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Does that mean I'll buy less blue jackets after the vasectomy?
We've both wanted a single kid for a while (and me, pretty much my whole adult life, even pre Mrs. Claghorn). Just waiting until my first tenure tracked job to start trying.
Well, given that children (child) are many years away yet, and I've had this plan of action in mind (not something I'll decide upon until talking to a few doctors about it), I wouldn't call it rash. Now, if I were Noodles, I'd make this decision after a few moments thought and then two weeks later try to exchange my vas deferens. Does anyone know if you'll get vicodin after a vasectomy?
It's easily reversed if so. I love kids and can't wait to be a father. But I also like being me. The more kids you have, the more you are "father" and the less you are "Bill" or "John" or "Jeremiah Springfield"
That's for Crusty to say.
I fully plan on having a vasectomy the day after my wife has our first (and only).
Indeed. But this is true for all large organizations.
I hope this hits 20 thumbs.
I did miss that part. But I PMed you.
Agreed. Any objections to me removing any further discussion? I think all that can be said has been said. It's sad, but I doubt the involved parties will see eye to eye.
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