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I'll cut you, hombre. But Butchy has a great flow chart about getting told on a whiteboard in his cubicle. And then you told him. Hence the reference. I wanted to find one of several pictures he's posted of that flow chart and the google of "sugarbutch got told" came up with that website. ----- "Men's Clothing" was a terrible name.
Did someone just get told?   Also.   www.sugarbutch.net
Very happy with mine, despite photographing like charcoal.    
I have the brown/golden edged Victory square. It fills a niche (cool colored off white). But I mostly just wanted to own it, silly as that is. When did Hober start carrying prints? That's amazing.
They only start out white.
Have you ever been to a riot? Defecation occurs regularly. Anyway, it was more about the shirt.
Agreed on both counts, but it is several months old. And I don't want to try and clandestinely enter an old picture. UNLIKE SOME PEOPLE.
From a few months ago. I don't think I ever got around to posting on SF. Can't recall why. (Not my entry; the first is)
@LA Guy How would you describe the gap between SWD and CM on this forum? It seems the cleanest delineation is tailored clothing (and items associated with tailored clothing) derived from certain European traditions with everything else falling in SWD. But then SWD is disproportionately broad.
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