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Fit isn't perfect. Tie seems shinny. Not enough contrast between pants and jacket. Odd pocket square choice for a patch pocket. I personally don't mind the jacket/pants, and I'm not crazy about everything fitting perfectly on other people (though it can drive me nuts with my own stuff).
Lack of saturation. (on mobile)
(I secretly wanted people to guess)
No. I'm being a shite ^_^
The green one.
The weird gorge is probably just the angle. But yeah, the breast pocket is pretty funky and the trouser rise should definitely be higher (stylistic choice). But man that back was clean. Also, finally picked up the green tie I'd been "needing" from ET.
I voted for everyone.
There's no way a not quite navy suit paired with a textured brown tie doesn't get the CJP. Your modesty led you astray, Elio
The back is gorgeous. Who is the tailor?
New Posts  All Forums: