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chinos and loafers
So this is probably the first time in eight years that I've worn chinos. These'd be about eight years old; randomly stumbled across them today. Clean, but needing to be ironed.
You know who "stood" out?  [[SPOILER]]
But that's only true if this blending is the only factor being considered when getting dressed.
Not drawing attention to oneself =/= identical.   Not agreeing with his principle that the well dressed should never draw attention to themselves with what they wear, but if we were to hold that true, and we were to assume everyone was well dressed, it would still be possible for men's fashion to evolve. Slowly.    
Aren't there tie manufacturers that only distribute under the names of resellers (e.g. http://www.brownandchurch.com/)? Though I guess that might not fall under "most."
Any movement toward the online store?
If I had the time and the capital, I think I could do a decent job. I'd like them to be made in America. Don't know why. Call me sentimental. And I think it would be more of a hobby than a business; I'd probably feel the same was about it as Jason at HC. @Henry Carter, how many grays has your hobby added to your hair? ------ Seems like it might be a fun thread. "Alright, you're starting an online haberdashery. What are the first twenty ties you carry?"
There is a place in the large closet of an accomplished dresser for a gray blazersuit. But I think even he would grab blue over gray for use in a limited travel wardrobe.   @Coxsackie: I also think it's time you move away from RTW. I've seen a few that did legit fit you great, but I recall you mentioning that you have some spine issues that muck up your posture, and all things considered, you've done a damn fine job hiding the issue through RTW. But given the size of...
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