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Maybe @emptym, @Murlsquirl, or @Cleav can move the relevant posts to the MTO subforum?
In, though probably not for MTO or anything. Perhaps a gray suit (since those are longer)
Congratulations on the weight loss.   It was intended, right? I didn't just congratulate you on having lymphoma I hope.
I use black derbies occasionally with dark to mid gray trousers, navy jacket, blue shirt, and a cool colored tie without any brown. Not always; I wear brown a lot with the same thing, but I'll just as happily wear black. Most recently: But yes, buy brown first.
Congratulations EFV. What's the next challenge?
I like Bill after he's been drinking.   But he's damn right collar points!   Don't stop posting until you get new collars (and there is no need to rush this. The world out there doesn't care if you don't look as good as you could with hidden collar points). There are other elements that you could probably work on as you build up your shirt collection.
To add a twist, rather than this be a vote, have Rosace judge the entrants.
She has aged well. Probably with a little help.
Please note, Cox, that I compared you to one of the greatest actors of all time. BillD compared you to a soap opera actress (who admittedly got an impressive 18 nominations before finally winning)
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