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The guy sold 9 of his 10 squares since the link was posted in GNAT. I wonder what % GNAT accounts for. I'm sure at least 7 of 9.
Noodlers, I suspect a J Crew employee purchased a bunch of J Crew for Drakes squares and is now clearing them out on eBay. 40 bucks for wool-silk. If you don't own any wool-silk squares, it is the best fabric combination known to man when it comes to pocket...
I would love a part time job in some sort of menswear shop. But really, who among us wouldn't? I've even fantasized about working at a Brooks Brothers on Saturdays (there isn't much in terms of menswear where I am in Texas) just for fun. Not something I'd ever do (because it's Brooks Brothers), but definitely something I've thought about walking by.   If there was a nice boutique place somewhere around me. Definitely would see if they'd hire me for, like, four hours a...
In Korea. Just had to get a new passport.
Summer 2010. Still forced to wear a suit. Hot, so I had taken off my jacket and rolled up my sleeves (most wear short sleeve collared shirts under their jackets) Just had my passport photo taken.
As the guy who reviewed the weekender, I can comfortably say don't bother waiting. It is excellent. But I hope you get your briefcase on time!
It looks like you might be slightly bowlegged. I think another member here, @Beatlegeuse , is also a bit bowlegged but has addressed the issue decently through MTM.   I think the navy jacket is the best I've seen on you (and I think I've seen most, though feel free to post the collection here). Of everything you own, that would be the one I'd have Luxire copy.
The chair will return shortly, but I'm really liking the colors I can get like this.
I think a middle ground between this and your previous stuff is what they are imagining.
Yup. In fact, I'm selling my Hober creams pretty shortly for this reason.   Um...I meant...that...uh....I'm selling my Hober creams because they look too amazing and women fawn over them making my wife jealous.
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