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Merci,   I found a better place online : Malfordoflondon there's a lot of good deals out there!!!!!
  Thanks,   I already checked it, but most of the patterns aren't that great :( 
Hi !   I love beautiful ties (like the one made by Pal Zileri, Kiton, Antonio Muro, E.Marinella) but those are damn too expensive (about 200€) here in France, so i can't afford to buy with my junior consultant salary ! Is there somewhere on the net where i can find some for cheap ?! Or any alternative brand that make flower ties with smt less than 50 bucks ?   Thank you 
Thank you OTC Tailor for your advice concerning my post above ! Anyway, i think that StyleForum should adopt a "Thanks Meter" like it's the case in XDA! It's very usefull and easy to use and and and...   Please consider this !
Hello and thanks in advance for the help :)    I'm quite disappointed with my new suit ! I've payed 200€ to get a decent Gladson fabric and the tailor just ruined it by making the jacket very short ! He simply "Forgot" like he said, to use the updated measurements we agreed on... Beside the fact that it is short, i want your confirmation and opinions about this suit considering that i'm relatively a short guy with 5'10 in height ! Plus i would like that you detect if...
Very nice i like them ! Anyway to ship to Morocco ? 
  Totally Right !
No not slim, i don't think they have slim ties at MD ! For the price, they cost smt like 55€ at the MD store, but i have a friend who works there and offered me 60% off... that's why i've bought everything that looked good lol. They are 100% silk and nicely made but the colors aren't exactly like what you see in the pictures... i was quiet dissapointed but anyway they still good for the price i got them for X)   But for 50€ you can get better elsewhere ;)
Yep, know someone working there who has 60% discount... :D one hell of a great deal !
I just ordered these ties at Massimo Dutti  :                                    
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