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- Provide a counter-factual to an SF maxim - Matchy-matchy - Brown and orange challenge - Fall fit (broader than the above) - Texture challenge
I'm ardently pro-casual in the workplace as long as the clothing is neat and clean. I don't know that many Americans would consider CM's outfit formal. I suspect many would consider him dressed up though.
That's pretty standard actually. All the tailors I went to in Seoul used them (varying quality of bag).
SFF: Spier & Mackay x2 (suit and shirt) Exquisite Trimmings Shibumi expend mental energy thinking about what is popular and what people are wearing to signal that you don't expend mental energy thinking about what is popular and what people are wearing :-P Though if everyone is wearing it in Singapore, through your deviance, you are signaling that you perhaps expend MORE mental energy than most in considering the social implications of your tie choice Ya damn hipster ^_^ --- Maybe everyone in NYC is wearing grenadines and...
I've yet to come across anyone in real life that knows what grenadine is, much less SF, so I don't know how much it screams "SF brigade" in a language anyone outside the forum understands. Grenadines are simply wonderful ties. Great visual interest for a solid tie. Business appropriate, as opposed to some other solid ties that have textural interest (raw silk) or slight variegation (some wool ties). This was true before SF came about and true before places like J. Crew...
Which ones?
Color/texture should trump abstract seasonal associations. I think it looks fine.
Confirmed. I'm going to post again on the Ragged Trouser Philanthropist thread, and if there are no more takers, I'll open it up to second picks, with the first going to chejinsun, who is just starting his business wardrobe.
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