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Trying to choose between the following make ups.....they appear to be the same other than the sole (leather - 1 / danite - 2) and plain toe vs cap toe.....thoughts from the forum?      
So true!
 Thanks again for the heads up on these.....mine arrive yesterday and look great. Wanted to get the forum's thoughts on the heel finish though. It looks like the rubber portion of the heel stack was not cut cleanly on the inside of the heel. Is this something I should be worried about?  
Do #8 LWBs with antique edge (leffot, the bureau, etc) typiaclly have an antique welt as well?
 In my experience, the suede LHS fits more tightly than shell. I am an 11d barrie and have the #8 LHS in an 11 and the snuff suede LHS in an 11.5....tried the snuff in an 11 but it was way too tight across the vamp.
 Interest check to see if anyome might be interested in these from a previous run......they are 11d and I feel like I might need a 1/2 size larger in the plaza last......please PM if interested
 not sure what size you are, but I just returned a pair of 11d waxed flesh 110s to Notre......
 brooks brothers has them.......they can routinely be pucrhased at a 30% discount whenever they have their corporate sale...
Thanks! Amazing the difference between the 2 chromepaks based on the sole.
can you provide the details on these?Particularly the 2nd from the top and the tan suede?Thanks!
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