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The OP clearly says "would" not "are." If it's something you ARE wearing at Pitti, then DQ.They have Pitti. All we have is the contest.
Get some Galways
If they are proper dress boots, then no one will be able to tell you're wearing boots (unless you're sitting down).   I also have no problem with chelsea's provided the occasion doesn't call for something CBD.   Examples:     Because you're wearing boots, that sort of uses up all your allowance for casual in a business setting. So that means leather soles (weather allowing), closed lacing (like an oxford as opposed to a blucher) and overall conservative design....
I think Sander wears a lot of SS. And Timotune is the ultimate advertisement for SS.
These aren't red?
I'm wearing red shoes today.
I'd be happy with something a third of the way from white to bone.
It's raining and I'm wearing flip flops.
Cleav,   Please don't take this the right way.   But I have just booked a ticket to England.   I'm going to give you a proper dimple.     Warm Regards, Claghorn
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