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Just for reference, this is what everyone sees without adblock, right?     Fok, you've mentioned not liking this kind of stuff, right?   I realize this is technically better suited for the thread in GC, but we're all good natured fellows here, and this thread is no stranger to off topic conversations spanning a few pages.
Purple tie bro. Purple tie. Go and buy one. You have time. There are menswear stores in Hotlanta
@LA Guy has complained to Huddler, I think, about the wall to wall ads. To no avail, I guess.
Lest anyone shy away from saepnirg's low post count, he's a very good guy to deal with. He's an active lurker and I've had a number of conversations with him via PM.
I'm asking for a pair of seconds to use as shoe trees.
Ad block on Mozilla kills all this. It is amazing.
Congratulations Kulata!   Might I suggest a purple tie challenge? And not just because I'm wearing a purple tie right now. But mostly because I'm wearing a purple tie right now.   Or tieless challenge. I know I can get a Butchy vote by wearing a spread collar without a necktie.     Another idea, pulled from someone in the comp thread, is to dress like someone with a distinct style. As in, you could recognize who the outfit is from without actually seeing the person...
Noodles, make sure you bring the gray fresco to Texas. It'll be very hot even at the end of September. Also, I think it's great that gdl mans the phones at his establishment.
I don't know if I've been had. My wife and I go to our central library at least once a month. While there, I stumbled upon a Murakami novella I hadn't heard of: The Strange Library. I checked it out, and, sitting at a cafe with my wife, prepared to read it. Before doing so, I ordered it for eleven and change from Amazon. I own all of Murakami's books. I even own books about him, including one by his frequent translator (my translator friend was very happy to know I read...
New Posts  All Forums: