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Fortunately she prefers a more casual style....she has no interest in Louboutin or Choo
 these look great.....any reason not to pull the trigger on these? I don't have any boots without speedhooks.....are all eyelets a drawback to some?
Nice! My wife has almost as many Tieks as I have Aldens. Luckily they are much less expensive!
 10.5.......FWIW I am a solid 11d barrie and trubalance and 11.5 aberdeen
 we shall see how the fit is.......Viberg advised me to size 1/2 down from Barrie / Trubalance
 I went with the brown waxed flesh from Notre....free shipping with permitted returns helped ease the nerves without knowing my 2030 size for sure If these are too small, then I will reach back out to you on the coffee chromepak.....like those a lot as well
 this is reportedly a thing of the past as well.....get it while you can unless you want to have them chaged after purchasing
 apparently Alden is no longer mixing shell and suede, or at least #8 with suede due to bleeding of the die into the suede.....as a result the make up was changed to #8 with alpine grain saddle
first of Vibergs are on the way......excited to see what all the fuss is about!
 I know this all too well.....I woke up to the order confirmation on my 1st Vibergs this morning!
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