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Heaping more praise on the Kent's Dendera zodiac square. Same square being used in two fairly different ways:  [[SPOILER]]
If you are able to return them, do so. But not exchange. Refund, save for a while and get better shoes. That is what bad leather is going to look like. When you do get better shoes, also get shoe trees to slip inside them when you take them off.
I wrote out a long post and was just, like, fuck it. Here's the gist. There is direction. There is execution. Both matter. And criticism of both should be taken into account. But criticism of execution should be actively listened to and followed, especially if it nearly unanimous from a wide variety of posters with a wide variety of styles. Take, for example, 38R. His direction is a difficult one. Tira and AAS has succeeded in the execution of that direction. A lot of...
Too much contrast. It works on in Maomao's case because there is barely any contrast. Basically, a single block of color with slight variation.
That fit makes me think of mint chocolate chip ice cream. It was an interesting experiment, but I don't think I'll wear that shirt with a tie again.   (I wear it frequently with jeans though)
These are all 30% plus an additional 10, I think, for VAT. The second, seventh, and eighth all would work well for you. I actually like the sixth as well.
I don't suppose you have a passable picture of it in the wild?
You can get 40% quite a few shoes at Unipair at the moment on the thread. All Carmina though.
Whelp, I only have one light gray suit, and the pants get worn as separates more than the suit. The jacket doesn't get worn as a separate. I have the tweed, both halves get worn as separates. The mid blue linen, both the pants and the jacket have already seen use as separates. I have two navy suits whose jackets work well as separates (well, one works passably, with two patch pockets, while the other works well, 3 patch pockets and a lot of linen). The pants don't get worn...
Thank God. Otherwise, I would've pulled the trigger on it. But now I know I need a rusty maroon neat. So. Off to search the internet for one. From Vanda:  Hober:
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