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And no dust issues
^ looks like you might want to let that out a bit at the waist
What was the story behind it?
Any chance you do any more squares along the lines of the samurai cotton? It's probably one of my favorite squares from y'all and I wear it very regularly
We roll commando, bro, and that shit itches.
I have 26, and I am almost positive that 18 is the best bet for an odd jacket.
This is why I never stand up.
Some say more. Others say less. They both are really useful. Chukkas can be dressed down a bit more easily, chelseas up. I like chelseas more. As do DocH and Ac2. I believe Shugz is firmly in the chukka camp. In the end, they are both great.
Welcome (and about time y'all became official!)
New Posts  All Forums: