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 very nice.....I belive that it is the recent natural CXL from Uniomade......would have picked this up, but I am holding out for the brown CXL version with commando from Leather Soul......we'll see if that one ever comes in.....
Can someone provide a comparison of the Detroit last to Alden lasts? Thanks!
 Those look really nice......great combination with edge color, brass eyelets and commando soles.
 Great looking boots.....looking forward to getting breaking mine in now that it is starting to cool off a bit in the south.
those look great......forgot about these until doing some closet cleaning the other day.....picked them up from a fellow SF member a while back.....not sure about the fit of the Copely last though.....  
cigar nst for me today.....   .
 The variation in color on those is incredible.....they almost look like a combination of #8 and black in that second picture.
 Your #4s are not as red as some that you see posted on here......Dorothy had "ruby" slippers
 Just booked a trip to SF for my wife's birthday in a about a month......other than Alden SF, any other recommendatations for shopping / dinner? We will have they kids, so that will probably rule out some of the nicer places to eat.....they are well-traveled, but lots of places aren't too fond of 5 and 7 year olds.
the 11d cigar has appeared on TSM site for quite some time.......however, it cannot be added to your cart and when I have called TSM the have said that it is not in stock.
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