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Mine has that ascwell, fwiw
The camel flannel, since I already had the (RTW) pants. Hip patch pockets on the jacket so I can wear it as an odd jacket or with the pants as a suit.Out of the box, so creases and the like have yet to settle [[SPOILER]] Need to shorten the right sleeve, probably fix the right shoulder a bit (though it is miles better than the RTW), take in the waist a little bit, and maybe address a tiny bit of extra fabric under the arms. The back is very creases from the packing, but it...
The fit of my first SM MTM jacket is superb. Pictures to come soon.
I agree with @Darkside, except for perhaps the last one. A simpler and darker guncheck would be better than that first example. Both features would make it easier to wear, key in a small collection from a small retailer. The second is similarly too light or too gray, with gray being the most common color for pants. And though I like single breasted peak lapel jackets, those are probably best reserved for stores with large offerings. In terms of fabrics for odd jackets,...
To anyone in the market for tennis shoes right now, Wolf vs Goat has theirs at about 85% off. I've never handled his shoes, but I know the shirts and pants from him are VERY high quality (and given his obsession with construction and materials, I suspect this extends to shoes).
Tempted to go with the Mother of Dimples [[SPOILER]] But it's a little extreme.Alternatively, there was the Divine Dimple, [[SPOILER]] or the rare Knit Dimple [[SPOILER]] But in the end, I need to do me. So I like the lighting in this picture
I'd say not worth the complaint.
Almost alone among tailors in cutting individual patterns rather than relying on block patterns? O_o
Both look like they might have minor sleeve issues (and the Washington looks snug), but the Jort is definitely the better of the two (both in terms of construction and how it looks on you. If you are looking for something more business-like, I'd suggest either the La Spalla or the Lazio fits; the peak lapels rule out Washington and the patch pocket's rule out Jort. If you are looking for a more casual suit, Jort is definitely the way to go, as depending on the fabric, it...
Like AJL, I think, Kent Wang and Conrad Wu
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