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Did you use to occasionally hang out at a Starbucks near Cheongdam Station? It used to be a study hangout of mine and you look familiar judging from your store's Facebook page.
No, he's a very close friend who works with them. I believe he spent a couple of years training with them as well. I'll PM you Changwoo's email.
Just email them directly. You speak Korean. Let them know I told you to do so. 
Just let them do what they do Noodles. Also, I'd be surprised (and a little disappointed) if they let you order 3 suits at one time. I'd also be surprised if they can manage to finish three suits in three weeks. I rushed them on my last purchase, a jacket, and got that in three weeks. But that was also the fifth jacket they had made for me.   Kiwi, you asked a question a few days ago about why I started dressing better than I had. I had had to wear suits for a previous...
I'm not a watch guy, though I think watches can be beautiful. Generally what I like isn't what's popular on the watch pr0n thread. Never understood why those watches got so much love until Greg explained that it wasn't chiefly about appearance but about the mechanics underneath. That doesn't speak to me, but I definitely understand how it speaks to some people. I'll stick with Movado museum watches. I have three and will be buying Mrs. C something similar in the next...
Dark navy windowpane, worn as an odd jacket, seems to require darker pants than would a non-windowpane jacket in that same shade.       (I ended up getting pants from Luxire to match the jacket.)
Crop 1 so that you get the darkness of the tree.
Tira had a nasty run in with Dorian Gray once.
Two things, unrelated to each other.   a) I really want to start Tai Chi. My dad's been doing it for a year now and it's worked wonders for him in terms of mobility, flexibility, and general energy level. I figure if I start early, it'll keep me from encountering some of the problems he's been encountering the past twenty years or so.   b) It's been often said around here that dressing well won't get you laid. At least, I think it's been said around here.   I've...
Simple word association game! Crotch pirate. (Damn it, this isn't the GNAT)
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