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I occasionally wear ties when I don't have to work. But I don't have to wear a tie to work anyway. So not much of a difference. I suppose I might feel a little odd going grocery shopping on a Saturday in a tie.
On an aside, how do we define a shill in e-menswear?
You must not follow WAYWRN much these days, huh? During fall, winter, and early spring, I wear them 4-5 times a day. As it warms up, I rarely wear them. This is probably the last week I wear them more than once a week though
So you're the guy I have to blame for all the ads on the side of my browser ^_^. We'll, I'm not your target demographic, but I have to say, you're getting your money's worth in terms of exposure.   Also, I gotta say, I'm pleasantly surprised by your demeanor. It's not what I expected from your advertising or your brand name (which is why I need to refrain from judging things too quickly). Take that as you will, but it's meant as a compliment. This forum has seen a lot of...
@chobochobo out of HK
Practicality, after trying on a variety of brands, Allen Edmonds are the most comfortable for me. Guess I got weird feet. But as that other silly thread makes clear, nice shoes aren't about practicality. However, I was referring to how I perceive shoes, how my brain categorizes them. They are something I need, something designed for a purpose. Shoes don't grab me for the same reason cars don't grab me (and I'm hearing more and more that millennials care less about cars...
They're Belgraves.   I think little about them because, well, they seem so damned practical. They are there, first and foremost, to serve a function. It might also be a defensive mechanism. If I were to obsess over shoes like I obsess over ties and jackets (which are generally more expensive than shoes, so perhaps this argument isn't a good one), I'd be in trouble. I'm at heart a collector. And I don't want my shoe rotation to go beyond 10 or so. I open up that part of...
I think I have another picture. But I generally don't much about with the color of my shoes. They are what they are. I'm clearly not much of a shoe person. I already have a few shoes that are closer to the brown in the stock photo. And I have a pair of burgundy captoe oxfords. So I'm happy with these tweeners ^_^  
They are supposedly chestnut, but yes, they have a lot of red in them. Not that I mind. Makes them interesting.  
The guy never got back to me about my Saks Fifth Avenue suit, so I think it's safe to say that it's still available.
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