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Very curious to know what trousers and shoes you wore below this...
I also appreciated Newcomer's thread. I just moved to Chicago and will be visiting Despos in a few weeks...
To Whom It May Concern:   The forgetting-to-button-the-second-button-on-each-of-your-sleeves-as-intended-sprezz look is bullshit. Stop it.
What cloth is the suit? Wool solaro? (looks great!)
Sure. First, though, let me say I'm not trying to attack or make fun of you. Second, I should make clear that I don't wear suits frequently, but I wear a sport coat nearly every day, which I find is a much better context for the neapolitan shoulder (patch pockets, et al...). I am not in finance, but rather in arts and academia. So, I'm not seeing the shirt-sleeve jacket shoulder in board rooms per se, but I do see them in other professional/social domains, in a variety of...
Sorry to interject, and perhaps I'm missing the the larger point because I haven't read every comment leading up to the last few on this topic, but I'm in NY wearing a jacket with spalla camicia at this very moment and do so frequently (and I regularly see them on others, especially in the particular neighborhoods...).
@Andy57 Your jackets fit exceptionally well. Don't shorten!
Great stuff!
I'm totally a fan of your posts! And I know you have already explained the following issue, but....Please reconsider the way you wear your ties with DB suits...
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