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A guy recognized my suit as both bespoke and BnT (I think it was a lucky guess on his part). He complimented my working buttons. He seems like the type to read self-help books on networking. Tried to make conversation. It was a mortifying experience for me. I smiled and nodded. He was not well dressed. His friend works at Tom James. I'm 100% positive that he's a nice guy and that I'm an asshole.
GMMcL:   I like that a lot (a whole lot). I realize that there is only so much available in terms of RTW ties, but I'd definitely be on the look out for wider ties. It's the element of your fits that always seems to detract from everything else. I recall you mentioning that you've got a fairly broad chest, right?
People here were more welcoming ten tears ago.
It is indeed really roomy. I took additional pictures today and I thought I packed enough (jeans) in there so that it wouldn't appear empty in pictures. Didn't pack enough.
Noodles. This needs to go in your signature.
For Vincero SF Family: Sam Hober Kent Wang (pants and square) Unipair Vincero And a candid picture
Neither. One of my favorite scenes from the show (which I've not watched in close to a decade). For some reason, the timing/delivery there has always stuck with me.
Different people have different preferences when it comes to used clothing which has been pissed in.  
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