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It kills me that I don't have enough green ties. I have the most brown, followed by blue, followed by red, followed by green. If I could snap my fingers, it would be green, brown, red, blue.
Stitchy, is you thinking all the things you dun not buy in your life?
She seriously still thinks that that suit makes you look like an old man? I know it's because she's young and wants you to dress as young as she is (so perhaps when she says "you look like an old man" she means to say "you look like you were born in 1981") but still....Jesus...that's so much better on you than what you had been wearing.
It's not me. It's the picture.
Can't do a tweed challenge. I already won that.  [[SPOILER]]  So FM wins the Halloween Challenge. Elio the Degree of Difficulty Challenge. And I win the Tweed Challenge. Next.Prostitutes.
1, 2, and 4 are the most interview appropriate, I think. 2 is my favorite of the bunch.
It's been a while since a sprezz challenge.also could do a "don't dress like yourself challenge" or an "emulate a blog challenge"
I'll keep pitching what I want to see: degree of difficulty challenge. The most difficult fit you think you've ever pulled off.
What is the standard timeline for pants? I ordered a couple weeks ago and got an email confirming it. I'm assuming the next time I hear from them is going to be they're ready?
New Posts  All Forums: