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Seems like someone was recently looking for a snuff boot......just noticed these at $420 at Need Supply  
 color 8, unlined?
hello.....sorry to hear about you losing your shoes on vacation....the same thing happened to my wife on our trip to Europe this summer   I have a pair of BB unlined LHS that don't get much wear....they are 11.5 a/c.....let me know if you are interested
not really sure as I picked them up from another member earlier this year.....
non-glazed cigar/snuff saddles x Leffot for a Sunday morning at the office.....  
^^^^^^   fantastic post!
 The loafers are cigar NSTs which are available from the Madison NYC store from time to time.....like "makewayhomer" said, the wingtips are ravello short wings from LeatherSoul can you provide details on the size of each? will you be posting these for sale?
 Did they feel the same right off the bat? I took a flyer on an 11.5C cigar tassel from the bay and they feel a bit snug......hoping they might give a bit with some wear. 
 what's that, the price? I thought $695 seemed a bit aggressive for reverse chamois boots.
 here you go.... http://hstockton.com/collections/footwear/products/alden-d6826hc-cap-toe-roughout-boot?variant=20296847302
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