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Is menswear on women now an Asian thing?
@Pliny Except for the first, agree 100% about the fabric breakdown. I generally don't consider weight.   @Newcomer I know what you mean; I don't think I'd buy an odd jacket that was 100% wool from SuSu for that reason. Throw in some linen and I think it makes a difference   @Coxsackie Formasa's lapels flatter you, as does the three dimensionality on display in the profile shot. Would you let it out slightly? It seems as though the ) : ( narrowest portion of the...
  Alternative: (one of the two will be for the challenge)     SF Family: Wu
Linen-silk-wool jacket Linen pants Linen square Raw silk tie Cotton underwear Leather shoes (or was it leather underwear and cotton shoes?) Alternative:
1, 6. 3 and 4, no good option. I guess 4
Kent Wang also has some W Bill khakis for not much more than J Crew:   http://www.kentwang.com/suits/khaki-trousers.html
Very, very nice, Murl.
Convert them to sweet silk elbow patches.
I need the Neptune Rising. I think I'll have close to 10 squares from him at that point.
Also, though more about photographing clothing than the clothing themselves, this demonstrates how lighting/balance can really enhance the way an outfit looks in a picture. The left is a warmer outfit--the tie and square and the shirt, striped, having less of a cooling effect than would a solid blue--with warmer lighting. The right, a cooler outfit with cooler lighting.
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