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Love that JLC. I have the MUT and thinking about getting the perpetual. Is that white gold? Great watches.
Got a brown belt when they came out. No issues. Still looks good and leather has held up well.
Any ideas on costs and availability of different sizes? Thanks.
Anyone interested in a Panerai 111, Oris XXL chrono or Oris Miles chrono? Need to thin the herd a bit as I have a couple of watches I plan on getting in 2017. The watches have been worn and not safe queens but work fine and are in good shape. If anyone is interested, send me a PM and I can get some pics. Will think of a price but the prices will be well off retail obviously but I don't need to sell either.
Rick, are you in the Mississauga store today or tomorrow?
I have the black chrono Monaco. I occasionally wear it with a suit (I also occasionally wear my Panerai 111 with a suit) but the Monaco falls on the casual side for sure. I think the black version is more dressy than the blue version and I still see it as a casual watch. I do love my Monaco. Good luck with whatever you decide.
Congrats Belligero!. Like everyone else on the forum it seems, I have 2 girls (4 and 2) and I absolutely love having 2 girls. Would be happy to have another one.
Oh my! I think I'm going to have to talk to my wife. Definitely will get the 10009 and a pair of chukkas in calf but there are a couple of other I want to get as well. What finish to get will be the question now. The Florest Patina might be too bold for work but it looks awesome. Great addition with Carlos Santos.
Any picks of the Carlos Santos chukkas? The website pic doesn’t really give a great idea of the shape of the toe and how pointy/chiseled it is.
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