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 If anyone is interested in the "stoneman" chukka in scotch grain or #8 shell and is an 11d.....shoot me a PM.
 couldn't agree more.....those turned out great!
Cigar dover from Harrison, Ltd......still one of my favorites.  
King LHS for me today.....  
 Leathersoul has run them in the past with double-waterlock soles.
 perhaps, but both were purchased 2nd hand so I could not exchange
 I have tried them a couple of times and ended up selling them both.....one was a natural CXL loafer and the other was a brown calf loafer....for me the fit was too big when going TTS
 Yes......I also have a pair of scotch grain and the look and feel of the leather is much heavier. Also, the alpine grain shows water marks instantly while water rolls off the scotch grain like it never touched it. One of my favorites is a pair of alpine grain loafers, but they now have signifiacnt water marks from wearing in a rain storm last year. I was disappointed because I thought that alpine grain was supposed to be good for foul weather. Kind of strange that almost...
 Looking good......I finally got aroung to breaking mine in yesterday.
finally getting to break in my whiskey LWBs......day 1 of the method at the office today....    
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