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Great pic Academe. Reminds me of my visit to Scotland. Hope to make it out back at some point in the next couple of years. Anyone have any experience with a Jules Verne strap? I like the look but I have heard they might not be that durable. I have two little kids so durability and easy to wear are key for me. Thanks in advance.
Longshot but anyone willing to proxy a suit for me in 42 or 44? Looking at the blue suit with the pinstripes.
Anything in 42 or 44? Thanks for the heads up OT.
Thanks guys. I appreciate the comments. I got steel. I am not a huge gold fan to be honest. I don't mind gold on indices or hands but a gold case/bezel is too much for me. I will get come pics up at some point. The camera is at my parent's from Christmas but I should have it soon enough. I'll take a pic of my collection when I get it back. Current group is Tissot Le Locle, Tag Monaco Chrono (black face), Oris XXL Chrono, Oris Miles Chrono, Panerai 111, IWC...
Picked up a Jaeger LeCoultre Master Ultra Thin Moon today. Love it but need to get a new strap. Not a big fan of the black alligator strap. Anyone that has the same watch, did you change the strap and if so, what did you get? Thanks.
Very cool. I'd be all over these if these were in a 11.5 (US), possibly a 11. Good luck with the sale. These should not last long and I'm actually surprised these are still available.
What's the sale? I work at a large Bay St. firm and I am involved in the interviewing and recruiting process and have been for several years. As long as you don't fall on either end of the spectrum (no suits with stains, holes white suits, etc. and no Brioni or Kiton either), no one really cares. That said, if it makes you feel better to wear a nice suit, go for it.
Othertravel, when does the sale start? I'm visiting my parent's tomorrow so I might check it out. Thanks.
Thanks for the replies and advice. The watch I am looking at is below on a brown strap. Not the actual watch of course. Under $4K new so even if I do want to flip in the future I don't think it will be a huge hit given the price I'm getting the watch at. I'm a little afraid of getting the Daytona because I work at a conservative place and being the junior guy (I'm not that junior) with a Daytona might not be looked at favorably. I'll probably end up getting it as well...
I'll post some pics when I get a chance but my collection is: Tissot Le Locle; Oris XXL chrono; Oris Miles chrono; Tag Monaco chrono; Panerai 111; and IWC Portuguese. Looking to add a Daytona and/or Zenith Chronomaster. The Daytona is well discussed but does anyone have any thoughts on the Zenith Chronomaster? I have a chance to get one at a pretty good price. Thanks.
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