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No, but I imagine that something like that could be a career goal. Her MFA is from the most prestigious program in Korea, but she doesn't really like the career path a lot of MFA's in her field take (working for designers). Oddly enough, she did a series of bags inspired by Escher. Another series inspired by origami; each bag could be folded and snapped into 2-3 different shapes. Let me dig up some pictures. Website is in Korean, so it'll take a tic. --- The Escher...
New briefcase from a friend (who actually makes her living making avante garde purses and applying for government artist grants). Vegetable tanned leather with pig suede (?) lining. Sent two bags for my mom and my wife too I have two other briefcases from her, including my Harris tweed case
Done and done (though it is my friend's wife. I'm not friends with her, but she insists on tagging him in everything concerning their children). Dude was a lot of fun in college, graduated, rediscovered god and all of his posts were about being blessed. Married a girl from his hometown a few months after graduating. Had the first of three kids a year later (three kids within four years).
When millennials become parents:  Wife of a friend from college. She always tags him in her posts, so they occasionally show up on my feed. And it continues: 
Square and tie Kent Wang --- New briefcase arrives tomorrow. Excitement
@justridiculous is building his wardrobe on a budget (in grad school)
No, not Meermin over Carmina. Was being a silly
I was at GAP yesterday looking for chinos for Mrs.C's classroom observation (over the next year, we'll be building her "teacher" wardrobe). Anyway, someone thought I worked there. :-( For the record, I was wearing:
Are we talking Ambrosi?
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