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Is that from...shit....who's that guy with small lips...does a lot of Shakespeare...anyway, Henry V (1990ish)?
Me too, actually.
For a while, pre-SF, post-CBD job, I had long hair I had pulled back with a hair band. Not quite shoulder length.
I am a little disappointed that we won't get to find out what DR would have picked for a challenge. I bet it would have been interesting.   --------   Had Stitches come close to winning...or had he expected to win...I think most of us would have had different feelings on the matter. But I don't think any of us expected him to really compete here.
I come across as a bald man?!
You had me at blue, brown and gray
Noodles thought I was in my mid-40s until he saw a picture. I do have a decent amount of grays though.
I suspect a lot of Texans would be interested, though we do have Despos in Dallas. What is your relationship with Steed?
It's so much thinner than it used to be, thank god. It does what it wants when it wants. And I hate using hair product.I have to get it cut every three weeks or it becomes too much.
See. This is why I saved the toilet picture. I do think it is a good convo though. CE. But CE is a scary place. Maybe GNAT or MC Gen Chat?
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