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  I only wear these about once a week, but I would be shocked (and sad) if the ended up looking like that....they have definitely wrinkled but nothing like the pair listed on ebay......shoe trees go in immediately after they are taken off......I would guess that may not be the case with the pair on ebay 
 Nice find......that is a very cool and versatile make-up......congrats!
I have been feeling the CXL these days as well....especially the LHS which is probably my favorite casual shoe....still trying to get comfortable with tassels though!  
 I called this number as well and had Joe on the phone within a couple of minutes.....helpful as always, but nothing I wanted in my size.
Quote:      This shouldn't even be a question... Schoolboy error!  Agree 100%.......buy now and decide later if you want to keep them!
 I did not receive the list even though I have received it before....called the store to request 3 sizes and only received 1 of the 3....if anyone has the 11.5 list please send a PM.
 I have had good luck in the past.....I am wearing a pair of unlined CXL dovers today that were not marked as irregular and had no apparent flaws.....purchased in December for $300.   Also, I purchased a pair of chamois boots earlier this year and a pair of revello NSTs last year.....neither was marked as irregular or had any apparent flaws. However, I did send back a pair of suede LHS last year that was marked as irregular and had a visible streak in the grain of the...
I didn't get the lists directly from TSM......can anyone share the 11 and 11.5 lists?
 Absolutely agree......I would definitely return those if they were shipped to me as "new" shoes.....I do not believe that they will accept them as unworn though becuase they ship their shoes with an insert regarding creasing and their website has a video on "how to try on your Alden shoes" which specifically says not to crease the shell.....good luck with your return though.
the potential for a long-term "relationship" is not possible without an introduction.....I have purchased more shoes than I care to admit since acquiring my first pair of Aldens less than 2 years ago
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