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My at the time girlfriend bought me a tie for our first Christmas together. Needless to say, I married her.
This awesome advertisement, line 7
I'll refrain from pointing out you just did. Plenty of people agree with your view here. They just feel you could be doing a better job championing it. I would love to see more sedate fits. I'm all for variety, and sedate is often missing from this thread. I see your experience with that nasty fungal infection has taught you nothing.
You're bluffing. Time to put your money where your mouth is.
Does my fit from yesterday count? Linen wool jacket, green tie with blue flowers, and KW's most S/S square?
I dislike PTBs. One broke into my house and killed my favorite grandmother/plant. Poor grandma. Socks. (Millennium hand and shrimp) As far as Henry Carter--they are fantastic. Plus Jason is a guy worth buying from just generally.
  SF Family: Henry Carter Kent Wang Unipair
None of us.
[subjective]They are very comfortable. They also required no breaking in.[/subjective]
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