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I'll post my ten ties this upcoming week. I don't know that I can do summer jackets...I only own two jackets that are expressly S/S, but I'll try to post S/S outfits for at least 5 of the ties. If that's alright.
Money money money. Money money. Money.
Mr. Six is my new favorite person. TD! Olajuwon would be a great subject.
I've mentioned before, but I am curious about what Mr. Six is hiding with the blurred out pictures behind him. Perhaps something which would reveal his identity as a superhero?
Check again. Getting bigamist up in here.One of my favorites of your pictures of your outfits.
I don't know about online, but there are some high end consignment shops along Samsung-ro near Apguljeong station in Seoul.
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I stole someone's legs.
Mine is darker. As far as linen = slubs: it depends on the quality of the linen and the way in which the woven is woven. So you can have 100% linen without slubs and something like this, with less than a quarter linen, with slubs. Like wrinkles, slubs can be a part of linen's charm.
Mine has that ascwell, fwiw
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