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 no need for dress boots......also, I already have a grant cap toe boot in cigar which is why I am leaning toward the Naval boot
if you had to choose between these two options, which would it be?   Leffot Naval boot.....#8 PCT, double leather sole with antique edge on Barrie Frans Boone paratrooper.....#8 cap toe, double leather sole with black edge on Grant
 such a nice make up.....
Looking to get some input from the group....headed out for 5 days in London and 4 days in Scotland.....London will involve lots of walking while sightseeing and a couple of nice dinners.....Scotland will also involve lots of walking, but in the country rather than city   I would like to limit myself to wearing one pair and pack only one other.....thinking of natural CXL LWB on double waterlock or scotch grain NSTs on commando for London and reverse chamois wingtip boots...
 pretty sure the Leffot version is Barrie and Epaulet is Trubalance.......toe stitching is more squared on the Epaulet make up and more rounded on the Leffot make up
cigar tassels on a spring like day in Atlanta.....  
 My grant loafers are same as Barrie, but my Grant boots are TTS / + 1/2 from Barrie
 I go TTS on Abrerdeen shoes and loafers.....1/2 up from Barrie/TB
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