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Anton was kind enough to offer me a some squares in exchange for my thoughts. The majority of my thoughts, though, concerned the branding: I've harped on the need to play up the artist aspect of the squares, as that personal element is what sets these squares apart from say, Kent Wang, who also utilizes art.   I pretty much agree with Caustic's assessment: the size is great, and I prefer a different style of stitching for the rolled edges, but this isn't something that's...
Bothered me as well.
I do, but BnT is more #menswear
Lots of linen, pointed end knit, untucked back blade, unfused collar, wool/silk square, BnT jacket, beard.  
SFF: Howard Yount (tie) Spier & Mackay (shirt) Kent Wang (square)
I am somewhat associated with solid blue jackets of many, many shades.   So speaking from experience.   Get navy.
Ahhh...gotcha...the items themselves don't have to have #menswear features per se, but the brands/makers can be associated with the idea. Yup. No problem.
As #menswear as I am, I don't know that I really own any #menswear items. 3r2 jackets? Pointed knitted tie?? Seems like #menswear lite. Hmmmm, but I'll see if I can figure something out. In.
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