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Got some cheap straps from Crown&Buckle. Quite like the look if this on my SNZH69.
Any recommendations for a poor man's watch winder? Needs to hold at least 4.
Good stuff. Love that watch. Got my first Orient the other day. Black dial bambino. Great looking watch.
Just as well the weather's looking good. Terrible start to the day otherwise. Wallabies caned by the French ... Beale shouldn't be at no 10..
I've got the current season Sportscraft unlined cotton jacket in navy. Got it on sale plus a few vouchers which made it an ok deal.  At $299 full retail I don't think it's a good deal.  I dislike the amount of padding on the shoulder (just personal preference) and the armholes are unsurprisingly a bit low IMO.  But I like the fact it's unlined, is otherwise inoffensive and was easier than buying online. Instant gratification FTW...    
Yes!!! Should have put more on ... paid $22 for the win.
+1   Right across the road from me ...
Great list! Where can you get a Stowa Antea for "slightly" more than $500?
Tie free Tuesday. Weather's getting warm ...      
^ Um some rather broad questions there.  
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