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I told myself I wouldn't want it. But after seeing that Kiton, I want it. But Mrs. C is going to make me choose between that and a new B&T jacket for the year, I just know it.
He's pretty busy making Harris tweed chaps for Cleav's Village People reunion tour.
Tommy Hilfiger (though less so through high school) or Ralph Lauren (J Crew/BR later) polo shirts. Khaki slacks or shorts. Doc Martin sandals or Birkenstock sandals. 9th grade: 1999-2000
Noodles stole Foo's one shoe. TweedyProf revealed to the world that he goes commando. Sugarbutch is pregnant. And it turns out Claghorn is made up and I don't wear any of the clothes I post outside the house.
  kgfan has been well received on the other side. More of y'all should cross-post. Especially spacepope.
Depends on the type of wool. Color isn't the only factor which contributes to formality, though perhaps you didn't have any more casual gray trousers available to you. But I'm generally not a fan of looks that are entirely cool on top and entirely warm in the bottom.
Yeah. I've had a very brutal week. And I also felt bad going through BnT continually. But I'll be pushing for progress this week. Ideally, this'll convince them to set themselves up for international sales. Never thought I'd say this: there aren't enough tie options out there
Just a quick update   * They're still photographing S/S15 * Noodles will be able to pick them up in person, which will save on customs charges (at least for those in the States). We'll need to figure out if we just want to send them all out from the States. Which will be a lot of work for Noodles. So we'll all need to find a way to remotely buy him a beer or something. Though I think payment should be directly made to Frui (and then shipping to Noodles). I don't...
I don't suppose you're looking to get into wool trousers at some point?
Thanks. I'm wanting to integrate more white shirts into what I wear. I also think two good FC's could be derived from that fit:   1) A single pattern challenge 2) A white shirt, odd jacket challenge   P.o.P., those pants should be gray, not brown. Had they been gray....man that would have been a great original look.
New Posts  All Forums: