wang) ---- I own the following: [[SPOILER]]  If I had to choose three, I'd take the Great Wave in wool-silk, the Taurus Orion, and then Shinagawa. GW would be my catchall, I'd use Taurus Orion for warm ties, and Shinagawa for cooler ties. Neptune is a close fourth. Kent Wang provides pictures of how all of these are used, which is nice. I think the...
Though Manton on gays certainly was cute.
Wore an olive knit with it and a white shirt. Will try it with a blue at some point. Having a hard time picturing it though. Perhaps with the right square.
Too casual for any of those. It generally works best with knits or raw silk, linen, or cotton ties.   I'm really trying to figure out what colors/shades will work best with it with mostly blue shirts.       I like the first much more than the second. In the second, the tie is a little too business for the suit, but the bigger issue, I think, is the color interplay with the two light blues of the shirt and suit. I like the second, but I feel restricted to blue...
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