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Hello....I have a couple of other alden makeups in 11d and 11.5 that I am looking to sell if you might be interested in loafers or chukkas.
Thanks.....definitely prefer the LWB for whiskey.
Anyone have photos of what an Aberdeen SWB would look like?
 I just received my whiskey shell venetians this evenint......just slipped them on and they appear to be the right size (went TTS) but not the best overall fit for my foot shape......if anyone is interested in an 11.5d please send a PM......they were $340 shipped and I would be willing to pass them along for the same.
thanks......I am pretty excited about scoring these on the Leffot sale......hope they are a good casual option for spring/summer/fall.
just ordered my first pair of Rancourts.....an unlined whiskey loafer.....went TTS, was that the right call?  
I hope TTS is the right call....I could not resist the whiskey unlined loafers.
Does anyone have experience with how sizing for the #8 SWB from Alden of Carmel (AF80) would compare to a shell LWB?   I assume that they should be sized the same since both are Barrie, but have read that LWBs tend to run long.   Thanks!
CXL PTB for me today as we are expecting some rain....  
 ^^^^^^^This.....agree 100%
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