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I'm not sure anyone heavily involved in the aesthetics of style regards GQ as reputable anymore. Marketable, yes. Influential to consumers? Sadly, yes. So catering to that look probably isn't a bad business decision, especially for your cheaper ties. And while I realize that a great deal of aesthetics is subjective, fit is not. And GQ regularly has its models in jackets too small to button (leading to such now standard poses as the "picture snapped in the middle of...
UK ORDERS ARE CLOSED. UK folks, expect a PM with paypal info. Simian is picking them up Saturday
Shell? Any re-soles?
Those do have belt loops actually. I wear clip on suspenders occasionally. Oh the humanity, I know.   But I do now have all my pants, belt loop or side adjusters, with an extended tab. That's a very early pair.
*A thin, hidden knife on the bottom, a la From Russia with Love.   *more discrete branding (though it's far from being loud now)   *green or burgundy in terms of color would be cool
I can think of a few fits of mine where black was the right choice. That fit I didn't like and wont re-post (bizarrely, it got more reblogs from SF Tumblr than any of my other fits. 350 or so). But it was a deep navy blazer, gray flannel trousers, white shirt, and silver necktie. The pocketsquare was white, purple, and blue. I don't think brown or burgundy would have been better there. Here are two where I think black is better than brown or burgundy   (except those...
Are y'all going to be doing any projects for another briefcase besides the Baron?
I like them for blue blazers and gray trousers in looks without any brown. 
I see button downs and knit ties as a natural pairing. Both casual expressions of something generally more formal.
My .02 The majority of those shirts (with the exception of the blue and the pink) really aren't meant to be worn with ties. A shirt functions best as a background to a tie. It is also actually further back, depth wise, so it creates a very odd effect as a bold pattern tries to push itself into the foreground. There is absolutely a place for checks with ties, but they tend to work best when muted or smaller scale, predominantly white, e.g. [[SPOILER]]  Some of the solid...
New Posts  All Forums: