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I apologize in advance if I offend someone on the forum if this is one of your ebay listings, but this makes me think of when I took my son to Monster Jam!   Moster truck loafers anyone?    
 I think that is pretty standard for CXL, I have a pair from LeatherSoul and really like them.
 How do those vary from the BB version, just the foxing on the back?
So, the strangest thing happened to me this morning. I woke up early and went to the office, then the gym.....came home and did a few chores, then went upstairs.   I wore my tan suede chukkas yesterday and they were next to the bed and one of them was literally full of water.......water literally poured out of the shoe when I picked it up. I know this sounds crazy, but the water was not there when I got up this mornig and none was on the other chukka which was literally...
 Super cool photo, and great lookng boots! Are those plaza last?
 Here you go, ravello tassels for me today. 
my wife and i visited the amalfi coast a few days ago. i did not take or see any aldens, but we did see ravello. ravello is a small town known for a classical music festival they host every june. its tiny, quaint, with nice views. well worth the trip. We will be there in about a month......can't wait!
Interesting make up you have here.....do you ming me asking why you are selling these?   Any chance you might be interested in a trade?
 Pretty sure those are ravello tassels on the Aberdeen last......
 I kind of feel the same way.....when I wear boots, it is typically more casual with jeans/chinos. To be honest, I did not know I was on the preorder for the naval boots. I had emailed about them, but never heard back until I got the email Friday. Part of me feels that I should have at least one color 8 boot, but I do have the NST coming sometime down the line.
New Posts  All Forums: