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I think the cig ads flavor to the picture.
Cleav's name is the most British name ever. It's perfect, as Cleav is possibly more British than the Queen herself. I imagine Cleav having emergency surgery in a field somewhere without anesthesia singing "God Save the Queen" through clenched teeth to stave off the pain. I have a happily active imagination.
So Kent, I realize you aren't committing to expanding to RTW or anything, but, for shits and giggles, you mind if we suggest a few fabrics from your stock? I'm guessing you'll be wanting everything to be A or B range? Anyway, some that I thought would make good rtw. There's a gray flannel I saw as well but forgot to save.
I hope to never retire. Sweet, sweet academia. I'm going to teach until I'm senile.
Economics and history. But I taught a lot in college and I was lucky enough to make some connections in the private education market in Seoul while living there but before actually entering the field. Started off design side part time. Led to some teaching and it turned out I was very good at it (it was something I had always loved and I had always intended to teach...still looking forward to a small liberal arts university somewhere). For some reason I thought you were...
Though I think that suit has been featured in his last three CM fits (or maybe 3 of the last 4). Who doesn't like playing with their newest toy? He's been posting other stuff on SWD
Actually, some of those kids are the best to teach. I generally refused to teach standardized test prep (which is where the real money is at...150 an hour+), though I ended up writing analysis programs for various SAT camps around Seoul.   But back to those kids. Most of their parents have realized that their kids need more than just grades and extracurriculars and have begun valuing a holistic approach to teaching. I worked at a couple private institutes. I largely...
Just doing the challenge twice. Pants from 1 to 2. Jacket from 2 to 3.   1 to 2 is really the challenge though (loudly patterned pants belonging to a loudly patterned suit).   Going from 2 to 3 is pretty meaningless.
I think Stitchy's trousers are cut perfectly. Slimmer will make him look top heavy. For the challenge (pants worn as part if a suit last week) SF Family: David Fin (tie) Kent Wang (square, wool-silk) Yount (pants) Unipair (shoes)
Trip First and second pictures are my entry. Third was just for fun (since how hard is it to go from using a navy jacket separate to using it as part of the suit with which it was intended to be used?)
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