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SFF: R. Culturi
Another benefit to having a small button put on the inner pocket: if you put your hand in your pockets regularly, you won't catch your thumb on the inner pocket. I have a few jackets with those pockets and I have this issue, especially on one with wine glass/tulip shaped pockets (which I regret)
It doesn't seem to throw off the balance much, but maybe I don't notice. I keep keys and occasionally pens in my hip patch pockets all the time, so maybe I'm used to it. I even will fold a paper I'm reading in half in half, lengthwise, and slip that into a hip pocket if I have other crap to carry. If you have pockets but don't use them, I don't know what to say. Don't get pockets next time?
They're added just at the bottom of your jacket, below the last button/buttonhole, and are shallow enough that your phone sticks out a bit. Kent Wang does them.
Also Still Life
You can also have a cellphone pocket added to the inside of you jacket.
I just think that throughout the day, sitting, leaning, walking, break somewhere between my great-grandfather's "shiver" and SVB's break in that last photo probably looks best. Standing still in a robopose for the internet, though, nothing beats breakless pants.
Ah, Andreas, not Anden. Though I am sure if you had posted a fit during that period, it would have made it here!   But yeah, Andreas' photo didn't copy over for whatever reason. I'll go back and track it down. Probably. Maybe. Potentially. I'm not doing it.
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