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 that is one way to break them in.....I guess I tend to baby my shoes more than I should
if you might be interested in Alden chukkas I have a couple of new items that I will be selling......both are 11d and have not been worn.....one is scotch grain with commando sole and natural edge....the other is #8 shell with commando sole and natural edge....pricing is 30% off retail    
The natty cxl loafers were an instakop for me....
never mind.....got it to work....thanks!
sorry, missed that while reading the initial post on my phone. how did you get this to work? I did not see anywhere to enter on the site and when I called the local store, they said I had to present the coupon in person.
Can someone provide the BB code? I've been eyeing a suede model. Thanks!
 Those are so nice.......glad I was able to get in on an upcoming run
 those are so nice! I wore ravello NST shoes to church this morning.....such a great combination
does anyone have pics of the reverse chamois pitt boot after some wear?
Nice blue suede LWBs! So glad I got in on that preorder last week!
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