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I'll generally keep mine a picture of Orwell. Also, today is his birthday.
That was the definition I had in mind. I just wouldn't consider a decision which violates that rationality as an accurate reflection of preferences. Though that may be bordering on a tautology.   The only time I'd consider a decision "wrong", from a "rational" perspective, is if the agent makes a decision, in possession of relevant information though not necessarily accessing that information, which conflicts with his complete preferences in a "cold state."   Also, I'm...
Right. But that nebulous quality is defined by his own subjective preferences. My point is that, for what I am talking about, it isn't even slightly less relevant. If anything, it is more relevant than say, the market price, in terms of assessing the rationality of a person's decision. But then, I take a very loose interpretation of rationality, which would be a decision which is made that accurately reflects an agent's preferences. And despite what might be obvious, we...
Yes, but all this discussion has been on an individual level. Nobody has been suggesting that anything has a "true" or "right" value outside the individual. (Just clarifying)
One of my favorites yet, as I'm sure you would've guessed.
While I'm proud of the picture itself, I'm more proud of the fact that I've made it my "thing." I get to post it anytime anyone mentions toilets and pictures.   Alright. I'm creating a new category in the meta-composite project coming up. Though Holfdast, upr_crust, and someone to be named at a later date are to be selecting best poses, Stitchy, myself, and someone to be named at a later date will be arbiters of the most ridiculous poses category.
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Micro 4/3s? Yeah, I sort of regret not getting one, especially as Mrs. C already has a DSLR. But a micro 4/3 isn't as good as a DSLR in terms of the potential for maximization. Will I ever maximize it's use? Probably not.     SF Family: Kent Wang Unipair
New Posts  All Forums: