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I like a lot of B&B designs/fabrics. But after owning three, and hearing about QC/CS issues, as well as issues with construction, I gotta say that they aren't worth it at full price.
@Darkside Thanks! I ordered three, two full spread and one extreme. I think I might get two full and one semi. If the semi looks as good in person as it does in your pictures, I may stick with semi-going forward. I hate when collar points are visible; this is the major reason I prefer spread. Are those fused or unfused, by the way? --- S&M, Is it possible to lengthen the collar by half a centimeter or so just to ensure the collar points rest firmly under the jacket...
Butchlets are college aged? And isn't that tie too slubby?
Are the S&M are full or semi-spread?
@Darkside   What are the collars on those?
Twill without sheen.   Anything printed. Without sheen.   Basically. No sheen.
In my experience, Koreans are much better at English but the Japanese are far more willing to speak it to help out a tourist.
When I was 23 I got stranded in Osaka for three days. I didn't budget for it (though hotel was paid for). All I had was $150 and The Wind Up Bird Chronicle. It was an excellent experience. But before I was stranded and poor, I also had a good time traveling around Osaka and Kyoto. Go to Ryoanji Temple in Kyoto. The most beautiful thing I saw in nearly six years living in Asia. Go there or you wasted your trip. Serious. Tokyo is also fun, but meh. I guess when you are...
S&M can also copy shirts, I think. I just ordered three and will be sending in a shirt in the next couple days.
@An Acute Style   Picture of it?
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