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Just to be clear, you are skeptical about a neat tie with an odd jacket? It's not a surprising objection--I've heard it before and understand the logic behind it--but I just want to make sure this is what you are curious about before I drop 10 examples demonstrating that it can be great.
Yes.(Though hopefully some who care more about the actual process than I do. And who know more).Perhaps tack it on to the GMTO subforum?
Fresco. SFF: Vanda Kent Wang Meermin
400 images, this is what I got for light to mid brown jacket, stone to cream pants (got darker than cream and there's plenty, mind you).              
I'd appreciate the link, though I'll be most likely going ahead with more spread. The evidence that I greatly prefer spread collar is pretty damned conclusive.
Well, I'll be purchasing A13
Hober. ET is awesome too, especially for RTW neats.
Tan trou, green tie --- Two shirts on the way from Luxire (I mentioned them about a month ago...I don't rush when there is no need to do so). Almost got them with button down collars. I got to the point in the process where I was talking to Luxire about the different types of BD collars. But I looked through a hundred or so archived images of outfits I like and found only three outfits with BD collars, so I opted to get spread for the two. Figured that I clearly would be...
Arbor Knot. Don't know if they're still around, but the tie was given to me as a sample in early 2013. I think @emptym has one too. Whatever they used as a lining was amazing
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