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A couple of folks are going there. Never liked theme parks. Also, my wife would kill me if I went there. At some point, we will have a kid, and we will go, and they will have fun, and I'll bring a book. Maybe the Oak Canyon Nature Center? But I think it'll be too hot for tweed, which rules anything outdoors out.
I have probably a day, day and a half free. But I'll probably use that time to work. Though if there is a SuSu nearby the hotel (I don't know what hotel, but I am sponsored by funding outside the university for these things, and the company providing the funding has consistently put us in very nice places), I will visit, and if they try and squeeze me into a 36R, I will give them a hard time. That might be the only sightseeing I do. After living abroad for a while, and...
If there is a SuSu in Anaheim I'm going there to fuck with them in August. The need to stop treating their customers like sausage meat.
I can't recall the name, but Kent has worked with a merchant with whom you can contact directly and can get a bunch of fabrics.
re: houndstooth I associate it with winter, but I've seen a nice linen-wool houndstooth before and see no (real) reason why it can't be worn in S/S.
Tie is a gift from a guy who needs to lurk less (and post more) as he often has insightful things to say.
If it's purple, I wore purple yesterday. So I hope it's purple. In the 90s today, so I'm in linen shorts and a polo.
You were in the Air Force, right? Maybe you have flies in your eyes -_-
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