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 This has been my experience as well.....I went with Barrie size on the CXL and TTS on the unlined suede.
 I got a pair from Leather Soul a couple of years ago and love them.....Barrie size for me.
Can yCan you post a couple of extra pics of that boot? Is it on the waterlock sole? Did you get it from Alden SF? I think I saw it in person and really liked how it looked. Looks like it would be rugged and very versatile.
 thanks for the answer.....not exactly a great deal for suede.
 What does "HKD 4000" equate to in US $$$$?
 That is great! One my all time favorite movies. I did not mean to offend anyone. In fact, I like the look and have tried it several times but it just felt "off".
 I think ravello looks great with jeans....my #8s have the dark edge trim which I don't like with jeans on me.....looks great when worn by others on the forum though....especially with the lighter edge
 I agree with this.....however, whiskey is another story!
 Can you provide the details on these? Are they #8 on barrie?
 I have seen this style on both the Aberdeen and Barrie last......these look like cigar to me but could be #8 with antique edge
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