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If you still have the trial or have access to it, raise your dropped shoulder slightly (shrug it). This is easy to account for in mtm, and after accounting for it, you'll be able to see what needs to be done. You'll be shocked at how much a dropped shoulder can muck up. Do this, as well, the next time you try on a trial.
@Sam Hober I have a few knits where the grosgrain lining is an issue. It was stitched along the long sides but not along the short ends, so that it snags when I tighten the tie. These knits rarely get worn as a result. But for the most part, I prefer the grosgrain provided it is well attached (as it is in your example). I think the preference for knits over grenadines lies in the casualness of knits. I prefer pointed, but there are others, such as Jason at Henry Carter,...
You have a dropped right shoulder. Lowering the shoulder of the jacket will fix the folding on the right side and, by the look of it, the pulling at the button.
Yes. That is that state a The Noodles post evokes.
Budget? How many new jackets/suits? What is your current line up of suits? Do you live in an area with a lot of seasonal variation? Are you going to need to wear ties often? Shoe situation? Pant situation? What's your blood type? Who does Dokdo belong to? What model suitsupply and how does it fit?
Check herringbone is great and as promised, wiwt
I like yours and Greg's
Yeah. I don't particularly love either fit. Which convinces me even further that checks on checks really isn't something people should strive to incorporate into their outfits. I struggle to imagine such an outfit looking good that doesn't also look somewhat contrived, and while I realize that pocket squares might make all outfits look contrived, they at least don't suggest the wearer was trying for something difficult and novel.
Given my dislike of pattern complexity, I think of it as taking one for the team. --- Here are some examples of check on check (loosely) that I've found. I feel that if it is a struggle to find good exemplars of something, then whatever that something is, at least in terms of clothing, isn't really worth pursuing. Anyway. Examples.   and that's it as far as I can find. Anyway, tomorrow I'll wear graph check with glen.
I wear jeans when I walk in the woods. And hunt, come to think of it.
New Posts  All Forums: