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What is the standard timeline for pants? I ordered a couple weeks ago and got an email confirming it. I'm assuming the next time I hear from them is going to be they're ready?
Get the PoW. Wear it once a week. You clearly love it. It isn't exactly a stupid purchase. Should you get the staples first? Yes. Is it ok to ignore what you should do? Sometimes.
It's fresco-ish with slight variegation in blue and light blue. It might be too formal--I don't think so--but if it is, it isn't enough to bother me.
The good golfing is around Da Nang, right? Or HCMC?
I have a ridiculous amount of experience with mental illness -_-
I managed to only sink 2-3k into mistakes, fortunately.
I think it's pretty silly to assume we all have the exact same primary motivation in doing what we do. Or that the same motivation is needed to produce the same set of actions. The ritual didn't start when I started posting on SF. Like all rituals, it developed, and its role in motivating me to take pictures and post them grew until it became dominant. Not all of my outfits are perfect--very, very far from it. I've already learned something about what I could be doing...
I think we all have different (primary) motivations for why we photograph and post pictures of ourselves. For me, I enjoy getting dressed, setting up my tripod and camera, snapping a picture, doing a quick color correction on Photoshop, and uploading it here. The whole ritual is a pleasant one for me. I like ritual. A lot. But the point of a ritual, for me, is to have a calming effect. It might not be for others. For most, the process of getting dressed, taking a picture,...
New Posts  All Forums: