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Cheers! Well, I am an igent, so I suppose squares suit me.
This is a thread for (good natured) criticism. I realize we could do this in WAYWRN, but there is a lot more noise there, as well as a lot less willingness to do anything to dampen the warm fuzzy feel good nature of it. So I, and anyone else who feels they're worth listening to, should feel free to post fits, of themselves and of others, and point out any issues that could have been improved upon for the edification of all.   Please note the purpose and intent of this...
My current lighting situation makes me want to quilt.     SF Family: Henry Carter (tie, wool) Post-Imperial (square) Wolf vs Goat (pants)
Of people who post fit pics regularly, yeah. But there are a lot of folks around here who still post occasionally, though not fit pics, who would push me into the 80s I think.
Take it up with the picture. It's the one with the well endowed ego. I placed myself in the mid to low 80s in Foo's poll. Lord knows what it would have done if it had been given a vote in the bathroom picture poll.
I think the toilet picture would be a good emoticon. It is the greatest bathroom picture this forum has ever seen. Other bathroom pictures worship at an altar it constructed for itself.
@TweedyProf   My three non-staple (white, blue, blue stripes, or anything resolving to blue) shirts with the most wear   Silver stripes   Blue and brown tattersall   Brown stripes
My wife and my mother get along ridiculously well. It's amazing. Mrs. C loves spending time with my mom*; none of her Korean friends can believe it--Korean mother in laws are notoriously harsh with their son's wives. There is a (sadly) true story of a women going in for her first round of chemo for breast cancer, calling her mother-in-law to inform her of this, and the mother-in-law replying "well, who is going to be making my son's meals then?" @mdancel, check out Luxire....
Made by an artist friend of mine from Harris tweed. She mostly does very abstract and impractical women's bags. Gallery type stuff. Her undergrad is in metal work and her MFA is in leatherwork. She made me another briefcase that was part metal part leather. Ended up being impractical.
I had a solid cream square. After I getting patterned squares with cream/creamy oatmeal basis, I don't think I ever used the solid cream again. [[SPOILER]]
New Posts  All Forums: