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It is a good deal quality wise, but keep in mind all were tailored for another man, so unlike suits cut from RTW patterns, which are generally cut to fit most body types, this might reflect the idiosyncrasies of the man they were made for beyond the measurements.
^ And it looks better in the second picture for whatever reason
Though I've not seen him around much, I think that might be @FlyingMonkey's area of interest
On a different and relevant note, a student (who I think is my oldest student, in her late 20s) mentioned that she appreciates that I dress well for class and that it bugs her sometimes when professors don't make an effort to manage their appearance at all. I mention her age because I wonder if its a generational thing, that kids born in the 80s are really going to be the last to have those expecations of their professors. As an 80s kid myself, I didn't have those...
In Mr. Sam's thread (so it didn't take any research). I did have to google "Styleforum Spoopoker chest hair" to find the other one, as that wasn't in the thread.
I am officially entering @SpooPoker 
I couldn't find the Mr.Sam photoshop job with Spoo and the chest hair, but here are some other sleazy Mr. Sam edits to SF WAYWRN:   @upr_crust at a donkey show [[SPOILER]]
This will be a good read for you --- re: pants Flannel or other wool fabrics that have slight textural interest are your best bet.
Oxford burgundy
I really don't think there is another brand out there that evokes this strong an endorsement from its customers (generalizing from me). It's a combination of the product, the customer service, and the man himself. --- A couple random stories: * David once called just to chat, which was really nice * My wife and I once simultaneously ordered the same tie and he made me another tie after they had both been delivered (and we had realized our mistake * My wife had forgotten...
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