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Congrats Belligero!. Like everyone else on the forum it seems, I have 2 girls (4 and 2) and I absolutely love having 2 girls. Would be happy to have another one.
Oh my! I think I'm going to have to talk to my wife. Definitely will get the 10009 and a pair of chukkas in calf but there are a couple of other I want to get as well. What finish to get will be the question now. The Florest Patina might be too bold for work but it looks awesome. Great addition with Carlos Santos.
Any picks of the Carlos Santos chukkas? The website pic doesn’t really give a great idea of the shape of the toe and how pointy/chiseled it is.
Some Samuelsohn suits (NWT) from Harry Rosen ranging in retail price from $995.00 to $1198.00. Sizes are, from the bottom up, 44R, 42L, 43R. The bottom chalkstripe is a navy flannel even though it looks black. All are 2-button, side vents and flat fronts and unaltered. The top one is my fav but I like them all. Need to clear space in the closet. $375.00 each but will happily keep them or put them on B&S to take advantage of the US dollar. Happy to meet in person...
But if you're getting canvass isn't the SS price point a lot higher than S&M? I thought the canvass suits were about $1,000, if not more, so that's a big premium. In the SS canvass price range I think there are better options in TO. Don't know about Ottawa to be honest. I only have one SS suit that I got on-line from the outlet. Great fit, design, loved it, but did not hold up. Not all fabrics from the same mill are of the same quality obvious. I agree that most...
I think belt loops vs. side tabs is a no-brainer. Belt loops by a mile. How many guys wearing suits will not buy a suit because it has belt loops instead of side tabs? I imagine the answer is very few. I don't think the opposite is true. None of the guys I have sent in would buy a suit with side tabs for work. I would buy a suit with side tabs for non-business wear but not for work. I am also trying to think of the masses here and not just us on the forum. On the...
When do the new store hours kick in?
Those look great. Nice job Jokb! I gotta get a pair of Vass. Separate note but if anyone is interested in any suits in 42-44 give me a shout. Time to clean the closet and realized I have a bunch of Samuelsohn, Corneliani and Canali suits (either NWT or NWOT but unhemmed and untouched). Will list them B&S or eBay but would like to sell locally if possible.
Damn, those are nice. I'm with Razl on this-if anyone has any info or pics please jump in.
Some great suggestions here. BostonHedonist, I suggest the Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Ultra Thin Moon. I might be biased since I own one but I think its a great watch and within the budget.
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