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Alright. I like compiling shit. Obviously.   Post five of your favorite fits (or fit pictures). No cheating by adding others in spoilers. Winnowing it down to five is part of the challenge. Edit: To clarify, these are five of your fits. Not other people's                      
Well, this thread keeps going to shit. Too much   Thanks DWW and C&A for occasionally trying to keep it on track.
 Quote: I just pulled the tie too tight. Same as most of my shirt collars.
Not something I'd normally wear, but @TweedyProf brought up the use of large scale check against a checked jacket, so I figured I'd give it a few tries. SF Family:Hober (tie)NMWA (square)Yount (pants, dark brown flannel)Yesterday's experiments [[SPOILER]]
SS fits you better than BB. Pick up the BB for 200 as long as that expense doesn't interfere with you buying staples. --- Lapel width of SS is about the same for those of Yount.
I walked into my first Suit Supply the other day. They've lowered the buttoning points on the Havana considerably, and it fits me well enough that I may consider three jackets from them over a single jacket from B&T. I just wish the lapels were a bit wider. Also, all the sales associates looked like caricatures of the SS models online. It was sort of sad.
pictures are named after date. So 12022014close or 12022014full. Though that computer has yet to be unpacked, so they're all just placed wherever now.
Tweedy asked, and I provided. I'll be doing the same tomorrow. That's why I went with it today! Agreed. I had a brown wool herringbone I could wear with it, but I'm wearing that tomorrow when I continue providing examples of checks on checks.
Two attempts with repeated pattern. I went with the second, smaller check. I think mainly because I felt the white base was too bright for the suit.    
New Posts  All Forums: