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ravello for me as well today....  
Here is a pair of Alden plain-toe bluchers in milkshake suede with red brick soles. These are brand new, having never been worn. I purchased in 2 sizes and have decided to sell the larger as they are on the Barrie last and run about 1/2 size large for most.
Too late to wear this year, but looking forward to spring with these.......I have not seen milkshake suede in person before, but it is a great color.....also, like the red brick sole which is very light and should be comfy to wear.....I ordered in 2 sizes and the larger will be going on the marketplace as they definitely run big.         .
Very nice KW!
Leffot has released this model once or twice a year, but it typically sells out in a matter if minutes.
Any recommendations on how to size a pair of suede double-monks compared to Alden or Allen Edmonds? Thanks!
 I bought these from the previous run from Harrison, Ltd. and love them.......I posted these a couple of weeks ago......in the morning shade, then the afternoon sunlight.  
These are brand new, having been tried on but not walked in.....not even a single step.   They are a beautiful caramel color and even include a "lucky" horween stamp.   This was my first Rancourt purchase, and althought they are true-to-size the last does not suit my foot well.   They were originally purchsed from Leffot, and their description is below:   Clean, smooth and simple this loafer is much more than it appears to be on the surface. Made of Genuine Horween...
I have decided to sell these as they simply do not get much wear and I would like to clear out some room in the closet. These are extremely versatile and durable, and can easily be dressed up or down. They now retail for $661 The Shoe Mart and North River Outfitters.   They were originally purchased from NRO and have always been brushed and treed after wearing. Additional description is provided below.   Classic 2 eyelet shell cordovan Chukka boot Dovetailed heels full...
 I am on the list for the version with all eyelets and double leather soles
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