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^ This post has, how do you say, perspective.
As long as you can say that not fitting in is also of no concern.
I'd say the most CJPish dressers on SF are: you, me, @MrChris, @timotune, and @CousinDonuts   But it's really hard to trump a brown tie, blue jacket, brown-gray pants combination with lots of texture when it comes to the CJP. I think his fit finishes second...I had a hard time realizing that his was better CJP material than the brown jacket fit because I really like the picture itself (of the brown jacket)   Bonus Points to anyone who gets this reference:  
I think this might be the nature of what people generally order from him (pretty CBD stuff). The stuff that Kent and Tira wear is far from bland in cut and styling.   Also   http://www.styleforum.net/t/451113/premium-ties-panta-and-yellow-hook-neckties-like-new/0_20
Don't confuse intellectual adequacy with a predilection for sweet, sweet mental masturbation.
Noodles, check your damn Kakao
I went back over what I've worn over the last six months. Stripes have only made an appearance four times. My reputation as a stripe-man is, I think, not accurate.
Joy is happening.
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