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They are annoying but aren't anything that'll stop me from buying something RTW that fits. I wouldn't ever ask for them on something MTM or bespoke. I think for most people, it isn't something that bothers them.
Wearing silk knits drives my wife crazy. No joke. It really bothers her (to the point that I'll knot do it...with the exception of maybe an olive knit I have from Wu)
Again, double breasted works better than single breasted on women, I think.
Well, I'm all about that. I'm the last person who will say that incongruity can't be done well. My brown jacket up there is silk-linen-wool and unlined.
But that actually does bring an interesting point for this thread: what about items which are internally incongruous. That tie is a good example. It's fabric is clearly S/S, but the colors are very F/W. Another example of this is this slubby wool tie from Henry Carter:  .Also, Darkside, that tie makes a very good knot. I have the plum version as evidence [[SPOILER]]
Looks like half is missing:
My guess is that RTW prices will take that into account to some degree. I think Kent mentioned early that the 175 was going to be in the price for fabric up to the B level.
I definitely wear shantung in the winter. Only convention makes it appear to be a S/S tie. And I've probably worn a wool tie with a linen-wool jacket. Don't know that I've ever worn one with a purely linen jacket though.
I don't have much of a preference. A bunch of my shirts shrank a bit...enough to hide the cuff when roboposed...and it turned out that I wasn't even bothered slightly. I do like cuff with suits though, for whatever reason.
Vox's neat looks like a madder, which I think is fine (I'm thinking your more run of the mill printed neats). And I am not saying it can't be done. I'm just saying that doing so will require either a lucky combination or a lot of thought for an outfit that just isn't going to look wonderful, even if it is passable.   I think Boyer's outfit would look poorer in real life.
New Posts  All Forums: