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Hello, does anyone know these two labels? I've searched, but can't seem to find anything.. Thanks!
For some reason, I had posted something last night and it isn't showing?? It said something about it had to be reviewed since I'm new. But I've been a member since '06 or so. Any suggestions?? Thanks
Thank you Pendragon... That comment is a bit harsh. Yes, my site is legit, and yes, we did close the store front after my parents passed away. I had an addition built that I use as a home office. (but maybe you already knew that mike from google earth??) and Yes, I know, I've had aol since the early 90's... lol I have been meaning to change that on the site.. If you need to contact me, or have any concerns, my email is Thanks for the...
Can anyone help me out on this label?? It's a beautiful suit, Zegna Cloth but honestly, I have no idea who makes it... Thanks!
And now that you mention it..... I also have a brand new Linen Prada sport coat, that I didn't price high at all. I thought Helmut Lang was much better than that. Apparently, I better start researching better. lol
Thank you.... So I should price the Wool at $200 and the Cashmere at $300??
Sorry, I didn't realize they would come out so big!
Wow, that is so good to know. They both say made in Italy. Yes, I do have pics of both. I'll try to post them on here...They are such beautiful jackets, I thought for sure it would be the new line because they look brand new. The Black Jacket is 100% Cashmere and the Gray is Wool. Thanks again for all the help.... you guys are great! Gia
Thank you so much for your reply. I'll try looking for Prada. I suppose I could call also Louis Boston since that's where they're from. Thanks again! Gia
Does anyone know the price range for Helmut Lang Men's Sport Coats??? I have two that I need to price for my store and I can't find anything to compare them to on the Web.
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