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@chobochobo out of HK
Practicality, after trying on a variety of brands, Allen Edmonds are the most comfortable for me. Guess I got weird feet. But as that other silly thread makes clear, nice shoes aren't about practicality. However, I was referring to how I perceive shoes, how my brain categorizes them. They are something I need, something designed for a purpose. Shoes don't grab me for the same reason cars don't grab me (and I'm hearing more and more that millennials care less about cars...
They're Belgraves.   I think little about them because, well, they seem so damned practical. They are there, first and foremost, to serve a function. It might also be a defensive mechanism. If I were to obsess over shoes like I obsess over ties and jackets (which are generally more expensive than shoes, so perhaps this argument isn't a good one), I'd be in trouble. I'm at heart a collector. And I don't want my shoe rotation to go beyond 10 or so. I open up that part of...
I think I have another picture. But I generally don't much about with the color of my shoes. They are what they are. I'm clearly not much of a shoe person. I already have a few shoes that are closer to the brown in the stock photo. And I have a pair of burgundy captoe oxfords. So I'm happy with these tweeners ^_^  
They are supposedly chestnut, but yes, they have a lot of red in them. Not that I mind. Makes them interesting.  
The guy never got back to me about my Saks Fifth Avenue suit, so I think it's safe to say that it's still available.
I'm all for a green tie challenge. Green jacket might be too limiting.   I'm also for a prop challenge. Where we have to use a prop (as Papperskatt did with his plush toy).
Tchh...I told him what to expect.   High quality + obscure brand = SF preference   ------   Though to be fair, I did push him to give us early access to the S/S15 collection. So maybe I deserve some of the blame?
Something in this shade (though not necessarily in this design):   Darker green is definitely better than lighter. And I'd avoid anything with too much yellow.
Also, AMERICANS   There may be an issue with Frui finishing our orders by the time Noodles is ready to pick them up. They can definitely do it if they machine make 80% of the tie (with the 20% being the handrolling I guess?). I personally would rather wait and just deal with shipping and any customs charges (which we can hopefully duck, and I'm open to hearing how we can go about doing so), but it's up to you guys. Ideally, they'll finish by the time Noodles leaves. But...
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