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 same here.....I sent back a pair of suede LHS 2nds for the very same reason.....I could brush it and it would be less noticeable......but I could always see it and it bothered me.
ok.....I need some help.....I think I know the response that will be provided, but are these redundant?   the ravello boots were preordred several months ago and I just lucked into the whiskey LWBs eariler this month.....I am having a difficult time rationalizing keeping both   on a related note.....as a newbie to boots......how long does it take the "collar" to break in?   I am just not used to wearing shoes that come up that high on my ankle and am not sure how...
 Those navy pants are killer......what are the details on those?
 11d for me....hope your order comes through
 I just checked the link and it says shipped!
 I just got the following email from TSM regarding my ravello wingtip boot preorder: We just wanted to update you that your order from TheShoeMart has been updated to 'Backordered'. I wonder if this means that my size wasn't in this group.
 Those look great
maiden voyage for my cigar cap toe boots today.....can't believe I kept these boxed up for so long.  
I have a pair of the Unionmade #8 chukkas with antique edge and commando sole in 11d if you are interested....brand new in box.....never even tried on.
Alden SF
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