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I liked his gray orphan. It worked well. This is way more orphan-y that that though.
Not with this jacket unfortunately. It is about the suitiest solid jacket possible. I've no compunction breaking rules and I'm a good dresser by most standards. But this is too much.
I'm welching. The only gray suit I have is a very smooth light gray one. It looks terrible. I tried. But I'm welching. I can't wear this as an orphan. It's just so, so terrible.
I've actually never had a stranger or an acquaintance ask why I was dressed up since coming to Texas (not true for Seoul). When it first became cool enough here to dress as I like to do, a couple people asked, and I explained it was a hobby. Generally, I just get compliments on what I wear from strangers and the like. I get more compliments from women than men, particularly African-American women. But I've had male students ask me for advice about clothing.
Upon resole, is it possible to get something only partially Dainite?
No doubt it shouldnt be in this thread. lordsuperb was just trying to start shit. No idea why, but I'm glad I got an opportunity to see a suit like that. LS, mind sharing the tailor?
That works really well. I have a light gray suit made by the same tailor that did a few of my blazersuits. The pants from it work very well with the blazersuit jackets since they are all from the same suit pattern. Much better than dome random odd trousers, regardless of their fit.
I like this. But I like unusual things. Though that collar is no bueno
Well shit. Someone remembered. I'll not welch
Noodles is in his early 30s and is a successful professional by any measure. His workplace has rewarded him well in the past.Did he make some unwise moves today because he was both shocked and angry? Yes. But I don't think my initial statements would be true if he did, in fact, conduct his personal and professional life like he conducts his sartorial life.He had a really, really shitty day, guys. Kudos to Patrick R for recognizing that and being so understanding.Most of us...
New Posts  All Forums: