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 Looking good Skippy.....glad to see them find a good home!
 Same for an 11......you never know, right?
I prefer the 360 storm welt on Indys....with a little wear the natural welt/edge with darken....I think that is a great make up
 that's what I'm talking about......just need to get our and wear them......thanks!
 Those look great......still breaking mine in with only a couple of wears.....did you find that the color variaton developed with some wear? I was a little surrpised at how uniform the color/texture was when I got them as I had seen some of your previous posts.
 I thought their version of the cap toe boot was on the Barries last......anybody able to confirm?
I couldn't agree more. I wear wool socks year round in Atlanta unless I a going sockless with loafers. I would love to try some cashmere socks, but can't bite the bullet on those.
My biggest concern whenever I get something from an overseas seller is import fees and duties. On this note....has anyone purchased Viberg boots from overseas? I have been eyeing a pair and have emailed the retailer about potential import fees but have not received a response.
I heard that song this weekend.....looked up and saw the Goodyear blimp and it said "Shawn C is a pimp"!
That is classic.....the hunt is what makes it fun though!
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