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Thanks for tagging me on Facebook! It is very, very cool. 
  Sorry, I misread your intention (or more specifically, your use of an emoticon). No, I don't think it works there, though as I remarked, they did use it in a more casual context than the blue blazer that sparked this discussion. One problem, though not with the nature of the combination, is that the suit appears to be very fall/winter. I suspect it's cotton or linen and from the S/S line up, but that color screams F/W while the vest is very S/S. As far as the use of that...
I like this idea a lot. Too bad no more of that silk is availableAlso @gshen at Vanda is probably more familiar with kimono silk than any other tie maker
That's a pretty wide range of exemplars. And they themselves probably have embraced several style each. Why not find 15-30 outfits from those blokes that really capture the feeling you are going for in what you want to wear?
Suit Supply does a lot of silly stuff. Also X looks good on a professionally photographed model, therefore X works, is not a good argument. Not saying it looks good there, mind you. But note they paired it with a very casual suit.
Thanks Anden! Yeah, I (and others) manually go through WAYWRN.
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Depends on the Quaker. I was raised Hicksite. So about as socially liberal as possible. When my sister was given "the talk," it was "when a man and a woman, or a man and a man, or a woman and a woman, love each other very much." When I was 10 or 11 I read a book on AIDS and told my dad that I had decided to wait until marriage to have sex. He told me that was stupid and my mom chimed in in agreement, suggesting my opinion would change quite rapidly when I got a girlfriend.
Last time Derek knew what he was talking about was BondCon 2014
High in the low 60s Panta Kent Wang Spier & Mackay Meermin
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