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Yup. I think there are now three ties left. I'll post the ones available this afternoon and folks can claim em in the order they posted here or messaged me.
AE Factory 2nds:   At 299, scotch grain Dundee with rubber sole:   You could also go with Meermin.   Or you could Topy one of your existing pairs.
Tan or light brown flannel pants will look good with that. Bluchers or loafers for shoes. Light blue OCBD for the shirt.
Since we aren't dropping it, a couple of interesting things   a) the higher the value of gifts received from pharma reps, the more vociferously doctors claim that they have no effect on their prescribing (data clearly show that pharma gifts do affect prescribing, largely due to increased awareness, familiarity, and ease of recall) b) Some people are influenced the other way and give harsher reviews to things given for free as a reaction to anticipated scrutiny.
Eh, psych research suggests he's quite right (which isn't to say there aren't exceptions). Regardless, with the removal of the condition, it seems like there is no reason to continue with this line of discussion?
Yeah. Except that again, these aren't from Difou. They are from me. They are my ties, given to me, to take pictures of. Not for my IG but for his (and if you go to his Instagram, you'll see he'd benefit from some decent pictures). I've already purchased a couple ties from them and reviewed it (the review amounting to "Yeah, these are a good deal at $30 and free shipping"). Darkside purchased one and offered a similar endorsement. If it'll make you feel better, I'll merely...
Mostly because that's a lot of hassle and I don't want all ten (I'm probably keeping two). If the reviews are biased, that's no skin off my back. That being said, at that price point, there really isn't much to say: is this worth $30, yes or no? Also people like free ties, so it'd be nice to give 8 people something for free. It was my idea that they post about it here, again, not so much for Difou (though the guy is really polite, even for a Korean, which I like, and...
No, I like U of H quite a bit. I'm just not one of those "because I like a team I assume they'll beat everybody." Even as a hardcore Spurs fan.
I guess they heard you. That being said, I fully expect Louisville to win in November. I won't root for them, but I'll be mildly surprised if Houston upsets them. As long as you cover shipping, I have no problem with it.
New Posts  All Forums: