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Keeping it very simple and conservative: White shirt, black tie or navy tie, black shoes Light blue shirt, navy tie or burgundy tie, brown shoes. Grenadine is good for ensuring solid ties have visual interest via texture.
2. Definitely. Black blucher is neither fish nor fowl. But black double monks can work with a suit or the often used navy blazer, gray pants combination.
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8 cm block stripes are available from Shibumi and Drakes. 9cm are a bit harder to come by. I prefer 9 cm, but I think 8.5 cm represents a nice middle ground for the 9 cm folks and the 8 cm folks.
It's a great tie. Goes very well with owls. (Sorry @Darkside, having more fun than I should)
Here's a picture of it being worn (well, the same tie, not that tie):  
I think these were a buck fifty each at e-mart
I have one. I am a deft hand at knots, and I of all my neckties, my Tadino is the only one that does not knot well. I once tried over and over again (which I've never had to do for any other tie) to get it to dimple before giving up on it and switching to another tie. A few months later, I gave it another whirl. Managed to get it to dimple after a few tries. Within an our of wearing, the dimple collapsed into a mess. (the dimple here looks better than it is. The right...
New Posts  All Forums: