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I remember in high school, the first time I went to the UK, I was shocked at the reprobate and libidinous advertisements. As a teenage boy, I was thoroughly, thoroughly, disapproving of them.
I don't recall which collar this is, but Spier & Mackay shirt:  
What are the original measurements? I'll measure it when I get home; it definitely gets enough wear so that if shantung does stretch, this'll show it. Assuming the listed measurements are dead on (unlikely)
NSFW poster in the BG O_o
Depends on the wool. I was curious about it too a few months ago. This wool tie has stretched some. It's fuzzier and maybe more loosely woven. Whereas this denser wool tie from Calabrese hasn't stretched at all despite being worn more frequently
Speaking of a lot of one color SF Family: Henry Carter Post-Imperial Spier & Mackay Meermin
Everything pales compared to the fish.
I'm struggling to drop down from a 6 cups of coffee a day routine over the past week or so back to my normal three. #zombie
If so, you'd be the first to describe Post-Imperial as subtle.
New challenge: THE SUBTLY ODD   http://www.styleforum.net/t/527443/friday-challenge-08-12-2016-the-subtly-odd/0_20
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