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Will there be a similar voting scheme?
Seems to be about this length judging by where the jacket lands below the knuckle. It seems alright buttoned, but it is shorter than these
I love his grenadines. I have some minor issues with the neats on which I'll elaborate in a bit---I have two neats from him, both of which I like. However, in both, after untying there always appears to be a significant kink in the wool lining around the keeper which I then manually straighten out. I untie my ties properly, and these are the only ties with which I've had this experience.There also appears to be some sort of issue with the way the silk was cut or perhaps...
+1 for Henry Carter. Given your more casual workplace, any thought as to knits?
Nah, I don't foresee myself getting much in the way of winter fabrics in the near future.
I cede to evidence. Though low contrast is a pretty limiting boundary.
I regret this purchase.
I don't think the gray is dark enough for even a pale blue.
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