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Circumcised Jewish Penis material right there.
A rather disappointing offering. Does SS phase in other products throughout the season?
Given that the lapels would end under the breasts rather than between them, this would make sense
Jamison has not logged on to SF for two years next month
I'd love to see a full shot of that. Or at least, a shot where we can see the jacket/tie/shirt/pants all together. I actually like gray tie, gray pants, and blue jacket, but I know others might feel it would have worked better as a suit.
Thanks for the reminder about YH. Bigi and Calabrese are fantastic, though being carried by NMWA, I think most of us are aware of them.
Those are beautiful ties, but they might not move as quickly as your employer might hope due to their width. SF folks generally prefer ties wider than 3in.   Still. Gorgeous ties and I'd probably pick up 2-3 had they been 3.5 inches or so.
We all know affiliate vendors and their wares. And we also know those affiliated (non-commercially) with SF (Shibumi, Hober, Vanda, P.I., etc). And we know the big SF friendly names (Cappelli, Drakes, etc). But I pretty much find myself drawing a blank beyond those, especially when it comes to good ties priced between 60 and 100 dollars. Brands along the lines of Mountain and Sackett and, uh, well, that's my damn point.   SF Family Henry Carter Kent Wang Howard...
@EFV I'm sure has some excellent pictures of the Mrs at Pitti, but here are a few from BnT:     ---------   Also, somewhat apropos to the Pitti thread: motivation for women to wear "meanswear"   * pastiche of menswear * psychological comfort * worn in a way which they find flattering * professional reasons
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