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9sympth, out of curiosity, how to you classify my pictures? Also, I realize you weren't being critical of anyone. I've not noticed anyone being critical of Victor. As far as I can tell, everyone loves Victor's presence here. Victor, really like that you're getting involved with discussion of clothing!
SF Family Shibumi Vanda Wang
a) awesome write up b) very interesting lapels c) I've never seen a BnT jacket without spalla camicia. Though maybe tchoy has one. d) cool lapels
Yes. But think of how much better the close ups are of the ties I do purchase! Helden; Micro 4/3s My wife and I probably have about four grand in lenses/cameras/equipment between us. But it isn't something that is likely to grow. A friend if mine has about 20 grand worth and a former coworker (for whom photography is a very serious hobby) probably has more than 50k in lenses and cameras
I, for one, would love it if you posted fits more often.a) you're a good guyb) you're too smart to have been around this long without picking up a thing or to about dressing wellc) if there is room for improvement (and there is...for all of us), posting pics is a great way to go about getting that improvement
In another thread, some folks were a little confused at a person being as willing to spend as much as I do on jackets and ties (as a collection) while not being willing to spend even a fraction of that on shoes (as a collection).   On the same token, part of me doesn't get how people will spend thousands of dollars over the course of a year and not spend 400 for a refurbished dSLR (which has uses well beyond taking pictures of ourselves).   Just a part of me feels this...
I wouldn't mind if there was a mix of both sorts. Actually, I think it'd be great if more tumblr type folks posted here, provided they were willing to partake in discussion and criticism. Part of the reason that I dress the way I dress is for this thread. This is where I go to share my hobby. Would I still dress as I do were I not participating in this thread? Probably. But not as much and certainly not with such zeal. Read the selfie thread! Maybe it can help!!
Never seen any in person. I suspect JB would probably be able to tell more in person. But in general: Black oxford captoe Brown oxford captoe Black brogued captoe or wingtip C&J > Loake. But pricier as well. Maybe one C&J and two Loake? Edit: Is that patent leather? If so, definitely steer clear
I think it's actually discussed in the first post of this WAYWRN iteration as well. Also: http://www.styleforum.net/t/469001/how-to-take-a-good-outfit-selfie
From last week, so not an entry.
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