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Nice blue suede LWBs! So glad I got in on that preorder last week!
 I just saw this on the J Gilbert site.... Summer/Fall 2015:Brown scotch grain six eyelet handsewn Norwegian front blucher, Plaza last, single oiled outsole.
 These are similar, but they are on the Aberdeen last....I love them....in my experience scotch grain is much tougher than alpine grain.....they are more of a brown tone than appears under office lighting 
 The suede PTBs I own were supposed to be Barrie, but fit TTS.....similar to my unlined chukkas which are on the Leydon last.
Thoughts on how cigar stacks up on the spectrum of the LHS options?
Not sure anyone needs blue suede, but I dig them!
was able to get in on the blue suede LWBs.....I always thought it was a cool makeup.....just hope I can pull it off when they come in!
those cigar LWBs are so nice.....
Can you detail what cigar models are expected?
 I am glad to see that they went to someone on the forum......and at what appears to be a fair price for such a rare find......look forward to seeing them get some wear I should have checked out the Alden of SD site earlier......amazing job!   
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