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That is a different color.   srs
What do you mean by large scale check? Large? Too small? Regardless, I'll wear the top shirt with my dark navy fresco tattersall and we can see how it turns out. In my head, I'm not quite seeing it, but we'll see.
So what are you thinking from B&T? Can I suggest a not quite navy suit? (Minnis fresco 520)
Thank you. Truly. It was a long, hard struggle. But I persevered. Old "nubs" Claghorn is no more.
I have feet, y'all
Another B&T jacket, failing that, Havana from Suit Supply fits the bill well enough. Also a green neat. I need more.
How difficult (and expensive) would it be to expand into wool-silk?
Stripes on stripes
This would be me. To a T. But then, I probably wouldn't have been trying to get anywhere with that woman in the first place.
New Posts  All Forums: