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What's everyone's opinion on Uniqlos' blazers? I'm thinking of purchasing it but not sure how the fit is. Is it comparable to their oxford shirt fits, in particular, in the the chest area?
Hello, I constantly wear prescription glasses that are cheap (what my insurance covers) and soon want to replace my dying frames. I have this uncanny ability of having my frames damaged in some ways often, so I'm looking for a pair that are resilient. Also, i have a somewhat roundish face, oblong i think it is called, so I'm curious as to what glasses would fit my face best. Any suggestions?
I have measured myself (with a tape measurer) and used a size chart on tate+yoko for the weird guys. Either I measure wrong, which I doubt, or I'm not understanding completely where their measurements for "upper thigh" is taken. A size 28 WG is supposed to be a waist 30 with an upper thigh measurement of 11 inches, which I'm assuming would be 22 inches all around the thigh. This did not fit my 20 inche quads nor my 30 inch waist.
Just bought a pair of weird guys in size 28, and it sadly turned out to be tighter than I was expecting. I wear a waist 28 on my old pair of Levis 514s, so I was hoping that the buttons on the weird guys would at least close.... not to mention the tightness around my quads. Google told me that weird guys should fit people with big quads but apparently that's not true for me. Should I size up on the jeans or are there other alternatives within the same price range that...
Thank you, I'll try out the S and report back. My hope is that if the small runs too long on my small torso, it'll shrink a little in the dryer. Are returns free?
I thought the same thing, but I don't want to buy a size up and have it fit too big because of my odd proportions
      So I caved and decided to try for my first purchase from everlane. This is the XS tshirt from them. How's the fit? Just for reference, I'm 5'4", 130lb, so I opted for the XS since their size chart told me it was fine
Thank you both, amaze and cyc. I know I can't avoid tailoring my clothing if I am to obtain a proper fit, I don't deny that, but I shall have to wait a bit till I can accumulate enough money to even buy clothing worth tailoring. Speaking of which, how much should tailoring my clothes be? I know it varies from tailor to tailor, but what would be a fair price to modify to my size? As for the stores, I'll give Uniqlo, BB, and Jcrew another look when I get the time.
Thank you both. I'm not going to rule out stores as im simply limited in choice as it is. I'm also not going to rule out tailoring my clothing but i do not have clothing worth tailoring yet, at $15 per shirt I'm going to have to wait until i accumulate some more money before investing in it. I happen to live on the east coast, amaze, but in miami, not sure if they're is a Uniqlo here.
Is this  in store only?
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