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Looking good!
 I wasn't sure what to expect on the finish, or lack thereof, but I really like it.....especially since I plan on wearing them with more casual pants. Not sure when these were made, but the cigar has a fanastic shade that is much lighter/more olive than other cigar models I currently own or have seen in the past.
second post of the day for me......fresh delivery to the office from a fellow SF member   cigar/snuff saddles.....my first saddles since I was a kid   I wasted no time in breaking these bad boys in.....they should get plenty of wear this fall with jeans and chinos  
 Yes.....plaza last with silver buckle from Leathersoul....picked up NIB on ebay
king monks for me today....  
I guess I was late to the tassel game....picked up my first pair last year at the ripe old age of 39....now have 5 pair!
 I would say the same could be said for the penny loafer....can't recall anyone wearing tassels in grade school, other than my friends parents
 Only 1 that I plan to keep for sure......ravello wingtip boot
 I love the texture on those.....very nice!
Shortwing bluchers for me on whiskey Wednesday....  
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