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Christmas in July? Fit has to incorporate red and green?   Jewish in July? Only circumcised members can participate?
And just to rub it in.   Stitch was afraid this would get all pretentious.   And the winning entry involved a portrait of Kramer.
It's a good thing that everyone here has seen that jacket like a million times then.
An early start today     SF Family: Panta
That's a different Drakes than the one in your Amazon profile, right? I didn't realize they had that in red.
Did go with a blue knit at first. Then a green (I knew brown would work, so I didn't try that). Didn't like either, but I think perhaps I'll go with a solid blue rather than a knit next time.Tried cream tropical wool looked alright. Brown pants didn't. 
Actually, tried both, and they didn't. I probably shouldn't have gone wild with the tie, but I clearly struggle with that jacket, and after two knits that didn't really speak to me, the purple linen made such a nice knot that I went with it. As my rotation grows, that jacket will become more and more like a museum piece. But it isn't something I regret. I think I need to go through my Pinterest board and study the loud jackets there. What I know works well with it are most...
I've felt that way about fits many times. Generally I'll refrain from thumbing--what you like is largely a product of your gut, and if you're having a hard time, your gut is probably telling you "no"
Went through two knits before I decided, fuck it, loud and linen.
It's a madras. I don't think you are going to find the maker, but there are plenty of jackets like that (though you'll need to look harder to find one in that (large) scale and that dark. Still, they're out there. I believe Orgetorix has something similar.   On another aside (because it's fun to rag on people who deliberately make themselves look like that), if you look at their body language, he's clearly striking out.
New Posts  All Forums: