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 so nice.....congratulations csmitty
loden/alpine saddles x Leffot.....  
 Very cool shoes.....shell gets a lot of love on this thread, but Alden suede is hard to beat
Looking forward to putting some wear on these now that Fall is here......  
That is my wife's exact expression when she sees another Alden box in the closet too!
 I am going with casual Friday......it took me a while to work up the nerve to sport these, but now that I have they are one of my favorites! 
 details please......
 personally, I would go with the D width.....it looks like you could not lace up the E more tightly if needed I know that the conventional wisdom is to go TTS plus a width, but my suede chukkas are TTS
 I thought that brogueing was a design intended for more casual, "country" shoes with plain-toe and cap-toe designs being more formal, but I could be mistaken.  I agree on medallions when there are no other details.  Also, agree that the shell finish makes them feel more formal.
 I agree 100%......a little too much going on for me
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