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@LA Guy Can we make the wedding an official event? Send out synth to cover it. Or at least give it front page status?
I dream about clothes or posting on SF occasionally
Well. I have to get dressed. My wife nixed the tape on the floor-I had already asked. Chair adjustment is the biggest time-suck in the process. Blinds I can do by instinct. Color balance too (though most of the time, I let the camera sort itself out...key really is letting in the right level of light in through the blinds so that the camera can do its thing). Exposure is super quick. Never adjust more than +/- .3
I'm a philistine; I generally prefer well known beers to craft beers. My two favorites are probably Pilsner Urquell and Krombacher. I have one of those two when I get home without fail. Though on a really hot day, and I'm drinking outside, Cerveza Sol. I'll occasionally have a Texas-Czech beer called Shiner Bock.
Knowing that he has a BFA or MFA just reinforces my desire to have him take high quality photos. FT: I like nice pictures of clothes more than the clothes themselves. This is why, after seeing you use a dslr and then hearing you have several tripods and I'm assuming a number of lenses, I hope you'll put them to use at least a couple of times. For what it's worth, I've gotten my process down to about 6-7 minutes, including getting dressed. My tripod remains set up in the...
I said photographic potential, not pornographic potential.
Awesome! Glad you're getting this thing off the ground!
I regret your pose and your failure to utilize an Eames chair to its full photographic potential.  (You should also definitely get a tripod. They're useful for many things besides taking pictures of what you are wearing. I've owned mine for about 2 years. And I've used it for anything from taking pictures of what I'm wearing to taking pictures of what I'm wearing.
Gets shaved in 10 more days
Been in this waiting room for more than an hour now. Hopefully, I'll be able to take a better pic later, but for now, selfie-time! (Bright outside)
New Posts  All Forums: