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How would the joke be on us?   a) we're self-aware. b) we're the actors. Everyone else is passive. Who would be trolling us?
Why this works better: First, I think this would have been better with shoes other than loafers. Or even loafers with socks. But it does work. His jacket has a very casual cut (and cut is probably the most important factor in determining overall vibe). And the loafers are suede (and suede just rings more casual than calf). And this is second hand as I was never active when PG was, but he also has a reputation for casualizing his CM fits. Though the relevancy of this is...
Take some comfort in the fact that, had I been struck in a similar way (love, love, love this is my favorite gmmcl fit ever, love, lo awww shit why did he go and do that for), I would have posted the same thing.   Now, I'm not a huge fan of the sockless loafer look to start with. But I can appreciate it when it looks like an outfit belongs in Pitti. That outfit is just too wonderfully subtle for that. No loud colors. No additional sprezz. The fabric is all wonderful but...
You had me until the shoes and totally lost me with the no socks. I do think there is a place for socklessness in CM (with loafers). But I think it works best with a casual or sprezzy look. Not something so wonderfully conservative (with a twist of shantung)
Very. Very. Tempting. But I'm very much anti-troll. As much as I want to. But BR, JC, and Zara...their SA's don't pretend to be knowledgable. Whenever I take my dad to Brooks, the people he talks to generally seem decently knowledgable. Limited sample, as I've only heard SA's there talk suits once. Good targets would be: BB. Jos A Banks CT SuSu SFA/NM/Nordstroms
Um. Salespeople are generally not very knowledgable about the clothes they sell. More knowledgable, on average, than the average Joe. Less knowledgable, on average, than the average hobbyist.
It appears that @Skolyx is a member here.
Victor before he started shaving his head?
Dany's translator is the most attractive woman on the show, followed by Tommen's wife, followed by Dany.
Just one
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