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It's a good town and that's not a bad idea, I was either going to swing by there or Bridgewater.  But if there is an Allen Edmonds store in Short Hills, I'll def swing by there.  Thanks for the tip.
Okay I'll hold off on crew and just start with the Allen Edmonds as I'm sure those are choice quality and maybe go out and find some socks, belts, and ties for now. 
Spot on.  I ordered that Navy Blazer last night and I was thinking of the brown Herringbone for winter.   Also from the business casual wardrobe from styleforum I threw together a quick list of essentials to update my work wardrobe.   Sticking with J.crew as it seems to fit the standard, I'm looking at a few oxford cloth button downs, a dark blue, light blue and a plaid I'm feeling.  I was gonna pick up 2 classic fit Bowery pants, light and dark khaki to begin...
Hey, there ya go. I probably should have found that. Haha
Well I wouldn't wear this at my place of work. I'm a planner/engineer. Though I'd like to update this wardrobe as well. Usually in the office it's button down and khakis or black dress pants and a button down, our definition of business casual over here. This style is getting boring and I understand it looks terrible. If you guys have any business casual advice I'd be all ears. At meetings it's suit and tie and well out in the field it's typically jeans and boots. I...
Cool. I'll look into this. Thanks again, got a much better idea of where I need to be now.
Excellent! That's great advice. Now I get why I'm seeing all these tweed jackets coming out. I'll start with a navy, and look into something tweed for the winter and maybe I'll be back on this subject come the spring. Grazie tantissimo unbelragazzo. Just another question, and I'm sorry if it's too many. What would be a good winter shoe, I understand boat shoes are a more spring/summer shoe. Should in go with an Oxford? Thanks again
I hear ya. I'll definitely check it out then--suit supply as well. I understand what you mean about black narrowing your palette, I think I would only wear it at night. So maybe I'll stick with the navy for now and maybe look into a tan or beige color coat that's a little lighter? Would you suggest any other colors. Also would the navy work with both dark or light color jeans--so long as there is a distinct difference in color? Or would you only wear like a tan or gray...
I like the color black, and I feel like I can match a lot with it, but then again, what do I know right? Jcrew didn't carry it, so I was gonna order it, try it on and return it if it didn't fit my appeal. Of course there is no point ordering it if it's not a good quality, right?
Hey everyone, I'm looking for some assistance. Ive been scouring the forums anonymously to take down some tips as I've been out of the game for a bit. I've also caught up on GQ as it seems like a savvy magazine in mens fashion. I just got out of a long relationship that extended back into college about 5 years ago where I was just a kid and dating was rather simple like the clothing I wore. Now that I'm a little older, a young professional, making a decent living for...
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