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Generally don't cross-post, but I thought this was a nice enough picture to warrant it.
Light wasn't good enough for the chair, so I mixed Anden and Elio
Not when it comes to suede they shouldn't! Perfect for the man who prefers odd jackets to suits.
Not really sure. CMT a suit will probably end up being around 1.2k USD. But that's a guess at this point. Best way to find out is to email them.
You can give thumbs and upload pictures pretty easily. Only minor qualm is that you have to resize pictures as the default is the smallest setting (which is an odd choice for default since everyone wants 'em big)
Noodles speaks the truth. Drinking in Korea is ten times as significant as it is here. I know I've mentioned it several times, but my boss once made us drink out of his shoe as a team building exercise.
Less now with the exchange rate. Though I think probably around that if you catch them on a trunk show rather than meet them locally.
Thankfully I dont think I've ever been recognized. Though I guess it's not a bad thing. I might act confused for shits and giggles.
I've met Noodles and Unipair Guy! Will be meeting Kent Wang in the fall when he visits Texas. Also seeing Noodles and Mrs. Noodles in the fall.
Iso, do you have wide hips for your slender waist? If so, this might explain a lot we couldnt really gather from your previous pictures
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