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It is a rather weird trend.I did actually wear that shirt today, but with shorts and Adidas.
So this look seems to be inexplicably popular this year at Pitti. Probably not wearing a Brooks Brothers polo (as far as brands go, the anti-Pitti)
A+ MC threak45% snark tangentially clothing related40% talking over each other about clothing10% information about clothing5% requests to get back on topicNeeds Foo.
I have to admit. If I had to only have a single shoe, that's a very good choice for me.
I know a founder of an alternative investment firm (if that's what a boutique firm focusing on specific types of investments is?) on WS wears a lot of NSM and odd jackets. But he's the bossman and probably has instilled a company culture to reflect the relaxed structure of his jackets (actually, I think he has)
That strikes me as more Caribbean colonial, CM Also, I am glad that this thread has followed the unusual naming convention of SF, wherein the OP names the thread after someone else. Whnay, Noodles, and now MWS
Maybe the tie was a gift from a boss? Wearing it could increase bonus potential. Like not sleeping with the boss's son
This isn't the 00's; groceries are the only thing I buy in person. And even in that, I'm behind the times. I'm all about that sexy font.
    I know I never went back, despite the fact that these don't come with a monogramming service.
If someone notices sock garters, will that affect bonuses on WS?
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