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11.5 PTB waiting for you
PSA......Miller Brothers is a small menswear shop in Atlanta and they have a very limited number of Alden on sale at 50% off....navy suede loafers with contrast stitching on the plaza last and snuff suede PTBs on a "special" last that are all A/C narrow width.....not sure if they are the typical Barrie last model or not but they said they were a special make up for their shop.....wish the had the navy suede loafers in my size but picked up a pair of the PTBs as they were...
 not me....I would hang on to those bad boys! they were probably made before I got into the Alden game.
 I have purchased a couple of Aldens from this seller and had a very good experience......both times the shoes were fairly priced and were exactly as described.
 After trying both boots on, I am afraid that the fit on these might not work. If anyone is interested in them at my cost (15% discount) please send a PM. They are size 11d. Otherwise, I will likely be sending them back soon.
 Big props to the customer service at Leffot....I actually ordered a pair yesterday at 30% off.....emailed them after seeing the post about the additional mark down and they said they would reduce to 50%.....amazing!
Well...after trying 2 other models and returning them.....I think I have found my 1st pair of Vibergs.   The aged bark roughout looks and feels amazing......I really like the color and texture of this leather.   Cultizm was great to deal with.....15% discount and no additional fees upon delivery!  
PSA......15% discount code at Cultizm.....CNY15
 There are plenty of Indy boot options with commando soles other than brown CXL......kudu, smooth chamois, reverse chamois, brown cow hide, country grain calf, natural CXL.....you should be able to find something similar but slightly different by doing some research and having a little patience finding the right make up.
In my experience, it varies from shoe to shoe.It is always best to try on the actual shoe/boot if possible.....otherwise you run the risk of the fit being less than ideal.I know this is not always practical, especially when you live somewhere with limited Alden retailers.
New Posts  All Forums: