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Moving away from the article mentioned in the OP, Plummer has an interest suit here; I particularly like the shoulders         Some others:      
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Err on the casual side. Though loafers used to be informal, shoes like penny or tassel loafers have become accepted with business or more formal attire. Due to the bright color of those shoes, they won't work with much in the way of dressing up. In all honestly, if those are expensive, I'd strongly reconsider that purchase in favor of something more versatile.
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Yeah, but he got that i-Gent pose down pat, with a clean crease and a shiver of a break.
Great great grandfather Admiral Claghorn and I don't recall great grandfather Claghorn's rank. His son, my grandfather, also served in the Navy (though did not gradate from the Naval Academy like his father and grandfather). My other side is all USAF/USAAF and doesn't have any old pictures. Anyway GG grandfather Claghorn with a nice 3p suit
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If it is your first commission from a tailor, I'd go solid. It gives them more room for error (or you could argue that bespoke is always going to be perfect...). Tweed is pretty forgiving. Get that first and then see about the GP suit? Also, varying shades of gray and light brown are great for odd trousers. If you are unsure of what fabrics are suitable, just ask the guy doing the fitting for some recommendations.
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