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I'm seriously shocked there isn't more out there. There must be. I'm halfway tempted to contact that tie manufacturer in NY to ask what stores they supply.
Thanks! And let us not forget TTO, Anden, and Spoo.
You should read my interview, of course ^_^I'd advocate a suit slightly lighter than navy with a subtle but interesting texture.
Breur also makes ties for Unipair. Or maybe Unipair just carries them. I don't recall. But they were nice when I handled them.
I thought of them, but I've never seen anything from them that made a decent knot (suggesting poor lining, among other things). I know it isn't DonC as he knots other stuff fairly decently (if I recall).
Do you think it'll actually affect anyone's bottom line?   For example, how many clients did NSM get due to their claim (accurate or otherwise) of providing Neapolitan tailoring vs getting clients that simply happened to like their work at those prices?
If it were only wider, I found a beautiful Beuer on sale for cheap.   http://www.thehouseofties.com/6176-breuer-wool-and-cashmere-gingham-tie-.html
I hesitate to put Berg & Berg and Chipp in the mix. Not sure if their quality warrants it, but meh, why not.   Some of the others either don't have online stores (though I'd list the online stores that might carry them) or are carried by an AV already (by NMWA or ET or the like)
I was having a conversation with someone trying to determine where industrial organizational psychology ends and organizational behavior begins. We ultimately decided that it was a stupid conversation as the distinction didn't matter. I feel the same about "true" Neapolitan tailoring.   a) any line drawn will be fairly arbitrary within reason b) any line drawn won't possess any significance   I can see someone disputing (b) by arguing that the label "Neapolitan" has...
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