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I know my limitations. This is exactly why I dress so conservatively.
Watch he doesn't bust out a Skid Fu high kick on you, Murl
Those aren't well tailored pants I'm afraid. This is especially apparent from the side and rear.
I have nothing against Birdseye as a blazer fabric. Stitchy has one--an orphan in fact--that he wears with great effect. As for odd trousers, getting them in the right, not suit-y color is probably more important than they not being worsted. Probably some of my most worn gray pants are worsted.
Re: those floral ties - as with any bold ties, 3 piece suits work wonders, reducing the shown surface, toning down the color or pattern - casual Tira like fits. Cotton/linen. Unstructured - light colored summer wedding type suits - in theory, solid suits with solid shirts, to be safe. White linen or squareless. But I'm not a fan. In general not a fan of such ties, but if one were to wear them, those wold be the directions I'd council.
There's a thread on it in the former AV subforum. Someone posted there last week, still waiting for his tie.
Yeah. Checking SF during dinner is pretty not good. I talked to my wife about Mrs. Noodles...they're both Korean...and she suggested her sensitivity towards Noodles dressing "like an old man"--the root of her animosity towards us being that we constantly contradict what she thinks looks good--is due to the age difference. Her cohort of Koreans buy their suits at Zara and the like. 1 inch lapels, short jackets, etc. Mrs C said that many Korean women are sensitive about...
Not joking. Got a PM with Kulata
Noodles got caught checking SF on a date and has to lay low for a while.
The problem is with the tailor. Is he Korean? There is a massive range of quality (from excellent to awful) in Seoul
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