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 I kind of feel the same way.....when I wear boots, it is typically more casual with jeans/chinos. To be honest, I did not know I was on the preorder for the naval boots. I had emailed about them, but never heard back until I got the email Friday. Part of me feels that I should have at least one color 8 boot, but I do have the NST coming sometime down the line.
I am trying to decide between 2 new boots from Leffot, the natural CXL wingtip and the color 8 naval boot.   Although I don't have a natural CXL boot, I do have natural CXL longwings and brown CXL nst boots. Also have snuff shortwing boots on plaza and reverse chamois shortwing boots.   I don't have a color 8 boot, but do have color 8 tassels and monks. Also have cigar captoe boots from DC and have color 8 NST boots on plaza on preorder.   Thoughts?
 I know who to message if they don't work out....
new to me whiskey LHS......think I might have gotten a pair that fits well after selling them in #8 and cigar  
 Leffot only orders E widths in the unlined chukkas.....from their site: Sizing: The Leydon Last runs narrow. We recommend ordering one width wider than your standard US size.
 Here to my brother from another mother!
yesterday was snuff cap toe bal from Leffot.......heavy on the suede rotation now that it is 80+ every day in the south  
whiskey SWB x Harrison Ltd.....  
Very sharp....great combo!
PSA....Notre is running a sale with 25% off which appears to work on their in stock Vibergs.....unfortunately, there is nothing in my size.
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