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Textures: SFF: SM KW HY
@WillingToLearn flew into town (he had business in the state) and gave a guest lecture to my intro to management class.Which is pretty damned awesome of him.Here are two bad pictures (the ones we tried to take at the bar afterwards were much worse). Less of a WAYWRN post and more of a "this is really cool" post. [[SPOILER]]
SFF: Howard Yount Meermin
From a previous batch:  @upr_crust @jcmeyer @Andy57 @Roy Al Children of @mcobinad @Tom Miler @yjung02 @Sander @justinkapur via @GusW (what a difference a decent picture makes) @GusW @UrbanComposition @heldentenor Andy57 @chocsosa @Cleav @bienluienapris Sander Cleav @Betelgeuse @Crat @Braddock Tom Miler
Is possible; was watching Eastern Promises so it didnt have my full attention.   --- I'd give Sander Clag's Jury Prize. That brown suit...
Have you looked at Sam Hober or E.G. Cappelli?
Doubles as a flute; it was a gift to my grandfather (who was a flautist)
S&M wool-linen suit
B. It has a much dryer hand.
Moving away from the article mentioned in the OP, Plummer has an interest suit here; I particularly like the shoulders         Some others:      
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