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Tangent: I know grenadine is a type of jacquard, so what do we mean when we say "jacquard" colloquially? Like what Thomas Pink et al use a lot. I once mispronounced "tangentially" as "tangenitally" in front of a class. No one seemed to notice. So I deliberately mispronounced it a second time. I think a few people noticed.
If soju is involved, yes. Did you see lots of green bottles?
I'm a cowboy and have been on Korean TV as such. This means I can wear them, correct?
You should include pictures as well
He tries on shit for fun.
His wife brought him in. Duh.
Buy a VM or a Chipp (earn that tag)   I'd also like to see some of the new Berg&Berg reviewed.
@mimo @jrd617
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