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 Can you provide the details on these? Are they #8 on barrie?
 I have seen this style on both the Aberdeen and Barrie last......these look like cigar to me but could be #8 with antique edge
 I agree that those appear to have some wear. In my experience, the cork sole does not show immediate wear like leather/flex which makes it tough to tell how much they have been worn. However, I have several pair of CXL and they have not creased like that when just trying them on.
 Looking good.....I should have a pair arriving this afternoon!
 I have a similar pair that is scotch grain on commando (no brass eyelets though), and I love them
A day late, but whiskey LWB today  
 Glad to know know I am not the only one that has shoes that rarely get worn....
 Thanks.....picked these up from The Shoe Mart a couple of years ago
ravello for me today as well....  
 If anyone is interested in the "stoneman" chukka in scotch grain or #8 shell and is an 11d.....shoot me a PM.
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