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The gdl fit is one of my five favorite SF fits all time.
Alright. I may play just so that there is greater participation
This user is also over 50 years old. Please keep that in mind.As a always, I advocate Suit Supply for good beaters.
I predict it goes around the 200 hundred range.   Fok, can this be written off?
I was happy to own it, but it deserved more love than I ever gave it. Though seeing that pairing makes me wish that I gave it one run with my brown jacket.
He actually wanted the sage linen Hober. But I sent him what he needed.
Is that the Kent Wang jacket?
$900 dollars to GIVE SOMEONE ELSE (including Foo) a custom title of your choosing. Anyone?
Maybe it should be for the right to give someone else a custom title.
New Posts  All Forums: