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a) If you guys wonder why I never show my feet in pictures, it's because I lost them in a gemming explosion. I hobble around on nubs. b) I see no problem with suede in S/S, but it definitely feels like more of a F/W shoe. c) my shit has arrived from Korea d) congratulations EFV!
Miss y'all. Also +1 to Sierra Nevada. My favorite beer, though, is Pilsner Urquell. Really depends on the situation. Urquell for dinner (or Krombacher). Cerveza Sol if I'm outside and it's hot. Lunch I like Stella or Sierra Nevada.
Pants are a bit tight for your frame, but it could just be the angle that makes you look top heavy. Also, for future reference, DBs look better with wider lapels than their SB counterparts, as do peak lapels to notch. +1 on mohair. That fabric, I think, will capture a lot of what you want to convey. +2 on the midnight blue. Meaty peak lapels or three piece.
Pretty sure the coolest guy in the forum is going to be a black dude. Probably Nigerian. Lots of steez.
Square has embroidered initials in blue. It was a gift. I wouldn't pay for initials. Feel free to DQ since they don't show and aren't really part of the design.    [[SPOILER]]
I'd need to see it up close, but I might wear the denim 3 piece from RL. Not as a 3 piece. And only if it was free.   Super cute kids all. And Timo, he does look a lot like you.
I'm going to go against all y'all's and say the square (given the absence of a tie) could be ok for a med school interview. An outfit doesn't exist in isolation, so a great deal rides on how consistent the square is with a personality interviewers may find appealing. If it works with how the interviewee carries himself, I can even see it as being advantageous. But if it doesn't, it'll backfire. So, it's risky.
My grandfather had 3 wives and 13 kids with a 23 year difference between the oldest (my mom) and youngest (I think he was in his late 40s when the last was born)
We'll start trying to have kids in 2019 or so. I'll be like 33, so a bit old to be a first time father. But my dad was 37 when I was born and 39 for my sister.
New Posts  All Forums: