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I am asking for other tailors visiting Chicago. I mentioned Chan and Steed because I'm already aware of them...who else visits?
I know Chan and Steed visit Chicago. I assume there are (quite) a few others. What say ye?
DON'T do Michael Andrews (sorry). They are not bespoke - it's MTM and really inconsistent (I went to them before I had a more clear idea about how bespoke works and generally regret my acquisitions from them...)
franco ercole
I have a steed in the oven as well (P & H glenroyal SC) and I'm actually going to phone in an addition to the order as well (P & H hartwist SC)... excited... Meeting with WW Chan in two weeks for some additional orders (they have my fit really locked in and I still feel like they are a great bargain...)
greetings all,   anyone know if chan travels with abraham moon options to choose from?   thanks!
More of a general cloth question I hope a few of you might chime in on:   I'm looking to order a navy sport coat in something other than a worsted, but less rugged than a tweed (with enough nap to wear with flannels, cords, etc...but smooth enough to wear with dress shirts and neat ties as well...). Are the best choices cashmere or flannel? Do any of you have a strong preference between the two (or other option...)? Any specific cloths/merchants you'd...
@wigglr I'm really digging your recent Formosa stuff. I can't judge from your photos, perhaps due to the slightly from-above angle, the precise length of your jackets. I bring this up not as a rhetorical critique (everything looks great), but because I recently acquired a Formosa SC and it's a bit longer than the other stuff I normally wear.   My question is: do those recent fits of yours run a bit longer than some of your other jackets? Where do your jackets, when...
Does NMWA still have a bespoke relationship with Formosa? Are there visit dates for 2017? Thanks!
thanks, but made purchase as "guest" - never logged in - don't have account...
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