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Yes! On a lighter note, I grew up hearing my dad tell me that Orwell was a brilliant writer. Having read 1984 and Animal Farm*, I didn't see it, but he assured me his brilliance was in his essays. I parroted that throughout college, not having ever read his essays, and it was always met with knowing approval, so I figured my dad knew what he was talking about. Eventually I moved to Seoul and suddenly had a meaningful income; at around that time, those two collections were...
For sale are two jackets, $450 each shipped in the United States, inquire otherwise. I'll let go of both for $825.   Huntsman is a navy double breasted jacket, dual vented, fully canvassed with brown horn buttons. Retails ~2500USD Measurements: Chest (P2P): 20.28in / 51.5cm Shoulder: 17.52in / 44.5cm Length (BoC): 29.92 in/ 76cm Waist: 18.11in / 46cm Arm: 24.02in / 61cm   BnTailor is a single breasted jacket, dual vented, fully canvassed, with horn buttons and...
To very quick fixes: Stop tying a full Windsor. In the future, buy shirts with longer collars which rest comfortably under your lapels.
SFF: SM shirt R.Culturi square
+1 on nailhead not being good as an odd jacket fabric.
I always like monochrome, or at least monochromatic elements, challenges because the results can be edifying.
Do you have some exemplars (and pictures) in mind?
Shoes just aren't a high priority, though my wife hates those particular shoes and describes them as cockroaches, especially if they are shinier: Though this did make me consider why I don't think too much about shoes. I dress for three audiences. 1) Me, and shoes have never done it for me like ties and squares 2) The internet, and since I primarily take pictures in doors, shoes are rarely featured 3) People in real life, who couldn't tell an attractive shoe from an...
Beaters + don't really care about shoes =
The best squares for any one person are going to be dependent on the colors they most frequently wear.   That being said, these are the best squares--objectively, indisputably, and unimpeachably--that Kent Wang offers.   (in wool/silk if you know what's good for you)   And for good measure (Mario!):     Own these five (six if you count Mario) squares, you'll be very hard pressed to put together an outfit in which at least two of these won't work well.
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