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They appear more polished than they actually are
I am not a fan, but I think for some, they serve as a fun way to bring down the formality of the shirt and the outfit as a whole. EFV is generally consistent in his ability to make them work in a jacket and tie context.
Not an entry, but one of my "difficult" ties
Camel flannel. Rick may have a few suit lengths left in stock?
None are carried any more unfortunately.
A couple Hobers
I have to admit, I chuckled in another thread where a poster mistook you for an officer and you took umbrage at the insult. ^_^
From yesterday, for the Friday Contest (which only has two entries so far and is sponsored so the winner gets a free shirt) (Different Orwell collection, to be clear. That's Facing Unpleasant Facts. The other was All Art is Propaganda) SFF: Hober Wang SM
Suit and shirt, SM
 If you want a quick quote:-England, Your England (1941) Otherwise, I make clear my passion for Orwell: Looking Back on the Spanish War (1942) In Front of Your Nose (1946) 1984 (1949) I once taught a course on political writing and literature, and I drew extensively on Orwell's essays. Orwell's writing on the nature of truth was at the center of one of my favorite lessons. I found the easiest example to give was North Korea and the Kim family. After all, how can a whole...
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