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  I am at 32.3 so i guess it's within the normal range :) Thank you for the answer as they've been very informative and enlightening.
 Actually you're right, i don't know where my head was when i was writing this as my primary concern was the torso/leg proportion that seems to drift towards the leg side when wearing a tucked shirt :D Any comments ?  Thank you a lot
I think it's because tucking the shirt will put more emphasis on the torso and since it isn't that long, it will give the impression that i'm short. But this is just what i've been thinking, that's the reason i seeked your opinions and advices.  Thank you
Thank you
Hello,   I am 5ft10 guy and i never wear a tucked in shirt unless i am wearing a suit or a vest... however i like the look of it but at the same time i feel that because of my lenght, wearing a tucked in shirt with a chino make me look very short.   I want to know your advise whether i should keep or ditch this look in favor of something else.   Thank you !    btw i should have matched the shoes with the belt... never mind it !  
Merci,   I found a better place online : Malfordoflondon there's a lot of good deals out there!!!!!
  Thanks,   I already checked it, but most of the patterns aren't that great :( 
Hi !   I love beautiful ties (like the one made by Pal Zileri, Kiton, Antonio Muro, E.Marinella) but those are damn too expensive (about 200€) here in France, so i can't afford to buy with my junior consultant salary ! Is there somewhere on the net where i can find some for cheap ?! Or any alternative brand that make flower ties with smt less than 50 bucks ?   Thank you 
Thank you OTC Tailor for your advice concerning my post above ! Anyway, i think that StyleForum should adopt a "Thanks Meter" like it's the case in XDA! It's very usefull and easy to use and and and...   Please consider this !
Hello and thanks in advance for the help :)    I'm quite disappointed with my new suit ! I've payed 200€ to get a decent Gladson fabric and the tailor just ruined it by making the jacket very short ! He simply "Forgot" like he said, to use the updated measurements we agreed on... Beside the fact that it is short, i want your confirmation and opinions about this suit considering that i'm relatively a short guy with 5'10 in height ! Plus i would like that you detect if...
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