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Imagine the picnic attack if Noods experiences sympathetic pregnancy.
Yeah. There is really only so much pain meds can do short of an epidural
Is Ossiplasty real? I just made it up on the basis that rhinoplasty was a nose job.Ah. Maybe I should have said osteoplasty.
A few people in my program take them. I'd really rather avoid it (though I cannot read a methodology paper longer than 30 pages without giving myself a minute break, as this post indicates. Computational agent based modeling of emergent multi-level organizational phenomena. Weeeeee). The cool stuff (studies in subjects I am interested in or are relevant to something I'm interested in) I can generally do three in a row without issue. Took Concerta for a semester as an...
I am trying to build up to reading/annotating three articles without taking any sort of break. I can do two now. Eventually I want to be able to do five (a goal given to me by my to-be dissertation chair)
I love coffee so much guys. It is so wonderful. Coffee coffee coffee.
Noods, just get ossiplasty.
I am voting for SB and nobody else. --- Pleated high-rise pants worn by anyone under 45 with a pocket square is #menswear (in my opinion). To be clear, I see nothing wrong with this and am a perfectly happy part of #menswear.
Pretty much
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