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I too wish to work in menswear.
The larger scale a pattern on a shirt, the more casual it comes across (same for complexity...the more complex a shirt...multiple colors or different sizes of stripes...the more casual it is). That's too casual for a tie, even a knit. And this is coming from the guy who will occasionally wear largish scaled checks. I don't have too much an issue with the square, but in generally I avoid squares that have neat patterns like that. Too often do they invite scale conflict...
An excellent outfit.
Cleav and Noods are good people.
I decided to buy art. because it it pretty.
Messaged. And we'll probably be getting this, one of two hundred (not my top choice by far, but Mrs. Claghorn finds my tastes boring. She also says the same about most of my outfits that have less than 3 patterns):http://artshopkorea.co.kr/shop/shopdetail.html?branduid=11444&search=Kim%2Cwhan-ki&sort=   More on Kim Whanki:http://www.koreatimes.co.kr/www/news/art/2012/01/135_102292.html
@SeaJen   Indeed. Mama Claghorn actually owns at least one piece from Yohji. Though I'm sure she got it at a discount somewhere. She does a lot of boutique shopping and when she does get something from an expensive designer, it always seems to be steeply discounted.     If there were a SW&D Claghorn, he'd wear drapey stuff. That would be his look. But Real Claghorn wouldn't feel comfortable wearing such things at his age. He doesn't begrudge other people older than...
Next major purchase from Korea is not going to be a BnT.   This guy was a very prolific artist. Though some of his pieces go in the 5-10 million range, he also mass produced a lot of stencil art that only goes for 1-2 thousand. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Whanki_Kim     This evening started with "I want some posters of Korean art" and has ended with my wife and I discussing a decently sized purchase.
I bet collectivists are more influenced by how we dress in our workplace than individualists. Dress is a valid research interest in management. Starting now, considerate one of my research interests. (Heh)
@Caustic ManJust succumb.
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