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:-)I have zero life. Nada. Zilch. I rarely take a day off on the weekends. I love what I'm doing beyond any reason; it's incredibly fulfilling and often I find myself thinking how lucky I am to be this happy with something that I get to do the rest of my life.I'm lucky my wife is busy with her master's program and student teaching and that she has a wide circle of friends. I also realize that I won't always get to do this: once we have a kid (in a couple of years), my...
I got distracted reading an meta-analysis on institutional theory that I had some how missed, and that led to a couple more articles and then my morning was gone.
^ I'll reply to this during my 6am cup of coffee tomorrow. But this is the right thread.
Counting on the fact that being Eastern European will make you look villainous in the eyes of the American voter, eh? Not all of us make such assumptions.
That's one of my favorite squares. I objectively think that the Neptune square is better...similar colors with slightly more variety...but I find I reach for Orion more often. It depends on the fabric, but I can tell you that with softer fabrics (like flannel), you're better off with the regular canvas.
I generally include a nude picture.
@spiermackay7 and 15 are the two best if you are looking at pants (and not a part of a suit). 11 isn't bad either; I don't like pants that dark a brown, but I've seen them work before. Nevertheless, 7 and 15 are the two easiest to wear.8 is misleading. Light gray is fantastic: I have three pairs of pants that are light gray (so I am not saying this out of prejudice). However, given the fabric appearance and weight, these are pants that'll be worn a lot with winter jackets,...
^ That's what I did, and then add any details I wanted.
MTM shirt from @spiermackay. Fabric is chambray and the collar is their standard spread
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