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I have pair of the cigar NST loafers as well and was told by Alden NY (Madison) that they are on the Grant last......they are definitely not the same as my Aberdeen tassels which are TTS as opposed to the NST loafers which are Barrie size.
 When I placed my order, Joe said they would be all eyelets with double-leather sole and antique edge......hopefully we find out soon!
 here is a picture from the last time they had that make up 
Just got back from vacation, and the whiskey SWB 2nds from TSM were waiting on me.   At first glance, the color definitely appears more ravello than whiskey and I believe that they may have had additional of color added.   Still trying to determine if the right shoe is slightly darker than the left, but it is difficult with the office lighting.          
 is a code needed? I don't see the additional markdown when I add to the cart.
 I love your ravello medalion caps....one of may favorite make ups, and you wear them well....
Does anyone have the lists for 11 and 11.5? If so, can you send a PM? Thanks!
Will be interested to see what you can do with those creases.
Just curious....are these still for sale?
If anyone is looking for a unique shoe for summer.....a local retailer here in Atlanta currently has a few sizes of white suede LHS on flex sole for 30% off $525 as part of their summer clearance sale.....send a PM if you are interested and I will reply wih their information
New Posts  All Forums: