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 make sure you treat these with something or else they will likely end up with some water spots/discoloration........at least that was my experience with alpine grain loafers that got wet
 I believe that Brick + Mortar is doing a run in the near future.....
 true dat.....the smell when opening a new pair is better than seeing them IMO
Not as much as with the shell versions I have owned
I have had these CXL loafers for a couple of years now and wear them routinely.I have never done anything other than wipe them down with a wet cloth and brush and would be surprised if you need to do anything else.CXL is amazing and you will love these!I ended up getting them in natty CXL as well because I like them so much.
Love the patina on natty CXL, this photo makes me very excited about the recent Leffot preorder. -D[/quote] You will love these....the unlied CXL loafer is amazing
It took a couple of months to break them in, but these might be the most comfortable pair I have.....the range of color on the natty CXL is amazing!  
a couple of days, someone asked for a picture of these in the wild.......not the best photo but these are great  
glad to have picked these up on ebay.......I love them but am not sure I would have pulled the trigger at full retail......I am amazed at the lack of consistency on sizing as these are much more snug than my snuff tassels in the same size  
 Love these......saw them at the Alden shop in SF and almost brought them home
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