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edmorel actually sent me that picture. I think he was drunk.
Antarctica has the finest penguins. [[SPOILER]]
Is that lady having a picnic attack?
Probably no less than five days or so. Though if no one is at 18 or 19, I suppose it wouldn't make much of a difference.
I actually missed it as I generally check the picture first, then the thumb count. I would've included it had I caught it.   Any word on heading out to the Jalan factory?
That's the best fitting jacket I've seen on you to date. Though I might have forgotten some. Also, I want to second someone's earlier comments about your progress.   Whatever colors/patterns you decide on for the square, I'd make the square muted given the loudness of the jackets pattern. (Something like a dusty, dark olive would be nice)
For what it's worth, I like fast food (American and Chinese. Not Mexican or Tex-Mex). Sometimes I want a hamburger. And sometimes I want a McDonald's hamburger. And if I had to choose, more often than not, I'd choose McD's. I know it's not better. But it's just so damn good (Homestyle Burger...which is pretty much the standard). I think McD's depends a lot on location. I'm lucky that I live near one that uses very fresh veggies for the most part.   In SK, the McD's were...
So when is his wedding getting on the front page?
You can collect money until they force you into emeritus status? (and even then)
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