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Very nice.....one of my favorites!I will be on the lookout for those around town.
#26.....at least once a day! 26. Angle my phone screen away from people when viewing this forum in public - check.
11.5 PTB waiting for you
PSA......Miller Brothers is a small menswear shop in Atlanta and they have a very limited number of Alden on sale at 50% off....navy suede loafers with contrast stitching on the plaza last and snuff suede PTBs on a "special" last that are all A/C narrow width.....not sure if they are the typical Barrie last model or not but they said they were a special make up for their shop.....wish the had the navy suede loafers in my size but picked up a pair of the PTBs as they were...
 not me....I would hang on to those bad boys! they were probably made before I got into the Alden game.
 I have purchased a couple of Aldens from this seller and had a very good experience......both times the shoes were fairly priced and were exactly as described.
 After trying both boots on, I am afraid that the fit on these might not work. If anyone is interested in them at my cost (15% discount) please send a PM. They are size 11d. Otherwise, I will likely be sending them back soon.
 Big props to the customer service at Leffot....I actually ordered a pair yesterday at 30% off.....emailed them after seeing the post about the additional mark down and they said they would reduce to 50%.....amazing!
Well...after trying 2 other models and returning them.....I think I have found my 1st pair of Vibergs.   The aged bark roughout looks and feels amazing......I really like the color and texture of this leather.   Cultizm was great to deal with.....15% discount and no additional fees upon delivery!  
PSA......15% discount code at Cultizm.....CNY15
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