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I understood this to be in reference to color ranges (a brown with a brown). But I'm game for something more strict.
Significantly less vibrant irl.Though inside, this is a better representation of its saturation.Yup, but I think I like Only Built 4 Cuban Linx more than any of their collective albums (with 36 Chambers being a close second). Guillotine is beyond brilliant.
Entry level shoes: Easy on the wallet but Hard on the ego.   Foo wants to know why The front page is lacking Foo Foo Foo Foo. Foo Foo.
Every time I hear the intro to Glaciers of Ice, I think of SF.  [[SPOILER]] A better picture of the tie (more accurate, less saturated).SF Family:Henry Carter (tie, wool)
Peak lapel Pick an element (we all derive our fits from an element of our choosing taken from a single example you provide) Warm colors Degree of difficulty (pull off a difficult combination successfully) Doubling up: tie and jacket have to be the same color. No suits allowed. The Odd Neat: neat tie with an odd jacket (apparently this isn't supposed to be done...) Get Wooly (wool tie challenge) Color coordinate with one of your favorite books. Must write a brief...
My erection's launch In Rick Owens' newest gear All the world can see.
Why is this thread here? And not in classic menswear? We are all poets. (To be clear, I'm responding to this thread, which is on the front page. So meta-points)
Just click to view it full size. It's fairly high res
Wet and cold today. SF Family: Panta (tie) NMWA (square)
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