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Very overcast this morning. But also low 70s
Slub-haters are some of the angriest people you'll ever meet. @DiplomaticTies @sugarbutch @justinkapur @jcmeyer @Pliny @sebastian mcfox @Coxsackie @upr_crust @Braddock @Andy57 @An Acute Style @mcobinad JCM AAS @Roycru j-kap mcobinad @yjung02 JCM (31) @Gerry Nelsonhttp://www.styleforum.net/t/394373/hof-what-are-you-wearing-right-now-part-iv-starting-may-2014/38180_20#post_8455096---People's Choice: Cox (64)CJP: JCM (1st one) / sebastian mcfox / JCM's SnarkMost needing to...
Yup! I think I was the only person who ever actually posted in that thread :-(I'll give it another go at some point!---To be clear, TWD, the purpose of the thread was criticism. By "Why an outfit didn't make the cut," people were meant to explain what wasn't working with the outfit, not what the audience got wrong/missed
Top with your basic khaki chinos, the bottom with jeans. You probably don't want your pants too close in color to your shoes.
@spiermackay is a member here and has a store in that area:   http://www.spierandmackay.com/   --- This might be useful too http://www.styleforum.net/tag/wedding/articles   ---   I'd avoid the pattern on the white shirt unless it's very simple. Like basic, narrow stripes in blue. Otherwise, solid white works well with weddings. Do you have any options with regards to what purple tie? If you do, this would probably be a good direction (assuming that you'd like to...
@trungnq   @Mr. Six   @Cleav   @upr_crust   @Thin White Duke   @jcmeyer   @Gerry Nelson   Mr. Six   @Coxsackie   @StanleyVanBuren   @luv2breformed   @DonCologne   @SYCSYC   Mr. Six   @Pliny   @Roycru   @justinkapur   SYCSYC   @bienluienapris   @heldentenor   @DiplomaticTies   @Academic2   @An Acute Style   @Anden as a...
Have you considered getting your existing chelseas topy'ed or resoled with Dainite?
I can vouchsafe that this tie is clean and disease free.
Mrs. Claghorn has decided I need to get a seersucker suit sooner rather than later.
Is Edina participating?
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