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To very quick fixes: Stop tying a full Windsor. In the future, buy shirts with longer collars which rest comfortably under your lapels.
SFF: SM shirt R.Culturi square
+1 on nailhead not being good as an odd jacket fabric.
I always like monochrome, or at least monochromatic elements, challenges because the results can be edifying.
Do you have some exemplars (and pictures) in mind?
Shoes just aren't a high priority, though my wife hates those particular shoes and describes them as cockroaches, especially if they are shinier: Though this did make me consider why I don't think too much about shoes. I dress for three audiences. 1) Me, and shoes have never done it for me like ties and squares 2) The internet, and since I primarily take pictures in doors, shoes are rarely featured 3) People in real life, who couldn't tell an attractive shoe from an...
Beaters + don't really care about shoes =
The best squares for any one person are going to be dependent on the colors they most frequently wear.   That being said, these are the best squares--objectively, indisputably, and unimpeachably--that Kent Wang offers.   (in wool/silk if you know what's good for you)   And for good measure (Mario!):     Own these five (six if you count Mario) squares, you'll be very hard pressed to put together an outfit in which at least two of these won't work well.
They appear more polished than they actually are
I am not a fan, but I think for some, they serve as a fun way to bring down the formality of the shirt and the outfit as a whole. EFV is generally consistent in his ability to make them work in a jacket and tie context.
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