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Some people are motivated by an obsession with truth. Since this is the internet, most will be motivated by drama.
TP: 5963
Out of curiosity, how do you define a clean shoulder line? I expect red lines. I feel that all three are about equally good--mostly just different.
2 looks best (and 1 looks good). Makers?
I had just assumed you'd made the choice with me in mind. Though if I recall, one of our first interactions revolved around us both thinking that a member arguing that brown ties weren't a good choice was a crazy person.
 and also, though not often, without a jacket.
Pretty dark, but definitely not a shirt I'd mind owning.
I think I'd be friends with whomever is in charge of PJT's concepts. Odd and interesting without taking itself seriously.
I couldn't tell. They blended in so well I thought you were pantless. Also, you're Derek, so I thought you were pantless.
New Posts  All Forums: