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Noodles has solid CBD game that'll improve after his trip to Korea (where he will puck up shirts) and after he starts wearing his Formosas more
I don't know about that, but I wear spreads with the sleeves rolled up an jeans pretty damned often when it's hot
It looks like the chest piece may have become unfused from the fabric. This can happen with fused jackets. Sometimes dry cleaning causes it; sometimes being stored in hot and humid areas. It isn't fixable, but a press might make it look alright for a single wear or so.   To cut to the chase: the jacket is likely ruined. Sorry man.
New pose! SF Family: Post-Imperial (square)
The first Spandexter is the clear CJP winner, IMO.   An excellent batch.
Understood and respected on both parts. I enjoy these more as an observer or when I know that there is little to no chance of my winning.
You need more brown and green in your selection! This is probably my favorite of yours:     What is the construction on the grenadines?
I had actually initially asked about the lining; when I went over your site more thoroughly, I saw that you had addressed it and amended my initial post to a simple welcome.   What do I like in a tie....what an expansive question. I like brown in a tie, that's for damn sure. And texture. And weave (which can contribute to texture). I dislike the current trend in smashing all three together (slubby patterned grenadines). Just seems like too much.  A thorough answer to your...
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