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But plumbing and marriage advice still belong here. On this there is no compromise.
75 shipped, US.   9Cm, hand rolled   I already have some brown ties in this shade.    
It ain't.   There had been a couple posts about "trigger warnings" in jest, and I had just had an experience causing me to understand their benefit (and which also led me to discover that the media/internet grossly exaggerates their prevalence and scope) and wrote down some thoughts. Which caused some ire with a member (non-WAYWRN regular). A few subsequent post (one by me) and the thread moved on.   It would have been perfect for GNAT though. Damn. Missed opportunity.
Americans were speaking English long before @Cleav's people!
Seasonal Incongruence Challenge! Could be a tweed suit with a linen tie, summer fabrics in autumnal colors, pastel flannels, etc. or just be weird and wear tweed to the beach on a nice summer day.
Tie or no tie? Light blue over white for shirt. Brown shoes and belt a safe bet
The tie is a Hober Macclesfield; I don't think it's still available.   The fabric is Minnis Fresco 0571. https://shop.hfwltd.com/collection/23
  Though perhaps a windowpane suit isn't in good taste.
I just copy and paste the image. Started tagging folks to attract more attention to this thread. Awesome job, JCM
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