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@Pliny Except for the first, agree 100% about the fabric breakdown. I generally don't consider weight.   @Newcomer I know what you mean; I don't think I'd buy an odd jacket that was 100% wool from SuSu for that reason. Throw in some linen and I think it makes a difference   @Coxsackie Formasa's lapels flatter you, as does the three dimensionality on display in the profile shot. Would you let it out slightly? It seems as though the ) : ( narrowest portion of the...
  Alternative: (one of the two will be for the challenge)     SF Family: Wu
Linen-silk-wool jacket Linen pants Linen square Raw silk tie Cotton underwear Leather shoes (or was it leather underwear and cotton shoes?) Alternative:
1, 6. 3 and 4, no good option. I guess 4
Kent Wang also has some W Bill khakis for not much more than J Crew:   http://www.kentwang.com/suits/khaki-trousers.html
Very, very nice, Murl.
Convert them to sweet silk elbow patches.
I need the Neptune Rising. I think I'll have close to 10 squares from him at that point.
Also, though more about photographing clothing than the clothing themselves, this demonstrates how lighting/balance can really enhance the way an outfit looks in a picture. The left is a warmer outfit--the tie and square and the shirt, striped, having less of a cooling effect than would a solid blue--with warmer lighting. The right, a cooler outfit with cooler lighting.
A significant handicap for folks unable to shop in person!   One of the benefits of having, at least in our little circle, fairly fairly homogenous taste and limited (though expansive) brands from which we choose from: on pretty much any thread, I can go and ask "does anyone have a picture of XXXX in natural light?" and I'll have something to compare to the product images. And I think most of us have a pretty good idea of how our monitor distorts colors, especially those...
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