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  @sinnedk: sorry, but this is bullshit. holger is not responsible for any delay. Everybody knows, and i am sure you too, any delay with production is totally normal for brands like CCP, L-0 and also for GUIDI too. For CCP you have to wait 12 month or longer. So be cool please. And i am sure it was just an approximately time. I always have to accept this when i do any custom order from him ...
just got some pics from hide[m]   available 6 styles, but 42-44 only (except one lace up boot in sz 41).      
 Puh, this is bullshit. Cheaper means not lower quality. Guidi = goodyear welted !!!Layer-0 = blake welted => lower quality From what i know only A1923, CCP and Guidi are goodyear welted. Right?
nice, new shipment hide-m      
 check this: INSTAGRAM (hide_munich)
individual sentiments shoes, just borrowed from hide-m newsletter next week i will post some pics from my shoes (black/blue watersnake) after some happy days   watersnake     rigo cow
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