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Those look fantastic....very nice!
CXL NST boots for me yesterday.....  
 I just learned this the hard way.....picked up a pair of great looking steep twill rivet chinos during the Instagram sale....too tight in the "top block".....will be putting on the marketplace if anyone is interested in size 36....otherwise need to drop about 10lbs!
those cap toes from Leffot are nice....
I picked these up from Epaulet and can't keep them due to other recent acquisitions.....they were 30% off and I am just looking to recoup my cost and wanted to pass along to another SF member if possible.   Size 11.5D on the Aberdeen last which is TTS based on my experience.   Please PM if you might be interested......they are unworn and come with box, shoe bags, etc.
I know it is whiskey Wednesday, but ravello NST for me today......  
 I saw these in person a couple of months ago when I stopped by Alden SF.....I am not typiaclly drawn to plain toe shoes or boots.....in fact I have purchased and returned a couple of different plain toe bluchers hoping that they would look better to me in person......however these looked fantastic and would definittely work in the setting you described......they had them in both smooth chamois and natural CXL.....to me the natural CXL on the waterlock sole made for a nice...
not exactly what you are looking for......but, I have a pair of RL Marlowe wingtips (11d) that I am looking to sell.....they just do not get much wear and I would like to make room for some recent acquisitions.....let me know if you might be interested.
FYI......Frans Boone is offering free shipping worldwide
 I would definitely treat them with Leather Defender if possible.....I have a pair of alpine grain loafers that have water marks from wear in wet conditions.....I was disappoined as I thought the make up was made for that type of weather
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