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I dislike the tie (seems too light and springy for the fit), but I think the H3 works well there.
Wonderful selection. Feel free to post about it in GNAT.
For soles, look into Dainite. About the only rubber sole accepted around these parts.
  SF Family: Vanda (square) Hober (tie)
You are twenty. Odds are, you are going to make shitty decisions when it comes to purchases. Odds are, you think you won't. Odds are, you aren't an exception. But you might be. Given that you can't know whether you are the exception, you're essentially gambling here...because good clothes are a long term thing. You're gambling that you won't fuck up. And admittedly you might not. And you're gambling that you won't grow. Which you probably will. Now, if you are in the...
This may be the case, Iso, but it is also the case that this thread takes pride in concerning itself with execution rather than direction. If you want to look like that, most of us will do our damnedest to figure out how you can get there.And just to be clear, the lack of response your fits have received have as much to do with the execution as the unSF direction you may have been trying to take them.I suggest you go through your favorite instagrams/Pinterest...
Putting aside: - fit - incongruity between the country vest and the rest It looks good. But those are important things to be to putting aside.
Alright. This sounds like fun. 400 dollars? Let me get off mobile. Black captoes. Cheaper if you're not in Europe, but let's say 200USD. Leather sole. Goodyear welted (though I doubt you'll wear it enough to require resoling) https://meermin.es/articulo.php?idArt=2033 Go to the Meermin thread here to figure out your size. The Hiro last (last being the shape of the shoe, sort of), which is what that shoe is on, fits pretty true to size. If you're a 10 US in Allen Edmonds,...
They aren't coming to the west for at least another year. It almost happened, but they decided to expand slowly.
New Posts  All Forums: