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First dynasty ever:  
I don't listen to music at a high volume, if that makes any difference (2-3 levels above mute). Not loudly enough to prevent outside noise from interfering with my listening pleasure, but loud enough to help ignore the outside world.
It was just fines when we were there.
They take public urination very seriously in NOLA during Mardi Gras. I had the hardest time when I was there in 2009. A couple of my friends got chased off. I was wearing a dark green military jacket (my dad's from Vietnam) and I'm pretty sure it saved me once. Someone with a flashlight heard but didn't see (evening and there were a number of bushes about).   I also sort of walked in a parade there. Same jacket, shirtless, with a vinyl Clinton mask.
I shotgun this [[SPOILER]]
Not a fan of pop generally, though one of my favorite musicians is Elliott Smith, and he was pretty insistent that he was pop. I may start using Pandora again.   My question was less about discovering music and more about exposure to it. Someone mentioned that a certain song was overplayed, and the last song I had heard so much to feel it was being overplayed was Gangnam Style.   -----   As far as discovering music, I mostly rely on friends. Of all my favorite...
So. This is a dumb question perhaps, but where do you guys hear music generally? I was actually more aware of popular American songs in Korean than I was in the United States; music is blared constantly on the streets of Seoul, generally a mixture of American pop and K-Pop. Here, I don't hear any music anywhere outside of what they play in cafes. I thought this was a product of my habit of wearing headphones all the time, but I went two weeks without (broken headphones)...
The only two people who seem to really care about changing the name are @The Noodles because he's being all Noodlely about it and @ridethecliche because, actually, I'm not sure about his reasons.   Though I like the idea of keeping the Noodles moniker on there for the reasons similar to those outlined by Ac2 above, if @LA Guy thinks that the more direct "Good Natured Advice Thread" will be more welcoming to new members seeking some GNA, then I'm all for the change.
I like that we are here debating the name not of this thread but of another thread.
CM Theory
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