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I get mine every 4-6 weeks. I find haircuts incredibly annoying
I just needed a haircut at that point. That's as long as it gets. Then I get it cut short. It grows to that length, then I cut it short again.
I often wear Chelsea's with my windowpane suit as well. Unfortunately, they don't show up too well with the picture I have.
90ish ties, but only 50 in real rotation.
White linen. A subtle pattern based in cream or oatmeal. 3 prints or paisley which will go with go with brown, with green, and with burgundy. At least two of those wool-silk. I think I'd be happy with 90% of my pocket squares being wool silk.
I choose either jacket or tie first.
I'm getting a Kent Wang pocket square hanger.Mrs. C was shocked at how "few" squares I had (20+ worn with 9-10 in heavy rotation) and asked me how many squares I felt I needed. I told her I honestly don't know, but I want to get to the point where so won't ever struggle to find a square for whatever outfit I put together (I generally choose the square last).
The gdl fit is one of my five favorite SF fits all time.
Alright. I may play just so that there is greater participation
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