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Why I think a madras vest, in general, doesn't work: Because it is soooo busy (it's perhaps the busiest pattern there is) and surrounded by things which are significantly less so, it looks almost like it's been photoshopped in. This effect is probably also the result of the vest being at a different depth as the jacket. So taken together, it looks off. The only time I can imagine a madras vest working is in a madras three piece. Which would be a bit much anyway.
Agreed; something I've never understood given how good natured AAS is and how much fun he seems to have with what he wears.That being said, his reaction here is likely more a response to the way the criticism was delivered rather than the criticism itself.In general, criticism meant to be constructive is probably best framed in as boring and snark free a manner as possible. Exceptions, of course, when a preexisting relationship mitigates the snark.
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Meermin, I think, works with both cordovan and women's shoes. At leas they used to. I doubt there is an ongoing MTO group for that, but if you wanted to start working to put one together, they'd be a good starting point (they have several female lasts)
Fortunately, the thread will be stored in the former AV subforum, so those old pictures won't disappear
I wore loafers as well.
I think he was joking. I hope he was joking. Noodles is performance art.
I think it's been mentioned before, but I want to reiterate that the best course of action in a rushed situation is to get two fittings and then allow them to send you the finished product via mail. Worth the extra wait and paying the shipping to get that second fit in there.   Except for my last jacket (which was rushed as I was leaving Korea, though I still got 2 fits before picking up the final product), I always got 3 to 4 fits.
I would absolutely spend that much on a linen suit. And have. But that's because I have many others.   Fresco is the best bet, and you can buy it directly from Huddersfield, have them ship it to Kent Wang's factory, and pay a small CMT charge.
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