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You can also have a cellphone pocket added to the inside of you jacket.
I just think that throughout the day, sitting, leaning, walking, break somewhere between my great-grandfather's "shiver" and SVB's break in that last photo probably looks best. Standing still in a robopose for the internet, though, nothing beats breakless pants.
Ah, Andreas, not Anden. Though I am sure if you had posted a fit during that period, it would have made it here!   But yeah, Andreas' photo didn't copy over for whatever reason. I'll go back and track it down. Probably. Maybe. Potentially. I'm not doing it.
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I did see that, and it still looks too long, but maybe you have a relatively long torso. I don't think it looks as good on you as most of the jackets you wear, in terms of length. However, as you said, you've already taken a number of factors into consideration, and I've never been one to argue with someone about what they should wear :-)
I do like that jacket on you, but it seems noticeably too long. I don't know about shortening jackets (I've had 38L's shortened 2cm and been happy with it), but going forward, does Eidos have an S in the model?
Agree with WTL and Murl. Though tan before navy.
Is there a picture of Rick out there?
And just for a brief night, GNAT of old. :-) Edit: On second thought, the GNAT of old would still be proffering advice, just on irrelevant (and irreverent) topics. So we should be discussing the ways in which one could hide pornography viewing from SO's or at the workplace.
Alright. Only among iGents and the long dead.
New Posts  All Forums: