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I like that we are here debating the name not of this thread but of another thread.
CM Theory
I'm a nerd. I became a much bigger nerd after graduating from undergrad. Now part of me feels I squandered a number of opportunities. But I have the rest of my life to make up for it.
There is a broad MTO thread in the MTO subforum here. You might check in there; I believe they are looking at ties.
I'll wear linen at any time except for the two months of the year when it is cold enough to wear tweed, during which I wear tweed. Took Latin in high school. Have a Latin tattoo. I still think etymology is interesting. For those interested, "Latin Alive" is a fun, light airplane read.
Would y'all consider this too light to be an autumn tie?       http://www.barneys.com/isaia-basket-weave-necktie-503823431.html
I didn't think that it would be an odd word. Just the noun form of "elude"
The shoulders look very good there.
Doesn't sound as good with the plural "elusion"
Yeah, but it's tongue and cheek and acknowledges that the majority of us (if not all of us) have things we should be doing besides posting on SF. FWIW, I like students.
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