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  Hey SV, I came home and took some pics of the exterior sole of the Alden:   Turns out the gap in our shoes is almost identical. Maybe they are from the same cobbler? Or maybe they are from a new intern? Is this quality control passable?
Exactly, I am not a perfectionist but at this price I tend to expect perfection. That is why I am surprised at the gap. I am paying for a + $500 shoe.
Yes that is exactly the misalignment on my shoe! except I would say there is a bit more space on my shoe than on yours. I think I will take your advice on keeping the shoes then.Is the alignment just not important or what, it just seems strange to me if you say this issue is common.I will post a pic later today.
Thanks.Is this a defect?Why do the cobblers at Alden permit such a misalignment of the sole in the production process? How hard is it to cut a piece of the leather sole straight!?I'm concerned stuff will get stuck in the space, crap? Have you had any issue? So you do not recommend a return?ILSC
Hello! I just purchased a pair of Alden plain toe suede bluchers and noticed the outside sole has a "defect." I place the word defect in quotes because I am not sure if I should return these shoes. There is a space in the outside sole where the black colored part of the heel connects to the brown section. The two parts don't fit like a puzzle, one side is slightly misaligned, leaving a small 1/2 cm empty space. In other words, the black exterior sole section of the...
  Darn. That's why that girl didn't kiss me.
Hello,   I am new to the matching/coordinating pocket squares system. Could you please tell me what this ensemble looks like. The pocket square is silk, with cotton sport coat and linen shirt. Is the pocket square too much of the same colour as the shirt? Can the pocket square pattern (squares/waves) go with the lined pattern of the shirt?   Thank you!           It's a modern look.
Hi,   I know there has been over 200 pages produced on this thread, but I have a quick question and perhaps anyone can answer and help me understand.   What would be a good color pocket square with a dark navy sport coat and white or light blue shirt?   I've been using a white silk PS with or without small dark motifs but I am getting tired of the look.   I am wondering: what would be the next best color after a classic white PS on the attire I just quoted?
Hello Gentlemen (and Gentleladies),   Could you please give me advice on this jacket I purchased. I am wondering if I should return it.   Size: 40 Long   The sleeves are obviously too long and need tailoring. How about the length of the jacket and the fit?   Thank you                
  The thread is 218 pages long!
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