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Too little too late. But I would have been all over the brown NSM and the brown Borrelli
I voted my heart. I voted linen. I voted Nabil.
I was going to object until I read the exception. In which case, I still sort of disagree. I mean, there are ties out there that I wouldn't pay 150 dollars for, but if they go on sale for 75, I'm damn well picking them up. Because they are worth 75 dollars to me. If I recall, Stitchy says that money doesn't enter into the equation for him. If he wants it, he gets it. 150 dollars or not. But that's because he's crazy for kopping. And this whole thing has been a segue for...
I can think of exactly one member, possessing a mostly thrifted wardrobe, that I would consider well dressed.
I'm guessing Iso is 24-25. RTC is pretty young, too. Aranthor doesn't look too old either.   I'm trying to think about which members are under 30. Myself, Iso, RTC, Aranthor perhaps...YRR...and I'm sure there are others, just they don't post regularly on WAYWRN.
In the last two years, my expenses, sans rent, in order of expenditure, are probably: Food Jackets Ties Travel Shoes Trousers Books Electronics Entertainment
Well, you'll need to be willing to fly to where a lot of the good tailors are in the US. With a normal body type it usually takes 2-3 fittings, spaced weeks to months apart, to get a good fit. So this'll be a fairly sizable investment of your time. On the other hand, one of the biggest challenges in creating a well fitting suit is allowing for full range of motion--something which isn't going to be an issue in your case.   Outside of looking good sitting down, I'd spend...
Stalkers, eyeliner for men, facial hair phalluses.....
Elio's got a handle on the Claghorn's Jury Prize I think. But for shits:   072714   07302014   08110214   08132014   08132014 (two batches in one day, Elio. Well done)   08162014   08202014   08232014   08242014   3 weeks and blah blah ago (Noodles had this batch 'til I scrolled past choc)     ------- (Elio, just because tchoy and I share a tailor and have similar tastes with regards to trouser/jacket combination, doesn't...
(I think) grenadines, in general, have reached saturation point. Outside of the printed grenadines, there is an increase in patterned grenadines, raw silk grenadines, wool blend grenadines, and now dual color grenadines. http://bergbergstore.com/accessories/ties.html?p=2
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