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You are foolishly extrapolating from your own experience. On Wall Street, they all refer to each other's Brooks Brothers and Paul Stuarts as "ensembles.""Hello, Gregory. Your ensemble today is most excellent. I notice nothing unusual about your shoulders. Very good and carry on"
@Tom Miler Not Dogmatix? Though actually, he probably has a different name in Swedish.
http://www.styleforum.net/t/230619/cbd-waywrn-an-experiment As a reference for Jiff's endeavors
And don't trust Suit Supply salesman in particular. They have a reputation of trying to squeeze customers into something a size too small. I suggest trying on a few things, asking the salesperson (or your significant other or friend) take pictures. Sit on it for a day or two and then return to make your purchase.   Are you looking for a jacket or a suit? If a suit, probably La Spalla. If it's a jacket, probably Jort or Hudson. If you are looking for a casual suit, Jort...
I have no idea what Al Pacino wears, but this is what I imagine when I think of a respectable guy in his late 40s early 50s who cares about what he wears and doesn't want to look like he's wearing work clothes       (from No Man Walks Alone)
Going to give this thread another go   @Marc Voorhees   The jacket fits well and the suit is definitely a keeper. But the colors are a little lackluster (though I've seen similar color combinations managed to have a stronger effect, so I don't know why this isn't doing it for me here), and double breasted suits (formal) and loafers (very casual) are an odd pairing.   @heldentenor It took me a bit to figure out what it is about this outfit that didn't quite work...
This is what I do (and did yesterday):
I am an iGent and happily so. A good chunk of why I dress the way I dress is for the internet. All of why I dress the way I dress is because it is fun to do so (though most of my colleagues do wear I jacket and tie when they teach). Though I admit it's silly when someone makes clothing on the internet serious business.I think the term has been somewhat appropriated.
Contributions to theory get into better journals than contributions to practice. That's probably one of the many things that is wrong with the study of management and organizations.
Agreed  That's why I was only speaking to the world of iGentry. I'm an academic; we don't care that our queries are irrelevant to the real world. And who says that online slapfights can't be reasonably resolved?
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