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Indeed, he is truly....humble.
@edmorel How about a contest: who wears their massdrop Panta best? Winner gets a humbler.
I would struggle to not visibly wince at that last comment of hers.
I don't think I have yet. Certainly done drive through though.
I might be interested in a burgundy neat if it had that same dry hand. @mimo --- @Darkside, if you end up with second thoughts about your 9 and I my 8, we can trade. But I suspect we'll both be happy.
Uch. Hated cotillion. Generally, whomever the waiter looks at first orders first. Then go counter clockwise (or clockwise). Skipping around to get all the women's orders first seems very inefficient. I'm anti-chivalry* in general (though I always open doors for women and the elderly). I was raised by a mother who thought all that jazz was nice but silly. *Being courteous to everyone is much more important.
In Orwell's Down and Out, he talks about how the last thing a tramp ever sells is his collar. As long as he has his collar, he has his dignity (I suspect this is Orwell's own class background coloring how he saw those tramps that still had their collars). I was in line at the grocery store today behind a homeless guy. I saw him the other day at McDonald's (where I eat 2-3 times a month; for whatever reason, I find it relaxing). He had been wearing a black tie on a denim...
Agree with Cox's assessments. Like EFV's look. MaoMao's as well. Less enamored with NP's outfit, but I've liked others of his along that vein.
Both those brands are carried by Unipair in Sinsa. As far as sport coats, BnT
Neither. They lack the skillset. Should they work to develop that skillset, I'm sure they could publish (though they would have no incentive to do so). There is a reason it takes 4-6 years to develop and hone that ability...and then you're given 3-5 years to continue to improve to get tenure.I doubt an excellent marketing professor could do a better job than a marketing executive at creatively applying theory to practice, any more than a practitioner could contribute to,...
New Posts  All Forums: