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If time is at all a factor, I'd go for in person MTM over online. A lot less can go wrong in person. If the KW trial suit fits well, then it's a pretty safe proposition.
Tie pictures were taken via smartphone, and the colors aren't great. The jacket pictures are a better representation.Ten ties: [[SPOILER]] I don't have many S/S jackets since I don't wear a jacket daily in summer. I think I have only two jackets/suits that get worn exclusively S/S, but I'll try to be true to the themeGray knit (Howard Yount) with a wool-linen jacket (also what I am wearing todaySame jacket, orange neat from Henry CarterRaw silk Panta; suit is...
One day later, DerekS' entry: [[SPOILER]]
@odusbk Madder 2 will work better with a solid navy suit, white shirt. Or a light blue shirt and a charcoal suit. Or a light blue shirt, deep burgundy tie, and a navy suit. Someone mentioned nailhead, which is a nice idea. Agree w/ everyone re the square. --- @DonRaphael I think you might have to ask at the Luxire thread. But it sounds like a nice rig!
Both. Herringbone (CM) creates the appearance of self-striping (you), which (self-striping) I've never seen work on an odd jacket
Which is why herringbone generally works best with a suit (as that is)
Just commission a pocket.
Park Jungyul, the father and founder. Definitely have noticed the large folio/briefcase/bag trend. That being said, it looks very nice if less than practical.
My official entry:A Harris Tweed briefcase handmade by my good friend, Younghyun Kim. I met Younghyun at a friend's restaurant in Seoul. My friend, Taehwan, was hosting an exhibition of several MFA students from several disciplines. As a result of that encounter, I became her first customer. She allowed me a lot of input into the design of the bag; because of my input, the design was awful. We both learned an important lesson: let the artist/craftperson make most of the...
^ Blekit, I would consider looking at other places besides SuitSupply, or at least be much more picky with the cuts you choose. I know that maybe only 3-4 SuSu models really work for me, and I'd never consider buying a jacket or suit that isn't one of those models, regardless of how much I like the fabric. Many of the cuts aren't particularly flattering on you; you'd definitely benefit from more structured shoulders for example, so Washington would probably look very...
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