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It seems like reading the newspaper would be difficult in a crowded subway. I'll occasionally read the Economist, but otherwise it's pretty much iPad all the way. Though I suppose they have the Economist for iPad. I should look into that.
Lusosso, mid tier Korean tailoring chain. Provides a number of options in terms of quality and construction. Very reasonably priced for CMT.
mtm and bespoke
Fok felt he should be spending more time with his family. Edit: Stitchy says shabbos rules don't apply during Passover.
I've talked with him. It's Passover related.
A sort of unusual batch here. I'm sad that the French peacock didn't quite make the cut. 
Jeans, chinos, cream/sand color wool trousers
tchoy, you wearing my tie? KW brown blue knit?
'gazebo, how did you leave this thread off your list?! It's got to be one of the more bizarre active threads on this forum Edit: iPad autocorrects " 'gazzo" to "gazebo"
Live it again.  
New Posts  All Forums: