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Is this Noodles' size?
Sweet, I figured I'd at least have to buy you dinner.
It's labeled as purple, but looks more like burgundy. Silk. Also, I don't know if tight handrolling is an indicator of craftsmanship, but their newer ties, especially in silk, are ridiculous.
Darling, Yes, Murl, for reasons beyond my comprehension, asked me to choose one for him. When you choose yours, please think of dimples and think of me. Regards, Your dear homie, Claghorn
Ah, right. I disagree, especially when we include unconscious distinctions (which are really more important). I'd say most Americans will make an unconscious distinction (regardless of any value judgments). I'll peruse any literature on the subject.
@The Noodles   Interested in any of these ties from your countrymen? Actually, imma Kakao you to see if you can help arrange things (so I dont have to keep using B&Tailor as a middle man)
I'm not adding any negative connotation to the association with power, mind you.   So where do you see the majority of our associations, specifically with what we are personally unfamiliar with (about clothing or otherwise), as coming from if not the media?
[[SPOILER]]It goes well beyond Bond. Think about how the majority of authors and professors (and Joe Schmo police officers) dress, when wearing a jacket or tie, in film and television vs how powerful figures, either politically or financially, dress in film and television. This is where our connotations come from. These are strong, unconscious associations. We aren't going to go out into the world and perceive clothing tabla rasa. And at this point in time, in America, the...
I hang ties on the shoulders of jackets and will often stuff the squares into the pocket. Shirts, pants, and shoes get mental notes.
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