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From their MTM program?
As far as shirts, look at Spier & McCay for decent budget MTM. Get BD collars for casualness.
They have issues too: http://www.styleforum.net/t/520444/bizarre-samuelsohn-made-to-measure-experience#post_8379599 Though I imagine that's an exception.
Given your size, Suit Supply is a great option.
Linen. Get a linen jacket. Cooler wearing and more casual than wool.
A white square is the safest bet, but I think something with a dominant color of a muted burnt orange would look good. I don't think the square you have picked out works well
For someone who lived in Texas, you seem to have forgotten what March is like here. Though a between seasons challenge is a good idea
Also, I think bespoke vs mtm vs RTW makes a big difference (maybe more than usual). Structuring can mask the difference between a jacket pattern and a wearer's body. With bespoke, the pattern is created for that specific body, so structure won't really serve that particular function. It probably does in RTW and to a lesser extent MTM (which also uses an existing pattern which is to varying degrees modified)
It's too bad the #styfodude seems to have peaked. Seems like a good candidate.
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