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I think we need to make a distinction between jeans and....gulp....dress denim. I've seen a few people on here get something along those lines from Luxire (@Monkeyface or @EFV). The third, fifth, and sixth pictures of Park(s) display them to their intended effect, I think. The cut and details are those of dressier trousers, the denim isn't too rough, and if it weren't for our association of denim with workwear or casual wear, we probably would just lump those in with other...
I would be hard pressed to be more @Claghorn today     SF Family: Henry Carter Kent Wang Unipair
I don't, and never will, own a bow tie. Now bring on the Suit 'n' Boots!
Navy and midnight are included in blue. Brutal, I know. Stitchy, I relayed your comment and she nodded emphatically.Still, I'm allowed to trade for blue jackets. So I've a plan in the works. Mwah.
I'm glad my favorite of yours made the list!
Going to stick with B&Tailor, but will acquire them much less rapidly due to distance (maybe one jacket a year). My wardrobe is at a place where it doesn't need to grow much, but if I see something I like from Suit Supply, I'll probably pick it up. I recently went to a store for the first time and was pleased to find that the Havana fits me as well as a lot of my MTM stuff. Though my wife has recently forbidden me from spending any more money on blue jackets (I have around...
@IsteRed: Those shoes really aren't doing it for me. Or anyone else. But you've already paid for them, and I assume you like them and will continue to wear them, so can I suggest that you wear them with more casual outfits? An all solid look with navy double breasted jacket demands something a little bit more serious with regards to footwear.   @DonCologne: Asterix reference   ------   A warm Sunday wedding, a rare non-selfie.   SF Family: Kent Wang Vanda
Other colors are fine. But she says that I've spent too much money on blue jackets. I'll wait a year and try again. In the mean time, another brown may be in order. Or green.I have at least as much fun with clothes in real life as I do on here.
My wife has forbidden me from spending any more money on blue jackets.
Well, you're after the right suits, which is more than one can say about a lot of folks. You might also look at Suit Supply. Also half canvassed. Very easy returns. Which of those (from mjbale) are you liking?
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