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Although I am also one of those unfortunate Cowboys fans (ever since the Oilers jumped ship).
If I only had a gray suit, I could do the Spurs.
As we had been discussing KW bi-color knits:
I have one 100% cotton tie. It's great, but it is getting a little fuzzy after about 10 or so wears.  Also, I didn't think I had any decent pictures of knit knots, but I found two while looking for the cotton tie, CW and HY respectively: [[SPOILER]]
@DonCologne I know it's been said already, but suits really work for you in a way which odd jackets don't. I don't know why, and I don't know whether it is worth discussion. There have been plenty of odd jacket fits of yours that I like, but I am always struck by your suit outfits. I think that suits have an elongating effect (one color, all the way down) which flatters you.   @VictorSF I have never stopped giving you thumbs, despite your protestations. It would be great...
I'd wear it with the following outfit: blue jacket. White or blue shirt. Gray trousers. Black shoes. Pretty much as I use my grenadine. --- I'm envious of Elio's lighting and his ability to take advantage of it.
My one tie would probably be a brown silk knit. A black silk knit would not be in my Top 100. I say this with the absolute certainty of a man with a three figure tie collection and no black knit. But if I were to recommend 10 ties to someone, a black knit would certainly be in there. I own a black grenadine. Perhaps I should be on the lookout for a nice black knit.
Wool knit, which is very F/W   F/W silk knit. This works for me.   Silk knit and flannel(?), but this largely strikes me as a seasonally neutral fit despite the flannel.   A F/W with a silk knit that doesn't work for me, though it might not be due to the tie. On second glance, this tie might be wool.   F/W fit with a silk knit that does work for me (I mentioned in my earlier statement that color trumps weave as far as I'm concerned). At second glance, this...
Don't be reactive, be proactive. Introduce some shantung love.
New Posts  All Forums: