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I'm going to go ahead and say what I assume everyone is thinking. The way in which Shen sometimes edits out his eyes is....uh....not conducive to a positive mental reaction.   But yes, he is a superb dresser.
Alright, I think I'm going to proceed forward with this. S/S 14 is all sold out, but post anything from FW or S/S 15 (the linen and cotton one mostly...pretty much anything that's not 75 dollars/82,000 won) that y'all want. Just link from the website (you can scroll down for length/width and other specs). I'm getting one of these http://m.fruistore.com/product/detail.html?product_no=148&cate_no=7&display_group=1 and perhaps one of these if Mrs. Claghorn is feeling...
@TweedyProf I think I just sold that tie to @calypso
Changjin got back to me. S/S 14 is all out. I'm going to pick up something from F/W (the wine wool or the flecked brown). But a bit of the thrill is gone. Talking with him about S/S 15. I'll keep y'all posted with what develops.
Yup. All 8.5-9cm with some variation within that range for each tie.
Some from S/S 14 (~76USD, self-tipped, silk)     Some from F/W (105-118USD, wool, wool-cashmere, linen, hand rolled)
Alright, I reached out to Changjin (BnT) for an introduction to Frui.   http://www.styleforum.net/t/451445/frui-tie-sf-group-buy-interest-check/0_20
Frui makes the house ties for BnTailor.   I don't own one (yet), but I've handled them a number of times. Very, very close to being on par with Vanda. Or perhaps they are.   Anyway, their website is set up for just Korean purchases, but I want to try and introduce them to SF because a) I want to buy a few anyway and b) I've realized that there are a lot less tie options out there than I originally imagined and c) it's always cool to be involved in stuff like...
Alright, so, separate thread time?
It is exactly what I had in mind.
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