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NYC has many Brioni options: Barneys, Bergdorf, Saks and Brioni (among others?)
These would look fine senza tie.
I like it better than the first.
Why not right all the wrongs by addressing the OP.
Yes, I know. Many brands make the buttoning position too high these days. It's suppose to convey to the world: "This is not the type of suit my dad or gramps would wear. I don't work for IBM. I am a creative type, stylish...etc." If it's a look you like, go for it. It looks quite unflattering to me... As I mentioned before, though, it is possible to find a closely-fitted suit that is more balanced and fits much better...
Yes, but in the not-so-humble service of sprezzatura, so wrong that it's right!
Said Justin Bieber to Frank Sinatra.  ;-) (I don't mean to cast you as Bieber and myself as Sinatra [God no...], It's just that this is a fairly frequent statement [the bold quoted above] that one needs to come to terms with...)
No. There is nothing you can do to this jacket (from what I can see). However, you are not SOL. No clothing is perfect. All the things I'm describing are aspirational to some extant ($6000+ bespoke garments get ruthlessly criticized to an 8th of an inch on this forum!). Wear the jacket you have and try to figure out what you like and don't like about it (maybe there is nothing wrong [for you, which is good enough...]?). But really, wear the clothes and enjoy them. (I...
with off-the-rack clothing, measurements/sizing is always a bit dubious...   you just need to know how things should fit and then try on various sizes. i will say that many people pass on garments they try on because the sleeves are way too long, or the waste is too loose. However, these are EASY problems to fix. the collar, shoulders, and sleeve pitch are harder or impossible to fix. So read up on the fit/tailoring/ alterations threads on the forum and find out the key...
the second jacket is a bit better in my opinion, but the sleeve pitch is still off (though, your pose could have a lot to do with this...as my tailor says, when I show him 'problems' at certain angles of posture: "It's a'cloth, not a'wood. It moves..."
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