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I have flannel from SS. Like it a lot.
You should delete the blog link in your OP. Anyway, I don't own any, but I've handled Frui (they make the house ties for BnT). Mannergram seem nice. But in all my time in Korea, I don't think I ever bought a tie made there. I know a few members here had mixed feelings regarding Frui. The TYT look very fake.
The charming Miss Kent Wang is cropped out. Had a wonderful dinner (and @Kent Wang has some better pictures with installation art in the background instead of meat). But proof I have feet connected to my body.
From what I understand, fusing technology has advanced to the point that bubbling is no longer a real issue. I do get the impression that canvas looks better after some time.
I'd still like to see K-T in a suit. That'll be the most slimming for him.
3 months is definitely enough time for bespoke. My first took about 6-7 weeks with 3-4 fittings. --- I had several suits and a jacket from HB when I first joined SF. Some were awful. More importantly, some weren't.
My first suit was MWH. The only way Caocao gets BnT is if he wires me the money right now and I then pass it on to Changjin with the explicit instructions to not allow Caocao a refund and to refuse all communication not concerning fabric or fittings. The. Only. Way.
Apropos the cuff preference conversation, this shirt (or jacket) shows a bit more than my ideal amount.
Overly long jacket sleeves bug me. But I judge that by wrist and hand rather than shirt sleeves. I've never seen fits look worse for showing a bit of cuff. My preference is probably .25-.75 CM though. Don't really get that on my fits though (well, it's inconsistent shirt to shirt). Something I could probably sort out at some point, but who wants to put that kind of effort into clothing? Definition of classic SF battle: people suggesting that well justified opinions are...
Agree about color as it appears in the first picture. Agree about the collars. But I wear tall spread with tweed *shrug* Doesn't look like the lapel had roll to begin with. I like the sliver of shirt sleeve. I'll never like flap pockets, but flap patch are at home on tweed.
New Posts  All Forums: