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She is very cool. But my dad has a PhD in German Literature, speaks 3 languages fluently (one being Latin), taught himself Ancient Greek for his midlife crisis, was recruited by the CIA after Vietnam as a language specialist (decided to go to grad school), is now a solar physicist with some good pubs, including one cover article of Nature. He's pretty cool too. Nerd = cool in my book, apparently. Fortunately, my mom felt the same way.   I often wish my wife dressed in...
What's unfair is that my wife likes my mom in Yohji and Issey Miyake. Just not me.
For the CM Friday Challenge. Mama Claghorn is a big fan of Yohji and offered to pay the price of a Yohji item if I were to purchase one ("If you are so interested in clothes, I don't understand why you don't wear more interesting things"). Mrs. Claghorn does not like Yohji and likes me in it even less. Anyway, purchased the sweater on eBay (I wasn't going to make my mom pay full price for something that I likely will not wear while married).     Considered posting...
@Thin White Duke Ah, left over camo from when I was thinking of posting it under a sock. My beard is still dirty blonde.
Brown pebble grain boots
I was very tempted to create a sock (and strongly considered doing so) and post this in the SW&D WAYWRN, then duck and run for cover (as one would a grenade). But I think I will not and simply leave this here. Me in Yohji.  
It is simple. People can give sound advice without sounding like an asshole. In the fine tradition of the internet, SF, and plain anonymity, people often choose not to. Foo is a fantastic example of this. He would put a great deal of effort into providing excellent feedback but would often struggle to do so civilly (at least when people disagreed with him).Is SF better off with feedback motivated (at least partially) by the desire to be condescending and snarky?...
I think his point has little to do with academics. He just gave an example involving his own profession to counter Cox's point. And I agree, criticism and civility are not mutually exclusive. They are orthogonal to each other and entirely independent. If a person is incapable of offering criticism without sounding like an asshole, then their purpose isn't to help; for them constructive criticism is just a mechanism to manifest their vitriolic nature. --- @flvinny521 It...
I like the green over burgundy, but really either will work
I often want to wear white shirts with my blue jackets and gray pants, but it just doesn't work with my skin tone and I end up with something striped.
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