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Little Noods has moved up in the world.
Thanks, JCM. I'll do one in the next couple of days as well.   Hopefully the 20TT will pick up again during fall, but I am pleased that everyone feels they can do one: the whole point of it was to have an objective standard (though thumbs themselves are subjective, a standard based on count is not) which allows pretty much anyone to compile the fits.   It removes the personal element that TRINI, gdl, and recently UC brought to their various curated threads, however. I...
Basically, if they understand you are an eccentric that loves clothes and not someone using clothing to put on airs, it's all good. I've learned now to make it clear upon entering any new workplace that I'm a hobbyist. From what I know of your new workplace, I'm willing to bet that your boss will receive your sartorial predilections well.
Though plenty of these can produce less that great fabrics.
Usually. The fabric is very hit or miss. Not all SuSu is of crappy fabric, though plenty of their offerings are. That particular Lazio, if you like the way it looks, is certainly worth investigating.
Yount, Luxire, ET, Wang
I think there are a number of concepts which we think SF regularly objects to but actually does not. Black shoes being one of them. I don't think I've seen anyone object to black shoes with a blazer type rig since I've been on SF. Which hasn't been super long, admittedly. I only have a single pair because of how much I like brown (in terms of shoes, ties, and belts).   Black shoes are particularly wonderful in an outfit with a lot of cool hues.
Judging by his shape, it looks like he recently has, in fact, lost a lot of weight. I'm guessing a lot of that hip width is bone. Which I've been given to understand is very difficult to shed.   What he would benefit from is wider shoulders and a more filled out chest, but not everyone enjoys working out. While the argument that being fit is important, and suggesting someone work towards being fit, is reasonable, it ceases to be reasonable when the purpose of working out...
I've worn Mandy Moore's pajama bottoms (she's 5'9 or so, so they fit) at a pajama party. She had left them at the host's house at some point (the host was close with the Roddick's).
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