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I thought that was understood?
So far, Cox, TV, and Ac2 have my votes.
Though CG is a pretty shitty way to display products.
Not entirely unstructured, but mostly. I think I prefer more structure...feels very weird around the chest. Maybe slightly shorter than usual.
An attempt at capturing the colors of Cremorne Gardens and failing. What I wore yesterday: SFF: Kent Wang NMWA Exquisite Trimmings
I don't know what your budget is for boots, but Loake/Herring provide pretty good bang for your buck. All around 200. Generally much better than J&M.    
People react very differently to a $2000 suit than to a $700 suit. With one, you expect something close to perfect. The other, you'll allow more leeway. Not saying that Noodles wouldn't have a picnic attack if his 5th Lazio had something wrong with it, but it wouldn't have been as extreme.
Dark brown suede is the way to go. It is my cream square.
As I've said a number of times, Dover's are my all time favorite shoe. I doubt I'll ever get a pair. Spending that much money on a shoe is just not in my programming.   That being said, jcmeyer, I like the pebble grain more than the polo suede. Something about the stitching on the suede, I dislike.
Noodles sells all his Formosas to buy SuSu Washingtons. No one ever notices his hips again.
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