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Bruno Magli 7.5 M Dark Navy appear black depending on light   Simpson Sin Bespoke Hong Kong Travel Channel 44R 46R 23' armpit to armpit 19.5" shoulder across back 26" sleeve 33' length down back waist 38" length of trousers...
Tom James bespoke suit 44R 44R 23" armpit to armpit across front 20" shoulder back 32" length 24.5" sleeve 16" sleeve underarm waist 17" across rise 12" inseam 30.5"
Simpson Sin Blazer 44R 46R and Trousers 38             Bespoke Fleck Tweed Shooting Suit 44L 46L       Brooks Brothers Loafers Hand-Sewn 9.5 D       Austin Reed 42R 44R       Halston Suit 40 40L 38 38L     Allen Edmonds 9.5C Norwell     J Crew Large Thomas Mason
  I'm 5'9 148 lb and wear a small J Crew shirt and have several medium sweaters.   A regular small J.Crew shirt would likely be too short for you.
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