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Sir, we've repeatedly asked you not to blam in public.
New measurements.
But it's not a question of optimality. If it was, we'd wear our best fitting suit with the perfect tie everyday. I have, for example, one tie that goes with my tweed suit better than all my others. For any tie but that, I'd have to say, " this tie isn't optimal because there is a better choice.   This then extends to color families. I have a suit that definitely looks best with brown ties (a blueish gray with brown windowpane), but I don't want to only wear it with brown...
 I roll deep.
Brown ties with brown jackets/suits work if there is enough contrast. Some (many) examples, though some might not be truly brown on brown (copper on brown, tan on brown, etc)                              
I think it might only work when the shoes and pants are a different color. I cant imagine lighter brown shoes going well with brown pants but I see them working well with blue (Sander posted something a while back with his blue suit and tan shoes)
33. I generally wear 31, but since KW doesnt vanity size, I got 33. Probably should have gotten 32, though 33 is definitely workable. Very happy with the fit though.
I can get down with black shoes paired with a brown suit. But I can also get down with shoes lighter than trousers, so my taste is suspect.
re: openings of Kent Wang's possible rtw trouser line: They are 8inches, but may be wider for larger sizes.
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