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Well played, sir. I was struggling to choose between the two. I pinned both for future inspiration. The second batch, the CJP would have gone to Cleav and not Roycru. The CJP is immune to the influence of awesome stories behind pictures. Though Roycru was damned awesome.   A large batch.        
Won't happen for two reasons: *I'm happy with my current bespoke tailor, despite the distance. So for bespoke, I'm set.*I'm very happy with the way Suit Supply fits me and construction has never been something I care much about. I'm a philistine, I know. Never cared about exclusivity either. I feel differently when it comes to steaks. If I had to choose between one 200 dollar dry aged porterhouse from Isabelle the Butcher in Itaewon vs 3 porterhouses...
 @gdl203, he just compared your RTW Formosas to blended nutrient shakes.  I gotta agree with Noodles here. Though I also encourage him to try B&Tailor, not for fit reasons, but for stylistic ones. Stylistically, RTW Formosa and bespoke Formosa are going to be similar. If RTW fits Noodles well, there isn't really much need to go bespoke (though that small need is balanced against cost, so if bespoke isn't much more than rtw...). A better analogy might be dry aged...
Formosa is coming back to the US?
Navy odd jacket from B&Tailor. Something from Suit Supply. Codpiece from Panta.
 Thanks, as I mentioned in GNAT, I'm really trying to work on my warm game. My (what I would consider successful) attempts thus far:  [[SPOILER]] and I'm not sure if these would qualify as warm fits:  [[SPOILER]]
Monday I was sweating in linen. Now I'm shivering in tweed. SF Family: Howard Yount (square, shoes) NMWA (tie)
Timo, that the cotton samurai square from Vanda?
pB only hangs out with friends even he hasn't heard of. He's that cool.
New Posts  All Forums: