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Blue socks would be best IMO...
J Press oxford?
^ Those are nice. I just ordered something similar to the third one down! Can't wait for fall!
Damn...No suits for anybody then I guess...
I'm a fan of unstructured tweed jackets so that I can easily wear them with jeans. However, unstructured does NOT necessarily mean NO padding or canvasing. I prefer little to no padding with soft, full canvasing..
Oh, wow...I really hope the H&M bit was hypothetical hyperbole!
I messed up that last post as I'm on my phone...is Greg's Eidos stuff already available?
"Hey, Foo and Ralph...We called to say we want our extra wide lapels back. Thanks!" - Italian Bespoke Dudeshttp://justrendscend.files.wordpress.com/2014/01/1389451537156_street-style-tommy-ton-fall-winter-2014-pitti-uomo-4-03.jpeg
^ Or at the very least, steer clear of Italian tailoring...
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