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SF Family: Howard Yount Vanda Exquisite Trimmings
It kinda sucked, but at the same time, I think it might be a pretty standard risk when arranging group buys. Add the language barrier and the fact that the order was looking like a much bigger one than they anticipated when they agreed to participate (which, given their limited runs, would have cut steeply into their profit), it isn't suprising that it fell through. What was nice is that I got a couple of commiserating PM's from several esteemed members who had had similar...
I know that Frui is made (or used to be made) by the mother of the guy who owns/runs Frui. Which is a nice story. But I also know that a few members here weren't terribly impressed with the quality/price ratio.
1...2...3 NOT IT!   SYCSYC, ball is in your court. Though I think it might be nice to have a bit of a break until fall weather begins to appear.
Dress like TV Hannibal Lector. Maybe with a more reasonable knot. In seriousness, peak lapels seem to be the way to go. Dark colored suits. Occasional chalk stripes. Saturated shirts.
It's a pretty established style of pocket. I'd not be surprised if it predates simple patch
Yup. Let me know if you're going to Atlanta next year and we'll grab a drink.
Blame Tinactin, who has been working behind the scenes to promote this trend and expand their market.
The Friday Challenge poll is up. There is a grand total of FOUR PARTICIPANTS this round. So it'll be really, really difficult for you all to sort through all the entries; as a result, I don't blame anyone for shrugging off such an onerous burden and not voting.   http://www.styleforum.net/t/527443/friday-challenge-08-12-2016-the-subtly-odd/0_20#post_8534232
Poll is up
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