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We are fourteen ties confirmed. Person 1 [US]: Wine wool (F/W14) Person 2: Olive neat (S/S15) Person 3 [US]: Olive neat (S/S15) Person 4 [US]: Cornflower neat (S/S15) David_brown (S/S14) Sold out Person 5 [US]: Blue neat (S/S15) Yellow neat (S/S15) Olive neat (S/S15) Brown neat 1 (S/S15) Wool/Cashmere birdseye flannel (F/W14) Henry Purple (F/W14) David Blue (S/S14) Sold out Person 6 [UK]: Brown neat 1 S/S14 Sold out Brown neat 2 (S/S15) Person 7 Brown neat 2...
I want to double thumb Cox's post, but I heard that costs extra.
My wife has gone from bemusement to eye-rolling to tolerance to respect. She enjoyed talking to Noodles at the Frui guy last night.
You're just upset I have other Asian friends besides you.
Just put the extra inside Mrs. Noodles new Chanel suitcase you're getting her.   Also, I'm mildly amused and mildly terrified at the thought of Mrs. Noodles and Mrs. Claghorn adding each other on Kakao. The thought occurred to me last night while y'all were chatting. I ain't mentioning anything.
I went squareless as well today. Feeling meh.   Though also, if y'all haven't checked it out, the Frui tie (the folks who make the in house ties for BnTailor) group by is going forward. If we can get to 20 orders (not going to be a problem, I think), we'll get 35% off retail.     SF Family: Kent Wang Meermin
Yup. That's right. So 35% off the above price list if we can get 20 orders. I think for now, assume everything F/W is in stock. If it isn't, I'll get back to you.   PLEASE PM ME YOUR ORDERS!   I'll update in thread every few days until we get to 20, then we'll keep taking orders until the week before Noodles heads to Seoul.
We get wholesale prices at 20 ties I think. Those are retail. I don't know what the wholesale prices are yet, though.
Damn. The images didn't copy over with that. Well, the 153,000 are the S/S15 and the 127 are the F/W14. I don't think the quantity = 1 means there is only one left. At least, I hope not. Or people are going to fight over that wool cashmere glen check....
Retail price list:   1505-1304, Jangmal-ro 71,Wonmi-gu, Bucheon-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea Frui-프루이 I PPRICE SHEET   Invoice No : Frui 20150210-02 Date : 2015/02/10(TUE) Client :...
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