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Will be interested to see what you can do with those creases.
Just curious....are these still for sale?
If anyone is looking for a unique shoe for summer.....a local retailer here in Atlanta currently has a few sizes of white suede LHS on flex sole for 30% off $525 as part of their summer clearance sale.....send a PM if you are interested and I will reply wih their information
 your handle suggest that you like to mix it up......half and half!
blue suede to show some support for USA this afternoon.....  
Thanks!   It is frustrating how inconsistent sizing can be, particularly on the special make ups.   I tried on an 11 and 11.5 in #8 shell at a local retailer and the 11 was definitely the better fit..   Yet, I can hardly get 11 cigars on and the 11.5 ravellos fit perfectly.   The cigars look great, with a rich dark color and light edge, if anyone is looking for some.   Despite my hesitation, I think I might become a tassel guy after these!
If anyone is interested in an 11d cigar tassel, please send a PM as I will likely be sending the pair I recently got from Harrison, Ltd back......the 11.5 ravellos are a much better fit.
Well, I just opened these up and could not be happier.....the fit is great and I love the color.....pleasantly surprised with the light edge trim.   They apparently have been tried on before as there is some slight creasing, but not going complain as they appear to be flawless otherwise after a quick inspection.    
Hens teeth should be arriving today.....hope they look as good as Uncle Mac's
  Decided to pass since I am on the brown CXL NST preorder with LS......hopefully they went to another member.
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