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 pretty sure the Leffot version is Barrie and Epaulet is Trubalance.......toe stitching is more squared on the Epaulet make up and more rounded on the Leffot make up
cigar tassels on a spring like day in Atlanta.....  
 My grant loafers are same as Barrie, but my Grant boots are TTS / + 1/2 from Barrie
 I go TTS on Abrerdeen shoes and loafers.....1/2 up from Barrie/TB
 Either Leffot or Epaulet has run these from time to time.......
That's what I'm talking about!
PSA.......some Aldens marked down at Epaluet......#8 Alt Wein, natural CXL Alt Wein and alpine grain cap toe boot.
 I don't believe that you would care for them any differently. However, my Vintage Indy's show more wear/variation in color than my reverse WTB's due to the darker color and nap of the leather.
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