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 Only 1 that I plan to keep for sure......ravello wingtip boot
 I love the texture on those.....very nice!
Shortwing bluchers for me on whiskey Wednesday....  
Can't wait for Fall.....I have a pair of fresh ravello wingtip boots begging for some cool weather!
 I am pretty sure that Brick + Mortar has this make up in the works.....might be a dover PTB though
Kind of sad to see the whiskey LWBs shipped out today.   However, having these on helped ease the pain!  
hello....can you compare the fit of these to Alden barrie boots?   thanks!
Ravello is the best (IMO) and those are a perfect example of why!
Quite a few Alden sightings here in the ATL....LHS, tassels and chukkas as well as a few Indys and LWBs.....pretty good mix of shell and suede as well.I have mixed feelings about this as part of what initially appealed to me about Aldens was the fact that they are so unique.However, they still stand out from the crowd of cole haans and bit loafers.
Those are so good....
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