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In the sense that political forces are going to influence how the political science and history is taught? I don't know if it will. Of course, that influence is already heavily institutionalized
True^ Though I wonder how important that distinction was after the 1960s, the majority of fascist governments and movements having petered out, with the exception of Spain, I guess. I suppose Park Chung-hee in South Korea could accurately be described as Fascist, in practice and ideology if not in name, and I'm sure Kim Il-sung highlighted that in his own rhetoric into the 70s and 80s (with Park successor Chun). Park Jungyul of B&Tailor, early in his career, worked at...
All the best composers are in Hell
Somehow I suspect the former Bloc countries haven't been any better conditioned to think critically about economics and history than we have.
Noodles' buffoonery was the only thing checking my desire to turn this thread into a nerdfest. Can I summon @Academic2 as one does a Pokemon? Also, I'm keeping @heldentenor in reserve. This thread is missing a good discussion of the long term economic impacts of the Reconstruction on the South.
It's been a while, but I believe that Marxism is by and large an interpretational theory, though it also made the occasional prediction. It was the subsequent prescriptive political theories that, to varying degrees, failed to account for human nature. I've mentioned it before, but it irks me how the Cold War has influenced our learning of historical and economic theories so that we conflate things like communism and fascism (which are ideological opposites) and are...
Glad you're feeling good about it. Clothes are just clothes, but wearing quality clothing is still nice.
Where all have you looked? And what about the Alden do you like?
Hober all day every day. Exquisite Trimmings RTW on sale is an excellent deal. Good deal full priced too. They may have a Father's Day Sale going on now, though As far as care, just make sure than you don't have jagged fingernails (like just after being cut), as they can snag. Still, I have a dozen grenadines and after years of wear, I think I've snagged two. And neither is noticeable.
I am not sure what is going on here, but I speak for many, I think, in good naturedly suggesting you cease wearing that tie. I'm on mobile, but I will provide elaboration in a bit
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