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In the hands of an angry
She has a thing for buying her grandchildren shoes. She grew slightly wealthy (enough to comfortably retire...nothing extravagant) in late middle age as a result of a lot of hard work, saving, and investment. But she grew up really poor and only was able to afford one pair of shoes every two or three years as a child. She's suffered joint problems in her feet starting in her 20s as a direct result. Because of this, she has a thing for buying shoes for her grandchildren.
Allen Edmonds my grandma bought me freshman year of college. They got little wear their first four years. Heavy wear their 6th-8th years. Moderate wear (and better treatment) after joining SF.
Didn't even notice. But he, like Me, has a pronounced, singular style, I think. Which is not to say a singular style suggests a lack or variety or versatility...merely a singular identity.
SF Family: Panta NMWA Yount My oldest pair of shoes, with ten years on their, shoulders
Seamaster will win the general election, but Braddock's shorts will have won our hearts.
On finding a new picture to replace the tie closeup on CM
How many suits do you own, out of curiosity?
Fabric swatches could be nice. So would Vox's shoe picture (the one where you have all his shoes lined up, nice depth of field, conducive to cropping if I recall). Permission to start a thread on the topic? @LA Guy
@fides   Got a message from him, sent him this direction.
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