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I tried the Van LHS, Aberdeen full-strap and Grant penny and found the grant lasted loafer to be the most comfortable.
Interesting.....Viberg advised me to size down 1/2 from Alden Barrie/TB.
Leffot has done these on commando before....wouldn't be surprised if they make another run some day.
 was it up hill both ways?
 Still bummed that the B&M make up got switched to Grant last......I have been on the look out for these for quite some time.....
 Mine are same as barrie/van last.....1/2 size down from aberdeen loafers
 One of my favorites and probably my most worn pair.....congratulations on the score!
PSA.....not my auctions and 1/2 size too big for me, but a few nice 11.5s on ebay......#8 wingtip boot, #8 tanker, CXL cap toe boot and natural CXL Indy.....
 I think their LHS were Ravello with dark edge trim.....they are a very small specialty store, so they may have just been overwhelmed with calls/emails
New Posts  All Forums: