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When I need a haircut, I can see it.
Suit and shirt, SM
If you are in Arizona, you'll be doing plenty of that.
@sebastian mcfox I like it there, and I like it with the suggested tan/cream suit...though I don't know about the suit being S/S.
Because this thread travels everywhere.On mobile, but there's a rimshot emoticon right? Someone help me out.
Do you ski or mountain bike?
He also wore sandals with suits when in Jamaica
[[SPOILER]] @Tom Miler An Acute Style http://www.styleforum.net/t/394373/hof-what-are-you-wearing-right-now-part-iv-starting-may-2014/36500_20#post_8413510---People's Choice: Synthese (60)CJP: Braddock / Gerry Nelson / @in stitches confounding objectively wrong by subjective guidelines with objective fact / Poszetka / Claghorn (peak lapel)King of Texture: Cleav / PoszetkaStandout Oddity: Andy57 (a linen, hard three peak lapel suit) / yjung (extremely long jacket, still a...
I also expect strong showings from EFV and @Pliny
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