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An economics professor and his student are walking down the street and see a hundred dollar bill on the ground. The student bends down to pick it up and the professor tells him not to bother, that the bill is fake. The student asks how he knows this, and the professor explains that had it been real, someone would have picked it up already.
I'm only an aspiring academic. No PhD...probably won't be getting that until I'm in my mid 30s. Just caught some lucky breaks that got me some research positions and some coauthor opportunities. The teaching opportunities came from those lucky breaks, being a native English speaker, and being a good teacher. So in the meantime, I'll just is back and be envious of all you professors
What are the measurements for indigo wool/silk/linen blazer in 38R? Also, in general, you may want to consider adding jacket measurements (length, sleeve length, pit to pit, shoulder, maybe even waist)
  I'll go with this, I think. Final answer.
You absolutely can. But if you like it, you like it Anyway, I'll wear gingham with suits occasionally. Just not pinstriped suits. [[SPOILER]]
I will trade papers on behavioral economics and Korean real estate for ties.
@justinkapurGingham/tattersall/large scale check always seem more appropriate for odd jackets as opposed to suits. Especially a citified pinstripe.
I approve of this idea. But y'all should check out the tie box thread.
  Not disagreeing with you. And I am also pro-white shirt. And I know you weren't saying "here is proof" and merely saying "here are examples." But the sanctity of the old school sometimes annoys me. I do think Cary Grant is one of the best dressed men I've ever seen. But I also don't think him doing something justifies it being done. But it was more of a general comment prompted by the deluge of images. Also, I didn't notice that you were responding to posters citing them...
I am not a fan of referencing AA and sartorial greats (e.g. Cary Grant) as justification for anything. Something looks good or it doesn't. Something is coherent or it isn't. Doesn't matter who's wearing it.
New Posts  All Forums: