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That is a great looking model....might be trading my 975s in for those someday!
 They are not part of the promotion, but can anyone comment how their chromexcel belts compare to Rancourt?
 I love blue suede.....these are very cool model! Did you size the copley tassels the same as aberdeen tassels?
 interesting......I called this morning and they said all they have left is 10E
I think the unlined PTB is more easy to dress up than the chukka....for casual wear the chukka is hard to beat the sizing is tricky on the PTBs though.....for me they do not fit like other barrie-lasted shoes and I went TTS
Like Mdubs, I too have a pair that has some iterating stitching around the ankle....withy a few wears I either got used to the rub or they conformed to my legs and no longer bother me.....I wear mine exclusively without socks and love how they fit and feel
I am wearing mine today....picked up an E width on ebay to try for sizing and they seem to work....TTS in D width also works for me in the tan suede chukkas I picked up from another member....they are great for the warmer weather....highly recommend.
I have a lightly worn pair that are size 11d....let me know if you are interested.
 Very nice......BTW, I jumped on your special from Epaulet earlier this week.....can't wait to see them IRL.
 Leather Soul has made these recently......not sure if they have any left though http://leathersoulhawaii.com/2014/12/11/alden-shoe-cxl-plaza-wingtip-boot-restock-lsw/ you may also want to check with Yenni at Brick + Mortar as they are doing some good makeups on the Plaza last...... yenni@BrickMortarSeattle.com
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