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Well, it's also tough for you to develop a signature look (not that it's needed) since you've felt you were constrained by your workplace's dress code.
The Noodle: a crotchless trouser from Luxire.   Also, one of the criticisms (which I don't understand) of @in stitches is that his CM game never really coalesced into any "personal style." I've never understood that this is a bad thing. I think it might be true--that, if one were to lay out some items, sans the wearer, we'd be able to say, "oh, that's stitchy"--but that's just a feeling and I'm not sure I can explain it (and therefore trust it). I will say that his MC...
Finamore had some amazing squares. Very cheap if you buy from them directly. At about four times the price, for the same square, they can be had from KoC.   http://www.finamore.it/en/shop/2013-10-30-17-05-35/pochette/pochette458-detail.html   And their sale ties are nicely price. Seven fold for under 60 euros
The Unipair house ties are the only ones of mine that have it. But I'll have to check others.   @Sam Hober or @Henry Carter, do you know what causes this effect?
How thick is the lining on those wool ties?  At those prices, I'd be a bit leery of construction and materials. I'd guess synthetic linings. That knot though isn't awful.
@Caustic Man   Do you have any pictures of the ties knotted? For me, that's always the deal breaker. Does the tie knot well (by my standards)?
Heya folks,   Trying to get another "useful" thread going.   http://www.styleforum.net/t/485223/the-actively-discovering-new-brands-thread/0_20   In particular, if any of y'all is interested in trying out some German sold Italian grenadines or some Swedish sold Spanish shoes and reporting back to us, that would be swell. I think there are some other brands of interest mentioned there.
You are very far from lost. As far as orphans, navy is the best way to go (though still not as good as a blazersuit jacket or a true odd jacket). Keep everything but get something less orphany--that same combo--it'll be great.You might even think about getting some brown or 나전 (I edited a book on the stuff) buttons for that jacket. The cut is fairly casual. I think it'll pass muster.
People worrying about mid to light gray trousers being orphaned trousers are crazy. Unless that shit has mohair or is charcoal, it isn't really an issue in my opinion. Anyway, close up of the fabric
Her grandmother's house is an odd place to spend your date's 84th birthday. Her grandmother must also be really ancient. Did you chirp after parking? Or is that inappropriate once your date has been selected?
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