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Linen wool blends are the holy grail. Look at the subtle texture of them (especially the first one. The second one skews towards linen)    
Yes. I like it, but it actually saddens me that it is included in the list. It didn't deserve 20 thumbs in my opinion. But I have a horrible love of pattern pants and I don't have any flannel odd jackets, which I think would've been best with those pants. If I win this week's Friday Challenge, I may declare a pattern pants challenge for the next week. Also, do you have a picture of that burgundy macclesfield? The picture on the Hober site is far from flattering. Yup. Broke...
That suit is too amazing to not get included.
I like that tie. I have no idea how to wear it. But I like it. If pressed, I'd say that shirt was the right choice. Jacket makes it too busy for my tastes, but it's far from being too over the top. In fact, some might argue that it balances the loudness of the tie. When did you pick that up?   As far as why that's a better paisley than some of the others, the colors are rich but muted and the tie itself is matte.   Edit: or grow a beard? That's not you, is it? Ah, it's...
Loake 1880 isn't a bad option, but I'm unfamiliar with their construction/durability, so I didn't recommend it.   Their standard captoe is less attractive than the Park Avenue.     But these are more attractive than the McAllister:
At that price point, get two pairs of AE. Wear each twice a week. Make sure you use shoe trees. Get decent cream to keep the leather hydrated (once a month is generally enough). Chances are in a few years, you'll add one or two more shoes to your rotation. A few years later, a few more. In 7-8 years, your first two will look like mine do now. But definitely get two to start off if you can afford it (to keep them from aging too quickly. Leather really needs time to...
It depends. How often do you intend on wearing them? If often, you'd be better off getting two shoes for 250 bucks each so that you can rotate them. If this is something you'd wear 3-4 times a month, then you might look into Carmina or Crockett & Jones. Bare minimum, your shoes should get 24 hours of rest between wears. It let's the leather recover. One of the best things about buying nice shoes is that if you take care of them, they last a very long time. This isn't true...
MASSIVE FUCKING BATCH. But I had to get to Stitchy's Dick Post. Apologies if anyone was missed. Went on autopilot. I did double check for @kulata                       
AE and Meermin represent two excellent brands at which to start buying good shoes. Meermin is a little cheaper, their construction isn't quite as sturdy, they aren't made in America, but their lasts and finishing are more attractive. AE is very well made, in the US, with very good customer service. A little dull though.   Regardless, at a low price point, those two brands are your best bet.
 But yeah, I've put him on block. I'd just scroll past if he'd spoiler images, but he doesn't. I also wish he'd not do his thing in this thread. But nobody wins if we start parodying him. I guess I'm a wet blanket.
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