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 I thought so too.....I also called The Shoe Mart as they still have my size in whiskey....Joe was kind enough to pull the shoes and send a picture.....looks pretty similar to me.....definitely not the same shade that has been posted by others (MDubs) who recently acquired whiskey from TSM. 
  Here are mine....indoor lighting at the office....second photo is a comparison with my ravello NSTs.  
 Learn something new every day.....thanks DV!
 I beliee that these are the "whiskey" swb that I bought from the 2nds list a couple of months ago......wasn't quite what I was looking for so I sent them back a couple of weeks ago.....they looked great though if anyone is interested......I believe that the "defect" was some minor striping in the finish along the lower portion of the front of the shoes.....only noticeable if you are holding the shoes. 
 these are from Alden SF.....was actually there on Friday as the shoes were being delivered to my office in Atlanta.....met with the manager and he was waering a pari from this run.....said he had been waiting for them for 2 years!
 I have now acquired 2 pair of whiskey that are more of what I consider ravello.....not disappointed at all though.
Whiskey LWBs were waiting on me when I got back to the office.....so excited!   They are actually a little darker than my ravello NSTs but I think they look great.  
 Adam has been quick to respond to my requests in the past, but I have not yet had any luck getting in on a preorder.
 This picture was posted the other day and they could easily be mistaken for recent batch of ravello from DC....     .
  we shall see if my size is in this batch......would be perfect timing with Fall upon us now!
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