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Anyone care to comment on the sizing between roshe runs and flyknit trainers / racers? I've scanned the whole thread and there seems to be a general consensus to size down 0.5 from free runs, but I only have roshes to compare sizing to. Didn't find any posts about this. Looking to cop some flyknits online as there are no nike stores near me. Comments appreciated.
II'm 5'11" and I went for 22" front length. Charly suggested 22.3" but I wanted it ever so slightly cropped. Take that however you will.There's also a post somewhere about sizing the length correctly. Something about measuring to just below the belt if you sag your jeans, or halfway down the rise if you wear mid-rise jeans on your hips.
Wait...what? There's a current medium whiskey calf? Why isn't it listed in the leather options on the John Coppidge site?! This throws another spanner in the works... I just ordered a 4-zip moto and 4-zip MDR, both black lamb... I would consider medium whiskey for the moto if its still available.Is it still available?
Wondering this as well.
Interesting. I thought all the jackets came with the bemberg lining these days.
So...no one cares to comments on how the silver zips age, then?
Will the silver zips dull down at all with age? I'm already seriously considering getting a 4-zip moto even though I just ordered a MDR (my first). Seems like it's now or never... I like the minimalist look of the moto, and was considering gunmetal because it doesn't stand out so much (goes with the minimalist look)...after the last two posts I'm back to square one on the zips dilemma. Then again, I was originally thinking of a 2-zip gunmetal, so what do I know :P
Have a blacked out lamb QDR in ~48. Looking for a moto in ~47. Will also consider selling, to put funds into a moto before the end of days. PM me for measurements / pics.
If you actually read my first post, I said nothing about doubting my measurements.All I did was express my excitement, and the fact that I was nervous as this was my first MTM order. Then I asked for a bit of reassurance. I fail to see how this is half as bad as some people are making it out to be. I certainly never expected such a torrent of negative and disparaging remarks because of it.As an aside-I disagree that measuring oneself for the first time is as simple as some...
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