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Not, I think, unfortunate for those who entered.
As you noted, it needs to be taken out at the seat.
And despite his habit of buttoning both buttons of non-Haddock jackets (How was this hiding his back issues?)
From the earlier Friday Challenge. Panta Kent Wang And a poorly lit what I wore today: NMWA Kent Wang Meermin
Works for me here, though it's a look I'm uncomfortable with myself. I love gray ties but own few of them for this reason.I'd be interested in the thoughts of others.
So you like Luca's feet? Pervy
Not CM Challenge! Because trainwrecks are the best. Low contrast challenge! Because we need to annoy that Tetsuo guy more. Tweener challenge! Because we are in between seasons. Odd colored challenge! Because there is too much blue, brown, and gray around here (see what I did there?) iGent challenge! Because let's embrace what we are. Beard Challenge! Because, fuck yeah, facial hair. Politician challenge! Replicate or improve upon an outfit worn by a politician. Does...
Communication breakdown. They offered a group discount for SF, I think we were ordering more than they expected. Suddenly they informed me that they'd already sold everything (at a non-discounted price). At least, that's how it felt to me. Cleav got his, though, and felt the quality didn't justify the price.
New Posts  All Forums: