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Stalkers, eyeliner for men, facial hair phalluses.....
Elio's got a handle on the Claghorn's Jury Prize I think. But for shits:   072714   07302014   08110214   08132014   08132014 (two batches in one day, Elio. Well done)   08162014   08202014   08232014   08242014   3 weeks and blah blah ago (Noodles had this batch 'til I scrolled past choc)     ------- (Elio, just because tchoy and I share a tailor and have similar tastes with regards to trouser/jacket combination, doesn't...
(I think) grenadines, in general, have reached saturation point. Outside of the printed grenadines, there is an increase in patterned grenadines, raw silk grenadines, wool blend grenadines, and now dual color grenadines. http://bergbergstore.com/accessories/ties.html?p=2
I have two Berg and Berg ties and a couple of their squares. The squares were awful. Felt like very cheap silk. But this was a few seasons ago. One tie is lightly lined and ties an ok knot. I have a knit tie from them as well, and it ties the best knot of any knit ties I own.  [[SPOILER]]Looks good. I'm pretty against patterned grenadines (the pattern combined with the weave makes the whole thing a bit busy), but with really large scale patterns, it works.
Damn, too slow on the cashmere Ricci!
Berg & Berg has stepped up their tie game. They've got some interesting stripes there.
@Cleav   28 years is impressive. Any significant events occur while in those shoes?
It appears the majority disagree, but monotone brown doesn't do it for me (though monotone blue, I can see), so I voted nabil, choy, and EFV
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