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I just think there is a middle ground that looks better, which I rarely see from Ambrosi (they all seem to hug the ankles making quasi-cropped lengths required and making one's feet look clownish). Whereas I see much more moderate and variable leg openings from NSM or Ercole. I was just wondering if what he (Ambrosi) wears, along with SOME of the Armoury guys is the default cut, or simply a preference that can be easily avoided...
Do any of you folks (that commission 'brosi pants) request bottoms below the knee that are not so severely tapered, or is the taper part of the affection you have for these pants? Personally I think the taper looks terrible. I look at the Armoury tumblr and there are all these folks wearing amazing jackets with ridiculous trousers (with exceptions, of course...). I get the quality, but the styling looks off...
Nothing wrong with those lapels. Quite nice actually. Wear that jacket well!
^love that jacket!
Eidos Napoli Boglioli Eredi Pisano Brooks Brothers
The jacket looks very nice on it's own, but NOT a good combo with those pants. The pants are just cut very poorly imho (and too dark for that jacket unless you switch to a much darker tie as well..)
Hey folks, if I wear a 36 SC what size might work best in S. Schneider coats? 3?
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