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You're kidding right. That would put those two particular jackets below my belly button! Though I do have some jackets that could use a lower stance.
Yup. An all solid fit, no suits allowed.
What about the hems did you want to see?
I think this is the most recent full shot: Awkwardly looking over a railing:
Whelp, jackets are shorter than suits by almost an inch. I guess I'll try a suit from them at some point.
Sprout can proxy Ring jackets from Japan. Generally available in the US for 1.2k+. From Japan, it starts at half that.
Murl should be the spokesmodel for their new "White Giant" collection
38R with a 7 inch drop. I am the 99%   @sprout2, any chance of visiting the store and snapping some pictures?
Looks like their lengths are on par with Suit Supply. A 38R has a length of 29.5, which is just about doable. I prefer a 30. But doable.  
It would be very cool if at some point you could visit their storefront and snap some nice/cool pictures. One of their salespeople, that goofy guy who always wishes everyone a "goooooooo morning" on his Instagram seems like he's fun. Odd choice of clothing. But fun.
New Posts  All Forums: