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Starting 2200 if they're on a trunk show and you use their fabric. Significantly cheaper if you happen to be able to go to Seoul. CMT, probably around 1500...maybe less depending on exchange rate. Jedwards, I asked for a cut similar to Park Changwoo's own. Pretty damned happy with it
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Dr. Murlsquirl sounds nice when you say it out loud.
Management professors seem to start off around 130k and cap around 250k for a 9 month year. I imagine (and hope) they make good money consulting as well. When I get there, I'll be more than happy with 130k. Only planning on one kid. And also planning on sending him/her to school somewhere with a tuition agreement with whatever institution I end up teaching at.
Block stripes are new to me.   SF Family: Exquisite Trimmings (tie) Vanda (square) Yount (pants)
I don't wear it, as I view it as a missed opportunity to wear a tie (probably a knit), but I definitely think it's a good look.
I'll ask and let y'all know.
Yeah, I've come to the same conclusion about light blue jackets. A few white OCBD's would probably make them easier to wear. All my white shirts have spread collars. And narrow blue stripes are tricky as they are a tad dressy for a light blue jacket. Really requires the right shirt wardrobe to work.I'd wear that blazer all the time, same as my other two staple blue blazers. It'll be my very last solid blue blazer. Promise. Probably. For a while anyway. And it's a year...
I have a lot of blue blazers. Not counting the navy (really midnight blue) windowpane which was intended to be a blazer but is now just a very casual suit (too dark a navy), in rotation (ignoring seasons)Navy blazer(suit) - woolBlue blazer(suit) - wool/linenMid-light blue blazer(suit) - wool/linenNavy blazer - linenBright blue odd jacket - wool/cashmereLight blue blazer - linenNavy double breasted blazer - woolNavy double breasted blazer - linenAnd throwing in patternsMid...
The guy who played Robocop went to my high school. He also has a PhD in art history or something from UCLA ---- Yup, I got my staples well covered, so versatility isn't something I consider too much when I buy something (though I need to have at least four combinations that it'll work with). That being said, I think the next B&T commission is going to be a blue blazer. Probably the 520 fresco. I don't have a good blue between my navy blazersuit and my blue blazersuit.
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