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Bothered me as well.
I do, but BnT is more #menswear
Lots of linen, pointed end knit, untucked back blade, unfused collar, wool/silk square, BnT jacket, beard.  
SFF: Howard Yount (tie) Spier & Mackay (shirt) Kent Wang (square)
I am somewhat associated with solid blue jackets of many, many shades.   So speaking from experience.   Get navy.
Ahhh...gotcha...the items themselves don't have to have #menswear features per se, but the brands/makers can be associated with the idea. Yup. No problem.
As #menswear as I am, I don't know that I really own any #menswear items. 3r2 jackets? Pointed knitted tie?? Seems like #menswear lite. Hmmmm, but I'll see if I can figure something out. In.
If it's a longer tie or the pants are somewhat higher waisted, you have several options:a) tie a knot different from 4IHb) have the wider blade end below the belt-lineci) have the narrow blade end below the belt-line but tuck it into the shirtcii) have the narrow blade end below the belt-line and wave freeSince I like 4IH and have seen enough poorly dressed individuals go the b) route the it's really turned me off that option, I generally go c). Whether I go ci or cii sort...
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