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I prefer Pinterest so I can access from multiple devices
When I'm not happy with a product, but the error is within reason, this is what I do: I just don't recommend it when people ask for recommendations.   Not saying this path works for everyone. But it's the one I prefer to take.   ---   grenadine is more of a staple than twill because it's more versatile. The texture allows it to be dressed down a bit better, I think.
No, but he wrote about it in one of his collections. Might actually be The Night in Question
Not all SF AV's are as professional and good to work with as Jason.
The author Tobias Wolff had a bunch made there (suits in Hoi An). They all fell apart within months.
What it really demonstrates--and this is one of the overarching goals of GNAT--is that I've managed to, for the most part, dress how I want to dress. Whenever people ask, in thread or via PM, for general advice on building their wardrobe, I tell them to collect 10-20 pictures of people/outfits that they really like and capture the feeling of how they want to dress. I don't think anything is more important to dressing well than understanding your own preferences. Then it's...
I didn't realize you were DTOing one of mine when I first saw that on WAYWRN, but when I did see it, I thought to myself that that was one of my favorites of yours. Guess that means you did a good job!
Me too. The walking combined with looking down, I think.
Yes.   Me.   2011 (or 2010).   Don't.
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