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[[SPOILER]] SF Family:Yount (tie)Yount (pants)Meermin (shoes)
Well in the case of B&T, at that price, the quality is probably better than any of its nearby competition.   Though I am acting on your advice for my next jacket
I think the fullness of the Stuart suits you better. The shoulders also really work for you.
D76 (surprisingly) and I40 are my favs.
I went to school (in Texas) with a bunch of people who went to Africa every couple of years to hunt big game. They almost exclusively went to the big game ranches to do so. They were skilled and serious hunters; I doubt they'd pay that kind of money to participate in a hunt that wasn't a fair chase situation.
Ah, Stitchy's comment doesnt surprise me then. He and Foo are in agreement about most things, in fashion and in life.
Elio, I am in that exact same boat I grudgingly agree with Manton that neats are more suited for suits. But I like them. And I don't like suits. So compromises must be made.
Yes. Though to be perfectly honest, I think it's too much to wear a lapel flower.   If you've got a super dandified style, then it might be alright; it'll at least be consistent. Otherwise, I'd probably leave those well enough alone.
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