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Maybe the tie was a gift from a boss? Wearing it could increase bonus potential. Like not sleeping with the boss's son
This isn't the 00's; groceries are the only thing I buy in person. And even in that, I'm behind the times. I'm all about that sexy font.
    I know I never went back, despite the fact that these don't come with a monogramming service.
If someone notices sock garters, will that affect bonuses on WS?
She was probably trying to sell professors on the amount of work they'd have to do as opposed to sophistication. Bespoke is more work. Professors don't want a customized course. That shit takes time away from research. One size fits all Mens Warehouse box cut, please.   Also I know someone who chose his textbook on the basis of the attractiveness of the rep. McGraw-Hill won.
Can't be a symbol. Just get "murlsquirl" on the cuff of your next Proper Cloth shirt. I also think "Moral Squirrel" should be allowed.
I hope someone at some point has gotten their SF handle monogrammed on a shirt.   "mafoofan" on a cuff
An older article filled with clothing puns (because clothing is sort of the medium of study).   "Clothes make the person? The tailoring of legitimating accounts and the construction of social identity".   When I read this in the abstract: "The diffusion perspective in institutional theory has portrayed how agents import "ready-to-wear" cultural accounts" I felt compelled to share.   http://pubsonline.informs.org/doi/abs/10.1287/orsc.13.5.475.7814
Is there Western trad? The existence of it in the South makes sense, but the South is a lot older than the West
I don't know that you see much Southern Trad in Texas. When it comes to casual wear within certain social circles, you see a lot of Martha's Vineyard influence. But outside of that, nada. I never see madras jackets or light colored suits. I do see suits and (cowboy) boots fairly often, and bolo ties occasionally on men over 50 and cowboy hats with suits occasionally on people of all ages.
New Posts  All Forums: