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R Culturi tie and square.
Orange and green SFF: Kent Wang R.Culturi Spier & Mackay SFF: Kent Wang
I am very, very in.
This would be a great Friday Challenge. Though the Friday Challenge thing seems to have died off of late, in terms of frequency and participation. Perhaps some novel challenges will reinvigorate it.
Never heard of Ghostwritten. What about Murakami brought it to mind? This is maybe my favorite of your outfits. That suit really fits your frame well.  I have seen stripes on stripes work, and I think the key is having a very different scale of stripe on your tie and on your shirt. It isn't something I often attempt (in fact, I don't think I've worn a striped tie with a striped shirt for several years simply because I have such a hard time of it). Anyway, I don't think it...
I have 2 Mannergram ties I picked up on sale a while back. I don't know that I would pay full price for them: at 80 dollars, I'd probably just buy something from Hober. They don't strike me as bad ties though, and if they had something I really liked, I'd probably buy from them again.
Easy. Wind-Up Bird ChronicleDance, Dance, DanceAfter the QuakeNorwegian WoodThe Elephant VanishesBlind Willow, Sleeping WomanHard Boiled Wonderland and the End of the WorldKafka on the ShoreWild Sheep ChaseSputnik Sweetheart1Q84Colorless Tsukuru Tanaki and His Years of PilgrimagePinball, 1973After DarkSouth of the Border, East of the SunHear the Wind Sing @Darkside
I figured Blazersuit.
 Driving tailors insane are what us SF members are best at.
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