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 I have now acquired 2 pair of whiskey that are more of what I consider ravello.....not disappointed at all though.
Whiskey LWBs were waiting on me when I got back to the office.....so excited!   They are actually a little darker than my ravello NSTs but I think they look great.  
 Adam has been quick to respond to my requests in the past, but I have not yet had any luck getting in on a preorder.
 This picture was posted the other day and they could easily be mistaken for recent batch of ravello from DC....     .
  we shall see if my size is in this batch......would be perfect timing with Fall upon us now!
 Man.....I sure hope the whisky LWBs I have on the way look like this.....
 Is it odd to have a flex sole on a full boot? Seems like you would like something a little more sturdy. Looks great though.
 For those of you that have the Unionmade CXL NST boot, is the single waterlock sole different than the flex sole in the unlined PTBs and chukkas?
  those should be sold as 2nds with the "dents" in the shell.......recently got a pair of CXL chukkas from TMS as 2nds and that was the only visible flaw.
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