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Huh. They must have sold decently then. I'd probably better get on that thread then.
We call him Jesus in this country.
I used to say such things in such a way, but it made me sound like terrorism, and being a good southerner, I never want to sound like terrorism.
@Henry Carter, when you offered knits with dots, were those hand sewn?
Kent Wang has a pair. He's considering committing to a RTW line. Mud gray, 175USD. I'm very happy with mine and need to get around to doing a write up/crowdsourcing for ideas for his possible pant line. Anyway, returns are easy with him. Which can't be said for Yount
Knit tie challenge? Tis the season
When in the fall could we expect another briefcase project?
WHY IS THE NOODLES THREAD AVOIDING THIS ISSUE!?! (Donkey shows) (OK. Fine. We'll talk about clothing. But just think. Imagine. Imagine what could have been).
Rejoice. There is one in Boystown. (I know everyone knows someone who knows someone that has been to one. But I actually know three people who've been to one. So now you're one of those people who knows someone who knows someone that has been to one. Congratulations)
SF Family: Henry Carter Kent Wang
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