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Very sharp....great combo!
PSA....Notre is running a sale with 25% off which appears to work on their in stock Vibergs.....unfortunately, there is nothing in my size.
 looks like the Vintage Indy from LeatherSoul.....his posts inspired my purchase of the same boot
  I sized my CXL and shell LHS same as Barrie, but sized up 1/2 for the suede....the Barrie size was way too tight for me across the vamp.....I actually compared my snuff suede 11.5s to my CXL 11s the other day and they appear to be exaclty the same width and length with the 11.5 suede actually appearing to have less volume.
Hah! Maybe we could work out an Atlanta Alden co-op to pool our resources.
 those are amazing.....still bummed I had to send a pair back for proper sizing.....maybe someday congratulations on that find!
 aberdeen, just like the stock model except for the "foxing" on the heel.....I am wearing mine today and love them.....#8 shell tassels are extremely versatile
 It is hit or miss. I just received a pair of plain toe tobacco chamois boots that were not marked as 2nds and do not have any apparent flaws.  CXL could be iffy though because of the nature of the leather which is very prone to wrinking.
 I would think the Ironside would be more similar to the B&M reverse wingtip than the LS Vintage.....the LS Indy is the only one I own, and I love it!
ravello tassels for me today.....  
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