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It does look like a leopard print. It is not a leopard print. I would wear it if it were a leopard print.   Perhaps because it is wool and the jacket is linen (so I have all four fabrics!)?   Talking out of my ass here: As far as balancing things out, I suppose that's one of the troubles with not showing one's shoes. There is never a visual anchor. The legs just disappear into whatever follows the image. The pocket square ties the tie into the pants, though the...
1. They are incorrect. But perhaps it is beyond their abilities? 2. I agree. Since you've got really broad shoulders, you can afford to have the sides let out and still get a really nice taper. Given the lack of shoulder extension popular now, in order to get that taper, jackets often have an hourglass shape to account for widening hips. Shouldn't be necessary in your case.
Dot tie challenge!Linen jacket challenge!3 pattern challenge!Cream trouser challenge!Brown tie challenge!White shirt, odd jacket challenge!Tie/square coordination challenge!F-U Blazer challenge!Summer fit challenge! [[SPOILER]]
100% agree. But I won't wear a suit unless I have to, so either sacrifice that or sacrifice blue on blue. I made my bed and I'll sleep in it.Rest easy in that the same thought crosses my mind everytime I wear such a fit. Perhaps I should get some navy shoes ^_^
The collar is a bit large, especially for the length, as Doc pointed out, but I think that the disproportionality of the collar is emphasized by the overall discordance of seeing that jacket with a tie and suit pants, regardless of whether you told us to ignore it. I think had it been with jeans and a flannel shirt, our brains would have been much happier with the collar size. As is, our brain feels like the whole fit is wrong and probably then emphasizes everything which...
I noticed and thumbed anyway.   I think that there is a certain look (probably involving a conservative navy blazer, a blue shirt, striped or solid tie, and conservative pants) that will always get a thumb from me provided the fit is good.
  SF Family: NMWA (square) Yount (pants) Meermin (shoes)
Buy it.
There are so few people with well fitting suits in Korea, I'd be surprised if a lot of Koreans can recognize one were they to encounter one. Either shapeless bags or way too tight worsted body condoms. Plus everyone walks around with jackets unbuttoned here. I've actually had a salesperson at a department store here try to sell me on a jacket that didn't fit by arguing that it was meant to be worn unbuttoned. The sad thing is, it probably was.   That room that you feel...
Murl, L2B, and Kulata
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