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In the heads of others as well. It really would make the outfit a costume. At a certain age, for whatever reason, this ceases to be true.In Seoul I often wore beanies when it got cold. Probably didn't go well with the rest of what I was wearing. But fuck having cold ears.
Generally a bad idea, but there are always exceptions. Super small scale is safer.
Y'all should message him. I tried seeing if I could send him some ties, but he appears to be set there. Again, you guys are all awesome for helping out.
You check Shibumi? They like their stripes wide. Also, I've seen a few from Drakes.
Too young to wear a hat without it being affected. But rest assured, I hit 50 and I find a hat that fits my oversized noggin, it will be purchased.JFrat, that's an epic suit, and you were right to keep everything else simple. But I don't think it works with a white shirt.
So he's gotten two offers (he messaged me as thanks for linking him). Just wanted to comment that this thread really brings out the best in people, really attracts the best people, or both.
Any Noodler's able to help this guy out? I have two pairs I would have donated to him (sans shipping cost), but my feet are a few sizes too large for him. http://www.styleforum.net/t/449698/lost-my-job-need-tan-or-black-8d-dress-shoes-or-boots-for-interviews/0_20
I doubt the offer was a result, but you did make the right choices in what you wore.
Nah, his parents left the old country when Noodles was but a wee bairn
"I do not own a straw boater.....yet"   I'm very on the fence about that fit. Had the tie and the jacket not looked to be made of the same material, it'd be easier to decide whether I like it or not. It's an unconventional fit, though, that's for sure.
New Posts  All Forums: