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From last week (earlier this week; holiday has thrown me off) when it was cold enough for tweed:   [[SPOILER]] Ended up changing the square   [[SPOILER]] ---And a half day today. Weather in the 70s
I bet most SFers put stuff in their jacket pockets. When I made a comment about liking patch pockets for this reason, there was a chorus of agreement.
Pretty sold on 30 here.Agreed. We should have a WAYWRN Composite Thread-5 Thumb Maximum ^_^I do think bumping it up to 30, even 25, changes it quite a lot. If you go and look at the outfits that get thirty, they are for the most part excellent. Not that popularity doesn't play a role in garnering 5-10 or so thumbs, but on average, a 30 cut off would make the outfit quality in this thread increase dramatically.But yeah, it would only be marginally more educational without...
To wear with jeans? chinos? wool trousers? suits?   In general, I'd say something in pebble grain with Dainite soles.   Like these from Meermin:   https://www.meermin.es/articulo.php?idArt=4587#   The dark brown from Loake http://www.loake.co.uk/byrange/loake-1880/bedale.html   From Herring   http://www.herringshoes.co.uk/product-info.php?&brandid=6&shoeid=2999   From Crockett & Jones http://www.pediwear.co.uk/crockett/products/3530.php
Alright, so, I started a batch and got maybe 20 deep when I realized that well over half the pictures were making the cut. On one hand, I think the average quality of outfits and photography has increased dramatically. On the other hand, we have, in part as a result of this thread, become much more participative in terms of using thumbs. Which is definitely a good thing. But it also means that the 20 thumb minimum is probably not enough of a minimum. So I'm unilaterally...
First one nicer colors, but proximity to gray makes it less versatile than the second. Second has nicer fabric (probably) and definitely a nicer cut with nicer lapels. Also
You will be missed 'round these parts. Some of my favorite pictures of my favorite HC ties (and what I had on my phone):
I like the high contrast. Socks and shoes tie it all together in my eye. Pants look as they've been pulled up a bit much. --- SFF: CW KW SM MM
Something odd for me (suit, no brown) and slightly odd in general (that type of striped shirt). SFF: HC
A rare lifestyle picture. Mother and Father Claghorn taken by my wife. I just happen to be in the background (thinking about work, probably)
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