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hello.....I have a few 11d models in other lasts that I am looking to sell. Hummus suede NST on Hampton - NIB Scotchgrain chukka on barrie with commando sole - NIB #8 shell chukka on barrie with commando sole - NIB Alpine grain shortwing on aberdeen (11.5) - NIB Let me know if you are interested in any of these. Lalde looking to sell my RL marlow wingtips....11d....worn maybe a dozen times
Cigar PTB for me today....  
looking for some recommendations on a belt to wear with whiskey shell.....thanks!
king full strap for me to start the day.....  
Alden x Leffot Ravello "Daytrippers" Cap Toe Boots. Those are outstanding.....well done! Amazing what a difference the leather sole makes compared to the commando version.
clearly not shell.....ravello is a generous description of the color
 Just curious, do you actually know any "Alden people" outside of this thread? Other than the few local retailers that carry a very limited stock of Aldens, I don't really know anyone that is familiar with the brand.
 I just pulled this maneuver......not sure it worked though.
Really like the choco suede photos.....hate that I had to pass on them this time around....hope you get to enjoy them over the holidays.
Definitely think you made the right call with those....hope they work out for you.
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