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When did you shave?!   and why!?! That beard was amazing.
A POX ON DON RAPHAEL!   But seriously. Buy his ties.   His pox ridden ties.
Unipair. Because of VAT, it's cheaper to have them ship it to me there.
Buying both pairs when I get back to the States. Ridiculous that it's cheaper to ship to myself in the States than it is to walk into the store and buy them.
I'm getting 522. That means I'm not inner circle material, right? By any measure, I'll not make the cut.
Some Edward Green boots and some derbies from Jala Sriwijaya.   I say go Jalan. I know you dislike cheap shoes (and these come in around 350 USD) but they are much nicer than either AE or Meermin. Think Meermin's design sense with AE's durability. Plus much better QC.   Edit: No, just Kakaotalk. A messaging service everyone here uses. He asks me about clothing, I ask him about shoes.     (Those are chocolate brown. They're appearing black on my...
Lemme text him
I like them with the commando soles.
The versatility of that square is great.  An interesting take and one I'm inclined to agree with. I'm surprised you didn't point out that the brown/rust color palette mimics the fall leaves, rendering it further appropriate for the season. And to the original conversation, I think we need to be aware that just because something is seasonally appropriate (as brown is for fall) doesn't make it seasonally inappropriate for other seasons.
Howard Yount cream summer weight. I generally have 3 pairs of pants I wear with that, cream and two light browns.  [[SPOILER]]  Kent Wang. One of the Egyptian zodiacs. By far the most versatile square I own. I suggest buying it. Now. Seriously. You can wear it with almost any color combination. Kent puts tons of thought in what art he uses for his squares, generally focusing on their ability to be rearranged for new effect. This. Seasonality is way more about weight and...
New Posts  All Forums: