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Hello, does anyone know these two labels? I've searched, but can't seem to find anything.. Thanks!
For some reason, I had posted something last night and it isn't showing?? It said something about it had to be reviewed since I'm new. But I've been a member since '06 or so. Any suggestions?? Thanks
Thank you Pendragon... That comment is a bit harsh. Yes, my site is legit, and yes, we did close the store front after my parents passed away. I had an addition built that I use as a home office. (but maybe you already knew that mike from google earth??) and Yes, I know, I've had aol since the early 90's... lol I have been meaning to change that on the site.. If you need to contact me, or have any concerns, my email is Gia@ContiCouture.com. Thanks for the...
Can anyone help me out on this label?? It's a beautiful suit, Zegna Cloth but honestly, I have no idea who makes it... Thanks!
And now that you mention it..... I also have a brand new Linen Prada sport coat, that I didn't price high at all. I thought Helmut Lang was much better than that. Apparently, I better start researching better. lol
Thank you.... So I should price the Wool at $200 and the Cashmere at $300??
Sorry, I didn't realize they would come out so big!
Wow, that is so good to know. They both say made in Italy. Yes, I do have pics of both. I'll try to post them on here...They are such beautiful jackets, I thought for sure it would be the new line because they look brand new. The Black Jacket is 100% Cashmere and the Gray is Wool. Thanks again for all the help.... you guys are great! Gia
Thank you so much for your reply. I'll try looking for Prada. I suppose I could call also Louis Boston since that's where they're from. Thanks again! Gia
Does anyone know the price range for Helmut Lang Men's Sport Coats??? I have two that I need to price for my store and I can't find anything to compare them to on the Web.
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