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Neither ConradWu nor Henry Carter have CT's. I wonder if a) such a competition can happen b) if @LA Guy would create a custom CT as a prize and c) if either HC or CW would even want to be called "Slub King" --- Murl, let me sleep on it; if @Cleav is down, I'll reach out to y'all both But some ideas for the season (8 matches) - The Uniform - CBD - Subverted formality - Brown in town - Monochrome - Photography - Trad - Business casual - Seasonal - Accessorize...
But you have enough of a slubby back catalog from the last 18 months or so. Yes, Murl, that is exactly what I am suggesting
Indeed. Each could solicit pictures over a period of 2-3 weeks. They create a roster of the best five and then go head to head. @conradwu @Henry Carter I also like the idea of other team based challenges. Maybe bi-monthly. Team @Murlsquirl and Team @Cleav those who want to play can submit themselves to a (not public) draft to create rosters. Some challenge, the teams submit their three best fits, then vote. Maybe make a season of it with 8 challenges Dec-Mar all...
Henry Carter and Conrad Wu need to have a slub off. 5 best fits of their slubbyiest ties. They can use any example, wearer, or tie from the past.
@timotune Please stick around!
I don't own any. What is disappointing about it?
Someone has posted a bunch of Finamore 1925 7 fold ties NWT on eBay for 59.99 (plus $15 shipping from Italy). The pickings are slim and there is a lot of chaff to shift through, but there are a few probably worth picking up and everything is 3.25-3.5...
I'm getting a brown jacket soon from Kent Wang (it'll be my fifth brown, for those who think I just own blue). After that, a green (my fourth green, for those who think I just own blue). Then I'll be getting another blue. Green is great. All three of mine are mossy, so I'll be looking for something a bit lighter
You should submit those to @Kent Wang for a bit of store credit. There is no better evidence of the quality of a pair of shoes than how well the age. That picture makes a damn strong case.
For the best, precious lung. At some point, some folks envisioned FC's as a good way to gather a number of images around a central theme for the purpose of education. In this light, the more the merrier. The more examples of a theme, the more that can be learned.
New Posts  All Forums: