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I think he picked up the sarcasm in my post and was playing off it. I think.
Great interview!
Good: I don't have any reason to look at thumbs now Bad: New posts for one word answers. Worst: Aids
I used to feel this way. Now I like the look and have had a few students comment positively on it. When I asked them to elaborate, a few have said something along the lines of being less stuffy.The vast, vast majority of people out there are totally unaware of the #menswear connotations of it and thus will think two things:a) the guy doesn't know how to tie his tieb) the guy doesn't give a shitWhich they read depends on context. If it's some Joe Schmo with his pants...
A fit from last Monday (or Tuesday). Having moved to Texas, I find I am needing more summer weight outfits.
You can wear it with brown as well, provided the jacket is dark enough. The tie is a little less brown IRL.
What size are you?
You'll learn how to bicker about the tie length of other men.In seriousness though, welcome, and that's a fabulous suit.----DFIH is another option. Bigger knot though.I do raise my eyebrow at those who deliberately buy longer ties for the purpose of a long and narrow (end). Or who tie their ties with this end in mind.
Provided the front is hovering a few inches above the trousers, it isn't about tying ability. It's either about the choice of knot (4IH vs HW) or the tie being too long.When I first started, I used HW, so the narrow end was never too long. When I switched to 4IH, most of my ties were too long (though none of my Hobers, obviously). I think I tucked the narrow end to my trousers sometimes and once folded it up and clasped it with a tie clip (which works well, for those of...
Blue stripes on white ground
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