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I think I'm wearing a loud/difficult to pair tie tomorrow. Foxx, that is an ugly tie. But potentionally ugly in a good way. It would probably work well in the right context. Three piece or double breasted, where more fabric means less tie and the pattern is downplayed. As is, the much lighter jacket causes more attention to be placed on the tie. JustinK, I think the same could be said for that tie. Provided it isn't shiny in real life. The shirt is too busy to ever work...
Ah, I think there is a misunderstanding somewhere. Somewhere down the line, you seemed to suggest that in order to look good, one had to dress with optimality as their primary concern (if X looks better in a given context, one should always wear X, otherwise one will not look good).
Find a middle ground? Navy blazer, wool trousers, knit tie. (so, dress like Henry Carter)
Doesn't this suggest that there is only a single combination that looks good, and anything other than that doesn't look good? It also seems rather limiting. For example, I have a tattersall shirt that looks amazing with brown ties. Should I only ever wear it with brown ties? ----- As far as dressing for entertainment: you clearly have a lot of fun wearing what you wear. So I'd be highly skeptical if you claim entertainment isn't partially your motivation for dressing as...
Quote: -------- Can't really speak to this, as I don't really have a point of comparison. This is the only blake constructed shoe I own, and I can't really compare the comfort of it to the comfort of GYW, as blake is generally more comfortable (and this isn't an exception)
 From the heels, zoomed 
Hey fellow GNATers.   I may possibly need y'all's help keeping the tone of this thread civil: http://www.styleforum.net/t/405505/an-interactive-photo-review-of-m-andrews-shoes/0_20   It touches on a pretty sensitive issue for some (free stuff).
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