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Oxford burgundy
I really don't think there is another brand out there that evokes this strong an endorsement from its customers (generalizing from me). It's a combination of the product, the customer service, and the man himself. --- A couple random stories: * David once called just to chat, which was really nice * My wife and I once simultaneously ordered the same tie and he made me another tie after they had both been delivered (and we had realized our mistake * My wife had forgotten...
I think Foo enjoyed intellectualizing his uniform, real or hypothetical, as well as clothes which comprised them. Uniforms are great for people who don't enjoy clothes or who don't want to think about them in the morning, like the author. But it wouldn't be for me (though the OneShoe idea has great appeal)
I see you've read my syllabus.
I am interested in student perspectives as well. --- One of goals is to get a student to comment on my dress on ratemyprofessor. Clearly my priorities are unimpeachable.
That's good to hear. I'd probably go nuts otherwise (from what I remember, you enjoy your work, right?)
SFF: Henry Carter Kent Wang Spier & Mackay
Are you able to do any of your work from home, at least?
Just spray with a suede protector every once and a while.
Can't tell much about the fit, and lapel width is a bit on the trendier side, but you are definitely safe with regards to color. That's a pretty standard blue.
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