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I've never been one for fun pants, but if I were to be a fun pants type of fellow, I'd say that the top should be equally fun. The jacket and tie come across as way too business for those pants.
I was thinking that another interesting, and related, challenge would to be to post the fits you were most proud of. A degree of difficulty sort of thing. The voting would be interesting for that as well. For example, I'd post this as my entry for that challenge: [[SPOILER]] Way, way, way far away from my favorite fit ever. But I can't think of one that I was more pleased with.
Have you ever thought of doubling up on the Reeves' labels? Left side, right side, that sort of thing. Also, maybe put one under the jacket collar, that way it is visible when your clients (inevitably) pop their collars whilst carousing at a neighborhood hip hop discotheque.   (also, why don't you like the fabric labels? I've always liked having the labels of the tailor and the fabric for whatever reason. I guess it makes me feel like the jacket is a part of a longer...
Another of that jacket. The actual color is between the two: [[SPOILER]] I'll probably be getting the pants made to match it.
My next jacket has that C cut. Pretty excited about it. In four years, 4 inch lapels are going to be the new 2 inch lapels. The difference is that they'll look awesome. Still, I'll be sticking with 3.5, both because it'll "age" better, being a bit more moderate, and it is nicely proportional to my head and shoulders. Though my head could probably handle 4.
An economics professor and his student are walking down the street and see a hundred dollar bill on the ground. The student bends down to pick it up and the professor tells him not to bother, that the bill is fake. The student asks how he knows this, and the professor explains that had it been real, someone would have picked it up already.
I'm only an aspiring academic. No PhD...probably won't be getting that until I'm in my mid 30s. Just caught some lucky breaks that got me some research positions and some coauthor opportunities. The teaching opportunities came from those lucky breaks, being a native English speaker, and being a good teacher. So in the meantime, I'll just is back and be envious of all you professors
What are the measurements for indigo wool/silk/linen blazer in 38R? Also, in general, you may want to consider adding jacket measurements (length, sleeve length, pit to pit, shoulder, maybe even waist)
  I'll go with this, I think. Final answer.
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