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Yeah, I think you or I would have gotten CJP depending on my mood   --- TOMMILER   upr_crust   Claghorn     Cox   MRSIX   uprcrust   Tom Miler   Sander   cezinho   uprcrust   lordsuperb   Tom Miler   Ac2   Sander   cezinho   Claghorn(s)   sugarbutches   murl   Tom Miler   Mr....
Since we are talking scales an patterns, I incidentally wore four patterns today. I generally prefer two or three, and with a patterned jacket, I'd wear a solid shirt.
I'd change the shirt to white or blue regardless of the tie. If you have a less bright tie, I'd wear that too. If not, a white shirt is the way to go
I missed the discussion of religion. Unless when it was when I rattled off all the reasons Quakers are awesome.
It looks pretty dated. I'd guess around 20 years old (judging from lapel shape, hard 3 button, and the pleats). You could probably get an accurate estimation of age in the thrift thread; they're pretty good at that. If it doesn't bother you, keep it. I'd probably return it and wait for something more recent. --- LA Guy, that doesn't look like a 3r2 to me. Lapels lie too cleanly, I think, were that the case. Something is up with its right side, but it's all along that...
Can't really tell if it is out of style or not without a picture. But if you like it, everything else is probably irrelevant. Corneliani is a good brand.
Imagine the picnic attack if Noods experiences sympathetic pregnancy.
Yeah. There is really only so much pain meds can do short of an epidural
Is Ossiplasty real? I just made it up on the basis that rhinoplasty was a nose job.Ah. Maybe I should have said osteoplasty.
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