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I could imagine someone saying that a suit is canvassed if they knew it couldn't be verified readily. Seriously, no way to take the situation into your own hands? I'd feel helpless knowing that I was at the whim of a salesperson.
I thought the pinch test was the best way to figure out a canvassed suit, but this link suggests otherwise. Is asking the salesperson really the only way to determine this? How about for thrifters?
I thought the pinch test was the best way to know if a suit was canvassed? Is there a better method rather than looking at the price?
I just joined the forum, and I tried creating a new thread. It said that because I was a new user, the thread will be on hold until moderated.
How long does it take for a thread created by a new forum member to go through moderation?
Recently joined the forum looking to find more info in Chicago, but everything seems pretty outdated. Here's the list so far:   De Louice - Pretty good? Maybe pricey    ...
Lost a bunch of weight and about to be married. Joined the forum after lurking for a bit to get some more feedback on my growing options for clothing. Thanks!
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