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What's that second one? Didn't see it on the site.
I like the recommendations for the Bay and HR outlet but it also depends on what you want. You want the most current style in a staple colour? That might be hard to find. Not impossible but harder than getting a glen plaid or pinstripe for example. Depends on size as well. My brother-in-law is an odd size. He looked for a good deal for ages and finally bit the bullet and paid retail or went custom.
Anyone have any interest in 54/44L staple solid blue or gray Samuelsohn suits from Saks? I have one of each, NWT, and price would be $500.00.
I'm on the waiting list and I want to get one asap but I refuse to pay above retail. I'm pained to pay retail for a watch but I get the supply and demand for this particular watch. I hope to get mine this year but I think it will likely end up being 2018.
I own this coat. It is beautiful.
Love that JLC. I have the MUT and thinking about getting the perpetual. Is that white gold? Great watches.
Got a brown belt when they came out. No issues. Still looks good and leather has held up well.
Any ideas on costs and availability of different sizes? Thanks.
Anyone interested in a Panerai 111, Oris XXL chrono or Oris Miles chrono? Need to thin the herd a bit as I have a couple of watches I plan on getting in 2017. The watches have been worn and not safe queens but work fine and are in good shape. If anyone is interested, send me a PM and I can get some pics. Will think of a price but the prices will be well off retail obviously but I don't need to sell either.
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