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[[SPOILER]] Good on ya for posting.Now, if you had change two things about this outfit, what would they be?---JCM, I can't recall, but were you the fellow considering a micro 4/3's?
As someone who has a jacket in every shade of blue imaginable (including every one you just posted), I strongly recommend the first. It'll be the easiest to wear.
In. Obviously. I guess I'm getting up early tomorrow.
My building is very close to a parking garage. 45 second walk.
You think America is hot, you should try Texas!
Didn't Roubi leave Huntsman fairly recently? Maybe they moved production back to England as a result.
Huntsman RTW is still made in England according to their website, but had they outsourced production to Italy, it would have indeed been very odd.
When did they start making it in Italy? Mines made in England. That's a bizarre choice for an SR brand since part of their cachet is Britishness
Still do, and it's very over priced for RTW. I mean, the quality is very good...but that price...I guess it's for the quality conscious prince insensitive who don't want the hassle of bespoke (and for whom bespoke is a hassle)
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